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With the turn of 2018, many people are up for replacing their apartment and moving in Dubai’s mainstream areas for better career opportunities or for any other reason. Some move apartments for easy access to work and the others want to experience the elite lifestyle that some of the major residential communities offer to their occupants. We, being a Moving Company in Dubai, help our customers in executing the moving securely but receive few breakage complaints that lead them to disappointment. So this post is for helping our readers for identifying fragile items that usually break during the transition phase due to poor packing.

Cups & Glasses

As a moving company in Dubai, we usually hear people complaining about broken cups and glasses when they unpack everything from the carton boxes. We suggest them not to pack the fragile items of such nature with items of sturdy nature as they are most likely collide with each other during the transition. A better way is to pack such items separately and cover each of them with a cloth or maybe towels to create a layer of protection for each of them.

Kitchen Utensils

Second on our list of most breakable items during the move is the kitchen utensil like plates and plastic based items that cannot bear the pressure. We – as a moving company in Dubai – always advice our customers not to put burden on the carton boxes that are carrying these items as it is most likely to lead towards the breakage. A rule of thumb is that you place them upon those carton boxes that are carrying heavy items or items that do not get affected by the pressure.


Most people pack the paintings and other artworks all the way wrong and expect to see them in one piece when they unpack their items. See…paintings and artworks are very delicate and require special care so treating them like every other item is not a good idea. As a moving company in Dubai we’d advise you to take professionals’ help when packing artworks or use the approved packing methods for paintings.

Glass Based Items

So tell me…how many items are you going to pack that include glass? Do these items include mirrors, glass table or anything else that requires special care? And what is your packing approach for keeping them safe or is it you have no plans how to pack them securely? If the latter is the case, you’re most likely to see them in many pieces when unloading and opening the packing. As a moving company in Dubai we’d advise you to place foam to cover both sides of the glass when packing it for loading in the truck.


Here’s another item that is at the risk of getting damaged and that is the electronics items. Try to keep the original packing box for each electronic item that you intend to pack as they are designed just perfectly to keep them secure during the transition phase. And if you’ve thrown the original packing box away, you may ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange for their suitable packing material to keep them in safe condition when loaded on the truck.


As you pack up everything and load the items into moving truck, you set off to another amazing journey by leaving behind the old memories. But the story doesn’t end here because the real fun (or challenge for some) is just about to start when you unlock the door to your new apartment. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we try our best to keep our customers on safe side so we thought why not share the pro tips to handle things when they have changed the apartment and how things may go out of plan. So here are the life saving tips – from a moving company in Dubai – to keep yourself intact with your moving plan and never feel drained during the later stage of moving.


Whether you arrive at the new apartment during the noon, evening or at any time of the day, you first need to rest. And after you take nap and get back in form (partially), never ever go about putting things randomly because there’s a fair chance of exhaustion in the process. First get yourself familiar with each section of your new apartment. Don’t worry about the manpower as you can always revert back to the moving company in Dubai that helped you get your furniture moved. Just go about analyzing the place and discover the hidden corners of the place that can come handy later in the decoration phase.


It’s true that you’ve left behind old relationships that you cultivated over your stay in previous apartment but it’s time that you move on. As a moving company in Dubai, we have observed that those customers that initiate talks with the neighbors are likely to have more helping hands than those who remain isolated until the apartment is ready to welcome everybody at home. So get outside of your apartment, gently knock the door and put a big smile on your face when the other person opens the door. Introduce yourself and let them know that you’re going to stay in their neighborhood from that day on (until you find another good deal). It’s an easy way to make yourself comfortable at the new place and refresh your mind (and body) from the exhaustion of your recent move.


Great! You’ve made some friends in the neighborhood and now it’s time that you sneak back to your den (your apartment). You’re probably in good mood and have the energy to tackle the decoration part of your move so let the magic begin. I know you’ve seen every section of your place during the apartment hunt but it doesn’t hurt to recall the plan. Keep a pen and paper (if you’re not good at remembering things later) and go room by room (or wall by wall) to decide what item would look perfect at a certain corner.


