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What Things You Consider Before Moving To New Home

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Congratulations on your new home! Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to bundle and move the whole thing without breaking the bank, flashlight, or your back. If you are looking for the best Moving And Packing Company in Dubai for moving and packing then, you are right page. As today we will highlight a few benefits and tips which you can consider before moving to a new home!

We move powered by IFSG-group professional moving and packing company in Dubai to share their best advice. If you need storage space, contact Wemove who will take care of all the heavy loads for you.

  • Transport-and-packing tip: Eliminate the clutter of garage storage shelves Flickr / Distillery Well, maybe not all, but the more unused and unnecessary items you remove from your home, the fewer things you have to pack, move around town, unpack and organize.
  • Be tough with your stuff. That coat you think is cute but hasn’t been worn in four months? Donated by. The first coffee maker you’ve ever bought that flavors your morning drink with little bits of rust? Garbage that. A massive pre-clearance will have the biggest impact on the efficiency and ease of the entire packaging process.
  •  Sort things by category. At Wemove professional we suggest you pack and organize your belongings by category, not by room (note that the Category pane only applies to the organizing process, not the emptying – it’s an entirely separate ordeal). So, it will be easier for you to keep track. Also, Wemove powered by the IFSG-group expert team of moving and packing company will help you sort out things in a very easier way.
  • Instead of spending the day cleaning your entire bedroom, spend the afternoon sorting every item of clothing you own. Clean every wardrobe, dirty clothes basket, and laundry room so you have all your clothes in one place. Then sort. Do the same for books, shoes, important papers, and the like.
  •  Donate: If you want to donate your items, see our guide on where to donate your old clothes, books, furniture, toys, and more. Maybe you have some items that you no longer want, but just want a little money for them. If so, put these items aside and decide where you can sell them.

Once everything is sorted, mark a date on your calendar to visit the nearest Buffalo Exchange website or literal descriptions of items you plan to sell online.

Here’s another great tip, for everything that you don’t want to take with you but can’t say goodbye to yet, schedule a pickup service. We will pack and arrange everything for you.  We’ll pick up all your items (yes, even your heavy furniture, bike, air conditioning unit, and luggage), store them in our secure temperature-controlled storage facility, and create an online photo catalog so you can see everything without needing to visit the self-storage unit. We hope that these handy tips will help you make your next move more relax and hassle. Book our services today and avail of free cleaning services free!!


4 out of every 10 residents in Dubai move in a year and they all have a different moving experience. Some rate the moving journey satisfactory then others are agitated due to unpleasant events that they encountered during the move. Some complaint about broken items then some consider that the movers are the reason that things didn’t go well. So we thought to help you in understanding the pros of hiring a Moving Company In Dubai with these essential questions that you should ask yourself during the company hunt phase.

How much items do I need to move?

We know that moving apartments is a hectic job and requires your patience and calm mind to sort things out. You don’t need to repeat the mistake that many people do and end up in getting a higher moving price for a set of specific items. Usually, the companies have designed a system to calculate the items according to CBM (cubic meter) to give you a price estimate on call. To help the sales guy give you right price for the move, you should first know how many items are you actually going to move and if they are wider in mass but lighter in weight? This would help you in closing an ideal moving deal and select the best moving company in Dubai.

How many movers do I need?

The major issue when moving things from one place to another is to decide how many movers you need to execute the job in a decent way. If you have excessive amount of furniture then you’d need more movers to take care of your items during the transition phase. This would be a wise decision to ask for more than 5 movers if you have more furniture items than usual. In similar manner, you should ask for 2-3 individuals to help you in the moving process. And if you’re confused about making the right decision, you may ask the representative of that moving company in Dubai to recommend you the right movers.

Should I ask for packing material?

Often times, majority of people rely on used carton boxes to pack the items up when they decide to move. The use of used carton boxes does save them a considerable amount of money but it also brings the risk of breakage. If you’re using used carton boxes, you’re putting your items on risk and you might see any broken items upon receiving your packages. Ideally, you should ask the Residential Moving Company In Dubai for the packing material that is specifically designed to meet your packing needs and ensure that your items would remain safe within the boxes during the transition phase.

What moving options do I have?

When deciding to hire a moving company in Dubai, most of the people skip this question and go with the regular truck. It is a good practice to always ask the representative of that moving company in Dubai that what transportation options you have. This means if your items would be transferred in an open truck or does the company use covered medium size truck? You should preferably go with the covered truck as this would reduce the sign of road traffic breaches and fines.

