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Facts to know about your moving company in Dubai UAE when relocating!

Are you moving from Dubai or moving from Sharjah and looking for the best and most affordable moving company in Dubai UAE? If yes then WeMove Movers and Packers relocation company in Dubai is the right solution. In this blog. We’ve put together a list of information you’ll have on hand before you move to anywhere in UAE. Read on to find out more about relocation companies in Dubai.

Before relocating, you should be aware of the followings about your moving company in Dubai UAE:

Imagine this scenario. You can choose a moving company in Dubai UAE, schedule a pick-up and delivery and sign a contract with the transport companies. A few weeks later, you’re parked in your new home and all of your stuff is locked inside a truck in front of you. The movers stack a bunch of surcharges on your bill and tell you that if you don’t pay the fees, you won’t get your stuff. The people you thought would carry heavy things and make your moving day so much easier are now being held hostage to your belongings.

Unfortunately, these kinds of things happen. So, you have to be very careful about choosing a moving company in Dubai UAE and very vigilant about managing your contract with that company. This is why you should read out all our tips and services which we offer to our clients as a relocation company in Dubai.

moving company in Dubai UAE

Research the various relocation companies in Dubai

First things first – do some informal research to see which moving companies are doing well. Furthermore, you can ask your friends to see if they have any recommendations. Or warnings about moving companies they have used in the past. If companies you are interested in providing references for, contact these references.

Always check the google rating of your moving company in Dubai UAE

For interstate transfers, fees are based on the weight of items to be moved, distance to be moved, packing, and other services. Get two or three ratings long before you move on. You may want to meet with the resettlement counselor in person and have them come out to your home. This way, the consultant can look at your belongings and make an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to move them. When you talk with carriers, do not forget to ask if their estimates are binding or non-binding.

Best moving company in Dubai UAE

Get insurance from the relocation company

Sometimes you have tenants or your belongings are insured when you are in your home, but not when you are on the road between homes. So on a long trip, you may need to purchase relocation insurance. Unless you pay boaters to pack their luggage, they are unlikely to be insured against breakage caused by improper packing. If you want to ensure that broken items are covered, you can always ask the operators to pack your belongings. There are several types of insurance packages to buy. The transporting company is liable for a certain dollar amount multiplied by the weight of the shipment up to a certain amount.

Pay close attention to the contract

The mover will issue you a bill of lading, which is a legal contract between the customer and the mover. Make sure you read it carefully and make sure you understand the agreement before you sign it. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to come in handy to clarify your situation. Once you sign the contract with a relocation company in Dubai, you must pay what you are supposed to pay. Find the waybill to include the following: mover’s name and address, type of payment method you accept, time of receipt, minimum and maximum amounts to be paid, and other details about payment.

So, overall WeMove Movers and Packers moving company in Dubai UAE powered by IFSG services offers the best and most affordable moving solution to our clients. If you are relocating soon, then WeMove Movers and Packers as one of the best relocation companies in Dubai should be on your dialer. Call us now at 800-25326464 or just book online without any delay!

Professional Moving Companies in Dubai- Makes Your Move Easy

If you are planning to move to Dubai and your apartment is full of boxes everywhere and you think you are on the verge of collapse, then you might be wondering why you hadn’t called the professional moving companies in Dubai beforehand. We know that moving is stressful enough, so you don’t need to have any more trouble to feel as if you are spinning in circles and not getting anything done. Minimizing the animated To-Do List is the best way to achieve a stress-free move, which is why hiring Professional Moving Companies in Dubai- Makes Your Move Easy is your best bet and why you consider hiring Wemove by IFSG Services!

moving services in dubai

If you are moving with your family, the more furniture you have, the more helping hand you will need. You may or may not have noticed during your stay in Dubai, that movers are actually hanging out in the streets of your area, offering their very discounted services. However, do you really trust them with your valuable possessions, let alone enter into a pact with them, where they might bring you some hidden charges at the last minute?

Hiring professional Moving Companies In Dubai will not only make moving around a lot easier but also help reduce the risk of damaging your furniture.

Other people might think that hiring professional moving companies in Dubai like wemove by IFSG Services might sound a bit fancy, given there are so many small movers and packers available at a lower price. Honestly, trusting the experts to do the job properly is worth every dollar to ensure the safety of your items as well as your peace of mind.