You’ve taken nap, made friends and evaluated the apartment to be decorated so now it’s time to roll the sleeves up and do the real thing. If you feel short on manpower, you may either call a friend or speak with the same moving company in Dubai that helped you move your stuff. Be sure to use the same list that you made when packing up everything because by the time you reached the new apartment, everything would have skipped from your mind. And this is why we recommend labeling each box and keeping the list handy when you step into your new apartment and start unpacking the stuff.

For further discussion on how you may keep your move stress free, you may speak with one of our reps on 134 and book your future move date on affordable rates now.


When moving apartments, the major concern is to spend lesser and execute the moving successfully but this doesn’t go with the plan generally. The main reason for this scenario is the unfamiliarity with the actual moving procedure that you fail to calculate the exact moving cost. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we strive to keep our customers informed about the actual procedure that takes place during the moving of a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. So we thought to discuss few essential factors that are going to decide to moving expense when you plan to vacate the place and reside in a new apartment in Dubai. Keep on reading!

Calculation of Items

packers and movers in dubai

This is obvious that every business has its own terminology to operate its business and communicate internal matters. We, as a moving company in Dubai, charge you for moving costs on per CBM basis. This helps us calculating a bit faster than going into details of the nature of each item. The first thing that you need to understand is how a moving company in Dubai would calculate the total items that you intend to move and its cost. Generally, a 1 BHK apartment would have around 15 CBM of items. And the moving costs are between AED 800/- to 1200/- only for CBM calculation because there are other factors that may increase or decrease this round figure. So check with the surveyor how much exactly it would cost you to move from one place to another with a certain CBM calculation.

Transportation Cost

After taking CBM calculations, the next factor that impacts on your moving expenses is the transportation charges. Generally the companies provide your quotes that include transportation charges but it is always wise to know the exact portion of transportation expense. Regardless of its length, a moving truck generally carries about 15 CBM at a time if the moving company in Dubai avoids stuffing the vehicle. And the total calculation of your items is about 20 CBM then the movers in Dubai would have to make two journeys to adequately transit your valuables from current place to the new one. You may assume the transportation cost’s percentage as 30-40 percent of total moving expense quotation. Now if you want to reduce the costs, you may either get rid of unused items or ask them to carry as much items in the truck as they can. Decision is all yours so be wise!

Required Manpower

storage company in dubai

It’s understood that one man cannot be referred as a moving team so there should essentially be 3-6 people to execute your moving job. This makes manpower an important factor when calculating your moving expenses a moving company in Dubai would usually charge you. But the question might tempt you that how the manpower cost is justified in total moving invoice, right? A moving company would usually charge you around AED 50-60 per person which makes the total expense around AED 300/-. Now when you’re negotiating the moving costs with your moving company, do ask how many persons they would send to your place. If you want to avoid paying more, ask them to send in less manpower possible and if you think that you need more men to handle your items then you know what to say.

Endurance of Items

Flipping back to transportation topic, don’t assume that CBM calculation is all that you need to worry about for finalizing your moving costs, there’s more to know. Every customer has a different set of items that require special care regardless of their mass and vulnerability elements. And the idea of dumping everything in the truck is a totally wrong approach if you care about your items than money. Don’t be so lenient on the moving company in Dubai and forget about the safety of your items as if you ignore this factor then you are responsible for the damages that may occur. Consult with your moving company in Dubai what precautions they are using to handle sensitive items in your furniture.

Completion Time

packing and moving company

When discussing your move, don’t forget the actual time that your moving job will take to complete its cycle. There are different set of operations that a moving company (or you yourself) perform. Most people tend to pack their items with their bare hands instead of asking a moving company in Dubai to do the packing for them. Now if you’re not expert at packing, it would take more time than an expert would pack your items. Similarly, the transition of your items also takes a considerable amount of time. Ask the moving company in Dubai if they are also charging you some additional amount for extra hours if the given moving timeframe exceeds?

For further discussion about your next move, you may speak with our key account managers on 800 88 0000 now and get free moving quotes with ease.


The happiness is indescribable when you’re all done with initial procedures of a move and gracefully completed the paperwork and all the legal steps for securing your deposit when moving away. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we work with different people and know how they handle their move and what irritates them the most. So we thought to give you an easy way to handle everything strategically on actual moving day. Read along and discover what you can actually do on your moving day when changing apartment and make the whole process easy, achievable and stress-free for your peace of mind.

