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Finally, you took a major decision that can bring a positive change in your life? Still, there are many things to do before you set on the journey to start a new life, in a new country. And the very important step amongst all is the phase of finding Professional Relocation Service in Dubai. We understand your concerns when you’ve to find the best relocation services for a smooth transition from one country to another. And therefore, we present the must-read tips to find the best and most professional relocation services.


Before you start contacting companies, do some simple calculations to understand your finances. As every decision that you’d make would largely depend on the money that you’ve in the bank. Plus, it can help you identify the perfect offer once you start getting price estimations. Another benefit of calculating the finances, before hiring the professional relocation service, is that you can negotiate with mind clarity and crack the best deal. So, before dialing moving company’s number, sit down with a pen and a paper and start figuring finances out.


Now that you have a base to start negotiating your relocation process, its high time that you find few professional relocation services to take a step up towards the completion. The reason for having 3-4 companies on the list is to enable you for considering different companies with respect to pricing, facilities and discount offers. Relocation is a serious procedure that involves a considerable amount so better have few options before you make any final decision with respect to hiring.


There are companies who just brag about great facilities and premium quality service but never provide any such on a moving day. So, before you make your mind to hire a specific service provider, you must turn Sherlock to verify the facts. You must only hire the professional relocation service once you have your hands on their previous customers or any trusted reviewing sites where they have a satisfactory rating. Only then you can consider hiring them for your relocation and expect a smooth transition.


Once you find a reliable service provider and now your financial limits, it is time to start negotiations. You must meet the representative in person and explain to him your plans, how you perceive things to be done and what they can do in this plan. This would help you in getting recommendations and plans from the representative that you can further process to craft your whole international relocation journey.


Before you conclude relocation planning, it is recommended that you sit with the representative and ask him about available facilities. There are unlimited areas where you can find their assistance extremely useful in executing the whole relocation plan. Matters like selecting an apartment, managing your children’s school admissions and getting DEWA’s connection are these areas where the company can help you out. So just take their assistance once you have access to the professional relocation services.


It’s that time of the year again when you’re packing up your stuff and preparing to move, right? Or, you might be standing at the earliest stage where you hunt down the packing and moving services in Dubai. Whatever the case is, you need the best company to hold your back as you plan everything out and wait for the moving truck to reach your doorsteps, right? We’ve brought a few tips for you to select the best Packing and Moving Services in Dubai and experience being a pro-tenant. Read on and discover how you can make your move a stress-free, non-exhausting procedure and ditch all the negative things that can probably ruin your plans.


In a move, the most important part is to conclude the total costs that would impact your financial statements. So, it is of paramount importance that you consider that company that remains honest in giving you nearly accurate moving cost estimates. Because that’s the information that would help you conclude if a move is in your budget or if you’d need to borrow money from a friend. While you look for packing and moving services in Dubai, you must seek this essential quality in the prospective company and if you could locate one, your move would be less frustrating.


Hiring the best packing and moving services in Dubai demands to hire a company that has exceptional customer support. Because these are the people who’d remain on standby to help you with your moving plan, its status and take any complaints during the move. Imagine, if you’re in between a move and you’re unable to locate few items that they might have misplaced during the transition then customer support is the first contact that you’d establish with the company. So, this is the main reason to select 24/7 customer support into your selection metric when you’re looking for packing and moving services in Dubai. Having


When you plan to move, you plan to carry every small and large item with you, right? Some of the items are fragile and some require special arrangements to move them safely and this makes your move challenging. Ideally, your moving company should accommodate you with a qualified, experienced moving crew that can handle any complex situation with ease. So, consider experienced moving crew another selection metric when you’re looking for Packers And Movers In Dubai.


Once you’ve completed your moving cycle, another test is waiting for you in your new apartment in the shape of various maintenance works. There might be shaky doors or broken doorknobs or you might find taps running and some fault in the sewerage system. In short, you’d need an expert handyman to deal with all these challenges. While selecting the packing and moving services in Dubai, you must seek a company that can accommodate you with these additional services. Because by the time you’d reach your new apartment, your energy would have been drained for finding a reliable handyman service in the city.

