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Move with the Movers and Packers during COVID-19

If you are worried to find professional Movers and packers in dubai to take action and make your move more reliable? Then stop worrying about it because the wemove by ifsg services is here to help you move smoothly. How does Expert Mover help you? Take a look at some of the measurements: With this blog guide with Movers and packers in dubai during COVID-19.

COVID-19 prevention measures in the workplace

These measures apply when transmission of infection is confirmed by Dubai public health authorities. According to the current knowledge, it is known that the disease can be transmitted by asymptomatic people who carry the disease. Therefore, it is recommended to take preventive measures at all times.

Furthermore, Any resumption of non-essential transportation services must be conducted so that the transmission of COVID-19 is controlled. In order to avoid resuming transmission, several conditions described here must be observed. Now, if you are worried how, you can book your move and make it more secure? Well, at wemove by ifsg services. Our Movers and packers in dubai experts are super professional and trained to follow the SOP’S.

Movers and Packers Wemove will save you time & money

According to the wemove experts, they will make sure to come on your home before time to pack your belongings safely. Plus, wemove by ifsg services is also providing services for disinfection services with 50% off and you will even get maid services too. Additionally, our expert Movers and packers in dubai will make sure to provide top notch quality moving with out any hassle free and stress free.

Arrange work method and time

In order to protect the health of our Movers and Packers employees and those who frequent the workplace. They are required to respect the isolation instructions (return from travel, COVID-19 cases, case contacts). And observe other restrictions (voluntary school attendance, limited public transportation, etc.):

Allow flexible hours

Review tasks to make it easier to accomplish alone, in a small team or under new spacing standards. Informing the client at the time of concluding the contract of the preventive measures to be taken into account by providing the following information:

Before movers and packers will arrive at your home. If your home is home to someone who has COVID-19 or has symptoms associated with the disease. The first recommendation is to defer any unnecessary step, especially in the case of people at risk or with symptoms of COVID-19.

 Furthermore, we have team of experts who are fully trained as we mentioned before, they are all vaccinated and following SOPS. If you are planning to move soon, just call us and discuss your budget and requirements at 800-25326464.

Benefits of Hiring Best Moving Companies

For many people selling their first home, they have little idea how complicated it can be to properly wrap all of their belongings and transport everything safely to their new residence in a very short period of time. These are just some of the reasons why more homeowners today are counting on professional movers in Dubai like Wemove to get their belongings in the new location in a timely manner. Now, if you are still thinking is it a good idea to book us here’s the Benefits of Hiring Best Moving Companies in Dubai for you to consider!

Consider these four advantages of hiring a professional moving company:

Your items will remain safe

1. Protecting your belongings – One of the biggest problems with trying to move all of your belongings on your own is trying not to damage anything along the way. Without properly packing fragile items, they can end up broken before being loaded into the moving truck. While, best moving companies professional transportation team will carefully package each of these items and then strategically pack them inside the moving truck so that they will not be transported during the transportation.

Experts will move you on Time

2. When you move perfectly – Probably the biggest problem when it comes to going from house to house is when you move perfectly and on time. If you sell your home and have to deal with a buyer who has last-minute financial problems, this could delay moving days or weeks. If the new home you purchased is not ready the day you close your home, the delay can make it difficult to package and move accordingly. The best moving companies like wemove have done thousands of times and will gladly stock the truck for the hauling to be complete.

We make your move easy

3. Allow you to focus – packing and moving your belongings for years takes incredible time. During the last few weeks of selling the home, you will need to meet with a real estate broker, attorney, inspectors, and even new buyers. There are papers that need to be addressed, details of the facilities that must be dealt with, not to mention guidance and conclusion. best moving companies wemove can focus on packing your belongings while making sure that all of your affairs are in order.

Best moving companies

4. Anticipate all kinds of troubles – if you are moving your belongings for the first time, you may have to deal with your share of challenges. The moving truck might be too small to hold everything, malfunction during transportation, or things get damaged in transit. best moving companies can handle each of these cases quickly while still moving your belongings to the new home ahead of schedule.

