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Dealing with a packer and mover for the first time since you moved here in Dubai? You must be wondering what to ask in your first meeting with the company’s representative, right? It is essential that you master the art of asking the right question in order to select the perfect Packer and Mover in Dubai for your expected move. So we made a list of useful questions that you should ask the mover and avoid wasting time when you’re about to make a final call. Read and learn how to evaluate if the moving company is the right match for your moving needs and then make your final decision.


When we speak about packers and movers in Dubai, there is a significant aspect of a moving job that impacts on your total bill – the packing. Usually, the tenants are skilled in packing up their stuff for two reasons. Primarily, they’re moving apartments for so long and have mastered the art of packing things up correctly. Secondarily, packing is not usually included into the moving job and if you opt for it you may pay extra for the whole job. So the first thing that you should be asking your service provider is if they offer packing service inclusive in the package or not.


Moving means transition of items from one place to another and it comes with a risk of damages and breakage, right? So here is another point that you may write down which is relating to your stuff’s safety. All good packers and movers in Dubai prioritize the customer’s satisfaction when providing the service and they include insurance in their service standards. Having the insurance clause added into your contract allows you to stay away from any damage expenses that may occur during the transition. If you hire non-insured moving services, you’re basically putting yourself up to deal with the damage risk all by yourself if anything goes slightly wrong.


One of the essential questions to ask your moving service provider is about the legality and license that is mandatory for every business in UAE. Now when it comes to the cost of a move, many people opt for non-licensed transporters that are not officially permitted to act as a mover and charge less. Hiring a licensed packer and mover in Dubai basically gives you the power to reach out to them through a legal way in case of damage, theft or any other unpleasant event that the company refuses to cover. A licensed moving company would ensure that you – the customer – are happy from them and avoid any possible legal hearing that may affect their public image or lead them to license cancellation.


UAE hosts different residence options and this is where you find your next question to ask your packer and mover in Dubai. You may be living currently in a studio or renting a big villa, right? The items (that you intend to move with you) vary depending upon the residence you have. And hiring a big truck for few items would simply add more cost to your invoice. So do ask the mover what kind of transport option do they offer and what would fit best for your move.

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Offering something “free” or on “lowest rates” doesn’t mean that the service provider has the right to exploit the customers. UAE’s moving industry is one of the complex part of the economic infrastructure that gives the customers a hard time in making a selection from thousands of Moving Companies in Dubai. So thought, why not discuss the disadvantages of hiring a cheap moving company that does offer you less price but poses more risks to your ‘peaceful’ move. Read on and discover the downsides of hiring the moving companies in Dubai that come with ‘cheap’ service label.


As you’re trying to reduce the moving cost, the moving companies are doing the same if you opt for a cheap service provider. Your concern would be the moving expenses that take a considerable amount of money and their focus is shifted towards employing less people so they’ll have to pay less in account of salaries. But this reduction in manpower may impact on the safety of your items that you want to shift safely from one place to another. Now think and answer this to yourself that paying less is more important or seeing your items in a single piece?


The UAE government takes transparency and legality of businesses very seriously and this is why they’ve set the rule to obtain a license before operating in the market. Those moving companies in Dubai that offer cheap moving services don’t just stop on reducing manpower to save money. Some of them even skip the license obtaining part before commencing their business activities. Yes, that’s one of the reasons that they offer their service on such low rates but that’s half picture of the whole truth. If you’re working with a company that is not licensed, you’re putting yourself one step closer to legal difficulties if anything goes wrong. The company can change their business focus, move away and remain hidden in the government’s radar.


For those that are new in moving business, the moving job is limited to putting something up and placing it in another place but that’s not it. A moving job requires care, manpower (and sometimes) machinery to ensure the safety of every item that a customer asks to move. If you happen to hire one of the cheap service moving companies in Dubai, you’ll notice that they have moving tools that demand repair before use. The inventory that they use for packing, carrying or loading itself needs a little sympathy and support then how can you expect your move to be executed with perfection?


This is the era of technological advancement where we are connected with our peers, dears and family friends on the go. But some of these cheap-service moving companies in Dubai would be relying on old communication mediums. A smart moving company would usually have an app where the customers can track moving progress without even calling the customer care department. But when you opt for a moving company that is reluctant about providing cheap moving services, you’ll be given an assumed estimate for job completion that is usually hours late than initially anticipated.

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What Security Metrics Make Self-Storage Services in Dubai Ideal?

