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How to Book a Moving Service in UAE

How to Book a Moving Service in UAE (4 Easy Steps)

It’s an admitted fact that everyone is busy in UAE’s superfast lifestyle and given the fact that millions of people migrate either in or outside for various reasons. Being one of the best Movers in Dubai, UAE we often hear people shouting about their uncomfortable experiences with a certain service. Moving is no exception but the problem is, are you giving enough attention to booking phase of your move? Well if you’re not, this post is surely for you so keep reading to make your move easy and in line with your other plans.

Step 1: Provide Authentic Information

As we pick up the call and pitch the opening sentence “Thank you for calling We Move, how may I help you today?” a voice hits our ears with myriad of questions about services, scheduling, quotes and so many other questions. As a customer, you have the right to inquire about all service, quotes and possible discounts that we understand well. But what we expect from every customer is to take some time and provide authentic information because that’s going to make your moving process comfortable or bring some unsatisfactory instances in your move. Give proper names of concerned persons, make sure the address is accurate and always give current email addresses and phone numbers.

Step 2: State Your Requirement

After giving your personal information, we need to know your moving requirements that vary from customer to customer and article quantity in each premise. We make sure to maintain customer satisfaction but we need you to be on the same line and give proper information like the size of your current residency/office, how many articles you need us to move securely and other requirements you want to include in packages. Believe me, your 5 minutes will pay you off in various ways and make your whole move very comforting.

Step 3: Decide Proper Job Timing

Another important step that most customers skip during a booking is to discuss proper job execution time. For instance, if it took few hours to move your friend’s furniture from a studio, never assume the same timespan for your 3BHK or villa. Keep the time factor in mind when booking  Moving Service and discuss proper time the job will require to remove and transit your furniture at the new address.

Step 4: Arrange Entry Passes

Entry passes are essential for a smooth moving procedure otherwise you’ll end up in delaying the whole schedule and as an experienced movers in Dubai we always ask every customer to arrange for passes beforehand. Usually what happens is that security staff takes much time in verifying the identities of each moving staff and this activity delays the whole procedure and disturbs your plan for the day. So when scheduling the moving dates, do consult whether you’d arrange for the passes or you want us to do the job.

Being one of the professional movers in Dubai, we prioritize customer satisfaction but we need you to work with us to make each procedure smooth and satisfactory. We always appreciate your comments that help us to understand your concerns and problems. So do make use of the comment box below and share few words with us.

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