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Changing addresses and moving frequently within the city is quite common in this Emirate but finding one real professional Moving Company in Dubai is as hard as locating a needle in sea. You search for the moving companies in Dubai and thousands of companies appear on your laptop/mobile screen claiming to be the right choice for your move and you have to risk your time, money and important stuff by choosing one of them. Any guesses how you can choose the right one or if it is the wrong company that you’ve chosen for your move? Read on to discover if you’ve chosen a professional moving company in Dubai or making a mistake by choosing the unprofessional packers and movers.


Today companies have many ways to market their ‘positive’ side and convince the end customer of their unseen professionalism standards but you feel disappointed after finding them all wrong when it comes to practical. Don’t get caught in their impressive examples of past examples unless you meet someone from their staff as this is where you can judge their work standards through the behavior of that guy (or girl maybe). Whether you’re in conversation of hiring a moving company in Dubai or asked the representative for initial inspection of your move, act attentively and see how committed they are towards their work. If the representative is constantly making excuses instead of proposing a solution to your problems then surely it is a signal of not choosing them.


As you know that Dubai is a place with diversity in terms of citizens that belong to different countries and hold a dissimilar temperament. Some are dedicated towards their work then others behave carelessly when performing their duties. But as you’re paying a moving company in Dubai to keep your items secure throughout the process, you won’t want to work with a careless moving crew right? A professional moving company in Dubai values the comfort of its customer and trains the staff to keep the process smooth and uninterrupted. But if you pay in full and find the staff careless with your stuff, you’ve chosen wrong guys and you need to stop the process right there before experiencing any loss.


The moving crew always works in supervision of a senior representative and it is important that this guy should show professionalism and dedication in his behavior. Suppose, you’re working with a moving company in Dubai whose moving crew has a supervisor who is not professional and holds a negative element in his behavior. This would affect your move because whenever you ask the crew to do something required for a safe transition of your items, the supervisor avoids it stating ‘this doesn’t fall in my duties.’ The supervisors are appointed to listen and guide you and arrange for the required items to make the move successful now if that guys goes rogue against his duties then his subordinates would surely follow him and ruin your move. That’s a sign that you’ve chosen a wrong moving company in Dubai and your move is at risk of bringing bad news at any point of the procedure.


The need of storing excessive amount of furniture rises frequently for the residents of UAE due to different reasons. And life is paradise if you could find the best Storage Company in Dubai that not only offers multiple storage solutions for your needs but also accommodates you with additional benefits. There are so many storage and moving companies that claim to be professional but fail to provide that elite class experience. So here are few signs that would help you identify if you’re happy with your storage company in Dubai or it’s time to change the service and secure your furniture.


When you use a service, you expect them to stay loyal with you from start till the end of the service duration. But what if the storage company in Dubai (that you’re in contract with) changes its price structure quite often? That behavior breaks your confidence on the credibility of that company that claims to be a professional service provider. Suppose, you receive an email regarding updated payment plans from your storage company every 2 months then you’re in real trouble in terms of financial matters. This attitude might suit them but surely disturb your yearly budget that you’ve allocated to bear the storage expenses for your valuables.


So tell me, what do you seek in an ideal Storage Company in Dubai that claims to take care of your precious items – cleanliness, right? Suppose, your company doesn’t care about the cleanliness in their storage facility that eventually makes your precious items dirty with a mild layer of dust. This can even reduce the resale value of your fixture that you wouldn’t want to experience right? If you’re experiencing such situation from your storage company, you need to change it ASAP.


You pay a monthly subscription to your storage company with a hope that your sofas, suitcases (or anything that you put into that unit) will be secure with them for the specified duration. What if they charge you full but fail to provide a foolproof security experience? Would you continue doing business with them or change the storage company right away? Make a wise choice and secure your precious items and fixtures right away.


Pest infestation is a common threat to your fixture when you’re living in a city like Dubai. And the storage company, that claims to be a professional, should not neglect this aspect of security of your furniture. A reason for not feeling happy with your current storage company in Dubai is that it fails to eradicate the pest infestation issue and you see mice running in and out of your furniture every time you visit the unit.


Apart from pest infestation, there’s another serious issue that you expect your storage company in Dubai to handle very wisely – climate change. If you’ve put weather sensitive items in the unit then you need to double check if your current storage company in Dubai is offering climate control feature in their facility or your furniture is at a risk of being ruined.


