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How to find best movers and packers in Dubai

Looking for the best movers and packers in Dubai? Moving next week and didn’t get time to book the movers? Now, you are stressing over how you will manage to move? If yes then this blog guide for movers and packers in Dubai is for you. As we will highlight how you can book Storage Companies In Dubai or movers for your next move! So, let’s get started

Hiring the Storage Companies In Dubai

Here, speaking of Dubai, with so many movers and packers in Dubai promising the same things. It is really hard to choose one that can deliver on their promise. Before just believing promises and confusing yourself with options, follow these tips to find the most perfect services as wemove by ifsg provides the finest services within your budget.

movers and packers in Dubai

Don’t hire cheap movers and packers in Dubai

A common mistake that most customers tend to make is choosing moving and packing services based on pricing. Some believe that the highest bidders are the highest while some believe that getting the lowest bid is an achievement. But prices should not be an important thing to determine the best services. Now, for instance, if you are booking Storage Companies In Dubai as you have few days to find the home or flat. And you need the same movers and packers and Storage Companies In Dubai to accommodate you both at the most reasonable price. But if you will look for the too cheap-priced company then you might not get the best experience. It is recommended that you should check the google rating and reviews. However, wemove by ifsg have a 4.8 google rating and comes on top for moving in UAE with professional experts.

packing and moving company
movers and packers in Dubai

You must hire a professional removal team

Removing things requires a lot of experience to organize. Therefore, the service provider must be able to take care of everything in an orderly manner. This professional role is important. So choose a professional and experienced team for your moving in dubai.

Distance should not affect the quality of service

When you want to hire a service provider, make sure that they serve you properly anywhere in the UAE like in Dubai, in short, the distance should not affect their services. Whatever you want to change inside or outside of Dubai, your mover should be able to serve you in the same way. Like wemove by ifsg, we provide the top-notch quality service and we assure to get your move on time and with 100% satisfaction.

Easy connection option

The service provider you choose should be able to serve you on an equal footing and can be contacted just as easily in the destination city as in Dubai. The company that has a good communication option should be chosen because the carrier’s business does not end simply with moving things but is more than that.

So, take these good tips well and get the benefits from the best movers and packers in Dubai and Storage Companies In Dubai. Now, if you are moving soon, then we are just a call away! Dial now 800-25326464 to book your move with us!

Move with the Movers and Packers during COVID-19

If you are worried to find professional Movers and packers in dubai to take action and make your move more reliable? Then stop worrying about it because the wemove by ifsg services is here to help you move smoothly. How does Expert Mover help you? Take a look at some of the measurements: With this blog guide with Movers and packers in dubai during COVID-19.

COVID-19 prevention measures in the workplace

These measures apply when transmission of infection is confirmed by Dubai public health authorities. According to the current knowledge, it is known that the disease can be transmitted by asymptomatic people who carry the disease. Therefore, it is recommended to take preventive measures at all times.

Furthermore, Any resumption of non-essential transportation services must be conducted so that the transmission of COVID-19 is controlled. In order to avoid resuming transmission, several conditions described here must be observed. Now, if you are worried how, you can book your move and make it more secure? Well, at wemove by ifsg services. Our Movers and packers in dubai experts are super professional and trained to follow the SOP’S.

Movers and Packers Wemove will save you time & money

According to the wemove experts, they will make sure to come on your home before time to pack your belongings safely. Plus, wemove by ifsg services is also providing services for disinfection services with 50% off and you will even get maid services too. Additionally, our expert Movers and packers in dubai will make sure to provide top notch quality moving with out any hassle free and stress free.

Arrange work method and time

In order to protect the health of our Movers and Packers employees and those who frequent the workplace. They are required to respect the isolation instructions (return from travel, COVID-19 cases, case contacts). And observe other restrictions (voluntary school attendance, limited public transportation, etc.):

Allow flexible hours

Review tasks to make it easier to accomplish alone, in a small team or under new spacing standards. Informing the client at the time of concluding the contract of the preventive measures to be taken into account by providing the following information:

Before movers and packers will arrive at your home. If your home is home to someone who has COVID-19 or has symptoms associated with the disease. The first recommendation is to defer any unnecessary step, especially in the case of people at risk or with symptoms of COVID-19.

