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So you decided to make it big in Dubai and start another chapter of your awesome life but have you thought about the complexities of moving into Dubai and renting an apartment? Booking your flight, contacting a Moving¬†Company in Dubai and saying goodbye to your hold home is not sufficient when you decide to move here in Dubai. And being the providers of moving services in Dubai, we have some important tips to make your move safe, smart and wise with respect to negotiating rents, selecting best location and avoiding any issues later on. Read on and find what you should (what you shouldn’t) do when moving to Dubai soon.

Before we go further, I’d like to draw a sketch in your mind that would help you understand the importance of keeping things seriously when you move in Dubai for the first time. Imagine you got that job, closed a big business deal and contacted a moving company, an apartment broker and finalized a beautiful apartment.

You moved in and life was paradise until you were confronted with unpaid bills, noisy neighborhood and no parking facility (with some other problems). Your serenity and contentment would blow away like the boiling water and you have to stay there to complete the contract right? But if you take precautions, you can keep yourself in safe zone and enjoy the amazing life in Dubai.

  • Location matters when you’re searching for an apartment because if it is far away from metro station and you have no personal vehicle at your disposal then there’s wisdom in renting that lavish apartment.
  • A common problem that renters face is the short intervals between rent increase and this is where you need to stay sharp when in negotiation with the landlord. Also there’s a 90 day’s notice period before the landlord can increase the rent and you need to see that on your agreement.
  • Before you move into your new apartment, ensure that all the bills are cleared by the previous renters so you don’t have to face service disconnection from DEWA or any other authority. Reach out to your landlord and mention these problems if you find such issues in your new apartment.
  • In similar manner, go check what facilities are in working conditions in your apartment building and make sure you can avail everything that was mentioned in contract or claimed by the broker/landlord. E.g. the parking lot, community center or swimming pool usage etc
  • Checking everything in your apartment is a must if you don’t want to indulge yourself in time consuming activities of looking for maintenance services and getting things done. Whatever the old tenants did is not your headache and your landlord is liable to provide you everything in working condition. So don’t compromise on anything!

Lastly, finding the right moving company in Dubai is as essential as locating an apartment according to your ease. You may ask the landlord to refer a moving company in Dubai but don’t forget to look elsewhere and use your chance to work with the best one that fulfills your moving needs.

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