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The idea of moving to another apartment sounds exciting when you’re to live in an amazingly constructed apartment in one of Dubai’s top locations, isn’t that? But what about those fragile items that need extra care on your part to be delivered safely from the old address to the new one? Being the providers of Packing and Moving Services in Dubai, we are aware of the irritation that majority of our customers face when packing vulnerable items including mirrors, antiques, painting and other form of fine art that make their place look classy. So we decided to give all those movers few useful packing advices that intend to take those precious items with you and looking for safe ways to pack them up correctly.

If you don’t want to feel disappointed from the packing and moving services in Dubai then you need to ensure certain things while you pack everything up that is vulnerable to jerks and shakes during the transition phase. So here’s how you may pack things smartly to deal with all the unfavorable situations and find your fragile items in one piece at the new address when the movers in Dubai complete their job.

  • When it comes to packing certain items in your valuables including mirrors, art pieces and paintings you need to understand that they require special packing techniques instead of putting them in one big carton box. Nope! You don’t need to un-mount the frame to pack them as a large telescope box would do the job. You may ask the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai to arrange that special packing material or get it from the nearest hardware store.
  • Packing up your artworks/painting? Hold on before you cover them up in that bubble wrap, you need something more relevant to maintain the color scheme of that artwork. Being the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we always ask our customers to use glassine paper to cover the front side of paintings that preserve the colors when in contact with the carton box’s inner surface. The providers might provide you glassine paper or else you may get it from art supply store near you in Dubai.
  • When you’re done covering the surface of your painting with glassine paper and arranging for large telescope boxes to cover the items securely, it’s time to put out that bubble wrap. Now cover the whole item with at least two times with a bubble wrap paper to ensure that each side is covered satisfactorily before you start tapping the item.
  • When taping the item, don’t repeat the same mistake that you did last time when packing fragile items for a move. As the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to tape at least two times the whole item after wrapping it in bubble wrap paper to make sure that it is securely satisfactorily and can bear the unfavorable parts of the transition journey.

If you feel that there is something missing in your packing approach, you may always ask your moving supervisor for further suggestions with respect to the packing of your items.


When you have to change the apartment too often then you have to act smart especially while residing in a city like Dubai. Changing apartments is never easy when it comes to packing up all the items that you’ve arranged over the period of your stay and this is also very disturbing activity. Being one of the leading providers of Moving Companies in Dubai, we have helped different people in executing their move by reducing the challenges. So here are some useful tips that would help you in organizing everything from planning to the moving day when you plan to change your address in Dubai.


As one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we understand the pain when you have to spend again and again on packing boxes that increase your expenses while securing the items. If you’re on a budget then do not spend money on packing boxes and search for the shops that could provide free carton boxes. While selecting the boxes just, make sure that their condition is not as meager as they would tear off during the transition phase. Ensure that the boxes which you intend to use for securing the items are sturdy enough to bear different pressures during the transition phase.


During the packing phase of your move, the most irritating part is the clothes packing. The process not only takes time but also consumes your energy while you put the clothes out of cupboard, pack then one by one and again put then in the case. Being one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we ask people to use plastic wraps without removing the hangers. This would not cost you much and also save you enough time to manage your move wisely. Just roll up the clothes after covering in the plastic wraps and you’re all good to focus on other part of your move.


The most difficult part is to remember each carton box that contains something but you have no idea the next day after moving into the new apartment. As the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we suggest our customers to use colors that would help them remember the box types. There are different items that you use in your household and colors can come handy when you have to segregate each item according to the usage.


Don’t use too many carton boxes as it would increase your time and expenses. We suggest our valued customers to pack smartly when securing the fragile items like plates, forks and other kitchen utensils. Instead of putting them flat in the box, try packing them vertically to save more space for other items. You’d be using limited packing boxes by following this trick instead of using multiple carton boxes.


According to our experience as one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, packing electronics is one of the biggest challenges of every customer. We suggest securing the precious electronic items like plasma or oven with bubble wraps that would protect them from jerks and jolts during the transitions and also save the items from getting scratched.