 Furthermore, we have team of experts who are fully trained as we mentioned before, they are all vaccinated and following SOPS. If you are planning to move soon, just call us and discuss your budget and requirements at 800-25326464.

Professional Moving Companies in Dubai- Makes Your Move Easy

If you are planning to move to Dubai and your apartment is full of boxes everywhere and you think you are on the verge of collapse, then you might be wondering why you hadn’t called the professional moving companies in Dubai beforehand. We know that moving is stressful enough, so you don’t need to have any more trouble to feel as if you are spinning in circles and not getting anything done. Minimizing the animated To-Do List is the best way to achieve a stress-free move, which is why hiring Professional Moving Companies in Dubai- Makes Your Move Easy is your best bet and why you consider hiring Wemove by IFSG Services!

moving services in dubai

If you are moving with your family, the more furniture you have, the more helping hand you will need. You may or may not have noticed during your stay in Dubai, that movers are actually hanging out in the streets of your area, offering their very discounted services. However, do you really trust them with your valuable possessions, let alone enter into a pact with them, where they might bring you some hidden charges at the last minute?

Hiring professional Moving Companies In Dubai will not only make moving around a lot easier but also help reduce the risk of damaging your furniture.

Other people might think that hiring professional moving companies in Dubai like wemove by IFSG Services might sound a bit fancy, given there are so many small movers and packers available at a lower price. Honestly, trusting the experts to do the job properly is worth every dollar to ensure the safety of your items as well as your peace of mind.

If you are considering using professional Moving Companies In Dubai, here are some benefits to consider:

Safety and security

Professional movers like wemove understand that each step is unique and therefore needs a different approach. This is why we assign our clients a mobile personal advisor to guide you through every step of yours.

Whether you are moving your home or office, we will make sure to transport your belongings safely. We have the right equipment to transport heavy, unusual and fragile items. Unlike small engines, we do not randomly place your items on a cart and roll them onto the truck. We ensure that the items are properly packed, stored and secured.

We can also help you organize your belongings by helping you pack, unpack, and then rearrange your belongings. We also have manual labor to help you with the small chores in your new home. Wemove has storage options, which can accommodate your belongings in case they need to be stored due to unforeseen circumstances.

Less risk with Expert Moving Companies in Dubai

Having the right equipment for your furniture helps us move it more safely. You are less likely to see your sofa falling off the cart or truck. We can also provide sturdy boxes for your belongings and package your valuable furniture with specially made boxes to reduce the risk of damage. In addition, our professional moving experts are trained to handle bulky or unusual items, such as piano and antique furniture.

No more multiple trips

If you’ve ever moved alone, you will know how moving from your old home to your new home can be stressful on Move Day. You may even have to start moving your things on multiple trips prior to the move date. Not only is this time consuming, you can risk injuring yourself or someone helping you move. When using the services of professional movers and packers in Dubai like Wemove, we have a fleet of trucks, where we can evaluate your inventory and then choose the right sized vehicle to handle your cargo.

Thoroughly regulated step

By hiring your personal mobility counselor to help you with questions about your movement, you can better prepare for your transition day. Professional movers can help you in many ways, including packing and dismantling the elements. This way, you will have more time to focus on paying attention to other important matters, such as helping your children through the relocation or looking for a new medical center if you are moving through town.

When choosing the right engine in Dubai, remember to do a background check first to look at customer reviews. Wemove by ifsg services has been around for over a few decades, making us one of the best and most experienced carriers in the world.

Contact us for more information and a free estimate.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Relocation Company in Dubai

Looking for an expert and finest relocation company in Dubai. Moving soon and already have too much to do? Worry not as we are here! As we are the leading name in the relocation company in Dubai. Remove powered by IFSG-GROUP is one of the most trustworthy and reliable companies in Dubai! Still, thinking why you need experts like us? Here are a few benefits for you to see before you hire us with complete trust!

On a daily basis, large companies and small companies move their offices either to larger or smaller spaces, relocate to a new city or even move between states. Regardless of the size of the step, one thing is for sure – relocation is a cumbersome task and it is best left to professionals and transportation management companies better equipped to handle the logistics.

What are the advantages of a relocation company in Dubai services?