Moving Day Checklist:

  • Regardless of the fact that you’re done with most of the tasks earlier but you still need time to manage everything in an adequate manner. As a moving company in Dubai, we always recommend our customers to get up early and recheck all the lists and plans that they have decided to execute on the moving day. This would help you in different ways to manage different moving tasks and organize the day from an early stage.
  • Remember what we always mention in our past blogs? Always pack the most essential items last and this is the time when you need to pack them. Yes! You need to pack those toothbrushes, pastes and toiletries along with kitchen items and the bed sheets whatsoever. Pack everything up before the movers arrive with loading trucks and start their duties.
  • It is essential that you get familiar with the staff and the tools that they’ve carried to complete your move adequately. Walk them through each section of your apartment and show the packed boxes (if you’ve done that yourself). This is the best time for mentioning your plans for the move to get their suggestions to make your move more secure and ‘crack-free’. Help them evaluate the exit points for big articles that you intend to move and reduce the chances of destruction during your move.
  • Before you go ahead and start vacating the house, there’s something left which requires your attention – remember cleaning the house? As a moving company in Dubai, we suggest our customers to make the apartment clean and also provide move out cleaning services in Dubai to make things easy for them. It’d help you in securing the deposit amount that is likely to be deducted in account of cleaning expenses.
  • Done with your move? Congratulations for completing your move in desired manner! But wait…before you start thinking that your move is complete you need to go and check for each packing box and the items each one contains. Now start to unpack the boxes that contain fragile items and make sure they are not broken during the transition phase from your previous address to the new one. If you find anything broken, you may claim compensation against the loss right away and if things are good then don’t forget to give that moving company in Dubai a positive rating.

You may contact us on 0800 880000 for evaluation of your next move and one of our customer reps will help you plan the moving journey.


The need of storing excessive amount of furniture rises frequently for the residents of UAE due to different reasons. And life is paradise if you could find the best Storage Company in Dubai that not only offers multiple storage solutions for your needs but also accommodates you with additional benefits. There are so many storage and moving companies that claim to be professional but fail to provide that elite class experience. So here are few signs that would help you identify if you’re happy with your storage company in Dubai or it’s time to change the service and secure your furniture.


When you use a service, you expect them to stay loyal with you from start till the end of the service duration. But what if the storage company in Dubai (that you’re in contract with) changes its price structure quite often? That behavior breaks your confidence on the credibility of that company that claims to be a professional service provider. Suppose, you receive an email regarding updated payment plans from your storage company every 2 months then you’re in real trouble in terms of financial matters. This attitude might suit them but surely disturb your yearly budget that you’ve allocated to bear the storage expenses for your valuables.


So tell me, what do you seek in an ideal Storage Company in Dubai that claims to take care of your precious items – cleanliness, right? Suppose, your company doesn’t care about the cleanliness in their storage facility that eventually makes your precious items dirty with a mild layer of dust. This can even reduce the resale value of your fixture that you wouldn’t want to experience right? If you’re experiencing such situation from your storage company, you need to change it ASAP.


You pay a monthly subscription to your storage company with a hope that your sofas, suitcases (or anything that you put into that unit) will be secure with them for the specified duration. What if they charge you full but fail to provide a foolproof security experience? Would you continue doing business with them or change the storage company right away? Make a wise choice and secure your precious items and fixtures right away.


Pest infestation is a common threat to your fixture when you’re living in a city like Dubai. And the storage company, that claims to be a professional, should not neglect this aspect of security of your furniture. A reason for not feeling happy with your current storage company in Dubai is that it fails to eradicate the pest infestation issue and you see mice running in and out of your furniture every time you visit the unit.


Apart from pest infestation, there’s another serious issue that you expect your storage company in Dubai to handle very wisely – climate change. If you’ve put weather sensitive items in the unit then you need to double check if your current storage company in Dubai is offering climate control feature in their facility or your furniture is at a risk of being ruined.


Going out or cutting down your furniture for next few months? You need a self-storage company in Dubai to keep your precious items in safe possession but the question is how would you find one in the midst of thousands of options? What are the key metrics to identify the right Self-Storage Company in Dubai that you can trust when it comes to the safety of your furniture? These are the questions you might be asking right now so we shortlisted few important features that an ideal storage service should have. So keep on reading and find out how to choose a self-storage facility in Dubai that beats other with these must have features.

