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International Moving

Discover new horizons with our freight and cargo services!

Whether you need to ship consignments by the road, require air travel or want to utilize the seaports, WEMOVE offers you its freight and cargo services in Dubai to manage the operations in easy and effective way. We have a strong network of brokers in different horizons of the world that helps us in processing your freight and cargo related queries.

We can help you in managing the delivery of goods, import and export of items and other important affairs of your business by using our years of experience in moving industry, connections in seaports and extending the abilities of our qualified staff.

We even go beyond in providing you storage facilities of different time period to secure your items during the transition phase from one location to another. We offer our cargo and freight services to enable your business in exploring new opportunities across the seas and broaden its service areas with our specialized cargo and freight services in Dubai. Some of the key features of our cargo and freight services are mentioned below:

  • Insurance facility for freight services
  • Facility for storing goods
  • Strong broker network
  • Advanced tracking system
  • Easy documentation process
  • Variable cargo and freight options

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