If you are considering using professional Moving Companies In Dubai, here are some benefits to consider:

Safety and security

Professional movers like wemove understand that each step is unique and therefore needs a different approach. This is why we assign our clients a mobile personal advisor to guide you through every step of yours.

Whether you are moving your home or office, we will make sure to transport your belongings safely. We have the right equipment to transport heavy, unusual and fragile items. Unlike small engines, we do not randomly place your items on a cart and roll them onto the truck. We ensure that the items are properly packed, stored and secured.

We can also help you organize your belongings by helping you pack, unpack, and then rearrange your belongings. We also have manual labor to help you with the small chores in your new home. Wemove has storage options, which can accommodate your belongings in case they need to be stored due to unforeseen circumstances.

Less risk with Expert Moving Companies in Dubai

Having the right equipment for your furniture helps us move it more safely. You are less likely to see your sofa falling off the cart or truck. We can also provide sturdy boxes for your belongings and package your valuable furniture with specially made boxes to reduce the risk of damage. In addition, our professional moving experts are trained to handle bulky or unusual items, such as piano and antique furniture.

No more multiple trips

If you’ve ever moved alone, you will know how moving from your old home to your new home can be stressful on Move Day. You may even have to start moving your things on multiple trips prior to the move date. Not only is this time consuming, you can risk injuring yourself or someone helping you move. When using the services of professional movers and packers in Dubai like Wemove, we have a fleet of trucks, where we can evaluate your inventory and then choose the right sized vehicle to handle your cargo.

Thoroughly regulated step

By hiring your personal mobility counselor to help you with questions about your movement, you can better prepare for your transition day. Professional movers can help you in many ways, including packing and dismantling the elements. This way, you will have more time to focus on paying attention to other important matters, such as helping your children through the relocation or looking for a new medical center if you are moving through town.

When choosing the right engine in Dubai, remember to do a background check first to look at customer reviews. Wemove by ifsg services has been around for over a few decades, making us one of the best and most experienced carriers in the world.

Contact us for more information and a free estimate.


Staying away from your beautiful antiques and other stuff for a few months? Are you comfortable keeping them away from you in an unknown facility? I mean, are you sure about the authenticity the Self-Storage Services in Dubai that you’re using currently? Marketing all-things-good about a service is one thing and offering the same facilities within the premise is another. So we thought why not share with you some points to look into your current self-storage service provider and conclude if your decision to select them was right or not?


Like every provider of self-storage services in Dubai, they would state about their 24/7 security feature but is this statement true? That’s your duty to check the facts yourself instead of believing anything put on their website or brochure. Sure, they’d have guarded the place, installed CCTV cameras but what if these measures prove ineffective due to the darkness within the containers? A CCTV camera works well only in a bright place because its job is to capture everyone’s picture and that’s not possible in darkness. Also check if they have covered the outer area of the facility with fences because if a point is uncovered, anyone can intrude into the darkness.


You’ve been told about the weather-sensitive feature for perishable or temperature sensitive items and you believed on them, right? What if the unit has the weather-sensitive feature but there’s on a minor issue – there are rats wandering around carefree in and outside of your furniture within that unit? All the claims about secured facility prove ineffective if the intruder has played its card and you can see rat bites on fabrics and wires of your items. So it is highly important for you to select only those self-storage services in Dubai that do not have a pest infestation problem.


There is a similar habit of those companies that tend to raise prices unexpectedly and disturb the budget of their customers. Are you facing such problem with your current provider that tends to increase service charges every 2 months without stating any sensible reason? That’s your cue to discontinue using the service and start looking for those self-storage services in Dubai that work in the interest of their customers. As a customer, you deserve to be treated with fair price policy and there shouldn’t be unexpected price hikes with unsatisfactory reasons for the amendments.


The good companies tend to keep their customers safe from every loss or disturbing problem because they know that a happy customer is a key to a sustainable business. Are you receiving any insurance facility added into your self-storage service? Because if you’re not getting such a facility, they can put all the burden of expenses on your shoulders in instances like theft, fire or breakage. Try consulting with the representative to know about the procedures to cover the loss or if there is any insurance facility added into that service?

Looking for reliable self-storage services in Dubai? You’ve landed to the right page so call us on 800 88 00 00 now and speak with our key account managers and reserve a unit for your items.