Clean Storage Facility

Every self-storage company pays due attention to its cleanliness for keeping the furniture away from dust that devalues them with a gradual pace. When selecting a self-storage company in Dubai, you should ask the manager, supervisor or any representative to walk you through each corner of the facility. It is important in order to ensure that everything is fine with respect to cleaning measurement all by yourself instead of relying on management’s words. Evaluate what kind of cleaning plans they have set for keeping the facility, and more important your furniture, clean 24/7 before making a final decision.

Secure Facility

You feel relaxed about your valuables because you know that the apartment is secured in your absence but how’d you find the same contentment with respect to your fixture’s safety? When a company offers self-storage services, it knows the expectations the customers have from the management and security concerns are on top of the list. If they are the professionals, they’d have a foolproof security arrangement for the whole facility let alone your unit. Ask the manager what kind of security options would you get if you consider them for your furniture and make sure that they offer some kind of security options on individual basis apart from man guarding or CCTV surveillance.

Temperature Control

You’re living in Dubai, you must be aware of the unpredictable weather conditions and the heat problems that may affect your furniture’s finish. When selecting a self-storage facility, you should not neglect this feature as ignorance might cost you in shape of your furniture’s loss by temperature-based damage. All the good self-storage companies understand the complex weather issues and offer state-of-the-art storage facility options that come with climate control characteristics for keeping your fragile and weather sensitive furniture safe in the facility for any amount of time.

Versatile Service Plans

The businesses today understand the fact that every customer has different needs and they craft their services that meet these needs. The best self-storage company in Dubai would also take into account these varying customer needs and offer multiple service solutions in shape of self-storage, open storage, time based storage or wooden boxes. Ask the representative what kind of self-storage service options you could get and go with the best one that suits you.


If you’re living in Dubai from a long time then you would have experienced that pain of moving your stuff from one location to another quite often. But instead of carrying that huge boxes of packed items, you could’ve secured them in storage facility near your location and enjoy any space you get at the best sight of the city. Not familiar with the storage service types yet? Don’t worry as we may help you in understanding the concepts of each storage facility’s type from our experience being a top rated storage and Moving Company in Dubai. Read on and increase your knowledge about the types of storage services in Dubai.Storage Company in DubaiStorage Company in Dubai

Short & Long Term Storage

The term short or long term storage explains itself quite easily as you can understand its nature and application. Suppose, you’re staying away from your residence to spend some quality time with family and don’t want to pay the rent during those weeks then short term storage is ideal for you. It can also be very useful if you have excessive amount of furniture that can’t be fit into your apartment then you can utilize this service on very affordable rates and secure those precious furniture items.

Long term storage option is ideal when you’re in search of an ideal opportunity but you have to vacate the apartment. There are endless scenarios in which you’ll find these services very useful but the basic difference in between these two is that the former can be used for few weeks and the later could be considered for a longer amount of time like 6 months or a year.

Open Storage Facility

Coming to the second most common type that you’ll find in Dubai is the open storage facility that allows you to secure your valuables on a very nominal monthly subscription. Basically, it is a big hall in which you can put your packed cartons and leave any negative thoughts of theft, breakage or any other issue. As you’re sharing the space with other customers of the storage and moving company in Dubai, you may also benefit from the low prices on this service and always identify your boxes with the special code company gives or any mark of your own.

Self-Storage Facility

Do you remember the locker system from the school? Well I’m sure you do and this type of storage service is exactly crafted on that format but with little change in basic rules. You are assigned a particular locker, you have the key and you’re in charge of your storage needs. The only difference here is that you won’t be placing just books but anything that you want to secure. The reason for going with self-storage facility is that they have air conditioners, ability to secure your items that are weather sensitive and 24/7 security.

Wooden Ports

Suppose, you’re about to commence your moving procedure after packing everything up and there’s still so much to do like calling a moving company in Dubai, loading the boxes and making other operations. But you’re worried about all the procedures because you lack the packing skills. In such scenario, the service of wooden ports proves a blessing as when you call storage and moving company in Dubai then they’ll provide full support in solving your matters. They’ll back all the cartons in one big box made of wood and deliver it to your new address.