As a workplace manager, choosing to use professional moving services is often a difficult decision due to the perceived cost involved; However, when you think about the benefits, the decision becomes clearer.

Better use of time. When you have your own business, your focus should be on your company in order to be as productive as possible. Spending time packing office, files, equipment, etc., distracts from the daily chores of doing business.

Professional transportation management companies allow you to make better use of your time by handling relocation logistics while doing what you do best … work.

We Save Your Time & Our Experts Are Super Efficient

To the point of making better use of time and hiring a relocation company in dubai, if you’ve ever moved home, you know how long it takes to pack your furniture and possessions. Fill and move the company office more detailed. Corporate relocation services are more efficient in moving offices from one location to another. This is what they do and reputable transmission motors are very good at their jobs.

Simplified process. Professional movers handle everything like wemove powered by IFSG. Usually, they pack the entire contents of the office, separate the equipment, and carry everything for transport. Once they reach the new location, they unpack everything and then reconnect the device so that your work begins immediately. Their goal is to create and implement a streamlined process to make your move as easy and smooth as possible.

With Wemove Safety is Guaranteed

Transportation includes lifting heavy boxes, furniture and equipment. If one of your employees gets injured while on the go, you won’t just end up paying workers’ compensation claims, your employee may be unable to work for some time. Professional transportation management companies are trained in moving companies that know how to transport heavy items safely. Working with them removes any risk to you and your business.

With Wemove your Move will be Risk of Damage Free

The safety of your employees is very important, and the same is true for your office furniture and equipment. The last thing you want while resettling is damage to expensive property or equipment. Work with a transportation company trusted by reputable companies to reduce the risk of spoilage.

A Positive Work Environment & Friendly Experts

In today’s workforce, many companies pay their employees to extract as much of them as possible. By working with a company moving company, you are telling your employees that you care about them and that you are not adding “transfer factors” to their job descriptions. This says a lot in creating a positive work environment, which, in turn, makes employees productive.

Cost-effectiveness. Let’s talk about the most important advantage of relocation company in Dubai – cost. Yes, there are expenses involved, but when you take into account the time it may take you and your employees to pack and move, the stress involved in commuting, and downtime due to an inability to do business, working with professional transportation management companies is much more effective in terms of The cost of moving yourself. With wemove by IFSG you can get the best and finest! We are just a call away! Book your relocation or moving services in dubai now & pay in installments!


Thinking to participate in a big art competition across the seas and displaying your amazing artwork on international level? Great! But have you arranged for the packing of your beautiful creation to keep it safe from breakage and wear and tear during the transition? If you haven’t planned that part of your journey then you’re going to lose even before the commencement of the event. Being one of the leading Moving Companies in Dubai, we always advice aspiring as well as professional artists to pay due care on packing of the artwork. For your help, here are few useful tips that would help you pack the artwork safely.


If you’re thinking to wrap up your artwork in a big carton box then you’re taking risk of destroying your art before it reaches the destination. Being one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we always advice our customers to arrange for proper packing material for paintings that they want to ship. For packing the art pieces securely, you need special packing material like bubble wraps, padded paper, glassine paper and rigid carton boxes of accurate size. Next, you need to arrange for tools like tape gun, box corners, stickers and rulers for measurement purposes. Before we move further, also arrange for foam to keep the artwork away from damages during the packing process.


After completing all the required tools for packing your masterpiece, you need to take correct measurements of your artwork. The reason for taking measurements is to avoid any shaking or breakage even after you pack and ship the painting to the desired address. During the transition phase, your artwork would be facing a lot of jerks that could break the frame or impact on the canvas. So you need to be sure that your artwork is packed without leaving a room empty and it would be delivered securely for the exhibition. Later when done packing the artwork using bubble wraps and padded paper, you may fill the gaps of half inches with additional bubble wraps. Just make sure the artwork stays in its place when you move the packing box back and forth.


As a matter of fact, most accidents happen due to insufficient knowledge about how to handle an artwork but you can avoid such situation from taking place. Being one of the top moving companies in Dubai, we always ask our valued customers to label each packing box correctly so the moving crew can treat the packing box in accurate manner. You need to place a sticker mentioning the sensitivity level of your artwork and avoid any unfavorable incidents during the transition phase. The sticker helps the handler of your packing boxes to take of the artwork in right manner and deliver it securely at the destination.


