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Offering something “free” or on “lowest rates” doesn’t mean that the service provider has the right to exploit the customers. UAE’s moving industry is one of the complex part of the economic infrastructure that gives the customers a hard time in making a selection from thousands of Moving Companies in Dubai. So thought, why not discuss the disadvantages of hiring a cheap moving company that does offer you less price but poses more risks to your ‘peaceful’ move. Read on and discover the downsides of hiring the moving companies in Dubai that come with ‘cheap’ service label.


As you’re trying to reduce the moving cost, the moving companies are doing the same if you opt for a cheap service provider. Your concern would be the moving expenses that take a considerable amount of money and their focus is shifted towards employing less people so they’ll have to pay less in account of salaries. But this reduction in manpower may impact on the safety of your items that you want to shift safely from one place to another. Now think and answer this to yourself that paying less is more important or seeing your items in a single piece?


The UAE government takes transparency and legality of businesses very seriously and this is why they’ve set the rule to obtain a license before operating in the market. Those moving companies in Dubai that offer cheap moving services don’t just stop on reducing manpower to save money. Some of them even skip the license obtaining part before commencing their business activities. Yes, that’s one of the reasons that they offer their service on such low rates but that’s half picture of the whole truth. If you’re working with a company that is not licensed, you’re putting yourself one step closer to legal difficulties if anything goes wrong. The company can change their business focus, move away and remain hidden in the government’s radar.


For those that are new in moving business, the moving job is limited to putting something up and placing it in another place but that’s not it. A moving job requires care, manpower (and sometimes) machinery to ensure the safety of every item that a customer asks to move. If you happen to hire one of the cheap service moving companies in Dubai, you’ll notice that they have moving tools that demand repair before use. The inventory that they use for packing, carrying or loading itself needs a little sympathy and support then how can you expect your move to be executed with perfection?


This is the era of technological advancement where we are connected with our peers, dears and family friends on the go. But some of these cheap-service moving companies in Dubai would be relying on old communication mediums. A smart moving company would usually have an app where the customers can track moving progress without even calling the customer care department. But when you opt for a moving company that is reluctant about providing cheap moving services, you’ll be given an assumed estimate for job completion that is usually hours late than initially anticipated.

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We strongly believe that the customers are the driving force behind every company on the path of success and development. It is you, the customers that make or breaks a company’s future because without a customer there won’t be any sales cycle in existence. But still, there are those organizations that exploit their customers, misguide them and lose their credibility in coming years. We get different responses from our new customers that come to us after trying a Moving Company in Dubai with whom their moving journey experience went bad. So we thought, why not discuss the negative aspects of a moving company in Dubai that would give our devoted readers a view of how a bad organization works and how they can keep them at a distance. So without wasting time, let’s discuss the negative aspects of a moving service provider in Dubai.


One of the essentials that prove a company trustworthy, reliable and first choice is the value of time. A company would never win its customer’s hearts if it delays the service delivery and the same applies when we speak about a reliable moving company in Dubai. It’s not your first move, right? So think about the last company that increased your moving period due to late arrival, slow services, and late completion? Time holds a significant importance both for individuals as well as companies and those that never realize this fact, remain behind in the competition.


The current era has brought visible changes in the way we utilize a service or purchase something in comparison to 50s or late 18th century. One of the metrics that we have to check the authenticity of a company’s professionalism is to see how much they deliver against the claims that we get the read/hear in their marketing promotions. Sure, a moving company in Dubai may have an amazing marketing department but the real game starts when the moving crew knocks your door. See how honest are they in terms of delivering up to your service standards? If they are a truly professional organization, they won’t claim anything more than they can deliver.


There are brands and service providers in each industry that charge a significantly higher price against their offerings. And paying more for quality service is totally justifiable if you’re something valuable in return of your spending, right? But what if you are charged higher prices by a moving company in Dubai that is not serving up to the expected service standards? That’s the sign of a bad moving company from which you need to maintain a distance. Those companies that charge more but maintain the value factor in its offering never face customer decline at any part of the business year.


Wise men (and women) smell the problem from a distance and you can do the same when finding a moving company in Dubai. You can benefit from the social connections that have used a similar service in last 3 months and know about their experiences. You’re more likely to find at least one person that has used the company that you’re planning to hire for your move. If they didn’t have a pleasant experience with that service provider then ho9w can you expect the same for you? You’ll be no exception for them as they’d treat you just as a number on their balance sheet nothing more than that.

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So you finally accepted that new job and preparing to move in Dubai with all your family members in few days? Have you sorted your move or still in conversation with a professional Moving Company in Dubai? Is your family ready for this big change or are you thinking of the new plans in a new place for every member of your house? No matter at what phase of your move you are right now because being a leading moving company in Dubai, we have few useful tips that may help you make your move stress free and keep everything organized during the move.


