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Facts to know about your moving company in Dubai UAE when relocating!

Are you moving from Dubai or moving from Sharjah and looking for the best and most affordable moving company in Dubai UAE? If yes then WeMove Movers and Packers relocation company in Dubai is the right solution. In this blog. We’ve put together a list of information you’ll have on hand before you move to anywhere in UAE. Read on to find out more about relocation companies in Dubai.

Before relocating, you should be aware of the followings about your moving company in Dubai UAE:

Imagine this scenario. You can choose a moving company in Dubai UAE, schedule a pick-up and delivery and sign a contract with the transport companies. A few weeks later, you’re parked in your new home and all of your stuff is locked inside a truck in front of you. The movers stack a bunch of surcharges on your bill and tell you that if you don’t pay the fees, you won’t get your stuff. The people you thought would carry heavy things and make your moving day so much easier are now being held hostage to your belongings.

Unfortunately, these kinds of things happen. So, you have to be very careful about choosing a moving company in Dubai UAE and very vigilant about managing your contract with that company. This is why you should read out all our tips and services which we offer to our clients as a relocation company in Dubai.

moving company in Dubai UAE

Research the various relocation companies in Dubai

First things first – do some informal research to see which moving companies are doing well. Furthermore, you can ask your friends to see if they have any recommendations. Or warnings about moving companies they have used in the past. If companies you are interested in providing references for, contact these references.

Always check the google rating of your moving company in Dubai UAE

For interstate transfers, fees are based on the weight of items to be moved, distance to be moved, packing, and other services. Get two or three ratings long before you move on. You may want to meet with the resettlement counselor in person and have them come out to your home. This way, the consultant can look at your belongings and make an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to move them. When you talk with carriers, do not forget to ask if their estimates are binding or non-binding.

Best moving company in Dubai UAE

Get insurance from the relocation company

Sometimes you have tenants or your belongings are insured when you are in your home, but not when you are on the road between homes. So on a long trip, you may need to purchase relocation insurance. Unless you pay boaters to pack their luggage, they are unlikely to be insured against breakage caused by improper packing. If you want to ensure that broken items are covered, you can always ask the operators to pack your belongings. There are several types of insurance packages to buy. The transporting company is liable for a certain dollar amount multiplied by the weight of the shipment up to a certain amount.

Pay close attention to the contract

The mover will issue you a bill of lading, which is a legal contract between the customer and the mover. Make sure you read it carefully and make sure you understand the agreement before you sign it. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to come in handy to clarify your situation. Once you sign the contract with a relocation company in Dubai, you must pay what you are supposed to pay. Find the waybill to include the following: mover’s name and address, type of payment method you accept, time of receipt, minimum and maximum amounts to be paid, and other details about payment.

So, overall WeMove Movers and Packers moving company in Dubai UAE powered by IFSG services offers the best and most affordable moving solution to our clients. If you are relocating soon, then WeMove Movers and Packers as one of the best relocation companies in Dubai should be on your dialer. Call us now at 800-25326464 or just book online without any delay!

How to find best movers and packers in Dubai

Looking for the best movers and packers in Dubai? Moving next week and didn’t get time to book the movers? Now, you are stressing over how you will manage to move? If yes then this blog guide for movers and packers in Dubai is for you. As we will highlight how you can book Storage Companies In Dubai or movers for your next move! So, let’s get started

Hiring the Storage Companies In Dubai

Here, speaking of Dubai, with so many movers and packers in Dubai promising the same things. It is really hard to choose one that can deliver on their promise. Before just believing promises and confusing yourself with options, follow these tips to find the most perfect services as wemove by ifsg provides the finest services within your budget.

movers and packers in Dubai

Don’t hire cheap movers and packers in Dubai

A common mistake that most customers tend to make is choosing moving and packing services based on pricing. Some believe that the highest bidders are the highest while some believe that getting the lowest bid is an achievement. But prices should not be an important thing to determine the best services. Now, for instance, if you are booking Storage Companies In Dubai as you have few days to find the home or flat. And you need the same movers and packers and Storage Companies In Dubai to accommodate you both at the most reasonable price. But if you will look for the too cheap-priced company then you might not get the best experience. It is recommended that you should check the google rating and reviews. However, wemove by ifsg have a 4.8 google rating and comes on top for moving in UAE with professional experts.

packing and moving company
movers and packers in Dubai

You must hire a professional removal team

Removing things requires a lot of experience to organize. Therefore, the service provider must be able to take care of everything in an orderly manner. This professional role is important. So choose a professional and experienced team for your moving in dubai.

