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self storage services in dubai


Cutting down on your furniture might sound interesting when you have an option like self-storage facility near you in Dubai’s top locations but if you couldn’t find ideal features in your service then your fixture is at risk. So when you decide to put excessive furniture and valuables in a Self storage Services in Dubai, you need to make sure it offers certain features that assure the safety of your items. Being the service provider of packing and moving in Dubai, we gathered some features that would help you in choosing the right self-storage facility in Dubai near you.

Everyone has a different need with respect to their storage quantity and the duration in which they want to secure their valuables. In such circumstances, the area matters the most and if your chosen storage facility doesn’t offer any custom unit option then this might create problem. Means if you have few items to secure and you’re being charged according to full size unit then it’s not a wise choice to go for that option. An ideal self-storage facility offers custom storage units according to customer’s needs as we own in our vast compound. So double check of the company offers this feature apartment form packing and moving in Dubai or you need to look elsewhere?

As mentioned above, the customization is the key to customer satisfaction and if your chosen facility doesn’t offer this feature then you need to look elsewhere. One single solution is not applicable to everyone’s problem so we offer multiple choices when people come to us for their storage needs. We offer customer storage units, open spaces and even wooden box facility that is ideal for shortest term storage scenarios. Does your current facility offer all these or similar kind of storage options? As if it doesn’t, you seriously need to change the service provider and save money.

In the age of digital progress, there are still some service providers that rely only on conventional way of security. Man guarding and frequent patrolling works fine but it is not sufficient unless it is backed by camera surveillance and latest security gadgets. For instance, we’ve installed personal security pads on each storage unit to enable every customer for taking charge of their fixture’s safety. They can come, deposit and withdraw anything at any given time and they have the password to access allotted storage unit. If your storage facility offers this kind of better security options then you’re paying to the right service providers but if not then you better know what to do.

Not all items that have been placed in a storage facility can bear the intense temperature the city sometimes faces so we recommend choosing a storage facility that comes with weather sensitive protection. This not only ensures your items are safe inside but you may also drop in those items that are weather sensitive and would be fine within the unit. Before choosing a company that offers storage, packing and moving in Dubai that if they have such storage facility where you could stay tension free with respect to their condition.

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