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Are you moving in Dubai or planning to change the Emirate for a better working opportunity to nourish your career? The thought of changing address always comes with a concern about the expenses and this is what holds many people back from shifting to a new apartment. But the recent report by Core Savills has given hope to all those planning to make a wise move with one of the best moving companies in Dubai. So we, being the providers of Moving Services in Dubai, thought to help you out in planning your next move and jotted down some interesting benefits this forecast has to offer.


According to this recent report on Dubai’s real estate, there is a fair possibility in rent drops for residential premises. The report revealed that residents – especially tenants – may expect a rent drop to up to 25-40 percent but the actual decreased amount depends on the location in which they are living or intend to live.

There are 20 famous residential areas in Dubai that would see this change in terms of low rents and this is clearly a green signals for people that want to reduce their expenses while living in Dubai. Before you consider it all, there’s more to know and develop a better understanding about this report. Despite the statement that rents are going to drop down, some locations would see a least effect in their rental situations in which Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Village and JLT top the list.


So this was the news that we had to share with you being the provider of moving services in Dubai but the question is how you may benefit from this scenario? This decreasing tendency would take effect in near future and this is the best time to plan out your moving journey to keep everything organized and stress free. Change your residence and save hard earned money that you’re spending on account of rental expenses.

This is your chance to choose an ideal location and pay less for the premise that you choose to live in. This news reduces the distance between your ideal location and also that huge amount that used to make nervous. Choose a location that is in your budget and redesign your lifestyle with an ideal apartment location.


This was the big picture but where would you start your next move? As the providers of moving services in Dubai, we’d suggest you to start with selecting the location and the move towards the moving costs. Get in touch with a professional moving company in Dubai and ask them to evaluate your whole move.

After taking an idea about moving expenses, you’ll have a better picture of the whole process that how you may start and what moving company in Dubai would be better in terms of the charges and service quality etc. So start planning your move from now and benefit from this recent announcement in rent drops in Dubai.

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