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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Experts For Your Next Commercial Move!

Moving your office or business belongings from one part of the world to another can be a daunting task. You are required to make a million small decisions, including choosing whether or not to hire a professional Commercial Moving Company in Dubai to help you with your move. While there are many advantages to hiring our #1 moving company Wemove powered by IFSG-Group for both long-distance and domestic commuting.

Our Team Of Expert Movers Can Help You With professional Packing

If you book our commercial moving company in Dubai Wemove’s full-service moving services then you don’t have to worry about the boring packing process. Professional movers have the right kind of skills to package all your belongings safely and appropriately, quickly, and efficiently. They will know the best packaging materials to wrap your treasures and antiques so that nothing gets broken during the transportation. We have high-quality material for packing and it will stay safe for a few months as well as we use high-quality packing materials.

Stress-Free Operation:

Whether you plan to move through the city or across the country, can be pretty stressful as you don’t much about packing and trucks for moving but with Wemove powered by IFSG-group, it turns into very stress-free and hassle-free. When you are working with we move service, you can rest assured that you have experience moving furniture and packing your valuables in the best way. Upon contacting our experts, they will handle the packing and transporting all your belongings to help relieve the stress of the day moving from our shoulders.

Do It At The Right Time

If you are in for a time crunch with your stride, hiring a professional moving company can help you stick to the schedule for the big day. You might already have a complete plan for when you need to do certain things; Like disconnecting your cable service or any other monthly service, hiring professional operators will give you time to carefully examine these details. Wemove powered by IFSG-Group professional movers will also be able to pack and unload quickly so you can move around quickly.

We Do Offer Storage Benefits

If you have lead times in between moving or need a place to store your things for a month, week, or even some days, when moving, consider renting a storage unit. At wemove we offer both long-term and short-term storage in specially designed warehouses for bulky items like furniture. Our warehouses are incredibly safe and watched by experts. This is the reason our services best and #1 in Commercial Moving Company In Dubai.

Avoid Injury By Letting The Experts Do The Job:

Accident or injury is the last thing you want on the go. If there are any large pieces of furniture in your office furniture or you carry very heavy boxes and some of your employees get injured it will turn into a bad experience. So, it is best and prudent to contact wemove powered by IFSG-Group to avoid any kind of bodily injury. At Wemove, professional movers will have the tools to move heavy objects without compromising their safety, as well as yours. Don’t wait to call us now to avail of the best moving packages and get free cleaning services along with your next move book in the month of august and September. Also, get a chance to win an exclusive staycation at FIVE Palm Dubai.


Whether you come from a corporate sector with future relocation plans or just want to move your residence to a new address, choosing a reliable Moving Company in Dubai is essential. Given the fact that Dubai is flooded with countless moving company with hardly any moving experience and sufficient workforce, it is quite hard to find professional packing and moving services. To make your move secure, we suggest you to always select a certified moving company in Dubai that has necessary certification from respective institutions. Here are some key benefits you’d receive from certified moving companies to reduce the moving stress.


What you see just as a moving industry is actually a deep sea with so many discoveries to make. Yes, different organizations work day in and day out to secure your rights as a customer and improve the packing and moving services standards. So when choosing a moving company, make sure it has relevant certification from respective bodies. Suppose you need a freight forwarded to send consignments across the sea, you need to choose a moving company in Dubai that is certified from UAE’s shipping association. In similar way, look for the relevant certification when you have a different moving concern.


One vital reason for choosing an accredited moving company in Dubai is that it has relevant experience in respective moving job. All sort of moving associations make sure that every member has submitted real facts about its operational history before issuing the certificate of membership. When you look for the certification, you also make sure the company you’re going to work with has enough moving experience to serve the purpose.


When a company is listed in member list of any concerned association, it automatically develops a level of trust in your mind. As part of the certification program, the moving company in Dubai should work with trained staff to carry things forward in a professional manner. This automatically reduces your concerns regarding the move as you’ll be working with professionals instead of inexperienced people who might ruin your day.


The best part of working with an accredited moving company in Dubai is that you rarely find any unfavorable situation. The manager, the supervisor even the staff members have common objectives in mind and that is to maintain satisfaction in each operation. They are trained to work with you from start to end and will take everything with a sense of responsibility. This not only makes the job stress-free but also increases your trust level when you need the same service in future.


As mentioned above, when you work with certified moving companies, you trust them from the core of your heart. And you know that they won’t let anything bad happen with your furniture or upholsteries. And this is what defines the professional standards and dedication towards work on part of a moving company in Dubai. So when you look for Moving Companies, make sure they have proper certifications from respective associations like IAM.org, FIDI.org or IATA that set international moving standards for all moving companies.


In this fast paced economy, it seems hard for businesses to achieve their objectives and recognize themselves as a business leader. To win more customers and recognition, many businesses opt for business fairs that allow everyone an equal chance to attract new business opportunities or tweak the sales charts upwards. For displaying your products the right way, you need a booth that is arranged correctly otherwise everything is useless. Being a moving company in Dubai, we hold expertise in setting up all sort of booths that help you attain your objectives wisely. From our experience of booth setups and Storage Services Dubai, we put together some useful information to help you out.


In a trade show what matters the most is your location where people can reach you easily. If possible, try to arrange your booth near entrance so you have more chances of getting noticed. Select a location that is not far from people’s reach and avoid using backward areas or corners that are far from getting attention. In all our booth setup assignments, we suggest our customers to pick the spot that people can find easily. This helps you to get noticed and allow you a chance of educating prospects about your services and products more easily.