Dial 800 88 00 00 now to get price estimations by one of our key account managers to make your move secure.


No doubt moving becomes a biggest challenge when you are to pack up everything at your pharmacy and change the selling point. And things go out of your hands when you have no packing and moving experience or lack time to sort things out. This is where you need expert’s advice to make your move stress free and organized by using their experience and useful tips. Being a professional Moving Company in Dubai, we help small business owners, shopkeepers and entrepreneurs to make safe moves and keep everything organized when they change the locations. So read on and find how you could pack, transit and complete your moving journey without getting stuck at any point.

Handle Delicate Items Carefully:

While interacting with customers, you deal with different items that are of delicate nature and could break down with a slight jerk. So when you roll up your sleeves to pack such items, be very careful with respect to their fragile condition and use packing boxes that are specifically built to handle such items like tubes and boxes containing liquid based medicines. You may use bubble wrap or foams to secure the corners and keep them safe once the moving company in Dubai arrives, loads your items and sets off to the new location. This way you can be sure of their safety regardless of poor road conditions and bumps on the way. Just make sure that the items are packed securely and would not be broken with the jerks and jumps the truck usually faces during the transition phase.

Be Gentle with Glass-based Items:

While you pack up everything be very gentle with packing of glass based items as they are more likely to increase your packing problems if you pack them in wrong manner. In the first place, you should call the professional to handle tables, showcase and other items that are made of glass as they require different packing approaches than medicines, wooden boxes and electronics that you use in your pharmacy. Being a professional moving company in Dubai, we suggest you to dismantle different sections that made up the item in order to keep the glass based items secure during the transition phase if possible.

Never Leave Gap:

One very prominent mistake that most shop owners make while packing their stuff is to leave gap in the packing boxes and a clear sound could be heard while moving the boxes. This is a clear indication that your times are not packed properly and would eventually collapse by frequent jerks during the transition phase. Being a professional moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to intact every item in the packing box that it would not move within the carton box when our crew picks them up and load into the truck. If you’re not sure how to pack things in secure way, you may always ask the moving company in Dubai to help you out in packing the stuff and reduce the risk of breakage during transition phase.


The need to store excessive amount in a storage facility rises from time to time when you live in city like Dubai. It could be for few weeks, for a month or more than a year but are you sure you hired right storage services in Dubai or the decision needs a second thought? These questions are important to ask yourself and the supervisor negotiating terms with you when you’re inspecting the facility in person. Some people have mastered the art of negotiating when finding Storage Companies in Dubai but others badly fail to make the right deal. So we thought to help those of you that have very less or no experience with selecting storage service before. Keep on reading and find interesting questions that you should ask the manager, supervisor or any representative dealing with you at the time of decision making.

Security First!

You put your valuables in a storage facility with a belief that they would be safe into that unit. What if the unit itself needs security with respect to burglars and vulnerable locking conditions? These are essential elements that make your decision of putting things in storage facility a right choice. When finding the storage services in Dubai, never ever overlook this element that would make your valuables safe for weeks, months or even a year if you plan to store them that long. The service provider that you choose for storing your items should have latest security arrangements like CCTV cameras and 24/7 patrolling manned guards that ensure the safety of your valuables.

Personalization Matters:

You’ll find countless storage companies in Dubai that claim to be the best choice that you can make when it comes to choose a storage facility for your valuables. In this progressive era, personalization is everything and you should not rely on their words unless see and test things yourself. You’re paying for that storage unit you should be in charge of the security for that place where your items are going to stay for that long time. The best storage services in Dubai offer electronic locks to secure your storage unit and enable you to deposit or withdraw anything at any time. Ask the supervisor if you’re going to get features like this or otherwise look elsewhere.

Price Is Important:

You won’t want to be charged much for depositing fewer items so never forget to ask about their prices when you look for storage services in Dubai. Ask the representative about their pricing criterion and see if they offer customized solution according to your storage needs. If they really care about their customers, they’d provide a custom solution for paying monthly subscriptions against your allotted storage unit. Never settle until you find a nice package by one of the best Storage Companies in Dubai.

Further Features:

You might be thinking to place some items in storage unit that are weather sensitive or adopt cleaning related issues more rapidly. So when searching for a storage unit, make sure it offers all those additional benefits that you need to keep your items not only secure but safe from dust, dirt and moist. See if they offer such features and if not, you need to find some other storage services in Dubai to ensure the safety of your items.


