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We strongly believe that the customers are the driving force behind every company on the path of success and development. It is you, the customers that make or breaks a company’s future because without a customer there won’t be any sales cycle in existence. But still, there are those organizations that exploit their customers, misguide them and lose their credibility in coming years. We get different responses from our new customers that come to us after trying a Moving Company in Dubai with whom their moving journey experience went bad. So we thought, why not discuss the negative aspects of a moving company in Dubai that would give our devoted readers a view of how a bad organization works and how they can keep them at a distance. So without wasting time, let’s discuss the negative aspects of a moving service provider in Dubai.


One of the essentials that prove a company trustworthy, reliable and first choice is the value of time. A company would never win its customer’s hearts if it delays the service delivery and the same applies when we speak about a reliable moving company in Dubai. It’s not your first move, right? So think about the last company that increased your moving period due to late arrival, slow services, and late completion? Time holds a significant importance both for individuals as well as companies and those that never realize this fact, remain behind in the competition.


The current era has brought visible changes in the way we utilize a service or purchase something in comparison to 50s or late 18th century. One of the metrics that we have to check the authenticity of a company’s professionalism is to see how much they deliver against the claims that we get the read/hear in their marketing promotions. Sure, a moving company in Dubai may have an amazing marketing department but the real game starts when the moving crew knocks your door. See how honest are they in terms of delivering up to your service standards? If they are a truly professional organization, they won’t claim anything more than they can deliver.


There are brands and service providers in each industry that charge a significantly higher price against their offerings. And paying more for quality service is totally justifiable if you’re something valuable in return of your spending, right? But what if you are charged higher prices by a moving company in Dubai that is not serving up to the expected service standards? That’s the sign of a bad moving company from which you need to maintain a distance. Those companies that charge more but maintain the value factor in its offering never face customer decline at any part of the business year.


Wise men (and women) smell the problem from a distance and you can do the same when finding a moving company in Dubai. You can benefit from the social connections that have used a similar service in last 3 months and know about their experiences. You’re more likely to find at least one person that has used the company that you’re planning to hire for your move. If they didn’t have a pleasant experience with that service provider then ho9w can you expect the same for you? You’ll be no exception for them as they’d treat you just as a number on their balance sheet nothing more than that.

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No matter that you’re moving a few blocks away from your current residence or travelling to a new place but moving brings cost and budget issues with it. You’ve already dealing with a lot of paperwork at your end when finding a new house and then there comes an unnoticed amount of expenses when you finally start packing the stuff. When booking a Moving Company in Dubai, you may take some precautions that can actually reduce the moving cost.

Book Moving Services Earlier:

So you’ve made your mind to move out and everything is almost done right? Wait a minute! Have you booked a moving company in Dubai or is it still pending? It’s always better to approach at least 3 to 4 moving companies in Dubai so you can get the best prices beforehand. If you book a moving service at last minute, you might have to pay more for your move. So it’s always better to get the best quote at least 2 weeks earlier.

Compare Quotations Smartly:

The next step for saving money on your move is to get at least 3 to 4 quotes from different Moving Companies in Dubai. It is essential to have different moving prices so you can make your best judgment and pick the most affordable moving company in Dubai. Look at the form (or email) thoroughly and compare what services each moving company is offering and what exactly they are charging for the whole move. You’ll find it quite easier to pick the best one in less time.

Get Rid of Extra Fixture:

If you’re planning to pack up every item present in your house and take with you to the new address, you’re adding more cost on your bill. When you move to a new place, you have the chance to rearrange the way you live so the idea of carrying all of the items with you is not a wise one. Take a thorough look at your furniture and segregate those items that you’d hardly need in your new home. Less furniture simply means you have to carry less carton boxes and the cost would automatically reduce down.

Choose Moving Date Wisely:

We all know about Dubai’s busiest lifestyle where no one has time for anything extra. And the weekends appear like a golden time to handle pending tasks. When picking a date for your move, make the best use of your weekends so you can have extra time to pay attention on every aspect of your move. When booking a moving company in Dubai, see if you could have a schedule on Thursday.

Don’t Pay for Unnecessary Services:

When you’re moving to another place, looking for additional utility services is a natural thing. You might be requiring move in/move out cleaning services or need some help in dismantling the chandelier. If you’re getting these services through a moving company, make sure you really need them or if they’re just increasing the cost. If you reduce the service volume, the total cost also decreases simple as that.

Second Hand Boxes Always Work:

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay too much for your move then you may consider using second hand carton boxes for packing the stuff. Look for the second hand carton boxes and if you’re not able to find them yourself, ask the moving crew as they can arrange them for you. Most moving companies in Dubai entertain customers with such petty things so at least you can try asking and reduce the moving stress. Best of luck for you move!!!