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Our lives are not just about us, they impact on other things attached directly or indirectly with our doings. The same can be applied when we talk about the relation between realtors and the movers. One might think how a real estate agency and providers of Moving Services In Dubai are related to each other, right? So we thought why not dust off the layer of doubts and propose some practical ways by which you – the real estate agent – can flourish your property business. Read on and discover how connecting with the providers of moving services in Dubai can help you in increasing your business.


Let’s start from the point when you close the deal and hand over the keys to your clients. What’s the first thing they’ll do upon getting possession? Move in, right? Technically, your job is done when they pay the amount in full and the accounts are settled but what if you can accommodate you further from that point on? I mean, having a reliable source – that offers moving services in Dubai – can increase your credibility and you can leave a positive impression on your newly acquired customer. In future if they need to rent out, purchase or sale their property, they’ll prioritize you upon other realtors just because you had more to offer.


Partnering with a moving company doesn’t just end here with adding comfort to your customer’s experience. When two businesses agree on exchanging qualified sales, they are basically working by a referral system. Think practically…you’ll connect with a service provider only if there’s an element of trust. Either you refer them a customer or they share the details of a potential buyer/seller/tenant, there’s a win-win situation for both the parties involved. And in the end, everyone bags a handsome amount of profits just by partnering with a reliable realtor or the providers of moving services in Dubai.


As a realtor, you’d be working in a specific territory that ranges from Bur Dubai to Business Bay or maybe Deira to Jumeirah. But if you have reliable moving services in Dubai by your side, you can expect international sales and focus your efforts on acquiring international clients. Just pitch them the idea, show them the property and leave the whole relocation process on the moving company. The moving company has preplanned the whole process for international relocations and they can guide your customers about each step when they decide to move in Dubai from their home country.


You must be offering more than one service that includes buying, renting, mortgage or selling the property, right? Each steps involves the process of moving the items from one place to another and the owners would require the expertise of a moving company. What if you arrange the moving services in Dubai for them and reduce their challenges to find a reliable company? Put yourself in your customer’s shoe and try to imagine how’d you feel about a business that cares about all your big and small needs of such nature? And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to remain in good books of your clients, right?

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Planning to relocate soon? Have you made your mind to start your life all over again into another city and explore more chances to progress in your field? Great but have you run a background check on the place that is going to be your new home? What about the safety standards of that city? Relocation is not an easy job and you should stay prepared for everything beforehand to tackle the situation in best way possible. As the providers of Professional Relocation Services, we always ask our customers to consider certain elements when making a relocation plan to ensure that their decision is right and they’d have more chances to prosper into that new place. So here are some essentials of a successful relocation for you to consider.


In any place what matters the most is the people who you’d meet on a routine basis. You might not befriend with them but frequent interactions with them influence your mood, your lifestyle and your habits so it is very important to get to know the neighborhood of your next apartment. This means if the people living next door are friendly or totally inverse to your nature. As the provider of professional relocation services, we have seen that people with a good neighborhood tend to stay away from problems. So make a wise decision when planning an international relocation.


No one would want to reside in a place that has higher crime rate and the same goes with you, isn’t it? When planning relocation never neglect this aspect of your relocation and check if the city is safe to live in? You may do so by different mediums as today’s technological era allows us to get any information with few clicks. Or you may get in touch with the relatives or friends that are already residing into that city to enquire about the crime rate before making the last call. If the city is safe with respect to crime rate, we – as a provider of professional relocation services – would suggest you to go for the relocation plan.


This one is special! What is your motivation behind planning a relocation that you want to leave behind your hometown, your family and the social circle? Definitely you are anticipating chances to grow into that land but be very specific that what kind of opportunities are waiting you into that new land which you’ve chosen to make your second home. If you’re being promoted on a senior level by your company, then do consider how far you can go in next few years. And if you’re relocating on your own then check business trends that can leverage your business plans.


Are you good at calculations? You should be as you’ll require this precious skill into the new land very often. Before making a final call and utilize professional relocation services, you should consider the living costs into that foreign country as compared to your expected monthly income. If you’ll not make much to pay the bills and just accepting this offer for fulfilling your dream to live in your dream land then you’re simply increasing financial problems for yourself. Be realistic and make practical decisions when planning relocation.