Are you moving to a new address or just got your packed furniture by that professional moving company in Dubai and found few broken items? Or it might be you mixed the boxes and blaming the Packers and Movers that you hired? It’s no use to blame the company when you are repeatedly making the same packing mistake that costs you in terms of some financial (or emotional) loss every time you shift the residence (or the shop). So we thought to put together some common mistakes people make during the packing process and experience problems later on.


Can you guess when your moving journey becomes a nightmare and how you may fix it instead of blaming the moving company in Dubai that you hired (or thinking to hire)? The whole process becomes a torture when you keep on postponing the packing phase of your furniture and always find excuses for not allocating sufficient time. This results in discomfort when the moving date arrives and you have no idea what to do first and what to pack last. The rule of thumb is that you should start packing process at least 3 weeks before the moving date. You may go slow initially and pick the pace with each passing day and keep your blood pressure normal that goes high when you don’t pack and blame the moving company in Dubai for making the process complex.


Unlike you, there are some people that have mastered the art of packing and keeping the moving a relaxed journey. Can you guess that what do they do to keep the whole process as simple as waking up and going to their new place without encountering any difficulty? They prioritize each set of item when it comes to packing and this is what keeps them away from the confusion of last minute packing and accusing the packers and movers after they move into their new place. For instance, if you’re thinking to start packing then start with the items that you require the least on routine basis and pack the rest in that manner.


You might have heard that old saying about the eggs and basket and that beautifully applies here when you roll up your sleeves to pack your stuff. Always start with segregating fragile items from other items that can bear shakes and weight during the transition process. Because if you put everything in big boxes just to save boxes or due to time shortage, you’re bound to find some broken items after shifting into your new place. If you can’t find more packing boxes, ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange them for you and make best use of them to keep the valuables secure during the moving phase.


A common mistake that people, with no previous packing experience, make is not labeling each packing box. If you rely on your memory for recognizing the packing boxes and the kind of items they contain, you’re just increasing your problems and nothing else. Label each packing box and keep a list with you to keep the process easy and less hassle free instead of doubting the work standards of the moving company in Dubai.


If you’re living in Dubai from a long time then you would have experienced that pain of moving your stuff from one location to another quite often. But instead of carrying that huge boxes of packed items, you could’ve secured them in storage facility near your location and enjoy any space you get at the best sight of the city. Not familiar with the storage service types yet? Don’t worry as we may help you in understanding the concepts of each storage facility’s type from our experience being a top rated storage and Moving Company in Dubai. Read on and increase your knowledge about the types of storage services in Dubai.Storage Company in DubaiStorage Company in Dubai

Short & Long Term Storage

The term short or long term storage explains itself quite easily as you can understand its nature and application. Suppose, you’re staying away from your residence to spend some quality time with family and don’t want to pay the rent during those weeks then short term storage is ideal for you. It can also be very useful if you have excessive amount of furniture that can’t be fit into your apartment then you can utilize this service on very affordable rates and secure those precious furniture items.

Long term storage option is ideal when you’re in search of an ideal opportunity but you have to vacate the apartment. There are endless scenarios in which you’ll find these services very useful but the basic difference in between these two is that the former can be used for few weeks and the later could be considered for a longer amount of time like 6 months or a year.

Open Storage Facility

Coming to the second most common type that you’ll find in Dubai is the open storage facility that allows you to secure your valuables on a very nominal monthly subscription. Basically, it is a big hall in which you can put your packed cartons and leave any negative thoughts of theft, breakage or any other issue. As you’re sharing the space with other customers of the storage and moving company in Dubai, you may also benefit from the low prices on this service and always identify your boxes with the special code company gives or any mark of your own.

Self-Storage Facility

Do you remember the locker system from the school? Well I’m sure you do and this type of storage service is exactly crafted on that format but with little change in basic rules. You are assigned a particular locker, you have the key and you’re in charge of your storage needs. The only difference here is that you won’t be placing just books but anything that you want to secure. The reason for going with self-storage facility is that they have air conditioners, ability to secure your items that are weather sensitive and 24/7 security.

Wooden Ports

Suppose, you’re about to commence your moving procedure after packing everything up and there’s still so much to do like calling a moving company in Dubai, loading the boxes and making other operations. But you’re worried about all the procedures because you lack the packing skills. In such scenario, the service of wooden ports proves a blessing as when you call storage and moving company in Dubai then they’ll provide full support in solving your matters. They’ll back all the cartons in one big box made of wood and deliver it to your new address.