Through booths and stalls, your objectives are to attract new people that either end up initiating a new venture with you or buy your products. But how will you attract new people when your booth is not attractive enough and has the conventional design and color scheme? Wise companies spend a considerable amount and time on designing the whole theme of their booths and stalls that reciprocate their business vision. Through appealing color scheme and design, you get a chance of being unique in your market.


Usually, trade shows (or business fairs) continue for several days and if the booth setup is made of low quality material, you’ll end up in disappointment. From our relocation services and fair/exhibition setup experience, we always suggest our customers to use the material that is firm enough to withstand all sorts of scenarios. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we also help our customers in picking the right booth and stall material that can hold all products, brochures or any other item firmly till the show ends.


Once you set up the booth and complete all the arrangements for the show, never forget to go through each step. Make sure everything is in place and the booth/stall is in good form to contain all your products. Check for electricity arrangements if you’re using some visuals to represent your business or make sure everything you’ll need during the show is in the right place. For this matter, we accommodate our customers with a supervisor or manager that they can rely on and plan for their trade show in a better way.


Being a professional moving company in Dubai, we know how the moving and relocation cycle continues over the year. Thousands of people either make their way out of UAE or initiate their lives in Dubai’s amazing lifestyle. Some rely on Professional Relocation Services for making their move secure where others get robbed by scammers. As one of the international moving companies with numerous happy customers, we gathered some common moving mistakes to save you from such scenarios. So read them and plan your move wisely!

  1. Hiring local truck drivers:

Like many people, you’d want to reduce moving costs and a common perception is to hire a local truck driver who’d transfer your fixtures to the new address. You might cut down some moving expenses but to be honest, it’s not a wise approach at all. This is one of the common moving mistakes that people make when moving into Dubai or elsewhere. Without proper tools and training, you’re just letting a quack handle your stuff that usually ends up in disappointments. If you don’t want to see any broken item when you unpack stuff, always go for professional moving companies that are registered with legal authorities.

  1. Not approaching different moving companies:

We can understand how troubled you feel while moving to a new place and many things go out of your hands if left unplanned. One of the common moving mistakes that people often make is not approaching different moving companies during research phase. It is always a good practice to get 3 to 4 quotations from local or International moving companies. It’d help you to compare prices and services in a better way and you’ll be able to make best judgement while picking up a moving company in Dubai.

  1. Putting too much items on moving list:

When we move to a new place, it is undeniable truth that we have to spend some extra money on some new stuff according to the place. During the moving process, many people plan to carry each and everything with them that not only increases the difficulty for them but also costs as well. A better approach is to segregate those items that you rarely use and get rid of them. And to be honest, you’d love to adorn your residence with some new stuff won’t you?

  1. Waiting till last minute for packing:

Whether you’re relocating to a new country or moving a few blocks from your current residence, do not wait for the exact moving date when you’ll finally start packing stuff. Name it procrastination or weak will power but many people put off the packing when they are planning a move. If you want to save yourself from slow moving process, you need to start packing earlier. Don’t wrap up all your stuff a month before but make a plan for handling this phase of your move.

  1. Booking moving service on last minute:

One of the most common moving mistakes that many people do is booking a moving service before 2 to 3 days of their move. Like other tasks, moving is also very important thing that you shouldn’t take lightly. Get in touch with a moving company at least 3 weeks earlier than your moving date. Get quotations, finalize pricing and services and schedule a moving date to save yourself from such issues and make right decisions without any pressure.

Are you in search of a moving company in dubai or just moved to your new residency? Do let us know what common moving mistakes you’ve been making so far.


When you’re moving house, fretting and sweating is natural by thinking of numerous perplexing thoughts about the move, the packing and the budget. It might be choosing the right Moving Company in Dubai that is making you sweaty or the thought of getting everything done as you plan but believe me, acting that way is 100% natural. As one of the professional moving companies in Dubai, we meet so many customers with such intentions running inside their heads so you first need to calm down. Here are some steps to deal with stress during your move and make the whole procedure less confusing.

Step 1: Don’t be hasty during research

You might be busy in preparing for that presentation or thinking to prepare dinner as you search best moving companies in UAE. We can understand how busy you might be but to be honest, investing some time in your hunt for a reliable moving company in Dubai will pay you off later when the moving day arrives. Be very organized and take time to review each moving company thoroughly before you select any. List down top 5 local and International Moving Companies and be sure they are what they claim to be. That’s the first step to reduce moving day stress and make your move less tiresome.

Step 2: Set things according to your budget

When we move somewhere, the first thing that will hit our mind is the budgeting phase that can’t be ignored. As a moving company in Dubai, we understand how things go out of our hands when we finally move into the new place and discover that excess amount of money has been spent on the whole move. So we’d advise you to plan your move according to your budget whether you’re moving out of UAE or starting anew in Dubai’s amazing lifestyle. Check with different Moving Companies and compare their prices so you can go with the most affordable offer.

Step 3: Use time wisely for packing

As a matter of fact, we feel overwhelmed when all the items are waving at us from every direction of the room. So what would you do when you’re all alone in the middle of furniture, groceries and upholsteries that need to be packed properly? When it comes to packing, our suggestion to every customer is that they should have a strategy for packing each and every thing in a wise way. List down items or specify them in section so you can pack all the items on specified days or time. This way, you won’t be dealing with moving day stress and can easily pack everything on time.

Step 4: Prepare for moving day

As a moving company in Dubai, we always ask our customers to segregate those items that they need on early basis from other packed items. Imagine yourself waking up the next morning and you have no idea where you put the toothpaste or the groceries which would lead towards frustration after you go through each carton box. So be wise and plan for such situations beforehand.

We always love hearing from our readers and knowing their strategy to deal with stress on moving day. Use the comment section below for initiating an interesting conversation on residential move in Dubai.