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What Security Metrics Make Self-Storage Services in Dubai Ideal?

The need to store excessive amount of furniture and upholstery rises once in a year and from there your journey starts to locate the best Self-Storage Services in Dubai, isn’t it? Whether it’s the self-storage services in Dubai, your apartment or even the office, you’d want everything (from your life to the valuables) to be secure and safe within the premise. A question triggered our mind that what kind of security facilities you’d want to see in your self-storage services in Dubai? So we thought why not we give you some good points to start with. Find below the right security metrics to look into the self-storage services in Dubai that is on your list.


We don’t live in the Stone Age so using technology to our benefit is logical. Practicing this idea for increasing security of the storage unit, all providers of professional self-storage services in Dubai give due importance to technology in shape of CCTV surveillance. They can keep track of every moment happening inside and around the facility. This gives you a reason to trust their self-storage services in Dubai as your items would be protected under the eyes of camera. If anything goes wrong, you can request to check their video records to evaluate the problem yourself.


The security is the first concern of any provider of self-storage services in Dubai and for that reason, they invest in a sustainable and durable entrance gate system. Being the first entry point, due attention is given to entrance area at any reliable self-storage unit facility. While visiting the facility for the first time, you can evaluate if the management has given due importance to the entry point by adding a gated access point for the entrance and exist? If you find such arrangements meeting your standards, you can continue with your decision to hire those self-storage services in Dubai otherwise it is better to continue your search.


No doubt that technological advancement has made our work easier than old days when we speak about the security measurements. But still there are some safety practices deemed as effective even today such as the use of wall fences. The fences can eliminate the risk of intrusion and burglars that eye on such places filled with precious (or saleable) items. During your visit to the self-storage facility, look how secured their walls are and if you find fences placed then it is a good sign.


The smart and customer-centric service providers put their customer’s satisfaction first. In conjunction with CCTV surveillance and other digital facilities, they also employ human wisdom for keeping the items secure 24/7. This means an ideal provider of self-storage services in Dubai would use manned guarding to ensure total safety if the digital security layer fails to protect your items. If the service provider (that you’ve selected) has added security guards for managing the security of units then your items are in safe hands.


As an additional layer of security, many providers of self-storage services in Dubai offer computerized unit locking system. This means you can access your unit with a digital password that only you (and a trust representative from the company) know. Do look for this feature in your selected self-storage services in Dubai and be in charge of your item’s security instead of relying solely on the management.

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