Keeping the artworks safe is way more difficult than creating the masterpieces especially when you have to send your work to somewhere else. Suppose, you’ve spend months on a project for an upcoming exhibition to display your work and hoping to get positive response. The artworks, which you intend to submit, has been completed and you’re all ready to dispatch them but you’ve made few packing mistakes unintentionally. The days pass and just before 2 to 3 days of the main event, you get saddening news that your artwork was received in broken condition and cannot be displayed that year. Being one of the best Moving Companies in Dubai, we’ve outlined few terrible packing mistakes that most artists make and repent later on. So keep reading and see if you’re packing your artworks right or there’s any unseen problem that may destroy your hard work.


When you have to choose between two different items having different price tags, you’d definitely go for the cheapest one because who doesn’t like to save money right? But using cheap packing material is not a wise decision to make because if you go with this approach, you’re simply taking a big risk. The risk in terms of reliability and the guarantee of a safe transition from your address to the destination and that you wouldn’t want to happen with you when you’re planning to exhibit your masterpieces right? A wise approach is to consult with the moving supervisor about the packing procedure and material when looking for the best moving companies in Dubai. These guys know about different packing materials and their quality and they can guide you in right direction with respect to selecting the packing material for your artworks.


When packing up the paintings and other artworks, majority of people fail to take right measurement that results in dissatisfaction later on. Imagine yourself packing up one of your best artworks and taking measurements for cutting the wrapping paper. You took measurements, started to cut the wrapping paper and packing box but as you try to put in the canvas, you encounter with a very irritating problem i.e. short box and wrapping paper than your artwork’s actual length. You need to keep the whole volume of your artwork in account and try to cut the paper and boxes at least half inch extra than the actual size. Remember that you can always fill the gaps later on but cutting exact size might not work in your favor. That’s the trick majority of moving companies in Dubai use and you should give it a try.


Art galleries see different types of art forms coming their way either for display or for participation purposes. One terrible mistake that artists make is to not labeling the packed artwork in accurate manner. Suppose, if your artwork is made with delicate material that might ruin with few hard touches during the transition then you need to state that before dispatching your work. Moving companies in Dubai find these labels very useful to handle each order safely so never miss to label your artwork.


If you could locate an ideal Moving Company in Dubai that takes care of your valuables like their own you’re the luckiest man on Earth. (Pun intended) But if you’d leave everything on the packing crew and hope for the best you’re more likely to face some bad experiences during your move from current address to the new one. To make your move less disturbing and smooth, here are few ways you can try and work with your packing and moving staff to make the whole process as easy as eating an apple pie.

First, get rid of unwanted items:

When you’re moving to a new location, getting nervous is natural but if you work wisely you can easily beat this moving exhaustion. Once the packing and moving crew is at your place, you’d find no time to sit down and think of any single thing. So while they’re on their way to your home, you need to get rid of unwanted items that would not be travelling with you to the new address. And where you’d find these items? Storeroom! Go down there and you’re more likely to find a plethora of such items that you bought but rarely used in last 6 months.

Separate specific valuables:

After you’re done with cutting down the moving cost by removing unwanted items from your list, it’s time to move on and arrange your fixture. When you lock the doors and adieu to the previous address, you’ll need few items the very next morning at the new address. Before the packing and moving company arrives, you should segregate few items like toiletries, some of grocery items and a bag of clothes.

Plan out your packing and moving:

When you hire a moving company in Dubai, the job is not done yet as you have to plan out your move the way you want it. Nope! It’s not like the movers don’t know their job but you actually have to explain them how you want the job to be done. Start from packing the items and plan everything out until the items are safely delivered at your new address. You’ll be able to communicate with your moving supervisor only if you have a moving plan beforehand.

Go through the contract again:

You ran a general search for moving companies in Dubai, got few price quotes and finally selected the moving company you were looking for. Is it exactly the way you wanted to move or is there anything missing from your contract? Are you taking some extra furniture that’s not on the paper or have they skipped your beautiful kitties while quoting price? If the moving day is yet to come, you may go through all the paperwork and make sure that everything is according to your moving needs.

Be ready for unpleasant events:

When you hire a moving company in Dubai, you need to be very careful about each step the moving would require. This is essential as anything may go out of the plan and you should be prepared for that. Double check the contract, go through the list and take photographic proof with you. If anything goes wrong, you a proof to keep your side secure and get matters sorted.