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To deal with the storage challenges of a new lifestyle, various moving companies have started to offer storage facilities at their compound. Deeming a profitable opportunity to become a business leader, various innovative minds step into the competition. But not all of them are real businessmen and fail to assess the true needs of end-user. To add clarity to your perspective, we’ve concluded a list of mistakes that are usually expected from a new Storage Company in Dubai. Come, let’s analyze what mistakes are basically a red flag for you to NOT hire the service.


The initial days of any new storage company in Dubai are full of inspiration and passion to progress as quickly as they can. But this overexcitement, most of the time, leads to making wrong decisions. Wrong decisions that are tempted by miscalculation of their actual manpower and capacity to offer storage units. This situation brings them to the point where they have an influx of new customers but have very few storage units to entertain their storage requests.


Moving on to the next mistake that usually a new storage company in Dubai makes is a shady invoice. To lure new prospects into registering as a consumer of their storage facilities, they advertise half information explaining their storage unit features. They successfully generate new business with this tactic but unfortunately fail to sustain old consumers for long. Simply because the old consumers are bombarded with a heavy invoice at the term-end (or by end of the month), they deem changing the service a beneficial idea to reduce their costs.


Connected to our 2nd expected mistake, a new storage company in Dubai would overlook another aspect of their service features – actual storage space. Suppose, their current storage capacity can accommodate a maximum of 50 consumers but they manage to generate 70-80 news leads through your marketing channels, how would they accommodate the rest of 20-30 consumers with storage unit shortage? This is where their newly founded company loses its trust amongst the end-user and they face a difficult time in convincing them to remain with them.


In almost all business schools, one prominent lesson is to understand what’s inside the consumer’s mind in order to offer tailored services. Mostly a new storage company in Dubai would deem the review part a waste of time and mark the job complete as they get the payment. This little mistake on their part creates difficulties for them to restructure their services according to the pain points of end-user.


Just to save costs, a new storage company in Dubai would skip some essential features from the storage unit. They do manage to save expenses with this little adjustment but forget to deal with delicate items that demand a certain temperature to maintain their true form. If you happen to come across such a storage company in Dubai, you should automatically change your plans to hire them as you may end up in disappointment if you use a simple storage unit.

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The experience of getting things exactly as planned is a wonderful feeling. Sadly, we live in the real world, not in a fairytale so there is always some amount of mismanagement or mishaps that impact on our plans. But with little attention and proper planning, we can reduce the chances of experiencing discomfort in plan executions. The same thing happens when we talk about moving and hiring Packing and Moving Services in Dubai. So here are some scenarios to calculate how successful your move was and what you can expect from the moving company on your moving day.


One of the keys of successful executions is to estimate properly without ignoring a small detail in the process of evaluation. Usually, the providers of best packing and moving services in Dubai, train their supervisors (or anyone in charge of estimations) with a vision to estimate the whole moving job properly. Because they’re the first person to visit you, discuss your moving needs and give you a near estimation of costs. If they miss to evaluate things and misquote, you’ll have to suffer later when clearing the invoice upon completion of your moving job. Or worst, you can have difficulties in smooth execution of the moving job so it is essential that the estimation is done correctly.


Usually, there are two practices when it comes to moving and the selection of packing and moving services in Dubai. One can opt for just transiting of the packing boxes to reduce cost or the company would cover the packing material and other tools required for safe moving executions. No matter how expert you are in managing things, there’s always a slight chance of using wrong packing material or tool to box things up. Ideally, customer-centric moving companies include packing facilities in their packages to accommodate the moving needs of every customer. This helps you in reducing the moving stress and focusing on another aspect of your move with the coverage of packing material.


