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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to move, how can I start?

– You need to settle first the internal agreement between you and your landlord, after that you need to check the vicinity or the building management if they require for NOC or permit to move out. Of course in setting this up you also needs to have the move in permit to the new building or vicinity.

How many boxes do i need to get?

– The boxes will depend on your item. Sometimes we suggest using the luggage’s or bags. The more boxes the more space we need to have.

How will i know how much is my move? I have a certain budget.

– Moving will really depend on:

  1. Your Items
  2. Are you living in a flat or a villa?text
  3. How many bedroom you have?

– And to make easy for you if it is more than 1 bedroom we can do the survey with no obligation. We can give you the exact rate on the spot and let us see what we can do to meet your budget half way. We have different packages rate that will

Are the packing materials included to your rate?

– Yes all the packing materials included to the rate. Also we are giving options for the packing materials you require. There will be separate charge for special packing like wooden crate, extra bubble wrap and protection.

Is handyman services included?

– Yes, basic handyman is included to the survey. Basic handyman means setting up the main furniture this includes: Sofa, 1 wardrobe per bedroom, bed. Curtains, frames and other handyman works are not included; there will be extra charge for this.

Is the transportation included?

– Yes all local transportation within Dubai is included to the rate however if that will be outside Dubai there will be additional charges.

I just have few items to move how much it will cost me?

– We have a minimum item and rate and that will be 3 CBM or 30 boxes size of 45x45x75.

What is the nationality of the packers?

– We have 2 mixed well trained and experienced team, Filipino and Pakistani to do the job either for local and export or import job.

Do they unpack and put the items in place in the new house?

– Yes this includes in the rate however we need to do it also on the same day of moving since we have next engagement as well. We can take instruction from our client on where and how to set up the furniture to the new home. This is optional for export transactions.

Do you provide boxes or packing materials in advance?

– Yes we can deliver the packing materials in advance with the down payment of 20% of the total amount of the job.

What will i do to the items i don’t need anymore?

– “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” we can gave it to our friends or neighbours and for the clothes there are green bin around the corners and you can shoot them in.