5 Mistakes You Wouldn’t Want to Make When Packing Furniture

You’ve displayed the furniture beautifully in your showroom but what about the packing and delivering the contents safely at the given address? As one of the most active Packing and Moving Companies here in Dubai, we’ve witnessed different accidents happening due to poorly packed furniture that collapses during the transition phase. From our experience of moving and storage Dubai, we’ve underlined some common mistakes that you wouldn’t want to make when packing your furniture prior to delivery. So here are top 5 mistakes that are decreasing your sales and increasing dissatisfied customers for your business.

Packing Glass Furniture Carelessly:

We all love glass tables due to their transparent characteristics but they need little extra care when packing and moving them. When packing up glass fixtures and furniture, try to treat them differently than other items of the set. As a matter of fact, the glass can shatter down in few jerks so be sure to cover it carefully with carpets or specialized furniture pads. You may also use cardboard boxes to cover the glass from back and front by using the masking tape all over it. This way you may reduce the breakage risk and ensure it is safe to be loaded on the vehicle.

Not Removing Drawers When Packing:

As one of the professional packing and moving companies of UAE, we always remove drawers from cupboards or any fixture having drawers. This is imperative as you wouldn’t want to hear that dropping sound as the movers lift that item up. You also need to make sure that all the drawers are empty before you give a green signal to your crew. Be very careful when packing up cupboards as if you forget to remove drawers, they may cause an injury or create mess for your staff.

Putting Screws Together of Different Items:

Imagine that everything went well with your furniture moving phase and as the crew started to unpack and assemble furniture items, they have no idea about which screw to use for the respective item. This will simply increase your task as when you have to go through each furniture and screw so it will take more time of yours. From our experience of Moving and Storage Dubai, we secure screws safely in a bag and pack with respective furniture to avoid such situation as described earlier.

Not Removing Furniture Legs When Packing:

It is a known fact that furniture and fixtures with additional legs create a mess when passing through a narrow entrance. You’re more likely to scratch the wall or end up in breaking up the furniture if pushed little hard. As one of the professional packing and moving companies here in Dubai, we try to disassemble the legs to keep the items in good condition from showroom to customer’s address.

Not Using Furniture Pads for Preventing Scratches:

One very common issue that almost everyone has witnessed during the move is getting scratches on the furniture. As we all know that the items has to go through different places like entrance gate, stairs (that might be narrow) and doors so there is a strong chance of getting marks and scratch during the move. When packing your furniture, always make sure to use furniture pads to secure the surface and you can easily prevent scratch and keep up with customer’s expectation.



Every year, thousands of people change their location. Some of them relocate in search of jobs, while others go abroad for higher studies. There are times when people are not satisfied with their current location, so they definitely need to change their location. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, every year around 40 million Americans relocate, and the U.S. Postal Service processes over thirty million change-of-address forms. If you have come to the UAE, then don’t forget to avail the services of Packing and Moving Companies in Dubai. It is a fantastic option for those who are new to this city and don’t know much about their surroundings.

Why Location Matters

According to Sharon K. Ward, an economic development consultant of Pennsylvania, location matters because this would decide what type of work you are doing. For companies, there could be labor and workforce problems. The managers want to target new markets, and want to get their systems upgraded. At the same time, they dream of providing their workers with matchless facilities and equipment. Thus, location is of great significance. While considering your location, you should not think too much of the costs. Remember that the offices that we hire at lower costs cannot come up your expectations.

Cost Issues

When it comes to getting Packers and Movers in Dubai, the cost is a serious concern. The startup businessmen cannot afford to hire offices with high fares. Also, there could be living costs which vary city to city. In Dubai, the living costs are more than an average city of the US. The same is the situation with New York, and London like cities. Thus, it is very important that you keep your budget in mind. Depending on circumstances, you may suffer from various financial problems at the beginning. So, it is ideal that you pay much attention to your budget and try to keep all the things from it. As compared to this, large companies can afford to pay heavily to their workers. At the same time, they can afford to buy offices at the prime locations of cities like Dubai, New York, London, and others.

Relocation Results

Once you have kept the above things in mind, the relocation results would be very effective for your business. We can understand that you are in the process of expanding to new locations. But you should also consider your budget, the target customers, and the prime locations. If you have come to the business sector with so a big budget then there would not be any problem for you. In fact, you can also arrange accommodation for your workers, and can provide them with packers and movers in Dubai.