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5 Things to Do After Moving in Dubai

Arabian culture has an attractive lifestyle no matter how bad you’re missing your homeland. And after moving into your new apartment in Dubai or other cities of UAE, it is time to think of the ways to familiarize with your new world, neighbors and colleagues. Being one of the best Packers and Movers in Dubai , we understand the to-do list never ends for a foreigner who is starting anew in a different culture. So we shortened this list to only 5 things that one must do to survive in a strange place.

Know City Laws:

Know City Laws

Like every other country, UAE has some rules that must be followed and since you’re new in this Arabian culture, you must know the laws that your city asks every citizen to follow. One does not need to carry a book containing all sorts of rule all the time but familiarizing yourself with common rules would keep you on safe side. Learn about common laws like driving safety, certain meal restrictions and dress codes that Emirati government strictly forbids.

Learn Native Language:

Learn native language

Serving as the best packers & movers in UAE, we highly recommend that understanding of native language is very crucial for surviving in a foreign place. However, majority of uptown citizens speak English fluently but it’s always wise to familiarize with basic Arabic conversations to deal with local community. Usually, your company will arrange for a language tutor but if you’re on your own, you may get enrollment in language program that most local schools and universities offer on certain periods of the year. So check with a renowned school before moving into UAE. As a professional Moving Company in Dubai, we assist our customers from start to end for a smart move.

Find Your Community:

Find your community

After providing moving service to so many customers in UAE, we concluded that the lonely feeling is natural even if you moved in with your wife and kids. The world is bigger enough to find people from your community near your residence. So the best thing about UAE is that each city has certain communities to make every foreigner feel at home. Instead of feeling homesick, you should socialize with people from your community and benefit from their experiences in this Arabian culture to make wise decisions during your stay in UAE.

Familiarize with City Life:

familiarize with city life

You’ll find the city life sparkling from your apartment’s window, but trust me the real fun is being there between the marching crowd and sophisticated shopping malls. Get on your feet and explore the city life yourself rather than relying on suggestions from neighbors and colleagues. Do window shopping, explore local markets and discover the real Arabian culture yourself by conversing with locals. This will be a great exercise to eradicate your fear of this new place and make you feel like home sooner.

Learn Visiting Etiquettes:

Before you accept an invitation and visit your Emirati friends, it is better to know little etiquettes that are deemed rude in Arabian culture. No matter from where you moved in UAE, life here is a little conservative as compare to other parts of the world. Never ask for alcohol, avoid handshakes with female hosts, wear proper dresses instead of shorts and last, but not the least, never eat in public during the month of Ramadan.

Share your experiences in comment box below that you had in initial days of your arrival. Thinking to move somewhere in or outside UAE? Learn about We Move’s Moving And Relocation Services.

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