Distance should not affect the quality of service

When you want to hire a service provider, make sure that they serve you properly anywhere in the UAE like in Dubai, in short, the distance should not affect their services. Whatever you want to change inside or outside of Dubai, your mover should be able to serve you in the same way. Like wemove by ifsg, we provide the top-notch quality service and we assure to get your move on time and with 100% satisfaction.

Easy connection option

The service provider you choose should be able to serve you on an equal footing and can be contacted just as easily in the destination city as in Dubai. The company that has a good communication option should be chosen because the carrier’s business does not end simply with moving things but is more than that.

So, take these good tips well and get the benefits from the best movers and packers in Dubai and Storage Companies In Dubai. Now, if you are moving soon, then we are just a call away! Dial now 800-25326464 to book your move with us!

Professional Moving Companies in Dubai- Makes Your Move Easy

If you are planning to move to Dubai and your apartment is full of boxes everywhere and you think you are on the verge of collapse, then you might be wondering why you hadn’t called the professional moving companies in Dubai beforehand. We know that moving is stressful enough, so you don’t need to have any more trouble to feel as if you are spinning in circles and not getting anything done. Minimizing the animated To-Do List is the best way to achieve a stress-free move, which is why hiring Professional Moving Companies in Dubai- Makes Your Move Easy is your best bet and why you consider hiring Wemove by IFSG Services!

moving services in dubai

If you are moving with your family, the more furniture you have, the more helping hand you will need. You may or may not have noticed during your stay in Dubai, that movers are actually hanging out in the streets of your area, offering their very discounted services. However, do you really trust them with your valuable possessions, let alone enter into a pact with them, where they might bring you some hidden charges at the last minute?

Hiring professional Moving Companies In Dubai will not only make moving around a lot easier but also help reduce the risk of damaging your furniture.

Other people might think that hiring professional moving companies in Dubai like wemove by IFSG Services might sound a bit fancy, given there are so many small movers and packers available at a lower price. Honestly, trusting the experts to do the job properly is worth every dollar to ensure the safety of your items as well as your peace of mind.

If you are considering using professional Moving Companies In Dubai, here are some benefits to consider:

Safety and security

Professional movers like wemove understand that each step is unique and therefore needs a different approach. This is why we assign our clients a mobile personal advisor to guide you through every step of yours.

Whether you are moving your home or office, we will make sure to transport your belongings safely. We have the right equipment to transport heavy, unusual and fragile items. Unlike small engines, we do not randomly place your items on a cart and roll them onto the truck. We ensure that the items are properly packed, stored and secured.

We can also help you organize your belongings by helping you pack, unpack, and then rearrange your belongings. We also have manual labor to help you with the small chores in your new home. Wemove has storage options, which can accommodate your belongings in case they need to be stored due to unforeseen circumstances.

Less risk with Expert Moving Companies in Dubai

Having the right equipment for your furniture helps us move it more safely. You are less likely to see your sofa falling off the cart or truck. We can also provide sturdy boxes for your belongings and package your valuable furniture with specially made boxes to reduce the risk of damage. In addition, our professional moving experts are trained to handle bulky or unusual items, such as piano and antique furniture.

No more multiple trips

If you’ve ever moved alone, you will know how moving from your old home to your new home can be stressful on Move Day. You may even have to start moving your things on multiple trips prior to the move date. Not only is this time consuming, you can risk injuring yourself or someone helping you move. When using the services of professional movers and packers in Dubai like Wemove, we have a fleet of trucks, where we can evaluate your inventory and then choose the right sized vehicle to handle your cargo.