One of the concerns of people changing their apartments is to control the costs incurred on the whole moving process. There are companies that lure customers with low moving costs and charge more than initial estimations giving random reasons. Such scenarios make people rethink about hiring the packing and moving services in Dubai next time when their move is due. The example of an ideal moving company is that remains transparent and honest in its operations from start to end without increasing the charges on the final invoice. If you want to make your move stress free and smooth, you should seek a moving company that is honest in its pricing matters.


You don’t necessarily try every other moving company to evaluate its professionalism and dedication. We’re humans and our habits tell so many things about our personality and the same applies to the selection of packing and moving services in Dubai. Just take a tour of the warehouse where the moving crew waits for new orders or notice the representative’s behavior to conclude the professional standard of the company. If you get good vibes from these interactions, you can trust the company and give them a go ahead knowing that you’ll be working with people that value professionalism and dedication.

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Whether you’re moving for the first time or a frequent mover, finding the reliable Packing and Moving Services in Dubai is one of the riddles that are hard to crack. But with little patience, observation and negotiation skills, you can hire the best people to manage your move and stay away from moving stress. As a moving company, we deal with different people to meet their moving requirements and this enables us to guide you in the right direction. Here are some essential qualities that your moving company must have in order to fulfill your selection criterion.


Not every move requires the same tools and boxes and the quantity (and time) varies from person to person and job to job. Those companies that have been in business from over a decade understand this and try to offer a customized pricing option to the customers. Because if they go about charging a standard price for every move (whether big or small), they’d start losing customers. Ask yourself, would you pay the same amount for a studio apartment’s moving as you do for a big villa’s moving job? This is the important question to ask when it comes to pricing for the moving services and this would help you in picking the best packing and moving services in Dubai.


The time has changed so the needs of customers and those service providers that claim to offer the best packing and moving services in Dubai understand this fact very well. They know that a customer can ask for any service that would help him in executing the moving plan so they remain ready for that. Try selecting a moving company that offers multiple solutions in a single service package like packing, loading/unloading and arranging for handyman services etc. If they can reduce your frustration (that you’d face during the search of other services), they are surely the best service providers to work with. Primarily, because they know your needs and secondarily due to readiness that can be seen in their passion to serve.


It’s not the tools or machinery that makes a company reliable but the people that represent the organization. While searching for the best packing and moving services in Dubai, your focus should be on hiring a company that employs passionate people. Because ultimately it is the workforce that you’re dealing with rather than the higher management that is concerned with major operations of the business. Having dedicated movers by your side would help you in receiving multiple suggestions that work if there is a situation that demands another approach to executing your moving plan.


The best packing and moving services in Dubai would be transparent in every aspect and would never let you rethink about your hiring decision. I mean, a good company never plays its customers at any cost and that’s what you should be looking for when searching reliable packing and moving services in Dubai. Work with only those service providers that remain true to their commitments from start to end and never overcharge, or mislead you with respect to their services.

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Moving during the Christmas or planning to replace the residence in first week of New Year? Budgeting must be on your mind as the two most important events are just around the corner so we thought why not share with you some “money-saving” tips that can reduce your final invoice on your move. Ready to save few bucks off your next move anywhere in Dubai? Let’s discuss the pro tips that would help you in negotiating during the selection process of Moving Services In Dubai.


Before you go about call up companies and considering moving services in Dubai, it is important that you pay attention on apartment selection. See, once the apartment is selected and security is paid, you can’t do anything about reducing your moving bill because the distance is what decides a large amount of your moving cost. So it is always wise to select an apartment that is nearer than your current apartment. Upon selecting a nearer apartment in Dubai, you would be in a better position to bargain for a decent price for the whole move. And if you’re moving from one floor to another, you’d be just paying for the labor instead of including transportation charges that increase your bill. Think about it!


Ever thought what could be reduced from your moving list so that you can take a sigh from the burden of a heavy moving invoice? If you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t go for including packing services that are usually not included into a move. It’s an optional service that moving companies offer to all their customers. If you’re paying for packing services as well then you should consider not including them during the negotiation phase. Ideally, you should pack yourself if you’re well versed with different packing methods and know what goes where when you’re about to pack your whole apartment. You, however, ask for assistance and purchase packing material to ensure that your items are safe within the packages when hiring moving services in Dubai only.