Relocating to some other country is tough but when you have a broken communication bridge with one of your parents, it may get worse. Your intentions were to give your mom or dad a better life but they are reluctant to stay in home country away from you. So how’d you convince them to cooperate with you in making a successful relocation from your hometown to Dubai – a place of opportunity? Being the providers of Local and International Relocations in Dubai, we have few tips for you to move with old people without losing the peace of mind of your family.


If we look at the patterns of issues a person may face in an international relocation is when there is a communication gap between the family members. If your parents show discontentment about the relocation plans then it is most probably that they were not briefed about the reasons for this move. As the providers of local and international relocations, we always suggest our valued customers to take time and discuss with family members (including parents) about the relocation before making any final decision. When you give an impression that their suggestions hold value for you, they automatically feel related to you and your visions.


Suppose, you accepted the company proposal, booked an apartment in Dubai’s top residential area, booked tickets but on the last minute one of the senior authorities revolt against your decision. This situation sounds very problematic for a successful execution of your relocation but gives few lessons. Don’t just make this big decision an announcement but involve every house member in it. Ask your parents about their preferences when choosing a new apartment, location or anything that your relocation involves. You can keep melodrama and emotional disturbance at bay when you take opinions of your mom or dad.


You’re young, smart and responsible but it doesn’t mean that you need to do everything all by yourself. Don’t forget it is your parents that raised and shaped you in a successful person that you’re today. As the leading providers of local and international relocations, we suggest you to utilize their experience in sorting things instead of taking everything on your shoulders. When your parents involve in an activity, like relocating to another place, they show positive attitude about the decision instead of showing any negative feeling for leaving the hometown.


Settling down into a new place requires time and you should not forget that they spent a large amount of their lifetime living in that place back in the home country. So give them time to befriend with this new residence, the neighborhood and the city. In our opinion as a leading provider of local and international relocations, one way of reducing the homesick feeling is to decorate your new apartment a bit like the old one so they could relate with this new place. And another way is to help your parents in making new friends as Dubai offers a multi-cultural society so you’d find people originating from your hometown for sure.


Thinking to participate in a big art competition across the seas and displaying your amazing artwork on international level? Great! But have you arranged for the packing of your beautiful creation to keep it safe from breakage and wear and tear during the transition? If you haven’t planned that part of your journey then you’re going to lose even before the commencement of the event. Being one of the leading Moving Companies in Dubai, we always advice aspiring as well as professional artists to pay due care on packing of the artwork. For your help, here are few useful tips that would help you pack the artwork safely.


If you’re thinking to wrap up your artwork in a big carton box then you’re taking risk of destroying your art before it reaches the destination. Being one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we always advice our customers to arrange for proper packing material for paintings that they want to ship. For packing the art pieces securely, you need special packing material like bubble wraps, padded paper, glassine paper and rigid carton boxes of accurate size. Next, you need to arrange for tools like tape gun, box corners, stickers and rulers for measurement purposes. Before we move further, also arrange for foam to keep the artwork away from damages during the packing process.


After completing all the required tools for packing your masterpiece, you need to take correct measurements of your artwork. The reason for taking measurements is to avoid any shaking or breakage even after you pack and ship the painting to the desired address. During the transition phase, your artwork would be facing a lot of jerks that could break the frame or impact on the canvas. So you need to be sure that your artwork is packed without leaving a room empty and it would be delivered securely for the exhibition. Later when done packing the artwork using bubble wraps and padded paper, you may fill the gaps of half inches with additional bubble wraps. Just make sure the artwork stays in its place when you move the packing box back and forth.


As a matter of fact, most accidents happen due to insufficient knowledge about how to handle an artwork but you can avoid such situation from taking place. Being one of the top moving companies in Dubai, we always ask our valued customers to label each packing box correctly so the moving crew can treat the packing box in accurate manner. You need to place a sticker mentioning the sensitivity level of your artwork and avoid any unfavorable incidents during the transition phase. The sticker helps the handler of your packing boxes to take of the artwork in right manner and deliver it securely at the destination.


Now before you call in the professional moving companies in Dubai to dispatch your packed masterpieces and start dreaming about your success, you need to do one more thing. Check the packing box thoroughly to ensure that there is no chance of breakage and you may dispatch the artworks with a confidence. Look at the corners and see if they are in good conditions and also check for the tapes to make sure that they are placed firmly on the box.


