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4 out of every 10 residents in Dubai move in a year and they all have a different moving experience. Some rate the moving journey satisfactory then others are agitated due to unpleasant events that they encountered during the move. Some complaint about broken items then some consider that the movers are the reason that things didn’t go well. So we thought to help you in understanding the pros of hiring a Moving Company In Dubai with these essential questions that you should ask yourself during the company hunt phase.

How much items do I need to move?

We know that moving apartments is a hectic job and requires your patience and calm mind to sort things out. You don’t need to repeat the mistake that many people do and end up in getting a higher moving price for a set of specific items. Usually, the companies have designed a system to calculate the items according to CBM (cubic meter) to give you a price estimate on call. To help the sales guy give you right price for the move, you should first know how many items are you actually going to move and if they are wider in mass but lighter in weight? This would help you in closing an ideal moving deal and select the best moving company in Dubai.

How many movers do I need?

The major issue when moving things from one place to another is to decide how many movers you need to execute the job in a decent way. If you have excessive amount of furniture then you’d need more movers to take care of your items during the transition phase. This would be a wise decision to ask for more than 5 movers if you have more furniture items than usual. In similar manner, you should ask for 2-3 individuals to help you in the moving process. And if you’re confused about making the right decision, you may ask the representative of that moving company in Dubai to recommend you the right movers.

Should I ask for packing material?

Often times, majority of people rely on used carton boxes to pack the items up when they decide to move. The use of used carton boxes does save them a considerable amount of money but it also brings the risk of breakage. If you’re using used carton boxes, you’re putting your items on risk and you might see any broken items upon receiving your packages. Ideally, you should ask the Residential Moving Company In Dubai for the packing material that is specifically designed to meet your packing needs and ensure that your items would remain safe within the boxes during the transition phase.

What moving options do I have?

When deciding to hire a moving company in Dubai, most of the people skip this question and go with the regular truck. It is a good practice to always ask the representative of that moving company in Dubai that what transportation options you have. This means if your items would be transferred in an open truck or does the company use covered medium size truck? You should preferably go with the covered truck as this would reduce the sign of road traffic breaches and fines.

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