When you decide to move across the borders you leave behind your social circle, the relatives and the acquaintances that know you from a long time. You might have your career in your mind but hearing negative remarks about your decision from your family is obvious if you don’t discuss it with other people in the house. Be it your wife, your kids, parents or any other family member, you first need to bring everyone on same page in order to start in a peaceful way. This would also help you in managing things more easily when you have family support instead of the family issues.


When you move to a new place, you have to arrange everything according to its structure. So carrying everything with you is not a wise option and we, as a moving company in Dubai, recommend getting rid of extra items that you really don’t need in your new residence. After you book a new apartment in an ideal location that is near from your office you need to decide that how many items you should move and how many of them could be reduced from the packing list. If the furniture is in good condition, you may sell it and get a good amount of money in exchange of your excessive furniture otherwise you may simply dump the broken items.


I’m sure the company, which you’re going to work with, would bear all the moving expenses but you need to act practically. When you decide such big move with all your family members, you need to arrange for extra amount of money to make your move hassle free. Imagine yourself looking at the expense sheet and the amount you spent on your move is more than you planned. As a moving company in Dubai, we can understand what you’ll be feeling so the right time to plan about the expenses is before the moving date arrives.


When we move to a new place, we meet new people and learn new languages and cultures but Dubai is an exception. You’ll find your community quite fast in the town but feeling homesick is natural so give it a little time. After you settle into your new apartment in Dubai, plan out the next few days with your family to understand the city and how you can fit in. This would surely help you adopt the new culture and start your life in an easy way.


The idea of changing apartment and starting your life into a new place might sound interesting but the process it involves would surely frighten you for a minute. After working with different customers as a Moving Company in Dubai, we realized what makes a move hectic either for individuals or when you’re moving with the whole family. So to make your move easy and stress free, here are essential things that you need to do.


Changing address and start living into a new place is not easy as you first need to look for an apartment that is ideal for your current situation. You’d definitely begin your apartment hunt to find the right place with ideal location from work once you make your mind to move on a certain date. What most people forget to do due to nervousness or excitement of moving is to forget about informing their landlord of their plan in time. Go through your lease contract and see the notice period so you can inform your current landlord in time and save yourself from any deductions in security.


Informing your landlord is one of essential steps to make your move stress free but after that, you need to do another important thing and that is to locate a reliable moving company in Dubai. Get recommendations from family members, friends or colleagues who recently used a moving company in Dubai so you can select the best one that matches with your moving needs. Tell them about your requirements and discuss your moving date and the way you want to handle things. Before you give green signal to any of the moving company, be sure to get different moving quotes and based on those quotes pick the best one.


Imagine everything goes well and you’ve successfully moved to your new apartment in Dubai but an unexpected SMS destroyed your contentment. In the hassle of packing everything up and handling things on move day, you forgot to cancel monthly service subscriptions that you were using at the previous apartment. As you still have few weeks to move in the new apartment, this is the right time to tell the service provider about disconnection.


When you’ve made your mind to move then giving the excuse of being busy won’t work in your favor. So if you want to keep the moving phase less tiring and stress free, you need to take some time for packing things up at least a week before your moving date. If you can’t take a full day off from the work or other commitments, try dividing the packing activities and tackle each set of items on routine basis.


Would you be happy to see your new apartment in poor cleaning condition? Well in the same way your apartment would be occupied with someone else and they would judge you from the cleaning condition of your place. And even if we skip this part then you still need to give back your apartment’s possession after cleaning it out according to the lease agreement. So ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange for move out cleaning for you.


So you’ve decided to move away into a new city and start your awesome career but before that, a whole lot of items from your home office are haunting you with the packing phase right? First, you need to calm down and stay organized to handle the packing of your home office before the arrival of Movers and Packers in Dubai that you hired. We know the packing pain when you don’t have enough experience with packing stuff and the moving date is approaching on a thunderbolt’s speed.

Organize Each Item According to Size & Type

Your home office is basically your comfort zone that supported you up till now and will be your new den to think of amazing business ideas, project proposals and so many new things that are going to happen. But before that, you need to pack every important item carefully to carry it to that new place that you’ve booked already. Before you do anything, categorize everything according to shape and size so you can pack them effectively. First, you’ll be confronted with prominent furniture like tables, sofas and chairs but there are other items that might not be big in size but carry same value for you and your work. So segregate every item according to their size, shape and type for accurate labeling and organized packing.

Pack Liquid Based Items Separately

One thing that majority of people do is to stuff the packing cartons without segregating the items properly. For instance, if you’re carrying ink cartridges or inkpots and they are pressed under the pile of books, files or any important document then it may create problem for you. Chances are the bottle cracks a bit and spread ink all over the carton box. So if you don’t want to experience such discomforting instance then pack your home office items very carefully and save them from being destroyed. Arrange for a separate carton box for items that have some liquid characteristic in them or ask the packers and movers in Dubai that you’ve hired to provide special packing boxes.

Treat Electronics Carefully

Gone are days when people used to have spacious personal computers but there are enough electronic devices that carry space or have extra wires with them. So when you roll up to pack the electronic items like printers, scanners or monitors, make sure to remove their wires and pack them separately to avoid the chances of finding broken items later when you unbox the carton boxes. Arrange for plastic bags, put the wires in and place them very carefully with the electronics that you’ve put in the carton box.

