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Moving apartments is not an unusual event in the life of UAE’s residents but it does come with an element of stress. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we work with different people to ease up their moving journey but they themselves have to cover the large part of this activity. We know how stressful a moving can become things are not in order and what damages it can bring into your life in terms of mental peace and disorganized life. In fact, experts have listed the moving of an apartment as the 3rd most stressful event in anyone’s life. But we’ve some useful tips for you to deal with your next move like a pro and complete this journey without getting overwhelmed during the process.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items


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While moving apartments, the most difficult task is to decide what to keep and what to give away? As a moving company in Dubai, we often hear this repetitive question from our valued customers that are either moving for the first time or didn’t learn to deal with this tricky part of a move. So we give them a simple rule and that is to keep what you frequently use and purge what you never use at all. Think about it and you’ll come up with different set of items that you purchased in the past but never get to use them in past 6-12 months. Since you’re moving to a new place and it will be hard for you to find a place for these unnecessary items so it’s wise to dump them instead of increasing your moving cost.

Notify Timely


Whether it’s your first time to replace your residential address or you’ve done it before, you should not delay the notification phase of your move. As you already have hands on experience of moving apartments in Dubai, you should increase the name of individuals that you should update about the move. By this, I’m referring to different service providers apart from your landlord who is liable to return your security upon departure. There are different bodies that you should update about the leaving date that include DEWA, landline company and other services that bill you on current address. As a moving company in Dubai, we’d suggest you to be very specific about your plans and let them know if you want to change your address or disconnect the connection altogether to avoid any discomfort later.

Hire Right People


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As a matter of fact, you’ll find tons of moving companies in Dubai while searching for the right one. This might prove overwhelming by contrasting the kind of service quality they are offering and the prices they charge. We know that money is always a priority when you move apartments in Dubai so here’s a little advice. Never go with a moving company in Dubai that has complex procedures of estimations and charge separately for every other activity. For instance, we have devised a simple CBM procedure to measure the total area of your fixtures that could be loaded on the truck and the prices are pretty much easily understandable by anyone. Go with the company that makes things easy for you during the move instead of throwing more complex forms to be filled and confuse you with their charges.

Schedule Wisely


Suppose, you’ve been through from above mentioned stages and it is time to manage your moving segments which deals with different parts. Here, you should use your organizational skills instead of putting everything on last minute. As a moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to divide their move in different segments to stay organized and never face an overwhelming situation later on. Decide the time of packing everything and decide what will be packed last. In similar manner, make a schedule to deal with other parts of the move especially the packing part. You may start with the items that you rarely use and later pack the items that you frequently use right before the move day.

Pack Smartly



Here comes the most difficult part of the whole moving journey that anyone would experience while replacing apartments, the packing activity. As a moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our clients to use smart packing approaches instead of using traditional ones. As a matter of fact, the large carton box is not the solution to put everything up. There are other options like large carpets to cover sofas, small boxes to secure tiny items and special boxes to contain fragile items. Explore more packing options and stay one step ahead from the people that find discontentment upon receiving broken items just because using one conventional packing approach.

For more moving tips and free price estimations, you may speak with our dedicated key account managers on 800 880000 and get your move done.


The new economical challenges are making it hard for every tenant in Dubai to stay in the budget line. As the days pass, it becomes difficult for tenants to keep the expenses in control in which the apartment rent is on top of the list. As a Moving company in Dubai, we always try our best to update our valued readers about the latest property trends to make the right decision when it comes to moving to another apartment. In our earlier post, we discussed the possibilities to move in December with few recommendations of cheap apartment in Dubai. This new post by Gulf News suggests the exact locations that could be considered when you plan to switch apartments. So, are you ready to discover the cheapest apartments in Dubai? Read on!

Cheap Apartments in Dubai

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Despite of fall in rents in Dubai’s apartments, there is restlessness in tenants that want to cut down their expenses to save money and reduce the living costs. And this update brings just the kind of news that all those tenants were waiting to hear. According to this update, some apartments offer tenants Dh60/- to Dh64/- per square feet yearly rent. This means if you switch apartment in below mentioned locations, you would be paying around Dh 50,000/- to Dh 54,000/- in total for a 1BHK apartment.