The need to store excessive amount in a storage facility rises from time to time when you live in city like Dubai. It could be for few weeks, for a month or more than a year but are you sure you hired right storage services in Dubai or the decision needs a second thought? These questions are important to ask yourself and the supervisor negotiating terms with you when you’re inspecting the facility in person. Some people have mastered the art of negotiating when finding Storage Companies in Dubai but others badly fail to make the right deal. So we thought to help those of you that have very less or no experience with selecting storage service before. Keep on reading and find interesting questions that you should ask the manager, supervisor or any representative dealing with you at the time of decision making.

Security First!

You put your valuables in a storage facility with a belief that they would be safe into that unit. What if the unit itself needs security with respect to burglars and vulnerable locking conditions? These are essential elements that make your decision of putting things in storage facility a right choice. When finding the storage services in Dubai, never ever overlook this element that would make your valuables safe for weeks, months or even a year if you plan to store them that long. The service provider that you choose for storing your items should have latest security arrangements like CCTV cameras and 24/7 patrolling manned guards that ensure the safety of your valuables.

Personalization Matters:

You’ll find countless storage companies in Dubai that claim to be the best choice that you can make when it comes to choose a storage facility for your valuables. In this progressive era, personalization is everything and you should not rely on their words unless see and test things yourself. You’re paying for that storage unit you should be in charge of the security for that place where your items are going to stay for that long time. The best storage services in Dubai offer electronic locks to secure your storage unit and enable you to deposit or withdraw anything at any time. Ask the supervisor if you’re going to get features like this or otherwise look elsewhere.

Price Is Important:

You won’t want to be charged much for depositing fewer items so never forget to ask about their prices when you look for storage services in Dubai. Ask the representative about their pricing criterion and see if they offer customized solution according to your storage needs. If they really care about their customers, they’d provide a custom solution for paying monthly subscriptions against your allotted storage unit. Never settle until you find a nice package by one of the best Storage Companies in Dubai.

Further Features:

You might be thinking to place some items in storage unit that are weather sensitive or adopt cleaning related issues more rapidly. So when searching for a storage unit, make sure it offers all those additional benefits that you need to keep your items not only secure but safe from dust, dirt and moist. See if they offer such features and if not, you need to find some other storage services in Dubai to ensure the safety of your items.


Are you moving in Dubai or planning to change the Emirate for a better working opportunity to nourish your career? The thought of changing address always comes with a concern about the expenses and this is what holds many people back from shifting to a new apartment. But the recent report by Core Savills has given hope to all those planning to make a wise move with one of the best moving companies in Dubai. So we, being the providers of Moving Services in Dubai, thought to help you out in planning your next move and jotted down some interesting benefits this forecast has to offer.


According to this recent report on Dubai’s real estate, there is a fair possibility in rent drops for residential premises. The report revealed that residents – especially tenants – may expect a rent drop to up to 25-40 percent but the actual decreased amount depends on the location in which they are living or intend to live.

There are 20 famous residential areas in Dubai that would see this change in terms of low rents and this is clearly a green signals for people that want to reduce their expenses while living in Dubai. Before you consider it all, there’s more to know and develop a better understanding about this report. Despite the statement that rents are going to drop down, some locations would see a least effect in their rental situations in which Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Village and JLT top the list.


So this was the news that we had to share with you being the provider of moving services in Dubai but the question is how you may benefit from this scenario? This decreasing tendency would take effect in near future and this is the best time to plan out your moving journey to keep everything organized and stress free. Change your residence and save hard earned money that you’re spending on account of rental expenses.

This is your chance to choose an ideal location and pay less for the premise that you choose to live in. This news reduces the distance between your ideal location and also that huge amount that used to make nervous. Choose a location that is in your budget and redesign your lifestyle with an ideal apartment location.


This was the big picture but where would you start your next move? As the providers of moving services in Dubai, we’d suggest you to start with selecting the location and the move towards the moving costs. Get in touch with a professional moving company in Dubai and ask them to evaluate your whole move.

After taking an idea about moving expenses, you’ll have a better picture of the whole process that how you may start and what moving company in Dubai would be better in terms of the charges and service quality etc. So start planning your move from now and benefit from this recent announcement in rent drops in Dubai.


Changing addresses and moving frequently within the city is quite common in this Emirate but finding one real professional Moving Company in Dubai is as hard as locating a needle in sea. You search for the moving companies in Dubai and thousands of companies appear on your laptop/mobile screen claiming to be the right choice for your move and you have to risk your time, money and important stuff by choosing one of them. Any guesses how you can choose the right one or if it is the wrong company that you’ve chosen for your move? Read on to discover if you’ve chosen a professional moving company in Dubai or making a mistake by choosing the unprofessional packers and movers.


