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Dubai is flooded with so many businesses and sometimes this abundance proves a hurdle in the selection of a reliable service provider. The same applies to the moving industry that sees a massive incoming of newly setup moving companies claiming the ‘Best’ for the customers’ moving needs. So we thought why not examine the moving industry and conclude what makes a provider reliable from the perspective of a customer. Read on and discover the qualities that can help you in selecting the reliable Moving Services in Dubai.


The first step of any moving job is to evaluate the moving requirements of the customer. For that, each company sends out the surveyor to visit the premise in person and evaluate the moving requirement before giving out a price estimation. There are those companies that tend to exaggerate things to manipulate the customer in paying more. But the ones that really deserve to be called reliable moving services in Dubai are those that remain honest in their evaluations. They never misquote or exaggerate things just go add more numbers on your invoice.


Our next metric to label a company as “reliable” comes from the first one. If a company is keeping its honesty in customer dealings, you cannot expect any false pricing that is way too much from your budget. They’d evaluate the whole job carefully and quote prices only for the labor, material and time that your job is going to consume. If you happen to come across such company that charges honestly, you don’t need to find anymore moving services in Dubai and if you do, you’re wasting your time in needless company hunt.


A good company is made by the passionate and responsible people associated with that organization. Because it is not the CEO or MD of that company that is going to ring your doorbell but the supervisor or the moving crew that would be your first contact point. Once you pack things up, it is their duty to transit all the boxes from one place to another in a safe, non-breaking manner. And that’s how those moving services in Dubai win their customer’s heart that value customer satisfaction over anything else.


When you move and change apartments, it is not just the moving service that you’re going to need along the way. Once moved, you’d require the services of an electrician, a plumber or maybe a carpenter to decorate the apartment according to your liking. Usually, the landlord performs all these activities and hands over you the keys after all the maintenance work but there’s always something left that you’d want to do yourself. So those moving services in Dubai that win the ‘reliable’ label from their customers often arrange (or include) other services in their package to make things easy for you.


Taking constant feedback is the key to improve the service quality for any business. If a business doesn’t know where it is making the mistake, it would never be able to offer better services to the end customer. So those moving companies in Dubai that value customer satisfaction always takes feedback from their customers at different stages. This helps them in understanding your difficulties during the service and they work hard to resolve the issue so you can utilize better services in the future.

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Finally, you’ve found an ideal place for your salon and all set to move to that new location soon right? The old place might have so many memories when you first started your salon business and decorated every corner with due care but this is time to move on. As a professional Packing and Moving Company in Dubai, we thought to share some useful tips that will help you in packing up every asset of your salon. So without wasting further time in random discussion, let’s get straight to the business and discuss some smart packing and moving tips for your salon business.


The packing phase might scare you off with so many furniture and little items that help you keep your salon activities going. When packing furniture for the move, the big furniture items take more time in packing so put them in last. Focus on other items that would require less time for packing. When you’re done packing each and everything, head over to these humungous items such as cash counter, chairs, tables and other items that take much space of your salon.


You’re running a salon in Dubai, you’ll be dealing with glass based items on routine basis and that is your next challenge to tackle in a smart way when you sit down to pack things up. Being the professional packing and moving company in Dubai, we always advise our customers to pack all the glass based items very carefully as a slight jerk may cause a shatter during transition. You may use foam on both sides to secure your glass sheet or big mirrors that you don’t want to see in pieces after you move to the new place.


As a packing and moving company in Dubai, we do understand that you have to use multiple tools during a treatment but try not to mix everything in each other. Arrange for small packing boxes according to your packing needs and pack items that fall in specific category in that group. After you pack them securely, never forget to label each box or else you’ll be spending more time in identifying the required box during the unpacking process.


A common situation most people face after the move is to see broken electronics or items with torn power cables. If you have any electronic device at your salon, try to consult with the packing and moving company in Dubai for the safest ways to secure them. The company you choose should have necessary knowledge to deal with such packing problems.


When you decide to move your salon to a new place, you need to be prepared for every possible situation. With that being said, the packing and moving company in Dubai should offer customized moving solutions for your salon’s moving process. A company with standard packing and moving services might not be ideal for your move. Your chosen Packers and Movers in Dubai should also include storage services, professional truck line and also affordable moving rates in order to make your salon’s move stress free.