The residential communities that offer cheaper yearly rents are:

  • Discovery Gardens
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Investment Park
  • Dubai Land
  • International City
  • Motor City
  • Al Furjan

The update also reveals most expensive residential locations of Dubai that costs the residents a hefty amount in account of yearly rents. Property specialists have predicted that Dubai’s most expensive apartments are open to tenants for DH 100,000/- or more yearly rent. In comparison to above mentioned rent, these locations have about Dh117/- per square feet yearly rent. The locations that are marked as one of the most expensive ones include Palm Jumeirah, Greens, Old Town, DIFC, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and The Views according to different property analysts.

Good! But I don’t know what to do now?


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I know that discovering the cheapest apartment is not the only motivation to act upon this idea of moving all of the sudden. But there are plenty of other things to consider your move in coming weeks.

  • You’ll get to reside in a new location and make new friends if you move to another apartment.
  • The work could be nearer from your residence if you plan to reside in above mentioned locations. (Check if that applies to you)
  • If you make a move now, you’ll be saving more money on your monthly contract for the coming year.
  • Recall your living costs in the current apartment and you’ll find out that this move will save you half of the money.
  • Start the New Year in a new apartment and decorate the place as per your ease with the help of a moving company in Dubai.

Okay, but how much moving will cost?


Good question! And luckily we have just the right answer for your query so don’t you worry about the moving costs. As a moving company in Dubai, we have already done the calculation work for you to understand the real challenge of your move. Please keep in mind that these calculations are based on a rough idea and the prices mentioned below may vary according to your furniture items.

  • If you want to shift from current studio apartment to another location, it’d cost you around Dh1000/- to move your items securely.
  • In case you want to replace your 1BHK with a new one, it would be around Dh1500/- or more.
  • The costs for moving 2BHK is about Dh2000/- in case you make your mind to shift to a cheaper place from the current one.
  • You’ll be paying around Dh3000/- or more for removing your furniture from 3BHK apartment.
  • Similarly, the costs for moving your items from a 4BHK apartment in Dubai would be about Dh3500/- or more.

If you are living in a bigger place than above mentioned apartments, you may speak with our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get the exact pricing on call.

So, what did you decide regarding your move? Do let us know about it in the comment section below!


Regardless of economy’s condition, the one thing that keeps tenant’s mind occupied all year long is to save some money and make the most out of the residency. Some do the extra shifts to make more money and the others downsize their accommodation preferences. We’ve got a question for you being a Moving Company in Dubai that how far you can go for cutting down your rental expenses? I mean can you change your 3BHK apartment with a loft or apartment to reduce your rental expenses? Well, if you are giving it a thought then you need to read the pro tips by Felice Cohen who spent around 6 years in a 90 sq ft studio.

Cool! But…Who is Felice Cohen?

I’m sure you’d be wondering that who is Felice Cohen so before going any further, here’s a little intro about this incredible and adventurous lady. Felice is basically an author and organizer who wrote ‘90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)’ a book describing about her experience and tips she discovered while living in a tiniest place for almost 6 years. In her recent interview with Business Insider she opens up about her book and shares some pro tips for all the tenants that are willing to live into a studio apartment but don’t know how to deal with the challenges that are waiting for them into their new accommodation.

9 Pro Tips for Studio Residents

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Here are the 9 tips that you’d find very useful when moving to a studio apartment and go about arranging every corner of your place. Being a moving company in Dubai, we have tried our best to keep them concise and easy to understand so you can get benefit from her tips to the fullest. So…read along!

  • Try Vertical Arrangements
  • Use Maximum Space
  • Start with small items to de-clutter
  • Segregate each place
  • Get rid of unused clothes
  • Keep only important items
  • Labeling helps!
  • Buy with a theme
  • Use fewer appliances

Try Vertical Arrangements

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Small spaces usually allow fewer possibilities to keep your favorite items due to limited area. Where others suggest cutting down your furniture when settling into studio apartment, Cohen suggests using the length instead of width of the place. You may use furniture items that allow you to store things vertically and make most out of that studio apartment.