Thoroughly regulated step

By hiring your personal mobility counselor to help you with questions about your movement, you can better prepare for your transition day. Professional movers can help you in many ways, including packing and dismantling the elements. This way, you will have more time to focus on paying attention to other important matters, such as helping your children through the relocation or looking for a new medical center if you are moving through town.

When choosing the right engine in Dubai, remember to do a background check first to look at customer reviews. Wemove by ifsg services has been around for over a few decades, making us one of the best and most experienced carriers in the world.

Contact us for more information and a free estimate.

What Things You Consider Before Moving To New Home

moving and packing company

Congratulations on your new home! Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to bundle and move the whole thing without breaking the bank, flashlight, or your back. If you are looking for the best Moving And Packing Company in Dubai for moving and packing then, you are right page. As today we will highlight a few benefits and tips which you can consider before moving to a new home!

We move powered by IFSG-group professional moving and packing company in Dubai to share their best advice. If you need storage space, contact Wemove who will take care of all the heavy loads for you.

  • Transport-and-packing tip: Eliminate the clutter of garage storage shelves Flickr / Distillery Well, maybe not all, but the more unused and unnecessary items you remove from your home, the fewer things you have to pack, move around town, unpack and organize.
  • Be tough with your stuff. That coat you think is cute but hasn’t been worn in four months? Donated by. The first coffee maker you’ve ever bought that flavors your morning drink with little bits of rust? Garbage that. A massive pre-clearance will have the biggest impact on the efficiency and ease of the entire packaging process.
  •  Sort things by category. At Wemove professional we suggest you pack and organize your belongings by category, not by room (note that the Category pane only applies to the organizing process, not the emptying – it’s an entirely separate ordeal). So, it will be easier for you to keep track. Also, Wemove powered by the IFSG-group expert team of moving and packing company will help you sort out things in a very easier way.
  • Instead of spending the day cleaning your entire bedroom, spend the afternoon sorting every item of clothing you own. Clean every wardrobe, dirty clothes basket, and laundry room so you have all your clothes in one place. Then sort. Do the same for books, shoes, important papers, and the like.
  •  Donate: If you want to donate your items, see our guide on where to donate your old clothes, books, furniture, toys, and more. Maybe you have some items that you no longer want, but just want a little money for them. If so, put these items aside and decide where you can sell them.

Once everything is sorted, mark a date on your calendar to visit the nearest Buffalo Exchange website or literal descriptions of items you plan to sell online.

Here’s another great tip, for everything that you don’t want to take with you but can’t say goodbye to yet, schedule a pickup service. We will pack and arrange everything for you.  We’ll pick up all your items (yes, even your heavy furniture, bike, air conditioning unit, and luggage), store them in our secure temperature-controlled storage facility, and create an online photo catalog so you can see everything without needing to visit the self-storage unit. We hope that these handy tips will help you make your next move more relax and hassle. Book our services today and avail of free cleaning services free!!

Hiring Professional moving services In Dubai in Covid-19

We know that moving is complicated and full of stress especially in the times of COVID-19. Finding a reliable and trustable company in Dubai is quite a tough job. But anymore, as we move by IFSG Group is one of the finest and known name when it comes to Moving Services in Dubai.  In this blog, we will highlight all the important information regarding moving services to help you if you definitely should move through COVID-19 with we move by IFSG Group.

Our team is trained to follow all SOP’s

Our team of experts is specially trained to maintain social distance and to follow all the sops to give you a 100% satisfactory job. We know that your safety is our main concern and so is your belonging safety. We move by IFSG group’s expert movers will provide the finest services. As we are the finest moving services in Dubai. 

We move expert will always arrive on time and Punctuality is our goal

We need to appear on time for your step, and we move by IFSG do not take it lightly. We know how important your time is and how proud we are that you have chosen us as your moving company during that is often a tense and stressful time. We will contact you before arriving and keep the communication open until you know exactly when to expect us. This is the reason we are one of the top-notch quality moving services in Dubai.

Our team will make sure that we sent your belonging on time on the mentioned address

We provide commercial transportation services to ensure that no breakdown occurs to your business and we deliver your belonging on time as we know how important it is to set things on time. Your transportation coordinator can talk to you about our availability and help you decide the time that works for everyone. Our goal is to treat our customers with exceptional care and work together to find solutions to all transportation and warehousing needs.