Today companies have many ways to market their ‘positive’ side and convince the end customer of their unseen professionalism standards but you feel disappointed after finding them all wrong when it comes to practical. Don’t get caught in their impressive examples of past examples unless you meet someone from their staff as this is where you can judge their work standards through the behavior of that guy (or girl maybe). Whether you’re in conversation of hiring a moving company in Dubai or asked the representative for initial inspection of your move, act attentively and see how committed they are towards their work. If the representative is constantly making excuses instead of proposing a solution to your problems then surely it is a signal of not choosing them.


As you know that Dubai is a place with diversity in terms of citizens that belong to different countries and hold a dissimilar temperament. Some are dedicated towards their work then others behave carelessly when performing their duties. But as you’re paying a moving company in Dubai to keep your items secure throughout the process, you won’t want to work with a careless moving crew right? A professional moving company in Dubai values the comfort of its customer and trains the staff to keep the process smooth and uninterrupted. But if you pay in full and find the staff careless with your stuff, you’ve chosen wrong guys and you need to stop the process right there before experiencing any loss.


The moving crew always works in supervision of a senior representative and it is important that this guy should show professionalism and dedication in his behavior. Suppose, you’re working with a moving company in Dubai whose moving crew has a supervisor who is not professional and holds a negative element in his behavior. This would affect your move because whenever you ask the crew to do something required for a safe transition of your items, the supervisor avoids it stating ‘this doesn’t fall in my duties.’ The supervisors are appointed to listen and guide you and arrange for the required items to make the move successful now if that guys goes rogue against his duties then his subordinates would surely follow him and ruin your move. That’s a sign that you’ve chosen a wrong moving company in Dubai and your move is at risk of bringing bad news at any point of the procedure.


Are you moving to a new address or just got your packed furniture by that professional moving company in Dubai and found few broken items? Or it might be you mixed the boxes and blaming the Packers and Movers that you hired? It’s no use to blame the company when you are repeatedly making the same packing mistake that costs you in terms of some financial (or emotional) loss every time you shift the residence (or the shop). So we thought to put together some common mistakes people make during the packing process and experience problems later on.


Can you guess when your moving journey becomes a nightmare and how you may fix it instead of blaming the moving company in Dubai that you hired (or thinking to hire)? The whole process becomes a torture when you keep on postponing the packing phase of your furniture and always find excuses for not allocating sufficient time. This results in discomfort when the moving date arrives and you have no idea what to do first and what to pack last. The rule of thumb is that you should start packing process at least 3 weeks before the moving date. You may go slow initially and pick the pace with each passing day and keep your blood pressure normal that goes high when you don’t pack and blame the moving company in Dubai for making the process complex.


Unlike you, there are some people that have mastered the art of packing and keeping the moving a relaxed journey. Can you guess that what do they do to keep the whole process as simple as waking up and going to their new place without encountering any difficulty? They prioritize each set of item when it comes to packing and this is what keeps them away from the confusion of last minute packing and accusing the packers and movers after they move into their new place. For instance, if you’re thinking to start packing then start with the items that you require the least on routine basis and pack the rest in that manner.


You might have heard that old saying about the eggs and basket and that beautifully applies here when you roll up your sleeves to pack your stuff. Always start with segregating fragile items from other items that can bear shakes and weight during the transition process. Because if you put everything in big boxes just to save boxes or due to time shortage, you’re bound to find some broken items after shifting into your new place. If you can’t find more packing boxes, ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange them for you and make best use of them to keep the valuables secure during the moving phase.


A common mistake that people, with no previous packing experience, make is not labeling each packing box. If you rely on your memory for recognizing the packing boxes and the kind of items they contain, you’re just increasing your problems and nothing else. Label each packing box and keep a list with you to keep the process easy and less hassle free instead of doubting the work standards of the moving company in Dubai.


The need of storing excessive amount of furniture rises frequently for the residents of UAE due to different reasons. And life is paradise if you could find the best Storage Company in Dubai that not only offers multiple storage solutions for your needs but also accommodates you with additional benefits. There are so many storage and moving companies that claim to be professional but fail to provide that elite class experience. So here are few signs that would help you identify if you’re happy with your storage company in Dubai or it’s time to change the service and secure your furniture.