Keeping the artworks safe is way more difficult than creating the masterpieces especially when you have to send your work to somewhere else. Suppose, you’ve spend months on a project for an upcoming exhibition to display your work and hoping to get positive response. The artworks, which you intend to submit, has been completed and you’re all ready to dispatch them but you’ve made few packing mistakes unintentionally. The days pass and just before 2 to 3 days of the main event, you get saddening news that your artwork was received in broken condition and cannot be displayed that year. Being one of the best Moving Companies in Dubai, we’ve outlined few terrible packing mistakes that most artists make and repent later on. So keep reading and see if you’re packing your artworks right or there’s any unseen problem that may destroy your hard work.


When you have to choose between two different items having different price tags, you’d definitely go for the cheapest one because who doesn’t like to save money right? But using cheap packing material is not a wise decision to make because if you go with this approach, you’re simply taking a big risk. The risk in terms of reliability and the guarantee of a safe transition from your address to the destination and that you wouldn’t want to happen with you when you’re planning to exhibit your masterpieces right? A wise approach is to consult with the moving supervisor about the packing procedure and material when looking for the best moving companies in Dubai. These guys know about different packing materials and their quality and they can guide you in right direction with respect to selecting the packing material for your artworks.


When packing up the paintings and other artworks, majority of people fail to take right measurement that results in dissatisfaction later on. Imagine yourself packing up one of your best artworks and taking measurements for cutting the wrapping paper. You took measurements, started to cut the wrapping paper and packing box but as you try to put in the canvas, you encounter with a very irritating problem i.e. short box and wrapping paper than your artwork’s actual length. You need to keep the whole volume of your artwork in account and try to cut the paper and boxes at least half inch extra than the actual size. Remember that you can always fill the gaps later on but cutting exact size might not work in your favor. That’s the trick majority of moving companies in Dubai use and you should give it a try.


Art galleries see different types of art forms coming their way either for display or for participation purposes. One terrible mistake that artists make is to not labeling the packed artwork in accurate manner. Suppose, if your artwork is made with delicate material that might ruin with few hard touches during the transition then you need to state that before dispatching your work. Moving companies in Dubai find these labels very useful to handle each order safely so never miss to label your artwork.


Finally, you’ve found an ideal place for your salon and all set to move to that new location soon right? The old place might have so many memories when you first started your salon business and decorated every corner with due care but this is time to move on. As a professional Packing and Moving Company in Dubai, we thought to share some useful tips that will help you in packing up every asset of your salon. So without wasting further time in random discussion, let’s get straight to the business and discuss some smart packing and moving tips for your salon business.


The packing phase might scare you off with so many furniture and little items that help you keep your salon activities going. When packing furniture for the move, the big furniture items take more time in packing so put them in last. Focus on other items that would require less time for packing. When you’re done packing each and everything, head over to these humungous items such as cash counter, chairs, tables and other items that take much space of your salon.


You’re running a salon in Dubai, you’ll be dealing with glass based items on routine basis and that is your next challenge to tackle in a smart way when you sit down to pack things up. Being the professional packing and moving company in Dubai, we always advise our customers to pack all the glass based items very carefully as a slight jerk may cause a shatter during transition. You may use foam on both sides to secure your glass sheet or big mirrors that you don’t want to see in pieces after you move to the new place.


As a packing and moving company in Dubai, we do understand that you have to use multiple tools during a treatment but try not to mix everything in each other. Arrange for small packing boxes according to your packing needs and pack items that fall in specific category in that group. After you pack them securely, never forget to label each box or else you’ll be spending more time in identifying the required box during the unpacking process.


A common situation most people face after the move is to see broken electronics or items with torn power cables. If you have any electronic device at your salon, try to consult with the packing and moving company in Dubai for the safest ways to secure them. The company you choose should have necessary knowledge to deal with such packing problems.


When you decide to move your salon to a new place, you need to be prepared for every possible situation. With that being said, the packing and moving company in Dubai should offer customized moving solutions for your salon’s moving process. A company with standard packing and moving services might not be ideal for your move. Your chosen Packers and Movers in Dubai should also include storage services, professional truck line and also affordable moving rates in order to make your salon’s move stress free.


Exploring new communities and making new connections feels amazing when you’re travelling the world alone. Moving to Dubai all alone is also an exciting experience for individuals that are pursuing their career or initiating a new business venture. But it comes with some exceptions and if you don’t take your move seriously, you may end up in feeling exhausted and fail to enjoy your journey. Your move involves much more steps than getting Movers and Packers Dubai at your side and we’re discussing these things in this post that would help you later on. Keep reading to discover these must have tips when you’re moving alone to Dubai.