Finally, you’ve found an ideal place for your salon and all set to move to that new location soon right? The old place might have so many memories when you first started your salon business and decorated every corner with due care but this is time to move on. As a professional Packing and Moving Company in Dubai, we thought to share some useful tips that will help you in packing up every asset of your salon. So without wasting further time in random discussion, let’s get straight to the business and discuss some smart packing and moving tips for your salon business.


The packing phase might scare you off with so many furniture and little items that help you keep your salon activities going. When packing furniture for the move, the big furniture items take more time in packing so put them in last. Focus on other items that would require less time for packing. When you’re done packing each and everything, head over to these humungous items such as cash counter, chairs, tables and other items that take much space of your salon.


You’re running a salon in Dubai, you’ll be dealing with glass based items on routine basis and that is your next challenge to tackle in a smart way when you sit down to pack things up. Being the professional packing and moving company in Dubai, we always advise our customers to pack all the glass based items very carefully as a slight jerk may cause a shatter during transition. You may use foam on both sides to secure your glass sheet or big mirrors that you don’t want to see in pieces after you move to the new place.


As a packing and moving company in Dubai, we do understand that you have to use multiple tools during a treatment but try not to mix everything in each other. Arrange for small packing boxes according to your packing needs and pack items that fall in specific category in that group. After you pack them securely, never forget to label each box or else you’ll be spending more time in identifying the required box during the unpacking process.


A common situation most people face after the move is to see broken electronics or items with torn power cables. If you have any electronic device at your salon, try to consult with the packing and moving company in Dubai for the safest ways to secure them. The company you choose should have necessary knowledge to deal with such packing problems.


When you decide to move your salon to a new place, you need to be prepared for every possible situation. With that being said, the packing and moving company in Dubai should offer customized moving solutions for your salon’s moving process. A company with standard packing and moving services might not be ideal for your move. Your chosen Packers and Movers in Dubai should also include storage services, professional truck line and also affordable moving rates in order to make your salon’s move stress free.


Would you prefer a catastrophic situation in your workplace when moving to a new location? We’re sure that you wouldn’t want to make office moving stressful but have you planned everything out yet? Where to start, what to do and how to relocate to a new location without losing a single important document? As a Moving Company in Dubai, we understand all your concerns so here are some office moving tips that you can adopt to keep things organized.

Keep everyone informed:

No matter what size of stuff your own, but if they’re not yet addressed about the move, you’ll be facing moving day problems during your office move. If you don’t want to face any complications on your moving day, inform every single person involved in your business about this change after you hire a reliable moving company in Dubai. There are plenty of ways to communicate with your employees like 5 minute meetings, emails or newsletters. So pick one and keep the staff informed about the moving date, new office address and their role in this activity to keep everything smooth.

Make small groups:

Once you’ve informed your fellow workers about the relocation, you’ll experience a helping attitude from them. So make the best use of this friendly attitude and discuss their roles to keep things organized. You don’t need to take the entire burden on your shoulders and if you instruct fellow workers in right directions, half of the work is automatically done. All you’d need is to execute things as per the discussion with your staff members. For your ease, you may form small groups according to department so they can take care of their important documents wisely.

Get the responsible person onboard:

Despite of the supporting staff behavior, you still need to find the wisest employee with hands-on experience of managing budgets and the one with multitasking ability. Because on the move day, so many things would skip from your mind and that may lead to a dissatisfying experience after you vacate the previous workplace and move to new one. So search for that responsible person that could handle the moving with you to manage office moving in a wise and organized manner.

Organize the furniture strategically:

Managing your assets during the office moving is one of the biggest challenges so you need to plan that phase before the moving day arrives. If you’re not sure how to handle everything in a systematic manner, you may approach the supervisor handling your move. The moving companies in Dubai have trained their staff to solve your problems like these so you’d find a satisfying solution for managing your assets on the move day. Just make sure that everything is packed with proper labeling and has the right packaging that wouldn’t give up in half way.

Leave everything on professionals:

So after when you’ve planned out your office moving with a reliable moving company in Dubai, you don’t need to stress out much. Get details of your moving supervisor who’ll be in your touch from day one till the last step of your office moving. They know how to execute the moving process so all you need to do is instruct them about your moving plan and how you want things to be done. Be sure to keep the communications transparent and clean to avoid any problems from the packers and movers in Dubai that are taking care of your office moving.