We Move Pays attention to details

Our team is always responsive and works according to your requested instructions. Remember that commercial transportation is a big problem, and you’ll want an experienced mobile company to deal with all the small details. We have solutions to all your moving problems. Book your service today with we move by IFSG Group.


Whether you come from a corporate sector with future relocation plans or just want to move your residence to a new address, choosing a reliable Moving Company in Dubai is essential. Given the fact that Dubai is flooded with countless moving company with hardly any moving experience and sufficient workforce, it is quite hard to find professional packing and moving services. To make your move secure, we suggest you to always select a certified moving company in Dubai that has necessary certification from respective institutions. Here are some key benefits you’d receive from certified moving companies to reduce the moving stress.


What you see just as a moving industry is actually a deep sea with so many discoveries to make. Yes, different organizations work day in and day out to secure your rights as a customer and improve the packing and moving services standards. So when choosing a moving company, make sure it has relevant certification from respective bodies. Suppose you need a freight forwarded to send consignments across the sea, you need to choose a moving company in Dubai that is certified from UAE’s shipping association. In similar way, look for the relevant certification when you have a different moving concern.


One vital reason for choosing an accredited moving company in Dubai is that it has relevant experience in respective moving job. All sort of moving associations make sure that every member has submitted real facts about its operational history before issuing the certificate of membership. When you look for the certification, you also make sure the company you’re going to work with has enough moving experience to serve the purpose.


When a company is listed in member list of any concerned association, it automatically develops a level of trust in your mind. As part of the certification program, the moving company in Dubai should work with trained staff to carry things forward in a professional manner. This automatically reduces your concerns regarding the move as you’ll be working with professionals instead of inexperienced people who might ruin your day.


The best part of working with an accredited moving company in Dubai is that you rarely find any unfavorable situation. The manager, the supervisor even the staff members have common objectives in mind and that is to maintain satisfaction in each operation. They are trained to work with you from start to end and will take everything with a sense of responsibility. This not only makes the job stress-free but also increases your trust level when you need the same service in future.


As mentioned above, when you work with certified moving companies, you trust them from the core of your heart. And you know that they won’t let anything bad happen with your furniture or upholsteries. And this is what defines the professional standards and dedication towards work on part of a moving company in Dubai. So when you look for Moving Companies, make sure they have proper certifications from respective associations like IAM.org, FIDI.org or IATA that set international moving standards for all moving companies.


Whether you’re moving just a couple of blocks or planning to move in a new location, having some extra help is always a wise decision. When you decide to move from your current location, you need a professional moving company in Dubai that will manage the carton boxes and transportation matters. The professional packing and moving services not only help you to move everything securely but also decrease the stress that you might have during the shifting phase. So we underlined some key benefits you’d have from a moving company in Dubai that offer Packing and Moving Services .


Given the fact that there are so many moving and relocation services that you’ll find it impossible to pick one and plan your move anywhere in Dubai. Above all these growing number of moving companies, you still have an option to compare and pick the best one that suites with your moving needs. Any company will gladly provide you with whole quotation of your move that you can compare with other packing and moving services near you.


When you hire a moving company in Dubai, you get responsible people at your side to handle your stuff in systematic manner. You’ll not be working all by yourself but with a dedicated group of movers with specialized training to pack, hold and transit your valuables. They’ll make sure that each item is packed carefully and will not be broken during the transition. When you have less chances of witnessing a broken item, you can focus on other parts of your move instead of fretting about the furniture especially fragile items.


When you manage things yourself and get separate services that a move may involve, you’re more likely to spend more money on your move. With a moving company in Dubai, you have an advantage of cutting moving costs and stay in your budget. All packing and moving services come with a customized plan to meet your budget and priorities. After getting quotes from respective moving companies, you can always compare and pick the one that is affordable.


As a matter of fact, all packing and moving companies come with a moving structure that can be customized according to your needs. This means, you can set the steps of the whole moving phase by coordinating with supervisors or key account managers that have complete knowledge about different moving jobs. With that being said, you can plan your move wisely and reduce the risk of getting things out of your hands.