Use Maximum Space

She’s an unpredictable lady who sees things with different angles. This proves with her approach of keeping dresses in an unusual way. She suggests hanging dresses in double quantity by adding another bar into your closet to remove the scarcity problem in your studio apartment. Try that and never face this problem with your cupboard again.

Start with small items to de-clutter

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Its hard letting go off the favorite items that you adore using or seeing everyday at your place. But if you’ve not used it in past year then there’s no meaning of holding it for some other days. As Cohen suggests, try de-cluttering process with small items to practice this art and purge the unnecessary items from your studio apartment.

Segregate each place

Like I said, she’s an unpredictable lady with an eye to recognize unique factors of places (and even lifeless items). According to her, each accommodation has a ‘most used’ and ‘never-gonna-use-till-next-6-months’ kind of place. So the next thing that you need to do is identify such places of your studio apartment and arrange things according to your usage preference.

Get rid of unused clothes

Can you guess what the biggest challenge for studio dwellers is? Nope! It’s not extinction of dinosaurs but keeping the pile of unused dresses away from their sight. A rule of thumb, when de-cluttering items, is that you should dump those items that are not being used in last 6 months. This would help you in differentiating between used items and items that you rarely use.

Keep only important items

When getting rid of items in your apartment, there are certain rules that help you accomplish your objectives. Firstly, there are items that you never ever used in last couple of years then comes those that you rarely used. And lastly, there are items that you use on certain occasions but adore them more than anything else. It could be that shirt you received from a special one or anything that is connected with a special moment in your life. The good news is you don’t need to dump them but recognize them as the most favorite items.

Labeling helps!

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In small spaces, the problem most people have is to keeping small items organized especially when it comes to chargers and jars maybe. Cohen suggests labeling each item with its function to save time and stay away from an awkward situation when you find yourself tangled in between these items.

Buy with a theme

If you want to master the art of living in a studio apartment, you need to adopt certain buying habits as Cohen suggests. When you go out doing grocery shopping, never forget the color of your walls as it would help you maintain similarity factor in your studio’s appearance.

Use fewer appliances

If we consider Cohen’s approach of managing kitchen area, we discover that you she only uses two types of appliances – toaster and Magic Bullet. For a studio dweller, it’s really a smart way of keeping the kitchen items short and handy and we recommend you to follow the same.

We hope you find Felice Cohen’s pro tips useful to make your studio apartment experience super cool. For discussing your move details, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get relevant quotes for moving to a studio apartment.


The need of storing excessive amount of furniture rises frequently for the residents of UAE due to different reasons. And life is paradise if you could find the best Storage Company in Dubai that not only offers multiple storage solutions for your needs but also accommodates you with additional benefits. There are so many storage and moving companies that claim to be professional but fail to provide that elite class experience. So here are few signs that would help you identify if you’re happy with your storage company in Dubai or it’s time to change the service and secure your furniture.


When you use a service, you expect them to stay loyal with you from start till the end of the service duration. But what if the storage company in Dubai (that you’re in contract with) changes its price structure quite often? That behavior breaks your confidence on the credibility of that company that claims to be a professional service provider. Suppose, you receive an email regarding updated payment plans from your storage company every 2 months then you’re in real trouble in terms of financial matters. This attitude might suit them but surely disturb your yearly budget that you’ve allocated to bear the storage expenses for your valuables.


So tell me, what do you seek in an ideal Storage Company in Dubai that claims to take care of your precious items – cleanliness, right? Suppose, your company doesn’t care about the cleanliness in their storage facility that eventually makes your precious items dirty with a mild layer of dust. This can even reduce the resale value of your fixture that you wouldn’t want to experience right? If you’re experiencing such situation from your storage company, you need to change it ASAP.


You pay a monthly subscription to your storage company with a hope that your sofas, suitcases (or anything that you put into that unit) will be secure with them for the specified duration. What if they charge you full but fail to provide a foolproof security experience? Would you continue doing business with them or change the storage company right away? Make a wise choice and secure your precious items and fixtures right away.


Pest infestation is a common threat to your fixture when you’re living in a city like Dubai. And the storage company, that claims to be a professional, should not neglect this aspect of security of your furniture. A reason for not feeling happy with your current storage company in Dubai is that it fails to eradicate the pest infestation issue and you see mice running in and out of your furniture every time you visit the unit.