When you use a service, you expect them to stay loyal with you from start till the end of the service duration. But what if the storage company in Dubai (that you’re in contract with) changes its price structure quite often? That behavior breaks your confidence on the credibility of that company that claims to be a professional service provider. Suppose, you receive an email regarding updated payment plans from your storage company every 2 months then you’re in real trouble in terms of financial matters. This attitude might suit them but surely disturb your yearly budget that you’ve allocated to bear the storage expenses for your valuables.


So tell me, what do you seek in an ideal Storage Company in Dubai that claims to take care of your precious items – cleanliness, right? Suppose, your company doesn’t care about the cleanliness in their storage facility that eventually makes your precious items dirty with a mild layer of dust. This can even reduce the resale value of your fixture that you wouldn’t want to experience right? If you’re experiencing such situation from your storage company, you need to change it ASAP.


You pay a monthly subscription to your storage company with a hope that your sofas, suitcases (or anything that you put into that unit) will be secure with them for the specified duration. What if they charge you full but fail to provide a foolproof security experience? Would you continue doing business with them or change the storage company right away? Make a wise choice and secure your precious items and fixtures right away.


Pest infestation is a common threat to your fixture when you’re living in a city like Dubai. And the storage company, that claims to be a professional, should not neglect this aspect of security of your furniture. A reason for not feeling happy with your current storage company in Dubai is that it fails to eradicate the pest infestation issue and you see mice running in and out of your furniture every time you visit the unit.


Apart from pest infestation, there’s another serious issue that you expect your storage company in Dubai to handle very wisely – climate change. If you’ve put weather sensitive items in the unit then you need to double check if your current storage company in Dubai is offering climate control feature in their facility or your furniture is at a risk of being ruined.


Going out or cutting down your furniture for next few months? You need a self-storage company in Dubai to keep your precious items in safe possession but the question is how would you find one in the midst of thousands of options? What are the key metrics to identify the right Self-Storage Company in Dubai that you can trust when it comes to the safety of your furniture? These are the questions you might be asking right now so we shortlisted few important features that an ideal storage service should have. So keep on reading and find out how to choose a self-storage facility in Dubai that beats other with these must have features.

Clean Storage Facility

Every self-storage company pays due attention to its cleanliness for keeping the furniture away from dust that devalues them with a gradual pace. When selecting a self-storage company in Dubai, you should ask the manager, supervisor or any representative to walk you through each corner of the facility. It is important in order to ensure that everything is fine with respect to cleaning measurement all by yourself instead of relying on management’s words. Evaluate what kind of cleaning plans they have set for keeping the facility, and more important your furniture, clean 24/7 before making a final decision.

Secure Facility

You feel relaxed about your valuables because you know that the apartment is secured in your absence but how’d you find the same contentment with respect to your fixture’s safety? When a company offers self-storage services, it knows the expectations the customers have from the management and security concerns are on top of the list. If they are the professionals, they’d have a foolproof security arrangement for the whole facility let alone your unit. Ask the manager what kind of security options would you get if you consider them for your furniture and make sure that they offer some kind of security options on individual basis apart from man guarding or CCTV surveillance.

Temperature Control

You’re living in Dubai, you must be aware of the unpredictable weather conditions and the heat problems that may affect your furniture’s finish. When selecting a self-storage facility, you should not neglect this feature as ignorance might cost you in shape of your furniture’s loss by temperature-based damage. All the good self-storage companies understand the complex weather issues and offer state-of-the-art storage facility options that come with climate control characteristics for keeping your fragile and weather sensitive furniture safe in the facility for any amount of time.

Versatile Service Plans

The businesses today understand the fact that every customer has different needs and they craft their services that meet these needs. The best self-storage company in Dubai would also take into account these varying customer needs and offer multiple service solutions in shape of self-storage, open storage, time based storage or wooden boxes. Ask the representative what kind of self-storage service options you could get and go with the best one that suits you.


