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In this fast paced economy, it seems hard for businesses to achieve their objectives and recognize themselves as a business leader. To win more customers and recognition, many businesses opt for business fairs that allow everyone an equal chance to attract new business opportunities or tweak the sales charts upwards. For displaying your products the right way, you need a booth that is arranged correctly otherwise everything is useless. Being a moving company in Dubai, we hold expertise in setting up all sort of booths that help you attain your objectives wisely. From our experience of booth setups and Storage Services Dubai, we put together some useful information to help you out.


In a trade show what matters the most is your location where people can reach you easily. If possible, try to arrange your booth near entrance so you have more chances of getting noticed. Select a location that is not far from people’s reach and avoid using backward areas or corners that are far from getting attention. In all our booth setup assignments, we suggest our customers to pick the spot that people can find easily. This helps you to get noticed and allow you a chance of educating prospects about your services and products more easily.


Through booths and stalls, your objectives are to attract new people that either end up initiating a new venture with you or buy your products. But how will you attract new people when your booth is not attractive enough and has the conventional design and color scheme? Wise companies spend a considerable amount and time on designing the whole theme of their booths and stalls that reciprocate their business vision. Through appealing color scheme and design, you get a chance of being unique in your market.


Usually, trade shows (or business fairs) continue for several days and if the booth setup is made of low quality material, you’ll end up in disappointment. From our relocation services and fair/exhibition setup experience, we always suggest our customers to use the material that is firm enough to withstand all sorts of scenarios. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we also help our customers in picking the right booth and stall material that can hold all products, brochures or any other item firmly till the show ends.


Once you set up the booth and complete all the arrangements for the show, never forget to go through each step. Make sure everything is in place and the booth/stall is in good form to contain all your products. Check for electricity arrangements if you’re using some visuals to represent your business or make sure everything you’ll need during the show is in the right place. For this matter, we accommodate our customers with a supervisor or manager that they can rely on and plan for their trade show in a better way.

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