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With the turn of 2018, many people are up for replacing their apartment and moving in Dubai’s mainstream areas for better career opportunities or for any other reason. Some move apartments for easy access to work and the others want to experience the elite lifestyle that some of the major residential communities offer to their occupants. We, being a Moving Company in Dubai, help our customers in executing the moving securely but receive few breakage complaints that lead them to disappointment. So this post is for helping our readers for identifying fragile items that usually break during the transition phase due to poor packing.

Cups & Glasses

As a moving company in Dubai, we usually hear people complaining about broken cups and glasses when they unpack everything from the carton boxes. We suggest them not to pack the fragile items of such nature with items of sturdy nature as they are most likely collide with each other during the transition. A better way is to pack such items separately and cover each of them with a cloth or maybe towels to create a layer of protection for each of them.

Kitchen Utensils

Second on our list of most breakable items during the move is the kitchen utensil like plates and plastic based items that cannot bear the pressure. We – as a moving company in Dubai – always advice our customers not to put burden on the carton boxes that are carrying these items as it is most likely to lead towards the breakage. A rule of thumb is that you place them upon those carton boxes that are carrying heavy items or items that do not get affected by the pressure.


Most people pack the paintings and other artworks all the way wrong and expect to see them in one piece when they unpack their items. See…paintings and artworks are very delicate and require special care so treating them like every other item is not a good idea. As a moving company in Dubai we’d advise you to take professionals’ help when packing artworks or use the approved packing methods for paintings.

Glass Based Items

So tell me…how many items are you going to pack that include glass? Do these items include mirrors, glass table or anything else that requires special care? And what is your packing approach for keeping them safe or is it you have no plans how to pack them securely? If the latter is the case, you’re most likely to see them in many pieces when unloading and opening the packing. As a moving company in Dubai we’d advise you to place foam to cover both sides of the glass when packing it for loading in the truck.


Here’s another item that is at the risk of getting damaged and that is the electronics items. Try to keep the original packing box for each electronic item that you intend to pack as they are designed just perfectly to keep them secure during the transition phase. And if you’ve thrown the original packing box away, you may ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange for their suitable packing material to keep them in safe condition when loaded on the truck.

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