Now before you call in the professional moving companies in Dubai to dispatch your packed masterpieces and start dreaming about your success, you need to do one more thing. Check the packing box thoroughly to ensure that there is no chance of breakage and you may dispatch the artworks with a confidence. Look at the corners and see if they are in good conditions and also check for the tapes to make sure that they are placed firmly on the box.


The idea of changing apartment and starting your life into a new place might sound interesting but the process it involves would surely frighten you for a minute. After working with different customers as a Moving Company in Dubai, we realized what makes a move hectic either for individuals or when you’re moving with the whole family. So to make your move easy and stress free, here are essential things that you need to do.


Changing address and start living into a new place is not easy as you first need to look for an apartment that is ideal for your current situation. You’d definitely begin your apartment hunt to find the right place with ideal location from work once you make your mind to move on a certain date. What most people forget to do due to nervousness or excitement of moving is to forget about informing their landlord of their plan in time. Go through your lease contract and see the notice period so you can inform your current landlord in time and save yourself from any deductions in security.


Informing your landlord is one of essential steps to make your move stress free but after that, you need to do another important thing and that is to locate a reliable moving company in Dubai. Get recommendations from family members, friends or colleagues who recently used a moving company in Dubai so you can select the best one that matches with your moving needs. Tell them about your requirements and discuss your moving date and the way you want to handle things. Before you give green signal to any of the moving company, be sure to get different moving quotes and based on those quotes pick the best one.


Imagine everything goes well and you’ve successfully moved to your new apartment in Dubai but an unexpected SMS destroyed your contentment. In the hassle of packing everything up and handling things on move day, you forgot to cancel monthly service subscriptions that you were using at the previous apartment. As you still have few weeks to move in the new apartment, this is the right time to tell the service provider about disconnection.


When you’ve made your mind to move then giving the excuse of being busy won’t work in your favor. So if you want to keep the moving phase less tiring and stress free, you need to take some time for packing things up at least a week before your moving date. If you can’t take a full day off from the work or other commitments, try dividing the packing activities and tackle each set of items on routine basis.


Would you be happy to see your new apartment in poor cleaning condition? Well in the same way your apartment would be occupied with someone else and they would judge you from the cleaning condition of your place. And even if we skip this part then you still need to give back your apartment’s possession after cleaning it out according to the lease agreement. So ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange for move out cleaning for you.


So you’ve decided to move away into a new city and start your awesome career but before that, a whole lot of items from your home office are haunting you with the packing phase right? First, you need to calm down and stay organized to handle the packing of your home office before the arrival of Movers and Packers in Dubai that you hired. We know the packing pain when you don’t have enough experience with packing stuff and the moving date is approaching on a thunderbolt’s speed.

Organize Each Item According to Size & Type

Your home office is basically your comfort zone that supported you up till now and will be your new den to think of amazing business ideas, project proposals and so many new things that are going to happen. But before that, you need to pack every important item carefully to carry it to that new place that you’ve booked already. Before you do anything, categorize everything according to shape and size so you can pack them effectively. First, you’ll be confronted with prominent furniture like tables, sofas and chairs but there are other items that might not be big in size but carry same value for you and your work. So segregate every item according to their size, shape and type for accurate labeling and organized packing.

Pack Liquid Based Items Separately

One thing that majority of people do is to stuff the packing cartons without segregating the items properly. For instance, if you’re carrying ink cartridges or inkpots and they are pressed under the pile of books, files or any important document then it may create problem for you. Chances are the bottle cracks a bit and spread ink all over the carton box. So if you don’t want to experience such discomforting instance then pack your home office items very carefully and save them from being destroyed. Arrange for a separate carton box for items that have some liquid characteristic in them or ask the packers and movers in Dubai that you’ve hired to provide special packing boxes.

Treat Electronics Carefully

Gone are days when people used to have spacious personal computers but there are enough electronic devices that carry space or have extra wires with them. So when you roll up to pack the electronic items like printers, scanners or monitors, make sure to remove their wires and pack them separately to avoid the chances of finding broken items later when you unbox the carton boxes. Arrange for plastic bags, put the wires in and place them very carefully with the electronics that you’ve put in the carton box.

