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Top 4 Benefits Of Booking Storage Spaces For Moving

Logistics to move to a new home is often stressful. Usually, scheduled activities in the “to-do” list rarely go as planned. It becomes more difficult if you are to move or move to a house that has not been completed yet. Most of the time, you will have to look for Storage Spaces In Dubai to keep it safe while installing the final details. Fortunately, the availability of warehousing services made long-distance transport possible if booked in time. Early reservation of storage space, when planning a move is very important for the following reasons.

It Is Cost-effective

Transferring across the wemove by IFSG is the best solution and store items when transferring saves you money. Professionals often give clients a grade proportional to their budget. The majority offer a good rate to combine transportation and warehousing services depending on the work to be done. Compared to doing the packaging yourself and looking for storage space in Dubai separately, it turns out that hiring it is a cheaper option. In addition, their expertise in handling and safely packing items reduces any chance of damage and the need for replacement.

It’s Hassle-free

Usually, the packing can be to transport the items and move them to a hectic warehouse. However, a mobile company that provides storage services will handle everything for you as we move by IFSG. We are the best storage space in Dubai with the most affordable and hassle-free service provider. we handle the whole process from stock inventory to packing and moving to the storage area. Appropriate packaging of household items also reduces the time taken to return them later.

It Is Safe

Safe packaging is a common feature with two professional engines. Home appliances are usually placed in a package suitable for long drives. The focus is on moving all of your items safely to the warehouse and arranging them well. Sensitive elements such as electrical appliances are protected from dirt and moisture by the packaging. Also, the storage space is often well ventilated to avoid any damage to the goods. Small and large spaces are often fully air-conditioned.

It Is Flexible

There are no restrictions on the storage spaces in Dubai, time in facilities provided by we move. You can choose to store items for a short or long period of time depending on your needs. However, some storage services may have a minimum storage period of one week. Alternatively, customers who wish to extend or reduce storage time are allowed to do so. It requires only a written agreement on the changes required to fulfill the request. So, overall, it is the best solution for those who still have to shift in a month or two. Or if you are still looking the space to rent or business relocation. Your belonging will be safe. Call now to book your storage space in Dubai at the most affordable price.


With the popularity of storage facilities, keeping excessive things have become easy but this option is not suitable for every storage need. When we step into the moving world, we find different complex concepts that people have developed due to insufficient awareness of the service. So being the reliable provider of Self-Storage Services in Dubai, we believe that it is our duty to educate those individuals or businesses that have been (or planning to) use a storage service. Please read and stay up-to-date of the best use of a self-storage unit to utilize this facility in correct manner.


The idea of offering a space to store extra things was to accommodate those customers that are facing shortage problem in their apartment. Similarly, the option of using the self-storage services in Dubai is ideal for those businessmen that aim at stocking goods to wait for the right (profitable) time. But if you sell perishable goods like vegetables or fruits, this option of storage units might not do any good to your business because storage services are primarily for those customers that want to store their items for 2-3 months minimum. Since you deal in perishable goods, as mentioned above, the storage company might not be able to entertain your request and you must find another alternative to store your excessive goods.


As a provider of self-storage services in Dubai, we meet different customers having variable storage needs for a specific time period. This has allowed us to experience different scenarios that put us in the best position to take appropriate measurements to ensure the total safety of their stuff. When using a third-party storage unit, you must not deposit any chemical that is hazardous in any respect or intrude with the safety of your other belongings that you’ve deposited. Try finding an appropriate alternative to secure chemicals or other liquids that are sensitive in their application.


For storing your property that is important in terms of financial, you should never consider a self-storage unit at any cost. Basically, the self-storage units are ideal to store items like furniture, extra grocery, luggage or inventory/goods that you wish to stock for selling at a later stage. Instead of using self-storage services in Dubai for the storage of cash or jewelry, you should stick to your bank accounts that have been offering their services to help you manage your wealth from centuries.


Some individuals use guns for their safety but they do need a license to have a gun in their possession. Similarly, there are some businesses that deal in ammunition and explosives and work under specific rules as aligned by the state laws. If you’re an arms dealer or a gun owner, you shouldn’t consider self-storage unit a viable option to secure such items as it may not be in line with the policy of the providers of self-storage services in Dubai.

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The trend to use Self-Storage Services in Dubai has picked pace in the last decade with the increase in new expats arriving in the country from around the globe. The industry is becoming popular with its innovative options to store things safely and the service providers are constantly finding new ways to accommodate customers’ storage needs in a more efficient, affordable and advanced manner. But the question that remains unanswered is who actually can benefit from the self-storage services in Dubai? So here’s the list of those that need professional storage facilities to keep their inventories, their furniture and almost anything safe for a specific time period.


The idea of traveling to different cities (and sometimes countries) in business class and via cruises is very fascinating. Ask a traveler how difficult it is to save money and keep the furniture and other items secure in their absence. If you’re traveling around the world 3 weeks of the month or more then renting an apartment is just a liability on your budget, isn’t it? That’s the reason that frequent travelers or those that rarely stay at the apartment trying to keep their accommodation as small as they could. And if by any chance, you have bought few items that you are not willing to give up or sell out then you can keep them in a storage facility. You can find an ideal package with one of the reliable providers of self-storage services in Dubai and keep up with your budget goals.


