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When you have to change the apartment too often then you have to act smart especially while residing in a city like Dubai. Changing apartments is never easy when it comes to packing up all the items that you’ve arranged over the period of your stay and this is also very disturbing activity. Being one of the leading providers of Moving Companies in Dubai, we have helped different people in executing their move by reducing the challenges. So here are some useful tips that would help you in organizing everything from planning to the moving day when you plan to change your address in Dubai.


As one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we understand the pain when you have to spend again and again on packing boxes that increase your expenses while securing the items. If you’re on a budget then do not spend money on packing boxes and search for the shops that could provide free carton boxes. While selecting the boxes just, make sure that their condition is not as meager as they would tear off during the transition phase. Ensure that the boxes which you intend to use for securing the items are sturdy enough to bear different pressures during the transition phase.


During the packing phase of your move, the most irritating part is the clothes packing. The process not only takes time but also consumes your energy while you put the clothes out of cupboard, pack then one by one and again put then in the case. Being one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we ask people to use plastic wraps without removing the hangers. This would not cost you much and also save you enough time to manage your move wisely. Just roll up the clothes after covering in the plastic wraps and you’re all good to focus on other part of your move.


The most difficult part is to remember each carton box that contains something but you have no idea the next day after moving into the new apartment. As the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we suggest our customers to use colors that would help them remember the box types. There are different items that you use in your household and colors can come handy when you have to segregate each item according to the usage.


Don’t use too many carton boxes as it would increase your time and expenses. We suggest our valued customers to pack smartly when securing the fragile items like plates, forks and other kitchen utensils. Instead of putting them flat in the box, try packing them vertically to save more space for other items. You’d be using limited packing boxes by following this trick instead of using multiple carton boxes.


According to our experience as one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, packing electronics is one of the biggest challenges of every customer. We suggest securing the precious electronic items like plasma or oven with bubble wraps that would protect them from jerks and jolts during the transitions and also save the items from getting scratched.

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