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Over the decades, Dubai has been a center of attraction to many people due to various reasons. Some visit Dubai for business purposes, others spend some quality time with their family and there are many with an ambition to settle in this amazing emirate of UAE. As an active Movers in Dubai, we often encounter with people having interesting stories about their experience in Dubai that refreshes our perspective about this beautiful emirate. Yet, there are those who are making their first visit to Dubai, moving in Dubai or still unaware of Dubai’s fascinating culture. As December is here and the Christmas is nearing, we thought to dedicate this post for things you’ll see only in Dubai (Specifically in the month of December).

Myriad of Languages:

Dubai is enriched with cultural diversity and that’s one of its beauties and you’ll encounter this language diversity in Dubai quite often. Sharing her experience in Dubai’s busiest lifestyle, We Move’s manager, Miss Fabina Nazeer states she learnt 3 different languages after moving into Dubai from her homeland. “I’m fluent in Hindi and English but after settling into Dubai, I found Arabic, Urdu and Filipino quite interesting. I just love the city and different people residing here.” And this language diversity increases during December as new expats make their way to this land either for long term residence or for spending their holidays.

Futuristic Architectural Work:

If you’re visiting Dubai after a long time, you’ll fall in love with Dubai Canal that’s been recently inaugurated. Dubai has a reputation for creating skyscraping building and amazingly constructed theme parks but the killing sunlight and boiling temperature proves a hurdle for many to witness these amazing places. To your relief, December eliminates this problem when temperature is mostly ‘human-friendly’ and allows you to explore these beautiful places. From our experience of professional moving service, we highly recommend these points of interests like Jumeirah Golf Estates, Museum of the Future, Aqua Venture Waterpark and Dubai Miracle Garden that will really refresh your mood and let you spend some memorable time with your family.

Seaside Evening Walk:

As movers in Dubai, we observed that beaches attract so many people to enjoy the after-work hours and proves an interesting place for many. You probably visited Jumeirah several times before but this time of the year has something special to offer. If you’re missing home, want to have some time with your spouse or in need of a calm feeling, visit Jumeirah beach in the evening when the temperature is moderate. You’ll love the floating waves and water’s sound increasing and decreasing in a variable frequency. The sunset, mild cold air in fact the whole atmosphere refreshes one’s mood and bring a new urge for life.

Floating Vehicles on the Road:

Apart from gigantic buildings, amazing shopping malls and unique lifestyle, Dubai is also famous for its traffic system. You might be missing Italy’s streets or fond of USA’s clean roads but if you’re an expat in Dubai, you should really check this out. Stand at the corner or get a top view of Sheikh Zayed road and you’ll be fascinated by the floating vehicles of every size and shape. Do it in evening when offices are closing and people are rushing back to their homes. The twinkling headlights and constant vehicle speed depict nature’s flow in them this plethora of cars, trucks and other vehicles is one of the things you’ll see only in Dubai with such uniformity and rhythm.

Amazing Night Life:

As the New Year is approaching after Christmas, you’ll not find yourself feeling bored if you’re in Dubai. Dubai never gets you bored with multiple things happening each day and that’s the best part of this place. If you’re fed up from shopping malls or don’t want to visit theme parks for some time, musical concerts and entertainment shows can be a great way to revive the fun element in your life. Shake your legs on Hip Hop beats in Atelier M, experience Sami Yusuf’s soothing voice or witness roaring cars at Meydan Racecourse during your stay in Dubai in December.

We love hearing from our valued readers so make use of the comment box below and share your plans for December in Dubai.


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