Make sure you allow the moving company, wemove by ifsg, the time to carefully analyze the size of the rooms and the number of your belongings so that they can come up with an accurate estimate and provide you with all the details in writing. So, what are you waiting for? Book your move with us to enjoy your move without lifting a finger!

Book The Storage Company In Dubai That Suits Your Needs

Looking for the best Storage Company In Dubai? Where you can avail of the amazing discounts and have an excellent space with an advanced system to monitor your storage? If yes, then look no further as We move by IFSG services in one of the best and most trustable companies in Dubai.  With more than 1,200 facilities, we have the space you need. Book your unit today to secure your storage at one of the best storage company in Dubai.

Not sure what size you need? Check out our storage size guide.

When you have full home furniture or you are looking for a storage space that accommodates all your belongings. At, Wemove by IFSG group we have the proper security and maintained storage space for your needs. You can call us anytime to talk to our representative staff and book your space, accordingly. Also, you can book services online as well with simple steps. 

 Get access and relocate

We will send you a personal gateway code to access our secure storage area, and our teammates will clean, equip, and prepare the space for you upon arrival. As we move by IFSG your storage space starts as soon as you complete the process. This means that your unit will be ready whenever you are ready to move in.

If you prefer to start renting later, simply reserve your space so we can assign it to you – no need to complete the agreement until you’re ready to move in. After that, you can finish your rental in person at our office or online. This is the reason that our company comes in one spot at a storage company in Dubai.

How do I book Storage?

After completing the procedure your unit will be protected with a tamper-resistant seal. Inside your unit, you will find a copy of the lease agreement and useful information about your facility, in addition to your lock. Once your items are in your unit, use the padlock to secure your belongings. As a reminder, once you arrive at your unit, you must review, sign, and send your code which we generated rental agreement within 24 hours of receipt if you have not already done so.

Our storage spaces are offered month to month, so you’ll pay for the first month of rent plus a one-time administration fee. We also require online lodgers to acquisitions the monthly fortification and lockout plan.

We are happy to assist you and guide you with better solutions to your storage spaces. You can book our storage space anytime by calling on our numbers.

Hiring Professional moving services In Dubai in Covid-19

We know that moving is complicated and full of stress especially in the times of COVID-19. Finding a reliable and trustable company in Dubai is quite a tough job. But anymore, as we move by IFSG Group is one of the finest and known name when it comes to Moving Services in Dubai.  In this blog, we will highlight all the important information regarding moving services to help you if you definitely should move through COVID-19 with we move by IFSG Group.

Our team is trained to follow all SOP’s

Our team of experts is specially trained to maintain social distance and to follow all the sops to give you a 100% satisfactory job. We know that your safety is our main concern and so is your belonging safety. We move by IFSG group’s expert movers will provide the finest services. As we are the finest moving services in Dubai. 

We move expert will always arrive on time and Punctuality is our goal

We need to appear on time for your step, and we move by IFSG do not take it lightly. We know how important your time is and how proud we are that you have chosen us as your moving company during that is often a tense and stressful time. We will contact you before arriving and keep the communication open until you know exactly when to expect us. This is the reason we are one of the top-notch quality moving services in Dubai.

Our team will make sure that we sent your belonging on time on the mentioned address

We provide commercial transportation services to ensure that no breakdown occurs to your business and we deliver your belonging on time as we know how important it is to set things on time. Your transportation coordinator can talk to you about our availability and help you decide the time that works for everyone. Our goal is to treat our customers with exceptional care and work together to find solutions to all transportation and warehousing needs.

We Move Pays attention to details

Our team is always responsive and works according to your requested instructions. Remember that commercial transportation is a big problem, and you’ll want an experienced mobile company to deal with all the small details. We have solutions to all your moving problems. Book your service today with we move by IFSG Group.


Finally, you took a major decision that can bring a positive change in your life? Still, there are many things to do before you set on the journey to start a new life, in a new country. And the very important step amongst all is the phase of finding Professional Relocation Service in Dubai. We understand your concerns when you’ve to find the best relocation services for a smooth transition from one country to another. And therefore, we present the must-read tips to find the best and most professional relocation services.


