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The new economical challenges are making it hard for every tenant in Dubai to stay in the budget line. As the days pass, it becomes difficult for tenants to keep the expenses in control in which the apartment rent is on top of the list. As a Moving company in Dubai, we always try our best to update our valued readers about the latest property trends to make the right decision when it comes to moving to another apartment. In our earlier post, we discussed the possibilities to move in December with few recommendations of cheap apartment in Dubai. This new post by Gulf News suggests the exact locations that could be considered when you plan to switch apartments. So, are you ready to discover the cheapest apartments in Dubai? Read on!

Cheap Apartments in Dubai

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Despite of fall in rents in Dubai’s apartments, there is restlessness in tenants that want to cut down their expenses to save money and reduce the living costs. And this update brings just the kind of news that all those tenants were waiting to hear. According to this update, some apartments offer tenants Dh60/- to Dh64/- per square feet yearly rent. This means if you switch apartment in below mentioned locations, you would be paying around Dh 50,000/- to Dh 54,000/- in total for a 1BHK apartment.

The residential communities that offer cheaper yearly rents are:

  • Discovery Gardens
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Investment Park
  • Dubai Land
  • International City
  • Motor City
  • Al Furjan

The update also reveals most expensive residential locations of Dubai that costs the residents a hefty amount in account of yearly rents. Property specialists have predicted that Dubai’s most expensive apartments are open to tenants for DH 100,000/- or more yearly rent. In comparison to above mentioned rent, these locations have about Dh117/- per square feet yearly rent. The locations that are marked as one of the most expensive ones include Palm Jumeirah, Greens, Old Town, DIFC, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and The Views according to different property analysts.

Good! But I don’t know what to do now?


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I know that discovering the cheapest apartment is not the only motivation to act upon this idea of moving all of the sudden. But there are plenty of other things to consider your move in coming weeks.

  • You’ll get to reside in a new location and make new friends if you move to another apartment.
  • The work could be nearer from your residence if you plan to reside in above mentioned locations. (Check if that applies to you)
  • If you make a move now, you’ll be saving more money on your monthly contract for the coming year.
  • Recall your living costs in the current apartment and you’ll find out that this move will save you half of the money.
  • Start the New Year in a new apartment and decorate the place as per your ease with the help of a moving company in Dubai.

Okay, but how much moving will cost?


Good question! And luckily we have just the right answer for your query so don’t you worry about the moving costs. As a moving company in Dubai, we have already done the calculation work for you to understand the real challenge of your move. Please keep in mind that these calculations are based on a rough idea and the prices mentioned below may vary according to your furniture items.

  • If you want to shift from current studio apartment to another location, it’d cost you around Dh1000/- to move your items securely.
  • In case you want to replace your 1BHK with a new one, it would be around Dh1500/- or more.
  • The costs for moving 2BHK is about Dh2000/- in case you make your mind to shift to a cheaper place from the current one.
  • You’ll be paying around Dh3000/- or more for removing your furniture from 3BHK apartment.
  • Similarly, the costs for moving your items from a 4BHK apartment in Dubai would be about Dh3500/- or more.

If you are living in a bigger place than above mentioned apartments, you may speak with our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get the exact pricing on call.

So, what did you decide regarding your move? Do let us know about it in the comment section below!

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