Apart from pest infestation, there’s another serious issue that you expect your storage company in Dubai to handle very wisely – climate change. If you’ve put weather sensitive items in the unit then you need to double check if your current storage company in Dubai is offering climate control feature in their facility or your furniture is at a risk of being ruined.


When it comes to secure your excessive items, storage facilities play an important role in reducing your storage issues. You’ll find so many Storage Services in Dubai, but the problem is not every service offers a complete solution that you need to secure your belongings. So you need to be sure about what you exactly need and what else you can do to ensure the safety of your valuables. Here are few useful tips to increase the safety of your items in any storage facility that you choose.

Decide Duration First:

As a matter of fact, the storage needs vary from person to person and business to business so the first thing you need to do is decide the duration of storage. Ask yourself few questions that would help you in picking the right storage service in Dubai and pay the right amount. Is it for few weeks that you need to put specific items from your home or office or you’re making some big changes that require a long term storage service? These questions would also help you in negotiating the right package with the storage facility providers.

Unit Selection:

After you decide the duration for which you’ll be putting things in a storage facility, the next step is to make right storage unit selection. When you step into the storage facility, you’ll find different storage units that are built for different purposes. So be wise and pick the right storage unit that exactly matches your needs. To make it simpler, look at the volume of your belongings and if it’s short in quantity, a small storage unit would do the job. But if you have so many items like files, electronics and other items that you’d require multiple times during this period then go for open storage facility.

Pack Things Carefully:

Here comes the most important part when using storage services in Dubai and that is the packing of each item that you intend to put in that unit. When you make your mind to use storage facility, you need to understand that things may go wrong by a climatic change or from any carelessness on your part. So be sure to wrap your items very carefully especially the fragile ones that may break down through excessive pressure from other boxes. Make sure there’s no water around that may make your cartons wet and ruin your packaging.

Don’t Ignore Security:

Majority of storage services in Dubai offer added security and insurance to their customers but still there’s some work that you need to do yourself. Apart from their hi-tech security measurements, you should not just rely on their words. If your budget allows, try using a self-storage facility rather than open storage or mobile units. This way, you can keep a check on your valuables yourself at any time of the day.

Don’t Forget Labeling:

When you have to remember so many boxes and their contents, you’re most likely to forget most of them. So here’s a pro tip that may help you remember each item that you’ve put into the storage unit and that is to label each item. From files to stationery and electronics to utensils, label everything so you never forget about them later on.


So you’ve decided to move somewhere else from your current location? Or is it that you’re downsizing your furniture to make extra room for new items? Well, whatever the reasons are but finding the right self-storage facility in Dubai is still a mystery if you’re using this option for the first time. To make things easier for you, we’ve underlined some pro tips to find the right Self-Storage Services in Dubai. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get down on business to discuss the right ways of finding the ideal facility of self-storage Dubai.


When you put something in a self-storage unit, you’ll be making frequent visits either to make sure your valuables are in good condition or to make more additions. Whatever the reasons are, one thing is confirmed that you’ll be visiting the place more often than you initially think. So when deciding to pick a self-storage facility here in Dubai, make sure you don’t overlook the distance factor. Choose the facility that is situated on an ideal location that is not very far from your reach so you can easily visit and perform the necessary operations.


When you begin your hunt of finding the right self-storage facility here in Dubai, there’s another factor that you need to focus on. Before commencing your quest, calculate the whole volume that you’d be going to place into that cubical. This would clear the whole picture for you to pick the right option for your precious items that you care about. If the items are more in volume, you can easily go for the self-storage facilities that offer big units or if you have little things to secure then a small storage unit would be best. This aspect would also help you to communicate with the representatives when finalizing things for your items.


Every person has varying needs when it comes to self-storage facilities and the same applies here when you’re about to select one. So before you actually go out and place your items in a storage unit, decide that for how long you’d be using the storage service? Is it for a week while you visit another city or state or you want these services for a month or so? This question would help you later when comparing prices from different companies that offer Self Storage Services in Dubai. As all companies have different packages with respect to duration so you can pick the best one and stay in budget if you’re clear about the time period.