Before you start contacting companies, do some simple calculations to understand your finances. As every decision that you’d make would largely depend on the money that you’ve in the bank. Plus, it can help you identify the perfect offer once you start getting price estimations. Another benefit of calculating the finances, before hiring the professional relocation service, is that you can negotiate with mind clarity and crack the best deal. So, before dialing moving company’s number, sit down with a pen and a paper and start figuring finances out.


Now that you have a base to start negotiating your relocation process, its high time that you find few professional relocation services to take a step up towards the completion. The reason for having 3-4 companies on the list is to enable you for considering different companies with respect to pricing, facilities and discount offers. Relocation is a serious procedure that involves a considerable amount so better have few options before you make any final decision with respect to hiring.


There are companies who just brag about great facilities and premium quality service but never provide any such on a moving day. So, before you make your mind to hire a specific service provider, you must turn Sherlock to verify the facts. You must only hire the professional relocation service once you have your hands on their previous customers or any trusted reviewing sites where they have a satisfactory rating. Only then you can consider hiring them for your relocation and expect a smooth transition.


Once you find a reliable service provider and now your financial limits, it is time to start negotiations. You must meet the representative in person and explain to him your plans, how you perceive things to be done and what they can do in this plan. This would help you in getting recommendations and plans from the representative that you can further process to craft your whole international relocation journey.


Before you conclude relocation planning, it is recommended that you sit with the representative and ask him about available facilities. There are unlimited areas where you can find their assistance extremely useful in executing the whole relocation plan. Matters like selecting an apartment, managing your children’s school admissions and getting DEWA’s connection are these areas where the company can help you out. So just take their assistance once you have access to the professional relocation services.


Finding the perfect storage services in Dubai is as difficult you’ve to find a needle in the sea. This is because the uncountable companies that do initiate their business but fail to maintain their service quality. This results in distrust on part of users and they remain skeptical of the idea of depositing their items in a storage facility. We, therefore, brought up a list of key factors that can help you in narrowing the qualities of ideal Storage Services in Dubai. Read on and discover the key qualities that you must seek into the prospective service provider.


Every individual has a separate set of needs that demand a customized solution to address that need. The same applies to the scenario in which you’re seeking the best storage services in Dubai. Your selection should be depended on certain metrics and personalization feature is one of them. See, how many plans they have and which one goes with your storage needs in order to make the best decision. If you fail to find a plan that goes with your needs, you should be able to receive a customized arrangement from the company itself. Only then you can decide if it’s the right choice for you or not.


One important factor, while you search the best storage services in Dubai, is the pricing area where you must not show negligence. Ideally, you must take a few recommendations from friends and family and ask these companies for the price quotations. It is only then possible to compare prices and select the best service provider to use a storage3 service without going bankrupt.


While you planned to use a storage company, have you considered the items that you wish to deposit in a storage unit? This is because you’ll find plenty of items that can’t survive in had climate conditions and lose their originality and freshness in a few days. There, you need, a smart way to deal with climate control in order to ensure the full safety of fragile items. When you search for the best storage services in Dubai, do seek the climate control feature in their storage solutions.


We live in an advanced century where old locking systems appear to be unreliable especially when you deposit something valuable. While you look for the best storage services in Dubai, you must not forget to seek the digital locking system that offers you more security than a conventional locking method. Plus, you can be in charge of your unit when it comes to depositing and withdrawing something from the facility.


When the discussion, of hiring the best Storage Company In Dubai, initiates, there are many who report narrow driveways to be a problem. So, as you go about hiring a storage company, do visit the facility and conclude yourself how wide the driveways are. This little verification can save you from frustration that you might experience later when taking items for storage in the car.

storage services in dubai


With more and more expats coming to Dubai, UAE the need for residential apartments is higher than ever. Where some successfully settle into their new apartments, others struggle to find the best deal. Until they find the right apartment for themselves, they have to rely on storage services to secure their excessive furniture items. But the million-dollar question is how’d you reach the best Storage Companies in Dubai when there’s an influx of new service providers in town offering poor service quality? Today’s post is dedicated to you, the finder of reliable storage services in Dubai, to conclude how some storage companies in Dubai are lowering the service standards.  