The key benefit of hiring packing and moving services is, you have access to all steps that a moving job involves. And this is where you find this facility very useful because you know how and when they will move your valuables from the old location to the new one. Usually any Moving Company in Dubai will provide you with a supervisor who will stay in touch with you from start to end. But we serve our customers with a dedicated key account manager that is more effective from customer’s perspective.


In this fast paced economy, it seems hard for businesses to achieve their objectives and recognize themselves as a business leader. To win more customers and recognition, many businesses opt for business fairs that allow everyone an equal chance to attract new business opportunities or tweak the sales charts upwards. For displaying your products the right way, you need a booth that is arranged correctly otherwise everything is useless. Being a moving company in Dubai, we hold expertise in setting up all sort of booths that help you attain your objectives wisely. From our experience of booth setups and Storage Services Dubai, we put together some useful information to help you out.


In a trade show what matters the most is your location where people can reach you easily. If possible, try to arrange your booth near entrance so you have more chances of getting noticed. Select a location that is not far from people’s reach and avoid using backward areas or corners that are far from getting attention. In all our booth setup assignments, we suggest our customers to pick the spot that people can find easily. This helps you to get noticed and allow you a chance of educating prospects about your services and products more easily.


Through booths and stalls, your objectives are to attract new people that either end up initiating a new venture with you or buy your products. But how will you attract new people when your booth is not attractive enough and has the conventional design and color scheme? Wise companies spend a considerable amount and time on designing the whole theme of their booths and stalls that reciprocate their business vision. Through appealing color scheme and design, you get a chance of being unique in your market.


Usually, trade shows (or business fairs) continue for several days and if the booth setup is made of low quality material, you’ll end up in disappointment. From our relocation services and fair/exhibition setup experience, we always suggest our customers to use the material that is firm enough to withstand all sorts of scenarios. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we also help our customers in picking the right booth and stall material that can hold all products, brochures or any other item firmly till the show ends.


Once you set up the booth and complete all the arrangements for the show, never forget to go through each step. Make sure everything is in place and the booth/stall is in good form to contain all your products. Check for electricity arrangements if you’re using some visuals to represent your business or make sure everything you’ll need during the show is in the right place. For this matter, we accommodate our customers with a supervisor or manager that they can rely on and plan for their trade show in a better way.


When you’re moving house, fretting and sweating is natural by thinking of numerous perplexing thoughts about the move, the packing and the budget. It might be choosing the right Moving Company in Dubai that is making you sweaty or the thought of getting everything done as you plan but believe me, acting that way is 100% natural. As one of the professional moving companies in Dubai, we meet so many customers with such intentions running inside their heads so you first need to calm down. Here are some steps to deal with stress during your move and make the whole procedure less confusing.

Step 1: Don’t be hasty during research

You might be busy in preparing for that presentation or thinking to prepare dinner as you search best moving companies in UAE. We can understand how busy you might be but to be honest, investing some time in your hunt for a reliable moving company in Dubai will pay you off later when the moving day arrives. Be very organized and take time to review each moving company thoroughly before you select any. List down top 5 local and International Moving Companies and be sure they are what they claim to be. That’s the first step to reduce moving day stress and make your move less tiresome.

Step 2: Set things according to your budget

When we move somewhere, the first thing that will hit our mind is the budgeting phase that can’t be ignored. As a moving company in Dubai, we understand how things go out of our hands when we finally move into the new place and discover that excess amount of money has been spent on the whole move. So we’d advise you to plan your move according to your budget whether you’re moving out of UAE or starting anew in Dubai’s amazing lifestyle. Check with different Moving Companies and compare their prices so you can go with the most affordable offer.

Step 3: Use time wisely for packing

As a matter of fact, we feel overwhelmed when all the items are waving at us from every direction of the room. So what would you do when you’re all alone in the middle of furniture, groceries and upholsteries that need to be packed properly? When it comes to packing, our suggestion to every customer is that they should have a strategy for packing each and every thing in a wise way. List down items or specify them in section so you can pack all the items on specified days or time. This way, you won’t be dealing with moving day stress and can easily pack everything on time.