Relocating to some other country is tough but when you have a broken communication bridge with one of your parents, it may get worse. Your intentions were to give your mom or dad a better life but they are reluctant to stay in home country away from you. So how’d you convince them to cooperate with you in making a successful relocation from your hometown to Dubai – a place of opportunity? Being the providers of Local and International Relocations in Dubai, we have few tips for you to move with old people without losing the peace of mind of your family.


If we look at the patterns of issues a person may face in an international relocation is when there is a communication gap between the family members. If your parents show discontentment about the relocation plans then it is most probably that they were not briefed about the reasons for this move. As the providers of local and international relocations, we always suggest our valued customers to take time and discuss with family members (including parents) about the relocation before making any final decision. When you give an impression that their suggestions hold value for you, they automatically feel related to you and your visions.


Suppose, you accepted the company proposal, booked an apartment in Dubai’s top residential area, booked tickets but on the last minute one of the senior authorities revolt against your decision. This situation sounds very problematic for a successful execution of your relocation but gives few lessons. Don’t just make this big decision an announcement but involve every house member in it. Ask your parents about their preferences when choosing a new apartment, location or anything that your relocation involves. You can keep melodrama and emotional disturbance at bay when you take opinions of your mom or dad.


You’re young, smart and responsible but it doesn’t mean that you need to do everything all by yourself. Don’t forget it is your parents that raised and shaped you in a successful person that you’re today. As the leading providers of local and international relocations, we suggest you to utilize their experience in sorting things instead of taking everything on your shoulders. When your parents involve in an activity, like relocating to another place, they show positive attitude about the decision instead of showing any negative feeling for leaving the hometown.


Settling down into a new place requires time and you should not forget that they spent a large amount of their lifetime living in that place back in the home country. So give them time to befriend with this new residence, the neighborhood and the city. In our opinion as a leading provider of local and international relocations, one way of reducing the homesick feeling is to decorate your new apartment a bit like the old one so they could relate with this new place. And another way is to help your parents in making new friends as Dubai offers a multi-cultural society so you’d find people originating from your hometown for sure.


If you’re living in Dubai from a long time then you would have experienced that pain of moving your stuff from one location to another quite often. But instead of carrying that huge boxes of packed items, you could’ve secured them in storage facility near your location and enjoy any space you get at the best sight of the city. Not familiar with the storage service types yet? Don’t worry as we may help you in understanding the concepts of each storage facility’s type from our experience being a top rated storage and Moving Company in Dubai. Read on and increase your knowledge about the types of storage services in Dubai.Storage Company in DubaiStorage Company in Dubai

Short & Long Term Storage

The term short or long term storage explains itself quite easily as you can understand its nature and application. Suppose, you’re staying away from your residence to spend some quality time with family and don’t want to pay the rent during those weeks then short term storage is ideal for you. It can also be very useful if you have excessive amount of furniture that can’t be fit into your apartment then you can utilize this service on very affordable rates and secure those precious furniture items.

Long term storage option is ideal when you’re in search of an ideal opportunity but you have to vacate the apartment. There are endless scenarios in which you’ll find these services very useful but the basic difference in between these two is that the former can be used for few weeks and the later could be considered for a longer amount of time like 6 months or a year.

Open Storage Facility

Coming to the second most common type that you’ll find in Dubai is the open storage facility that allows you to secure your valuables on a very nominal monthly subscription. Basically, it is a big hall in which you can put your packed cartons and leave any negative thoughts of theft, breakage or any other issue. As you’re sharing the space with other customers of the storage and moving company in Dubai, you may also benefit from the low prices on this service and always identify your boxes with the special code company gives or any mark of your own.

Self-Storage Facility

Do you remember the locker system from the school? Well I’m sure you do and this type of storage service is exactly crafted on that format but with little change in basic rules. You are assigned a particular locker, you have the key and you’re in charge of your storage needs. The only difference here is that you won’t be placing just books but anything that you want to secure. The reason for going with self-storage facility is that they have air conditioners, ability to secure your items that are weather sensitive and 24/7 security.

Wooden Ports

Suppose, you’re about to commence your moving procedure after packing everything up and there’s still so much to do like calling a moving company in Dubai, loading the boxes and making other operations. But you’re worried about all the procedures because you lack the packing skills. In such scenario, the service of wooden ports proves a blessing as when you call storage and moving company in Dubai then they’ll provide full support in solving your matters. They’ll back all the cartons in one big box made of wood and deliver it to your new address.