Contact Reliable Movers and Packers:

So! You’ve decided to move to this amazing place that promises you a bright future and so many tourist spots but now what? I know you’re excited about the move and already thinking about the fun part that you’d have here in Dubai. But first, you need to calm down and check for reliable movers and packers in Dubai that would help you sort things out systematically. The company you choose to move with should have years of experience with positive customer response so you never have to face any difficulty either by poor customer service or any miscommunication. What you can do to identify the right moving company in Dubai is to obtain different moving quotes by multiple service providers to compare and select the right one.

Arrange for Accommodation:

The major issue people face when moving anywhere in the world is when it comes to finding an ideal accommodation. If your company is managing this part of your move, then you can relax a bit and hope for the best. But if you’re on your own then you need to complete your homework prior to your move in Dubai. The reason for prearranging the accommodation is that the rates could be opposite to your expectations. Whether you rent or purchase an apartment or villa, you need to be aware of the current rates in either case. Because you won’t want to destroy the happy picture about Dubai and its amazing life by living in a costly place.

Take Time for Packing:

When you’re done with the big picture of your move to Dubai, this is the time to focus on more important things. And when it comes to moving and relocation, packing is an important part that you shouldn’t ignore at all. First make list of what you want to take with you and what items you want to get rid of. This would help you in reducing the stress that you might feel from this whole moving idea. Try not to put off the packing on the last minute as it would make things hectic for you so be sure to pack everything at least 1 week before your moving date.

Make New Connections:

Adjusting in a new place is hard and you need to deal with it as soon as you could. But Dubai has exception in comparison to other places as you can instantly find individual that either speaks your language or families that belong to your hometown. So after settling into your new place, the next thing that you need to do is socialize as much as you could. It would save you from feeling homesick and you will feel more confident.


When it comes to secure your excessive items, storage facilities play an important role in reducing your storage issues. You’ll find so many Storage Services in Dubai, but the problem is not every service offers a complete solution that you need to secure your belongings. So you need to be sure about what you exactly need and what else you can do to ensure the safety of your valuables. Here are few useful tips to increase the safety of your items in any storage facility that you choose.

Decide Duration First:

As a matter of fact, the storage needs vary from person to person and business to business so the first thing you need to do is decide the duration of storage. Ask yourself few questions that would help you in picking the right storage service in Dubai and pay the right amount. Is it for few weeks that you need to put specific items from your home or office or you’re making some big changes that require a long term storage service? These questions would also help you in negotiating the right package with the storage facility providers.

Unit Selection:

After you decide the duration for which you’ll be putting things in a storage facility, the next step is to make right storage unit selection. When you step into the storage facility, you’ll find different storage units that are built for different purposes. So be wise and pick the right storage unit that exactly matches your needs. To make it simpler, look at the volume of your belongings and if it’s short in quantity, a small storage unit would do the job. But if you have so many items like files, electronics and other items that you’d require multiple times during this period then go for open storage facility.

Pack Things Carefully:

Here comes the most important part when using storage services in Dubai and that is the packing of each item that you intend to put in that unit. When you make your mind to use storage facility, you need to understand that things may go wrong by a climatic change or from any carelessness on your part. So be sure to wrap your items very carefully especially the fragile ones that may break down through excessive pressure from other boxes. Make sure there’s no water around that may make your cartons wet and ruin your packaging.

Don’t Ignore Security:

Majority of storage services in Dubai offer added security and insurance to their customers but still there’s some work that you need to do yourself. Apart from their hi-tech security measurements, you should not just rely on their words. If your budget allows, try using a self-storage facility rather than open storage or mobile units. This way, you can keep a check on your valuables yourself at any time of the day.

Don’t Forget Labeling:

When you have to remember so many boxes and their contents, you’re most likely to forget most of them. So here’s a pro tip that may help you remember each item that you’ve put into the storage unit and that is to label each item. From files to stationery and electronics to utensils, label everything so you never forget about them later on.


Relocation is a big decision and demands a lot of consideration; if things start to become stressful keep in mind that the reason for your move is positive and challenging. Relocation, a daunting task, additionally has to cope with logistical details and potentially stressful situation. If it is financially viable, it is always advisable to hire moving companies in Dubai that have relevant experience and apt expertise to handle your relocation. To relieve your strain follow this simple steps guide

Know finances:

Moving can be expensive, it is important to keep an eye on your budget so that you know how much you can really afford. Any notebook for this can be used or even you can go with digital note-taking and finance apps. This will be valuable in the short term and the long run, as money management is difficult in itself. You can select the company which will provide a number of payment options.