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Finding a reliable storage company in Dubai but have no experience to pick one? Keeping your items safe, secure and in one piece is essential when you want to reduce the fixture and this is only possible when you select the right storage company in Dubai. We understand your pain so we decided to reduce your challenges with respect to selecting the right storage company in Dubai. Here are some key traits to look into a Storage Company in Dubai and make the best decision with respect to your storage requirements. Read on and discover the right storage company in Dubai to secure your items.


A reliable storage company in Dubai takes every measure in account to provide the right and most effective solutions to meet your storage needs. You must ask the storage company’s representative about the kind of storage solutions it offers to the customers. If it offers multiple storage options with respect to duration then you may consider this company to keep your items within its units. You may select to store your items for any amount of time that expands from short term to medium or long term storage. This way you can easily cut down on unnecessary items and ensure that your items would be safe within the unit.


The next element to look into that storage company in Dubai is to evaluate the prices. You’re going to deposit your items into that storage unit so you should be well aware of the cost that would occur on the storage service. A better way of evaluating the costs is to give your requirement to the company’s representative and get price estimates. And if you want to do the math yourself then consider the base of price measurement is about AED 5/- per CBM for the day. Now calculate for how many days you want your items to remain in the storage unit and then further divide the total cost in hours to figure out the exact price for your storage. A good storage company in Dubai would usually keep the costs low but it is always better to calculate the costs beforehand.


A good storage company in Dubai works for adding comfort into customer’s experience at every step. So if you want to select the right storage company that offer the perfect service structure then try to look this feature into its services. See if that storage company offers easy access to your unit or you have to go through a complex procedure every time you want to withdraw or deposit into that same unit. This is one of the key metrics to evaluate if a company is working for your comfort or just trying to trick you into paying more or creating any discomfort.


If you’re looking for a perfect storage company in Dubai to keep your items securely into their facility, you should select a company that offers multiple layers of security. In today’s fast paced era, one security option is not effective to ensure the total safety of your items so you should select only that storage company in Dubai that offers various security layers like computerized unit lock system, CCTV surveillance and State-Of-The-Art storage units and more.

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Are you moving in Dubai or planning to change the Emirate for a better working opportunity to nourish your career? The thought of changing address always comes with a concern about the expenses and this is what holds many people back from shifting to a new apartment. But the recent report by Core Savills has given hope to all those planning to make a wise move with one of the best moving companies in Dubai. So we, being the providers of Moving Services in Dubai, thought to help you out in planning your next move and jotted down some interesting benefits this forecast has to offer.


According to this recent report on Dubai’s real estate, there is a fair possibility in rent drops for residential premises. The report revealed that residents – especially tenants – may expect a rent drop to up to 25-40 percent but the actual decreased amount depends on the location in which they are living or intend to live.

There are 20 famous residential areas in Dubai that would see this change in terms of low rents and this is clearly a green signals for people that want to reduce their expenses while living in Dubai. Before you consider it all, there’s more to know and develop a better understanding about this report. Despite the statement that rents are going to drop down, some locations would see a least effect in their rental situations in which Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Village and JLT top the list.


So this was the news that we had to share with you being the provider of moving services in Dubai but the question is how you may benefit from this scenario? This decreasing tendency would take effect in near future and this is the best time to plan out your moving journey to keep everything organized and stress free. Change your residence and save hard earned money that you’re spending on account of rental expenses.

This is your chance to choose an ideal location and pay less for the premise that you choose to live in. This news reduces the distance between your ideal location and also that huge amount that used to make nervous. Choose a location that is in your budget and redesign your lifestyle with an ideal apartment location.


This was the big picture but where would you start your next move? As the providers of moving services in Dubai, we’d suggest you to start with selecting the location and the move towards the moving costs. Get in touch with a professional moving company in Dubai and ask them to evaluate your whole move.

After taking an idea about moving expenses, you’ll have a better picture of the whole process that how you may start and what moving company in Dubai would be better in terms of the charges and service quality etc. So start planning your move from now and benefit from this recent announcement in rent drops in Dubai.