Secure Books & Important Documents

Now come the most important items that you need to pack when moving into a new city i.e. books and documents. However the paper weighs less but when it is more in quantity, it may increase the load of the carton. So handle important books and documents that you intend to take with you very carefully. For making more room in a carton box, you may place them flat and pack more books, files and documents in one carton rather than placing them vertically.


Planning a new life in a new country and feeling anxious about the place, the people and the opportunities that are waiting for you? Feeling that way is natural but before that, you need to take care of something else and that is to ensure a successful move from your current address to the new one so save this excitement for later part of your move. Selecting one of the best Moving Companies in Dubai is not enough as you have to do some work on your own. So here are few must know moving tips before you pack the suitcase and leave for the airport.

Calculate Your Moving Expense Carefully:

When planning a move abroad, you need to be very careful about the moving expenses that may go beyond your budget and give you a cringing moment. When selecting one of the best moving companies in Dubai, never hesitate to speak with the surveyor, key account managers or any representative that is dealing with your move. Never be afraid of asking any question relating to your moving expense and save yourself from the moving stress later on.

Schedule Moving Day Wisely:

The next thing that you need to decide is the day when you and your fixtures will start the journey. When selecting the moving date, keep certain factors in mind that will help you reduce costs and make right moving decisions. Ask your moving agents about the available dates and match with the ones that you’re having in mind. Be very careful about choosing a moving date as if you select a date that falls in public holiday or any important event then you may pay more money for your move. So be very careful about choosing an ideal moving date to keep the costs low and your moving plan stress free.

Don’t Forget About Insurance:

As you make your mind to travel and explore new horizons of the globe, you need to hold back and pay attention to petty things that may affect your move. As you make a selection from the moving companies in Dubai, you need to be sure about the damages and insurance phase of your move. When you pack things up, accidents are bound to happen but what you can do to reduce the risk? Ask the moving agent if they offer insurance solutions for your move and be ready for any uncertainties.

Get Security Clearance:

Imagine yourself all ready and packed up to initiate your move and the moving truck is gradually making its way to your building. They pull breaks, the crew steps on the floor and the security guard stops them right at the main gate. Reason…they didn’t have security clearance to enter the building. Your whole moving plan is about to collapse down as you have to arrange for the security clearance that would take from few hours to a whole day. So never forget about this and prearrange for the passes.

Keep Everything Organized:

When you think about the move, feeling a mild dizziness in your head is natural. But you need to keep yourself organized in order to execute everything on time otherwise you may feel exhaustion during the move. Start with making lists and initiate the packing phase at least a week before the actual moving date.


Exploring new communities and making new connections feels amazing when you’re travelling the world alone. Moving to Dubai all alone is also an exciting experience for individuals that are pursuing their career or initiating a new business venture. But it comes with some exceptions and if you don’t take your move seriously, you may end up in feeling exhausted and fail to enjoy your journey. Your move involves much more steps than getting Movers and Packers Dubai at your side and we’re discussing these things in this post that would help you later on. Keep reading to discover these must have tips when you’re moving alone to Dubai.

Contact Reliable Movers and Packers:

So! You’ve decided to move to this amazing place that promises you a bright future and so many tourist spots but now what? I know you’re excited about the move and already thinking about the fun part that you’d have here in Dubai. But first, you need to calm down and check for reliable movers and packers in Dubai that would help you sort things out systematically. The company you choose to move with should have years of experience with positive customer response so you never have to face any difficulty either by poor customer service or any miscommunication. What you can do to identify the right moving company in Dubai is to obtain different moving quotes by multiple service providers to compare and select the right one.

Arrange for Accommodation:

The major issue people face when moving anywhere in the world is when it comes to finding an ideal accommodation. If your company is managing this part of your move, then you can relax a bit and hope for the best. But if you’re on your own then you need to complete your homework prior to your move in Dubai. The reason for prearranging the accommodation is that the rates could be opposite to your expectations. Whether you rent or purchase an apartment or villa, you need to be aware of the current rates in either case. Because you won’t want to destroy the happy picture about Dubai and its amazing life by living in a costly place.

Take Time for Packing:

When you’re done with the big picture of your move to Dubai, this is the time to focus on more important things. And when it comes to moving and relocation, packing is an important part that you shouldn’t ignore at all. First make list of what you want to take with you and what items you want to get rid of. This would help you in reducing the stress that you might feel from this whole moving idea. Try not to put off the packing on the last minute as it would make things hectic for you so be sure to pack everything at least 1 week before your moving date.

Make New Connections:

Adjusting in a new place is hard and you need to deal with it as soon as you could. But Dubai has exception in comparison to other places as you can instantly find individual that either speaks your language or families that belong to your hometown. So after settling into your new place, the next thing that you need to do is socialize as much as you could. It would save you from feeling homesick and you will feel more confident.