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So finally, you’ve decided to change your address and start living in a better place with ideal rent, city view and more facilities. Congrats! But what’s your moving plan and how are you going to tackle things so you can enjoy no deductions from your landlord in account of damages or utility service disconnection? When it comes to changing apartments – being a professional Moving Company in Dubai – we ask our customers not to ignore these essential steps before they hand over the keys to the landlord. Read on and find out how you can save yourself from unpleasant instances where you might be asked to pay for damages or expenses occurred for maintenance of the apartment or so.
You’re excited about renting an awesome apartment in Dubai’s best location, the discussion is on and you totally forgot about the notice. The notice…Yes the one that you usually give a month before vacating to your landlord, remember? According to our experience as a moving company in Dubai, this may result in raising a discomforting situation between you and your landlord who was totally unaware of your leaving the place this month. And according to contract, you are required to give notice at least a month (or 2 months sometimes) to your landlord before leaving the apartment. If you fail to do so, you might have to pay the rent for that month as general rent contracts say. So when you decide to change apartment, the first thing that you should do, both morally and lawfully, is to update your landlord about your plans.
We’re no angels and mistakes are bound to happen so when it comes to changing apartment, you should not overlook small damages. As these small damages may turn into big deductions from your security and may disturb your budget that you’ve located for moving costs. When you make up your mind to change the apartments, you should go around and see what damages have affected the place. According to our experience as a moving company in Dubai, you should cover the damages yourself instead of relying on your landlord. This is the right thing to do both in terms of etiquettes and secondly  it reduces your costs that may occur on maintenance. You broke it accidentally so fix it and safe yourself from blaming other for charging more.
Okay here’s the serious step that you usually skip from your moving plan and it costs you money in shape of security deductions. Your landlord gets you a working connection from DEWA and other relevant authorities that make your living experience uninterrupted but when you leave an apartment, it is your duty to manage these utility services. Note the date from when you stopped using water supply, electricity and other facilities provided by your landlord. This not only benefits you from bearing security deductions but also helps the other tenant in finding the real usage of these utility services. Make ways for others and reap the benefits yourself too.

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