Step 4: Prepare for moving day

As a moving company in Dubai, we always ask our customers to segregate those items that they need on early basis from other packed items. Imagine yourself waking up the next morning and you have no idea where you put the toothpaste or the groceries which would lead towards frustration after you go through each carton box. So be wise and plan for such situations beforehand.

We always love hearing from our readers and knowing their strategy to deal with stress on moving day. Use the comment section below for initiating an interesting conversation on residential move in Dubai.


Over the decades, Dubai has been a center of attraction to many people due to various reasons. Some visit Dubai for business purposes, others spend some quality time with their family and there are many with an ambition to settle in this amazing emirate of UAE. As an active Movers in Dubai, we often encounter with people having interesting stories about their experience in Dubai that refreshes our perspective about this beautiful emirate. Yet, there are those who are making their first visit to Dubai, moving in Dubai or still unaware of Dubai’s fascinating culture. As December is here and the Christmas is nearing, we thought to dedicate this post for things you’ll see only in Dubai (Specifically in the month of December).

Myriad of Languages:

Dubai is enriched with cultural diversity and that’s one of its beauties and you’ll encounter this language diversity in Dubai quite often. Sharing her experience in Dubai’s busiest lifestyle, We Move’s manager, Miss Fabina Nazeer states she learnt 3 different languages after moving into Dubai from her homeland. “I’m fluent in Hindi and English but after settling into Dubai, I found Arabic, Urdu and Filipino quite interesting. I just love the city and different people residing here.” And this language diversity increases during December as new expats make their way to this land either for long term residence or for spending their holidays.

Futuristic Architectural Work:

If you’re visiting Dubai after a long time, you’ll fall in love with Dubai Canal that’s been recently inaugurated. Dubai has a reputation for creating skyscraping building and amazingly constructed theme parks but the killing sunlight and boiling temperature proves a hurdle for many to witness these amazing places. To your relief, December eliminates this problem when temperature is mostly ‘human-friendly’ and allows you to explore these beautiful places. From our experience of professional moving service, we highly recommend these points of interests like Jumeirah Golf Estates, Museum of the Future, Aqua Venture Waterpark and Dubai Miracle Garden that will really refresh your mood and let you spend some memorable time with your family.

Seaside Evening Walk:

As movers in Dubai, we observed that beaches attract so many people to enjoy the after-work hours and proves an interesting place for many. You probably visited Jumeirah several times before but this time of the year has something special to offer. If you’re missing home, want to have some time with your spouse or in need of a calm feeling, visit Jumeirah beach in the evening when the temperature is moderate. You’ll love the floating waves and water’s sound increasing and decreasing in a variable frequency. The sunset, mild cold air in fact the whole atmosphere refreshes one’s mood and bring a new urge for life.

Floating Vehicles on the Road:

Apart from gigantic buildings, amazing shopping malls and unique lifestyle, Dubai is also famous for its traffic system. You might be missing Italy’s streets or fond of USA’s clean roads but if you’re an expat in Dubai, you should really check this out. Stand at the corner or get a top view of Sheikh Zayed road and you’ll be fascinated by the floating vehicles of every size and shape. Do it in evening when offices are closing and people are rushing back to their homes. The twinkling headlights and constant vehicle speed depict nature’s flow in them this plethora of cars, trucks and other vehicles is one of the things you’ll see only in Dubai with such uniformity and rhythm.

Amazing Night Life:

As the New Year is approaching after Christmas, you’ll not find yourself feeling bored if you’re in Dubai. Dubai never gets you bored with multiple things happening each day and that’s the best part of this place. If you’re fed up from shopping malls or don’t want to visit theme parks for some time, musical concerts and entertainment shows can be a great way to revive the fun element in your life. Shake your legs on Hip Hop beats in Atelier M, experience Sami Yusuf’s soothing voice or witness roaring cars at Meydan Racecourse during your stay in Dubai in December.

We love hearing from our valued readers so make use of the comment box below and share your plans for December in Dubai.