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Long Term Storage Packing Tips – Moving Storage

Moving somewhere, but not as a permanent location? You might have to leave with your luggage but can’t keep all of your belongings at new location, which comes up with needs of storage that belongs to you in said situations. It is mostly easy to find out some rental places and storage units, but it is not just about storage of thing which left, packing them properly and keeping them secure is important as per climate control unit, which is a very main concern to keep your things in storage safe when you are away for long time.

We have shared some tips here for packing your stuff, from fragile to furniture items, long-term storage preparation, so while you unpack those items again they will found exactly as that as you left before moving to new location.

Climate Control

Climate hit badly if your packing material is not protected well, so it is recommended to use a facility which is protected with climate control and it works for many reasons.


Humidity (Moistures, etc.) are almost found everywhere, even you don’t see them, your wooden material and pictures can possibly damage by dampness in your storage spaces, it is important to set temperature of storage space between 55-80 degrees, otherwise, humidity can affect badly on your furniture by putting yellowing on them and on your photos.


If you are using a climate controlled storage units, it is safe for your storage to be attached by rodents and insects. The ability of eating by rodents and insects is a danger to the belongings inside a storage facility, so it is good to keep items in climate controlled place.


Bacteria are infectious, they don’t just grow in refrigerators, they grow every where, when the temperature permits, so to keep away bacteria it is important to use climate controlled storage.

Tips for Storage Units

When you found a climate controlled storage facility with Storage Companies in  Dubai compare or evaluate it first also learn about the price quotes and check if it convenient for you as if the facility will be nearest to your location that would be a better place. Before storage, unit should be well cleaned, do it by your own if possible even if it is cleaned before. Make a precise plan for using the space inside storage unit, by keeping in mind about the items which you use before or later.


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