The main concept of using a storage facility so the items remain secure and safe until you get them back in your apartment. What if you find items in poor safety conditions? Do you think spending money on such a service is worth it and your items are safe under poor safety measures? Safety measures as in checkpoints, CCTV surveillance, and weather sensitivity for delicate items. Unfortunately, some new storage companies in Dubai skip such features in their service structure to reduce their cost but this eventually increases your risks. And if you spot any such instances with your storage services provider, you know what to do, right? 


Each customer has a different need when it comes to storage facility options and the best storage companies in Dubai understand this fact very well. They not only admit this fact but also arrange for a solution by offering personalized pricing packages that are relevant for each customer. By personalization here I mean is that pricing is based on the kind of storage package he/she has been using. Because there are various storage service options in which some are short term and some are long term so the pricing should be offered accordingly. If you don’t find customization in a company’s pricing, you can look for other service providers to remain in your budget line.


Due to inexperience and limited funds to run their business properly some new storage companies in Dubai opt for universal storage solutions. They do offer various storage facilities in their marketing messages but fail to stick by their words. This means they do claim to offer various storage solutions but you end up finding your items in one big compound which is basically a breach of the contract between you and the service providers. If a company agrees to offer a certain service type, it should fulfill its commitment otherwise there’s no meaning to continuing the business and claiming to solve people’s problems.


One significant problem that most people face is the accessibility issue while using a storage service in Dubai. Are you using one of those storage companies in Dubai that work in limited hours and create problems for you when you need to withdraw or deposit something in your storage unit? This is a big bummer if you need to access your items badly but you’re forced to wait for several hours when they open the next day. This calls for replacing your storage company ASAP.

Dial 800 88 0000 to speak with our key account managers and get access to one of the best storage companies in Dubai from today.


4 out of every 10 residents in Dubai move in a year and they all have a different moving experience. Some rate the moving journey satisfactory then others are agitated due to unpleasant events that they encountered during the move. Some complaint about broken items then some consider that the movers are the reason that things didn’t go well. So we thought to help you in understanding the pros of hiring a Moving Company In Dubai with these essential questions that you should ask yourself during the company hunt phase.

How much items do I need to move?

We know that moving apartments is a hectic job and requires your patience and calm mind to sort things out. You don’t need to repeat the mistake that many people do and end up in getting a higher moving price for a set of specific items. Usually, the companies have designed a system to calculate the items according to CBM (cubic meter) to give you a price estimate on call. To help the sales guy give you right price for the move, you should first know how many items are you actually going to move and if they are wider in mass but lighter in weight? This would help you in closing an ideal moving deal and select the best moving company in Dubai.

How many movers do I need?

The major issue when moving things from one place to another is to decide how many movers you need to execute the job in a decent way. If you have excessive amount of furniture then you’d need more movers to take care of your items during the transition phase. This would be a wise decision to ask for more than 5 movers if you have more furniture items than usual. In similar manner, you should ask for 2-3 individuals to help you in the moving process. And if you’re confused about making the right decision, you may ask the representative of that moving company in Dubai to recommend you the right movers.

Should I ask for packing material?

Often times, majority of people rely on used carton boxes to pack the items up when they decide to move. The use of used carton boxes does save them a considerable amount of money but it also brings the risk of breakage. If you’re using used carton boxes, you’re putting your items on risk and you might see any broken items upon receiving your packages. Ideally, you should ask the Residential Moving Company In Dubai for the packing material that is specifically designed to meet your packing needs and ensure that your items would remain safe within the boxes during the transition phase.

What moving options do I have?

When deciding to hire a moving company in Dubai, most of the people skip this question and go with the regular truck. It is a good practice to always ask the representative of that moving company in Dubai that what transportation options you have. This means if your items would be transferred in an open truck or does the company use covered medium size truck? You should preferably go with the covered truck as this would reduce the sign of road traffic breaches and fines.

Dial 800 88 00 00 now to get price estimations by one of our key account managers to make your move secure.


So…are you ready to enjoy the multiple festive in the month of December that is just a day ahead? Where everybody is planning their holidays, we thought to give you an insight of what’s happening in moving industry. No doubt that your excitements are already touching the sky thinking about the holidays coming this month and you’ve already postponed your moving plans, right? What if I tell you that instead of postponing the moving date till January 2018, this is the best time to pack your stuff up and change your residence? As a Moving Company in Dubai, we have some really good news for you to plan your move during the month of December. Don’t worry I’m just going to explain how!


