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So…are you ready to enjoy the multiple festive in the month of December that is just a day ahead? Where everybody is planning their holidays, we thought to give you an insight of what’s happening in moving industry. No doubt that your excitements are already touching the sky thinking about the holidays coming this month and you’ve already postponed your moving plans, right? What if I tell you that instead of postponing the moving date till January 2018, this is the best time to pack your stuff up and change your residence? As a Moving Company in Dubai, we have some really good news for you to plan your move during the month of December. Don’t worry I’m just going to explain how!


Every company tries to score as much sales as it could by the end of this month and guess what…moving companies are also running in this marathon. As December heads up, you’ll be seeing different discounts and cheap price deals on different stores, shopping malls and almost everywhere due to a certain event/festival. We believe that this is the best time to call your moving company in Dubai and check if they are offering any discount on their moving prices and believe me you won’t be disappointed. To put it in simple words…where you’ll be spending Dh1000/- for a studio’s move, it would cost you Dh750/- to Dh800/- to move your single room apartment. Now you can apply the same rule to calculate the costs for moving an apartment with multiple rooms.


December is not only the month of lucrative discounts and sales but it also marks the end of your tenancy contract, isn’t it? So that means you’ll either be negotiating the renewal of tenancy contract with your landlord or looking for a new apartment by the start of January 2018. We should embrace the change as soon as we could and I think this is the best time to do so (That’s a bit poetic, wasn’t it?). Given the present condition of real estate market of UAE, if you go with negotiation option then you could miss some of the best deals a new apartment owner can offer you. The real estate owners are fully motivated to meet their monthly targets before the year closes so why don’t you approach them and check if they have a nice apartment for you.


With packing and moving of your stuff, there comes a burden of rearranging everything at your place. So here’s the picture of what you’ll be doing during the holidays and later when moving the apartment. First, you’ll be busy in arranging everything for the holidays like Christmas Eve, Epiphany or New Year Night that would consume much of your energy. After when the celebrations are over, a new task would keep you busy and that is the packing and shifting your stuff to new apartment, right?

Once you complete moving procedures, you’ll be occupied setting your place according to your taste. If you move during the month of December, you won’t have to decorate and rearrange stuff on three different stages. Find a new apartment, contact a moving company in Dubai, change your residence and enjoy the celebrations of December holidays in a new place. Simple as that!

So what’s your holiday plan this December? Do let us know in the comment section below or speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 to plan your move now.

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