If you’re moving on a budget, here’s another useful tip that would surely help you in reducing the moving cost. When hiring the moving services in Dubai, try not to include unpacking of your items when the truck reaches the other apartment building. Simply ask them to unload the packages from the truck and help you in taking the boxes up in your apartment. If you’re moving for the second (third or fourth) time, you’ll have enough knowledge (and time) to know how to unpack the boxes. So save money as long as you know how to deal with the packed boxes and enjoy your year end with extra savings.


One of the reasons that people find moving costly and nearly a nightmare when they’re on a budget is because they have to hire a handyman for quick fixes. Very few tenants read their contract in full and know their basic rights that they can exercise during the time of moving in. In these rights, lawfully the landlord is responsible for the primary maintenance before the tenant moves into the apartment. So if you’re hiring a handyman along with those moving services in Dubai, you’re simply increasing your moving expenses when you can save your money by having your landlord fixing the minor maintenance issues in the apartment.

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Moving to a new location soon? Have you booked a packing and moving service already or still struggling to find a reliable service provider to meet your moving needs? We know that moving is a stressful process if you’re not ready for it and the worst is to work with an incapable, unreliable and pricy moving service provider, isn’t it? You might experience delay in the process, damages and even the budget may go out of the expected cost line if you fail to hire the right packing and moving service. So here are the essential steps to follow when finding a Packing And Moving Service In Dubai to make your move stress free and in line with your plans.


In order to accomplish your target, you first need to understand the complexity of your objectives otherwise you’ll simply waste your time in that quest. So the first step that you should take is to evaluate the kind of move that you’re dealing with and then go about finding the packing and moving service that has a perfect option for you. Are you planning to shift your shop to another place or is it your apartment that you’re wishing to change in coming week? Now you have a metric to select a moving company based on your moving need i.e. you either need a commercial mover or the one that is expert in handling residential move. And if you could find a packing and moving service that is proficient in both then go for it.


I know that most of us are in a rush and want things to be done really quickly but hold on for a second. It’s your move and a hasty decision can cost you in many ways like furniture damage or selecting a packing and moving service that is beyond your budget. The rule of thumb to find an ideal service provider is to get as many references as you could. And when you collect reviews and references from your friends or family members, never feel shy in asking details of their move as this would help you in making the best decision. Ask what went wrong with that moving service or if they had a pleasant experience etc.  


Each company has some plus points and some negative aspects in their moving service for the customer. When you have a list of companies and start negotiating your move and the expected cost, be brave to know the full service features from the customer representative. If they’re professional and care about the customers then they wouldn’t hold back in giving out all the information and the best price quotes for your move. Ask about the discounts, available transportation facility and what kind of packing materials they can offer you or any additional service like move out cleaning etc.


Like most of people, you might be planning to save some bucks off the packing phase, right? Are you a professional packer and doing it all perfectly or it’s your first time with those packing boxes, tapes and the complex packing material? Never risk your furniture items just to save few bucks as you might put them all in danger during the transition phase. We suggest, you let the professional packers do their job and reduce the transition damage risk. Additionally, ask the Packers And Movers In Dubai if they have any insurance plan or anything to cover your damage during the moving process.


If you follow the above mentioned steps carefully, you can identify the right packing and moving service to go with. To sum things up, the company must have positive reviews, flexible moving solutions, trained staff, and the best price to accommodate your move. If you can locate these qualities in a moving service, you can go with them to further plan your move and decide the moving day, price and things that would be included into your moving plan.