Transporting furniture:

You can’t transport furniture and other valuables on your own. Call professional movers to do the work for you.  Professionals know how to properly pack and transport furniture without damaging the property and money. They also help you in every aspect of your move, even in your decision making phase before and after the move. There are different reasons to choose a company and one of them is that it includes providing tickets. As a result, you don’t need to worry about organizing the air ticket.  Now you can check the items off the list and move into your new situation with confidence and peace of mind.

Stress reduction:

Moving, a massive undertaking, affects many aspects of man’s life by inducing a ton of stress. If you are moving due to job change, can ask from the employer if they provide resettlement to the new place. They might assist you to find any moving service in Dubai to reduce cost of the move. All of your furniture will arrive at the designation and you will not consume with worry, as they do homework before moving.

Limited time:

There are often time constraints with moving that put you on strain because of tight schedule. Doing everything by your own can waste a lot of time and money. Moving is often called stress inducing event in one’s life. You have to look upon a new place to live, let go off the old one, pack and arrive safely at new location; all on a schedule. For this, you can get suggestions from people in your network to hire professional movers that will insure your complete packing and transit on time without having race to the clock.


When you’re finding a reliable Moving Company in Dubai, make sure to choose the one that is not far away from your current address. As an alternative approach, you may list down popular moving services that have regional offices near to your new address. This will help you in doing things faster and on time without any traffic delays.



Living into a metropolis like Dubai is no lesser than a dream lifestyle but the only concern many people have in mind is the skyscraping rent that makes it a bit expensive to live into Dubai. If increasing property rent is your concern then you need to read this post till end. In a recent report, Asteco revealed that landlords are willing to lower down the rents as tenants are in search of cheaper accommodations. With this rental relaxation, just get in touch with a professional Moving Company in Dubai and plan your move to live your dream lifestyle.
What Does Asteco Q3 Report Says?
Asteco is a leading real estate service company that monitors Middle East’s real estate market and buyer’s behavior throughout the year. In its 3rd report for the year 2016, it has been observed that areas like Jumeirah Village Circle and Dubai Sports City have seen an overall 2%-3% increase in rents and an even bigger percentage of 5% can be witnessed in Business Bay area. But instead of compromising on these values, tenants have started to find cheaper accommodations in different parts of Dubai.
What Can I Do?
This sudden change in tenant’s behavior is forcing landlords to lower down the rent bar for retaining existing tenants and saving money on maintenance and refurbishment before handing over keys to new renters. And the possibility to living into Dubai at a lower rental cost gave Moving Companies a green signal to stay proactive. This is because makes it evident that if you rent an apartment in Dubai, you will be saving a significant amount from rent. Not only on residential properties, you can even save a specific amount of money on commercial properties and pay less for continuing your business activities.
So if you’re interested to relocate with your family, shift your workforce or initiate a new business in Dubai, this might be the right time to make your move. Get in touch with a moving company in Dubai to obtain moving costs and schedules and start anew in Dubai’s land of opportunity.
You may always reach to us at info@wemove.ae or speak with one of our customer reps on 800-880000.

How to Choose a Packing and Moving Companies in Dubai & UAE

If you are looking to arrange your move for international or local relocation, moving or shipping, you might need a reliable, effective and fast paced international packing and Moving Companies  in Dubai. wemove.ae are packing and moving services  provide in Dubai.


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We would like to provide you with research of moving process or will give you some recommendations about how and why choose an international mover or how to analyze a moving company before getting started with their services.

Get at least few of separate moving estimations and compare.

To know about the prices, to compare and get the exact idea of moving companies servicing, this method will help you to know about all said details, even you would be able to know that a mover is available and capable for your moving needs. It important to keep in attention that with quality services, we do also compare prices for accountability and to make a move in our budget, so getting estimations before a move is better to know what is in your budget with reliable quality solutions.


Check out the reviews and customer’s feedback; also take a note that how long said company is serving in industry of packing and moving, as well as looking on people reviews or recommendations. There are numerous options available in hands of movers for packing and moving with latest material, for packaging, shipping or moving things, it vary upon requirements or size of your move that what kind of material would be used for every moving instance, so choose a company which best fits for your requirements and available in your budget