The need to store excessive amount of furniture and upholstery rises once in a year and from there your journey starts to locate the best Self-Storage Services in Dubai, isn’t it? Whether it’s the self-storage services in Dubai, your apartment or even the office, you’d want everything (from your life to the valuables) to be secure and safe within the premise. A question triggered our mind that what kind of security facilities you’d want to see in your self-storage services in Dubai? So we thought why not we give you some good points to start with. Find below the right security metrics to look into the self-storage services in Dubai that is on your list.


We don’t live in the Stone Age so using technology to our benefit is logical. Practicing this idea for increasing security of the storage unit, all providers of professional self-storage services in Dubai give due importance to technology in shape of CCTV surveillance. They can keep track of every moment happening inside and around the facility. This gives you a reason to trust their self-storage services in Dubai as your items would be protected under the eyes of camera. If anything goes wrong, you can request to check their video records to evaluate the problem yourself.


The security is the first concern of any provider of self-storage services in Dubai and for that reason, they invest in a sustainable and durable entrance gate system. Being the first entry point, due attention is given to entrance area at any reliable self-storage unit facility. While visiting the facility for the first time, you can evaluate if the management has given due importance to the entry point by adding a gated access point for the entrance and exist? If you find such arrangements meeting your standards, you can continue with your decision to hire those self-storage services in Dubai otherwise it is better to continue your search.


No doubt that technological advancement has made our work easier than old days when we speak about the security measurements. But still there are some safety practices deemed as effective even today such as the use of wall fences. The fences can eliminate the risk of intrusion and burglars that eye on such places filled with precious (or saleable) items. During your visit to the self-storage facility, look how secured their walls are and if you find fences placed then it is a good sign.


The smart and customer-centric service providers put their customer’s satisfaction first. In conjunction with CCTV surveillance and other digital facilities, they also employ human wisdom for keeping the items secure 24/7. This means an ideal provider of self-storage services in Dubai would use manned guarding to ensure total safety if the digital security layer fails to protect your items. If the service provider (that you’ve selected) has added security guards for managing the security of units then your items are in safe hands.


As an additional layer of security, many providers of self-storage services in Dubai offer computerized unit locking system. This means you can access your unit with a digital password that only you (and a trust representative from the company) know. Do look for this feature in your selected self-storage services in Dubai and be in charge of your item’s security instead of relying solely on the management.

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Going out or cutting down your furniture for next few months? You need a self-storage company in Dubai to keep your precious items in safe possession but the question is how would you find one in the midst of thousands of options? What are the key metrics to identify the right Self-Storage Company in Dubai that you can trust when it comes to the safety of your furniture? These are the questions you might be asking right now so we shortlisted few important features that an ideal storage service should have. So keep on reading and find out how to choose a self-storage facility in Dubai that beats other with these must have features.

Clean Storage Facility

Every self-storage company pays due attention to its cleanliness for keeping the furniture away from dust that devalues them with a gradual pace. When selecting a self-storage company in Dubai, you should ask the manager, supervisor or any representative to walk you through each corner of the facility. It is important in order to ensure that everything is fine with respect to cleaning measurement all by yourself instead of relying on management’s words. Evaluate what kind of cleaning plans they have set for keeping the facility, and more important your furniture, clean 24/7 before making a final decision.

Secure Facility

You feel relaxed about your valuables because you know that the apartment is secured in your absence but how’d you find the same contentment with respect to your fixture’s safety? When a company offers self-storage services, it knows the expectations the customers have from the management and security concerns are on top of the list. If they are the professionals, they’d have a foolproof security arrangement for the whole facility let alone your unit. Ask the manager what kind of security options would you get if you consider them for your furniture and make sure that they offer some kind of security options on individual basis apart from man guarding or CCTV surveillance.

Temperature Control

You’re living in Dubai, you must be aware of the unpredictable weather conditions and the heat problems that may affect your furniture’s finish. When selecting a self-storage facility, you should not neglect this feature as ignorance might cost you in shape of your furniture’s loss by temperature-based damage. All the good self-storage companies understand the complex weather issues and offer state-of-the-art storage facility options that come with climate control characteristics for keeping your fragile and weather sensitive furniture safe in the facility for any amount of time.

Versatile Service Plans

The businesses today understand the fact that every customer has different needs and they craft their services that meet these needs. The best self-storage company in Dubai would also take into account these varying customer needs and offer multiple service solutions in shape of self-storage, open storage, time based storage or wooden boxes. Ask the representative what kind of self-storage service options you could get and go with the best one that suits you.