Every year, thousands of people change their location. Some of them relocate in search of jobs, while others go abroad for higher studies. There are times when people are not satisfied with their current location, so they definitely need to change their location. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, every year around 40 million Americans relocate, and the U.S. Postal Service processes over thirty million change-of-address forms. If you have come to the UAE, then don’t forget to avail the services of Packing and Moving Companies in Dubai. It is a fantastic option for those who are new to this city and don’t know much about their surroundings.

Why Location Matters

According to Sharon K. Ward, an economic development consultant of Pennsylvania, location matters because this would decide what type of work you are doing. For companies, there could be labor and workforce problems. The managers want to target new markets, and want to get their systems upgraded. At the same time, they dream of providing their workers with matchless facilities and equipment. Thus, location is of great significance. While considering your location, you should not think too much of the costs. Remember that the offices that we hire at lower costs cannot come up your expectations.

Cost Issues

When it comes to getting Packers and Movers in Dubai, the cost is a serious concern. The startup businessmen cannot afford to hire offices with high fares. Also, there could be living costs which vary city to city. In Dubai, the living costs are more than an average city of the US. The same is the situation with New York, and London like cities. Thus, it is very important that you keep your budget in mind. Depending on circumstances, you may suffer from various financial problems at the beginning. So, it is ideal that you pay much attention to your budget and try to keep all the things from it. As compared to this, large companies can afford to pay heavily to their workers. At the same time, they can afford to buy offices at the prime locations of cities like Dubai, New York, London, and others.

Relocation Results

Once you have kept the above things in mind, the relocation results would be very effective for your business. We can understand that you are in the process of expanding to new locations. But you should also consider your budget, the target customers, and the prime locations. If you have come to the business sector with so a big budget then there would not be any problem for you. In fact, you can also arrange accommodation for your workers, and can provide them with packers and movers in Dubai.

5 Things to Do After Moving in Dubai

Arabian culture has an attractive lifestyle no matter how bad you’re missing your homeland. And after moving into your new apartment in Dubai or other cities of UAE, it is time to think of the ways to familiarize with your new world, neighbors and colleagues. Being one of the best Packers and Movers in Dubai , we understand the to-do list never ends for a foreigner who is starting anew in a different culture. So we shortened this list to only 5 things that one must do to survive in a strange place.

Know City Laws:

Know City Laws

Like every other country, UAE has some rules that must be followed and since you’re new in this Arabian culture, you must know the laws that your city asks every citizen to follow. One does not need to carry a book containing all sorts of rule all the time but familiarizing yourself with common rules would keep you on safe side. Learn about common laws like driving safety, certain meal restrictions and dress codes that Emirati government strictly forbids.

Learn Native Language:

Learn native language

Serving as the best packers & movers in UAE, we highly recommend that understanding of native language is very crucial for surviving in a foreign place. However, majority of uptown citizens speak English fluently but it’s always wise to familiarize with basic Arabic conversations to deal with local community. Usually, your company will arrange for a language tutor but if you’re on your own, you may get enrollment in language program that most local schools and universities offer on certain periods of the year. So check with a renowned school before moving into UAE. As a professional Moving Company in Dubai, we assist our customers from start to end for a smart move.

Find Your Community:

Find your community

After providing moving service to so many customers in UAE, we concluded that the lonely feeling is natural even if you moved in with your wife and kids. The world is bigger enough to find people from your community near your residence. So the best thing about UAE is that each city has certain communities to make every foreigner feel at home. Instead of feeling homesick, you should socialize with people from your community and benefit from their experiences in this Arabian culture to make wise decisions during your stay in UAE.

Familiarize with City Life:

familiarize with city life

You’ll find the city life sparkling from your apartment’s window, but trust me the real fun is being there between the marching crowd and sophisticated shopping malls. Get on your feet and explore the city life yourself rather than relying on suggestions from neighbors and colleagues. Do window shopping, explore local markets and discover the real Arabian culture yourself by conversing with locals. This will be a great exercise to eradicate your fear of this new place and make you feel like home sooner.

Learn Visiting Etiquettes:

Before you accept an invitation and visit your Emirati friends, it is better to know little etiquettes that are deemed rude in Arabian culture. No matter from where you moved in UAE, life here is a little conservative as compare to other parts of the world. Never ask for alcohol, avoid handshakes with female hosts, wear proper dresses instead of shorts and last, but not the least, never eat in public during the month of Ramadan.