As we all know about Dubai’s unpredictable weather conditions so when selecting a self-storage service, make sure it offers different features. When you need a self-storage facility, do not rely on anyone’s words and inspect things yourself. If you’re placing something that is heat sensitive or fragile then make sure that the company has relevant arrangements to entertain your storage needs. If you overlook this aspect while selecting the right self-storage facility then you’re risking your valuables.


Going on vacation for few months, planning to cut down some of your belongings or restructuring workplace lately? No matter what’s the reason is but getting a self-storage facility here in Dubai is still a riddle when you have low to no experience in this dimension of your life. So here are some easy metrics to decide whether to choose or not the self-storage in Dubai and secure your belongings in a smart way.


You might be getting rid of those excess amounts of fixtures temporarily but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. You invested in that article of your belongings and would want proper care when choosing the Self-Storage in Dubai. So when you initiate your hunt for a professional self-storage facility, make sure it’s free of dust and pest infestation. As if you don’t, you may end up ruining the furniture and fixture when you unlock the facility after a considerable amount of time.


As a matter of fact, most of the services that are providing self-storage in Dubai have odd working hours that just increase your problems instead of solving any. Instead of choosing such self-storage facility, you need to make sure that you can access your locker room 24/7 without facing any such problems. This is imperative as if a service provider fails to entertain your query on time you need to switch the service to save time and energy.


If you go for a self-storage facility having old construction methods, you might be risking your furniture or any other item that you want to store temporarily. When looking for self-storage in Dubai, make sure it has been built with latest technology and offers flexible storage rooms. Think yourself if you’re just to store few items that require about 5×10 long space so what’s the good of getting a big room of about 20×20 measurements. Secondly, choose the locker built with metal containers that can bear different temperature and climatic changes.


Now this one is very essential characteristic a self-storage facility should possess when it comes to keeping your items secure for any amount of time. Make sure the facility has CCTV surveillance to monitor any suspicious activity. Apart from that, the facility should also be secured with man guard options that provide an extra layer of security to your lockers and contents stored in them.


When choosing self-storage in Dubai, you should never underestimate the location as it will decide whether you should or should not hire that facility. Make sure the one that you choose as easily accessible at few minutes’ drive from your residence/workplace. Considering this aspect benefits you in many ways later on and reduces the extra time required for storing your items that you can utilize on other important tasks. Whenever you feel the need of picking out/storing something, you’ll have less time reaching at the self-storage facility and get the job done.


Finding reliable storage and Moving Companies in Dubai seems a little intimidating task when you have so many options to choose from. Even if you’re hiring a moving company in Dubai for the first time or you have had couple of experiences with some of renowned movers, it’s always better to know few things about the moving industry. You’ll find so many relocation services or storage services in Dubai but the task is, how to find the best one? So we underlined some key things that you may look into any company you’re interested in and pick the best one.


As you continue to find Storage Services in Dubai, make sure the first thing is to look for convenience. This means that the moving company in Dubai is located near you so when you initiate the moving phase, you face less difficulty in handling things at your end. The moving company that you’re dealing with, should have multiple offices to serve its customers in a better way. Make sure they are not very far from your residence (or office) so when you need them, they’re at your service in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effectiveness

As a matter of fact, you’ll find so many moving companies in Dubai with skyscraping prices for each service. Whether you’re an individual or a corporate firm, the next thing that you should look for is the cost effectiveness in that moving company? You can always compare services and charges by getting 2 to 3 price quotations and make better decisions to stay in your budget line.

Organized Working Methods

When you hire a moving company in Dubai, you invest a considerable amount on them to make sure everything is according to plan. If they fail to fulfill your expectations, they’re not professionals. When you hire a moving company in Dubai, make sure they show an organized working system that is transparent enough to be understood. This will help you to plan things in a better way when you’re moving alone or carrying the responsibilities of your family.

Multiple Warehouse Facilities

During the move, anything can happen like you might have to wait for few days till you finally move into your new house or shift workplace securely. Imagine carrying all your fixtures and valuables with you which makes the moving very difficult and stressful. So when you hire a Moving Company in Dubai, make sure they offer warehouse facilities at multiple locations so you can secure your valuables and fixtures.