Every company tries to score as much sales as it could by the end of this month and guess what…moving companies are also running in this marathon. As December heads up, you’ll be seeing different discounts and cheap price deals on different stores, shopping malls and almost everywhere due to a certain event/festival. We believe that this is the best time to call your moving company in Dubai and check if they are offering any discount on their moving prices and believe me you won’t be disappointed. To put it in simple words…where you’ll be spending Dh1000/- for a studio’s move, it would cost you Dh750/- to Dh800/- to move your single room apartment. Now you can apply the same rule to calculate the costs for moving an apartment with multiple rooms.


December is not only the month of lucrative discounts and sales but it also marks the end of your tenancy contract, isn’t it? So that means you’ll either be negotiating the renewal of tenancy contract with your landlord or looking for a new apartment by the start of January 2018. We should embrace the change as soon as we could and I think this is the best time to do so (That’s a bit poetic, wasn’t it?). Given the present condition of real estate market of UAE, if you go with negotiation option then you could miss some of the best deals a new apartment owner can offer you. The real estate owners are fully motivated to meet their monthly targets before the year closes so why don’t you approach them and check if they have a nice apartment for you.


With packing and moving of your stuff, there comes a burden of rearranging everything at your place. So here’s the picture of what you’ll be doing during the holidays and later when moving the apartment. First, you’ll be busy in arranging everything for the holidays like Christmas Eve, Epiphany or New Year Night that would consume much of your energy. After when the celebrations are over, a new task would keep you busy and that is the packing and shifting your stuff to new apartment, right?

Once you complete moving procedures, you’ll be occupied setting your place according to your taste. If you move during the month of December, you won’t have to decorate and rearrange stuff on three different stages. Find a new apartment, contact a moving company in Dubai, change your residence and enjoy the celebrations of December holidays in a new place. Simple as that!

So what’s your holiday plan this December? Do let us know in the comment section below or speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 to plan your move now.


Given the financial challenges of the current economy, downsizing on your expenses is a very positive initiative to stay in your budget. If we look closely into the reasons why people find themselves surrounded by huge amount of bills is due to their unnecessary lifestyle standards that cost them a hefty amount each month. Shifting from a big villa to into a small apartment allows you to cut down those unwanted expenses that are more like a financial challenge to survive. As a service provider of Packing and Moving in Dubai, we understand the biggest challenge for people that are in the situation like yours so we put together some useful information that would help you in moving from a large to a small premise.


Before you start packing stuff, you first need to make yourself comfortable with the decision that you’ve just taken. See, sometimes we find our own decisions wrong when we don’t prepare ourselves mentally and feel down after executing that plan. Before you go about planning your move and looking for the service provider of packing and moving in Dubai, take time and start giving yourself good reasons to move. It might be that the place is too big for you (or your small family) and paying for the expenses is appearing unwise decision. Or it may be you need to improve your credit score that demands a slight change in your lifestyle. You may think of more reasons based on your current situations or the challenges that you’re facing. Ask if this change is permanent or you want to downsize the residence temporarily and you’ll see that accepting this change would be easier for you.


Dubai is an amazing place that offers an ideal place to live in and your decision to reduce the residence would not be in vain because you’ll find an ideal apartment in one of the top residential locations. So after you select the service providers of packing and moving in Dubai, here’s another task that you need to do for making your move successful. While packing the stuff, keep a list of items that are essential and bringing them with you at the new address would a wise decision. Don’t forget that you’re moving to reduce the expenses and this is why you need to get rid of unnecessary items that really don’t matter to be taken at the new address. So sell the unwanted items or charity them to reduce your stuff’s quantity and save on moving costs.


Changing apartments and living in a new place is not easy so feeling this strangeness is natural. Another reason for having this notion of awkwardness is because you’re habitual of living in a spacious place and the small apartment is appearing a challenge to you, right? Being the service providers of packing and moving in Dubai we’d suggest you to start changing your habits and familiarize with the place and its whereabouts or befriend with the neighbors as soon as you could to remove the thoughts of your old residence.