Secure Books & Important Documents

Now come the most important items that you need to pack when moving into a new city i.e. books and documents. However the paper weighs less but when it is more in quantity, it may increase the load of the carton. So handle important books and documents that you intend to take with you very carefully. For making more room in a carton box, you may place them flat and pack more books, files and documents in one carton rather than placing them vertically.


When you’re moving house, fretting and sweating is natural by thinking of numerous perplexing thoughts about the move, the packing and the budget. It might be choosing the right Moving Company in Dubai that is making you sweaty or the thought of getting everything done as you plan but believe me, acting that way is 100% natural. As one of the professional moving companies in Dubai, we meet so many customers with such intentions running inside their heads so you first need to calm down. Here are some steps to deal with stress during your move and make the whole procedure less confusing.

Step 1: Don’t be hasty during research

You might be busy in preparing for that presentation or thinking to prepare dinner as you search best moving companies in UAE. We can understand how busy you might be but to be honest, investing some time in your hunt for a reliable moving company in Dubai will pay you off later when the moving day arrives. Be very organized and take time to review each moving company thoroughly before you select any. List down top 5 local and International Moving Companies and be sure they are what they claim to be. That’s the first step to reduce moving day stress and make your move less tiresome.

Step 2: Set things according to your budget

When we move somewhere, the first thing that will hit our mind is the budgeting phase that can’t be ignored. As a moving company in Dubai, we understand how things go out of our hands when we finally move into the new place and discover that excess amount of money has been spent on the whole move. So we’d advise you to plan your move according to your budget whether you’re moving out of UAE or starting anew in Dubai’s amazing lifestyle. Check with different Moving Companies and compare their prices so you can go with the most affordable offer.

Step 3: Use time wisely for packing

As a matter of fact, we feel overwhelmed when all the items are waving at us from every direction of the room. So what would you do when you’re all alone in the middle of furniture, groceries and upholsteries that need to be packed properly? When it comes to packing, our suggestion to every customer is that they should have a strategy for packing each and every thing in a wise way. List down items or specify them in section so you can pack all the items on specified days or time. This way, you won’t be dealing with moving day stress and can easily pack everything on time.

Step 4: Prepare for moving day

As a moving company in Dubai, we always ask our customers to segregate those items that they need on early basis from other packed items. Imagine yourself waking up the next morning and you have no idea where you put the toothpaste or the groceries which would lead towards frustration after you go through each carton box. So be wise and plan for such situations beforehand.

We always love hearing from our readers and knowing their strategy to deal with stress on moving day. Use the comment section below for initiating an interesting conversation on residential move in Dubai.


Are you in process of moving to a new location? You need to be very careful while choosing a Moving Company in Dubai if you don’t want to waste your money on an unprofessional mover. As you type in the query ‘moving companies in Dubai’, you’ll be amazed by the uncountable number of results the page shows but how to find the right one with real moving experience and skilled labor? To simplify the process and help you pick the right moving company in Dubai, we listed some essential questions that are enough to verify the authenticity of the company.

Question # 1: Since when are you in business?

Truth be told, there are too many Moving Companies that would claim of being a professional and you need to keep your eyes open. If they are professionals, they’d be having a work history and would proudly answer this question. But if they’re newly organized moving company in Dubai with an outsourced moving staff and no experience, you better continue your search for the professional movers in Dubai

Question # 2: Is your staff trained enough to handle my furniture?

Usually when we speak with our customers, they’re more inclined to hire trained staff that can handle both delicate as well as heavy furniture items. The reason is, you’re investing a considerable amount on your move and you wouldn’t want any novice to handle your precious furniture with such carelessness that you end up seeing a broken item. So make sure who will be handling your fixtures and upholsteries on the moving day.

Question # 3: Where are you guys located?

Due to the ease of setting up moving companies in Dubai, you’d find many businesses claiming to be the professionals. We’d suggest, from our moving experience, to stay away from such companies as they’re not reliable. Suppose, if you have an issue with moving procedure, where would you find them? As a professional moving company, it should have a real address where customers can reach them and fix their issues in person rather than over a phone call.

Question # 4: How will you move my stuff?