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The idea of moving to another apartment sounds exciting when you’re to live in an amazingly constructed apartment in one of Dubai’s top locations, isn’t that? But what about those fragile items that need extra care on your part to be delivered safely from the old address to the new one? Being the providers of Packing and Moving Services in Dubai, we are aware of the irritation that majority of our customers face when packing vulnerable items including mirrors, antiques, painting and other form of fine art that make their place look classy. So we decided to give all those movers few useful packing advices that intend to take those precious items with you and looking for safe ways to pack them up correctly.

If you don’t want to feel disappointed from the packing and moving services in Dubai then you need to ensure certain things while you pack everything up that is vulnerable to jerks and shakes during the transition phase. So here’s how you may pack things smartly to deal with all the unfavorable situations and find your fragile items in one piece at the new address when the movers in Dubai complete their job.

  • When it comes to packing certain items in your valuables including mirrors, art pieces and paintings you need to understand that they require special packing techniques instead of putting them in one big carton box. Nope! You don’t need to un-mount the frame to pack them as a large telescope box would do the job. You may ask the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai to arrange that special packing material or get it from the nearest hardware store.
  • Packing up your artworks/painting? Hold on before you cover them up in that bubble wrap, you need something more relevant to maintain the color scheme of that artwork. Being the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we always ask our customers to use glassine paper to cover the front side of paintings that preserve the colors when in contact with the carton box’s inner surface. The providers might provide you glassine paper or else you may get it from art supply store near you in Dubai.
  • When you’re done covering the surface of your painting with glassine paper and arranging for large telescope boxes to cover the items securely, it’s time to put out that bubble wrap. Now cover the whole item with at least two times with a bubble wrap paper to ensure that each side is covered satisfactorily before you start tapping the item.
  • When taping the item, don’t repeat the same mistake that you did last time when packing fragile items for a move. As the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to tape at least two times the whole item after wrapping it in bubble wrap paper to make sure that it is securely satisfactorily and can bear the unfavorable parts of the transition journey.

If you feel that there is something missing in your packing approach, you may always ask your moving supervisor for further suggestions with respect to the packing of your items.


Fixing mechanical problems is not a tough job for you but when you have to use that force to pack up everything for a move, things get tough don’t they? We know how tough it is to pack everything up in your garage and get ready to shift your workspace to another location and leave the old one behind. But are you ready to face the moving day issue or is your plan has some glitches that would make things difficult for you? Being the providers of Packing and Moving Services in Dubai , we help businesses like yours to reduce the conflicts and issues on moving day so here are some important tips that would help you too.


While packing up everything in the garage, majority of people repeat this very serious mistake that costs them the valuable fixture during the transition. Packing boxes are a good choice to pack everything up but not so good for heavy items that would tear them apart during the transition phase. Suppose you’ve packed everything up in the packing boxes, called in the packing and moving services and when the crew starts to lift boxes up, the heavy items fall down from the packed boxes. A wise approach is to use moving blankets for these heavy items instead of relying on carton boxes that can hold together a limited number of items.


Can you name the most frustrating moment from your past moving experience so far? It’s when you move to the new place, unpack everything from packing boxes and forget where you put nuts, bolts and screws to put together big items, isn’t it? A smart way to use small sealable pouches that could contain these nuts, bolts and other items that help you reassemble the fixture after moving into your new garage. Put all of them in and tape them within the packing arrangement (be it boxes or blankets) so you never have to waste time in finding them later on.


You’re moving to another location all of your garage items and that doesn’t mean that everything should be packed and loaded into the moving truck. According to our experience of providing packing and moving services in Dubai, there are always some items that you don’t need at the new location. When packing everything up, you first need to separate important things from unimportant items in your garage before completing the packing process. You may dump them in the bin or resell them to a rag shop near your garage.


Here’s one very important thing to do that will help you in keeping your whole moving journey organized and stress free. What most people do during the packing process is they pack everything up and label big boxes instead of focusing on details. See, you have small boxes within those spacious packed boxes and once you arrive at the new address you already would have forgotten about the small boxes and the items they are holding. So being the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we always ask our customers to label in detailed manner so they can be sure what each box contains.