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The happiness is indescribable when you’re all done with initial procedures of a move and gracefully completed the paperwork and all the legal steps for securing your deposit when moving away. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we work with different people and know how they handle their move and what irritates them the most. So we thought to give you an easy way to handle everything strategically on actual moving day. Read along and discover what you can actually do on your moving day when changing apartment and make the whole process easy, achievable and stress-free for your peace of mind.

Moving Day Checklist:

  • Regardless of the fact that you’re done with most of the tasks earlier but you still need time to manage everything in an adequate manner. As a moving company in Dubai, we always recommend our customers to get up early and recheck all the lists and plans that they have decided to execute on the moving day. This would help you in different ways to manage different moving tasks and organize the day from an early stage.
  • Remember what we always mention in our past blogs? Always pack the most essential items last and this is the time when you need to pack them. Yes! You need to pack those toothbrushes, pastes and toiletries along with kitchen items and the bed sheets whatsoever. Pack everything up before the movers arrive with loading trucks and start their duties.
  • It is essential that you get familiar with the staff and the tools that they’ve carried to complete your move adequately. Walk them through each section of your apartment and show the packed boxes (if you’ve done that yourself). This is the best time for mentioning your plans for the move to get their suggestions to make your move more secure and ‘crack-free’. Help them evaluate the exit points for big articles that you intend to move and reduce the chances of destruction during your move.
  • Before you go ahead and start vacating the house, there’s something left which requires your attention – remember cleaning the house? As a moving company in Dubai, we suggest our customers to make the apartment clean and also provide move out cleaning services in Dubai to make things easy for them. It’d help you in securing the deposit amount that is likely to be deducted in account of cleaning expenses.
  • Done with your move? Congratulations for completing your move in desired manner! But wait…before you start thinking that your move is complete you need to go and check for each packing box and the items each one contains. Now start to unpack the boxes that contain fragile items and make sure they are not broken during the transition phase from your previous address to the new one. If you find anything broken, you may claim compensation against the loss right away and if things are good then don’t forget to give that moving company in Dubai a positive rating.

You may contact us on 0800 880000 for evaluation of your next move and one of our customer reps will help you plan the moving journey.

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