Now this is one essential question that you should must ask the surveyor before giving them charge to shift your valuables. Ask what process your stuff will go through during the moving procedure and how they guarantee the safety of your furniture? As a professional moving company in Dubai, we always explain our customers how we will be proceeding with their furniture and where we want their cooperation during the moving process.

Question # 5: What transportation options do you have?

No matter it’s your first time or you have a moving experience before during your stay at Dubai, this question is a must to ask. A good practice, on behalf of moving companies, is to secure each moving item with proper transportation medium. The movers should be having certified trucks (or any other transportation medium) to keep your furniture safe during the transition from your current location to the new address. If the company is using an open truck, that mostly happens in outsourced cases, you need to step back and continue your hunt for a professional moving company in Dubai.

We always love hearing from our customers so make use of the comment section below and share your moving experiences with us.


Over the decades, Dubai has been a center of attraction to many people due to various reasons. Some visit Dubai for business purposes, others spend some quality time with their family and there are many with an ambition to settle in this amazing emirate of UAE. As an active Movers in Dubai, we often encounter with people having interesting stories about their experience in Dubai that refreshes our perspective about this beautiful emirate. Yet, there are those who are making their first visit to Dubai, moving in Dubai or still unaware of Dubai’s fascinating culture. As December is here and the Christmas is nearing, we thought to dedicate this post for things you’ll see only in Dubai (Specifically in the month of December).

Myriad of Languages:

Dubai is enriched with cultural diversity and that’s one of its beauties and you’ll encounter this language diversity in Dubai quite often. Sharing her experience in Dubai’s busiest lifestyle, We Move’s manager, Miss Fabina Nazeer states she learnt 3 different languages after moving into Dubai from her homeland. “I’m fluent in Hindi and English but after settling into Dubai, I found Arabic, Urdu and Filipino quite interesting. I just love the city and different people residing here.” And this language diversity increases during December as new expats make their way to this land either for long term residence or for spending their holidays.

Futuristic Architectural Work:

If you’re visiting Dubai after a long time, you’ll fall in love with Dubai Canal that’s been recently inaugurated. Dubai has a reputation for creating skyscraping building and amazingly constructed theme parks but the killing sunlight and boiling temperature proves a hurdle for many to witness these amazing places. To your relief, December eliminates this problem when temperature is mostly ‘human-friendly’ and allows you to explore these beautiful places. From our experience of professional moving service, we highly recommend these points of interests like Jumeirah Golf Estates, Museum of the Future, Aqua Venture Waterpark and Dubai Miracle Garden that will really refresh your mood and let you spend some memorable time with your family.

Seaside Evening Walk:

As movers in Dubai, we observed that beaches attract so many people to enjoy the after-work hours and proves an interesting place for many. You probably visited Jumeirah several times before but this time of the year has something special to offer. If you’re missing home, want to have some time with your spouse or in need of a calm feeling, visit Jumeirah beach in the evening when the temperature is moderate. You’ll love the floating waves and water’s sound increasing and decreasing in a variable frequency. The sunset, mild cold air in fact the whole atmosphere refreshes one’s mood and bring a new urge for life.

Floating Vehicles on the Road:

Apart from gigantic buildings, amazing shopping malls and unique lifestyle, Dubai is also famous for its traffic system. You might be missing Italy’s streets or fond of USA’s clean roads but if you’re an expat in Dubai, you should really check this out. Stand at the corner or get a top view of Sheikh Zayed road and you’ll be fascinated by the floating vehicles of every size and shape. Do it in evening when offices are closing and people are rushing back to their homes. The twinkling headlights and constant vehicle speed depict nature’s flow in them this plethora of cars, trucks and other vehicles is one of the things you’ll see only in Dubai with such uniformity and rhythm.

Amazing Night Life:

As the New Year is approaching after Christmas, you’ll not find yourself feeling bored if you’re in Dubai. Dubai never gets you bored with multiple things happening each day and that’s the best part of this place. If you’re fed up from shopping malls or don’t want to visit theme parks for some time, musical concerts and entertainment shows can be a great way to revive the fun element in your life. Shake your legs on Hip Hop beats in Atelier M, experience Sami Yusuf’s soothing voice or witness roaring cars at Meydan Racecourse during your stay in Dubai in December.

We love hearing from our valued readers so make use of the comment box below and share your plans for December in Dubai.