Share your experiences in comment box below that you had in initial days of your arrival. Thinking to move somewhere in or outside UAE? Learn about We Move’s Moving And Relocation Services.

Tips to Make Your Local Moving Easier in Dubai and UAE

It is much easier to move in local area in Dubai and UAE than moving across the world. But sometimes you are moving even from a block and two away, the local moving might turn into a stressful and hectic process. Here are a few tips to make your local moving process easier while moving in Dubai and UAE.

Local Moving Requires Time and Efforts, Don’t Underestimate It.

Most of people think that a local move process will be easy process; even they don’t do any planning and prior preparation. They don’t pay attention to the logistics work of a move in advance, we only be concerned about the packing and unpacking of the things while moving process, which is a king of mistake and lead you to the hectic moving experience by increasing stress. It is good to plan your move in advance and talk to a good organization to help in preparing your move plan for a successful move, even if you are just moving a couple of miles in a local area.

It is important to think before moving that you will do it yourself or hire a local mover.

If you are considering moving it by yourself, it will cost you less, but there are more chances to wastage of your precious time and needs you to work a lot, individually it would be so much difficult for you to move by your own, and it is good to hire local moving service providers in your area so they will handle all difficult process of moving heavy furniture and appliances at your home or apartment. By hiring a moving company you will be able to save time and can have efficient moving services without wasting your energy and your equipment will be safely moved to your destination, including with packing and unpacking process.

Moving Checklists are better to use for Planning Your Move.

Prepare moving checklist, as it’s a first step while you decided for your move, it will help you to plan for an organized move in advance, and will give you ease to make it sure that every single task is taken care of. You can prepare it by your own or you can found many moving checklists online, including checklists in printing formats, but you will require customizing that checklist as per your things which you need to pack and move.

Be familiar with your destination and area of move in advance.

While moving in your local area you might go in need of finding grocery stores, banks, pharmacists, health clinics, schools etc., if you get time before moving, find out about everything in advance, take a drive around said area to become familiar and know about the environment or the places you might needs to visit usually after your move. It will give you a feel of being comfort after moving to a new location.

Finding Packers and Movers or Moving Company in Dubai

Honestly, people won’t have money around in buckets, (only can have a dream sometimes), even you might be not much adventurous, it’s hard to know about everything as we are not having such magical tricks to know each detail, we hope for these things but it’s not possible.

Do you know that how much difficult is this to find a best Packers & Movers or a Moving Company in Dubai, even in said situations whiles you are dealing with those companies who are not much familiar with languages you speak, the goal of every person who is considering to relocate and move to another location is to have a carrier who understand them and would be able to explain service benefits and process at their customer’s ease, so for a perfect move it is important to find out best Packers and Movers in Dubai or UAE, before a few days of relocation process.

We would like to share some practical experiences to make it easy for you to find a Moving Company in Dubai

Decide: When it comes to relocate, it is the biggest difficulty to decide about the things how to handle them for a move and in packing process, we started falling things onto place while decided for relocation or moving and packing. We should make plans as per our requirements and should be able to move forward and this would help us in starting of things to be happening. Before finalization of decision it is highly possible that there would be giant difficulties, which could be faced even at every turn, like as of one thing and then another one, which causes a lot of confusion.

Debt Reduction: There are high chances of having debt, as most of us do have too, but we don’t wanted to have any debt on us, it is highly recommended to eliminate any debt while you are moving to overseas, keep zero debt on credit cards, try to have no mortgage behind or sell no use vehicles if you don’t want to keep them for any long.

Research: it is really important to do research to make a plan for relocation or move locally or overseas, try to determine how much things you want to keep with you to overseas country and what would be your monthly budget which you can bear with ease, your skills do also count, decide whether your skills are transferable to the community or local workforce, you can also work remotely if you access to work overseas, so don’t forget to complete a comprehensive research before moving or relocating to another country.

Security Fund: Keep funds with you for security purpose, as taking funds outside of your budget are good incase of any emergency or the plan goes wrong. We can have this money as backup fund source which can help us during travel or moving and give us ease as we feel like insured by self.

If you’re considering moving or relocating overseas Wemove Worldwide is professional movers & Packers service provider in Dubai and UAE. We can help you with complete relocation solutions.