Speaking of businessmen and trading world, one cannot simply ignore the importance of stocking those goods that would yield a high profit in near future. But the majority of business owners find it very difficult to stock up the goods in large amount due to scarce storage facility within their work premise. To enable this class of stockists, self-storage companies design different packages to meet their storage needs and remain budget friendly. You’re one of the business owners that is in need of stocking goods, you can benefit from the self-storage services in Dubai and add as many items in your stock as you want.


When we change the arrangements of a premise, there is certainly an addition, subtraction or some minor change that is going to occur within the apartment. As you add up new furniture items into the study, bedroom or living area, the old one must be removed. Sometimes, the old items are connected with our special moments and we do not want to get rid of them. So many renovators opt for self-storage services in Dubai to keep the old items in their access and realize their renovation dream simultaneously.


We’re sorry that it ended like this but everyone should move on at some point in their lives. Since the relationship is over between you and your partner, your first priority would be to get hold of the apartment (or change your residence). And finding a perfect apartment in Dubai takes time so you must wait until you find the right deal. But you don’t need to worry about your furniture because you can put it into the self-storage facility and benefit from the self Storage Services In UAE during your apartment hunt.


The concept of living a minimalist’s life is gaining traction amongst Emiratis and if you’re recently introduced to this type of lifestyle, you would want to reduce your furniture. Minimalism demands to keep only items that one uses frequently and forbids purchasing or owning any excessive item. If you’re trying out this lifestyle for a while, you would want to use self-storage services in Dubai instead of selling out your furniture. Because you’ve yet to discover if this lifestyle is ideal for you or not so selling out your furniture would cost you if you the plan changes after a few weeks.

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Staying away from your beautiful antiques and other stuff for a few months? Are you comfortable keeping them away from you in an unknown facility? I mean, are you sure about the authenticity the Self-Storage Services in Dubai that you’re using currently? Marketing all-things-good about a service is one thing and offering the same facilities within the premise is another. So we thought why not share with you some points to look into your current self-storage service provider and conclude if your decision to select them was right or not?


Like every provider of self-storage services in Dubai, they would state about their 24/7 security feature but is this statement true? That’s your duty to check the facts yourself instead of believing anything put on their website or brochure. Sure, they’d have guarded the place, installed CCTV cameras but what if these measures prove ineffective due to the darkness within the containers? A CCTV camera works well only in a bright place because its job is to capture everyone’s picture and that’s not possible in darkness. Also check if they have covered the outer area of the facility with fences because if a point is uncovered, anyone can intrude into the darkness.


You’ve been told about the weather-sensitive feature for perishable or temperature sensitive items and you believed on them, right? What if the unit has the weather-sensitive feature but there’s on a minor issue – there are rats wandering around carefree in and outside of your furniture within that unit? All the claims about secured facility prove ineffective if the intruder has played its card and you can see rat bites on fabrics and wires of your items. So it is highly important for you to select only those self-storage services in Dubai that do not have a pest infestation problem.


There is a similar habit of those companies that tend to raise prices unexpectedly and disturb the budget of their customers. Are you facing such problem with your current provider that tends to increase service charges every 2 months without stating any sensible reason? That’s your cue to discontinue using the service and start looking for those self-storage services in Dubai that work in the interest of their customers. As a customer, you deserve to be treated with fair price policy and there shouldn’t be unexpected price hikes with unsatisfactory reasons for the amendments.


The good companies tend to keep their customers safe from every loss or disturbing problem because they know that a happy customer is a key to a sustainable business. Are you receiving any insurance facility added into your self-storage service? Because if you’re not getting such a facility, they can put all the burden of expenses on your shoulders in instances like theft, fire or breakage. Try consulting with the representative to know about the procedures to cover the loss or if there is any insurance facility added into that service?

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Infuriated with your present self-storage company and want a better option to secure your items? Maybe, you failed to do your homework before hiring them and now you feel betrayed by their service standards, right? We understand that having prominent qualities is not enough when we talk about hiring the Self-Storage Services in Dubai. So we have put together some more features that you should look into that new self-storage company which can cater to your storage needs. Read on and discover what more can you expect from the self-storage service providers in order to remain one of their satisfied customers?


The need to store things up changes from customer to customer but one thing that remains the same in everyone’s storage list is the packing material. Whenever you’re going to put something into your storage unit, you first need to secure it within a safe and sturdy packing box, right? When selecting the self-storage services in Dubai, do ask if they offer packing material along with their storage services so you won’t have to run for finding them. You can simply ask them to arrange for a relevant packing material for you to pack that thing up which you intend to store into a storage unit.


Where there’s an element of movement, the instances of accidents and breakage are bound to happen. Instead of putting everything on customers, good companies tend to find a working solution to resolve the issue in a decent manner. In the same way, your self-storage company should have a practical solution to ensure your items are secure or you won’t be bearing the costs alone in case of any mishap. When finding the self-storage services in Dubai, do ask if they offer insurance facility to keep you on the safe side if anything gets broken from your stuff.


The technology has progressed so much that you don’t even to rise up from the chair to pay for anything. Simply put your smartphone out, go to an online payment method, put in the amount and select recipient and clear the dues with ease. Wait…are you avail the facility to pay online by the providers of self-storage services in Dubai? That’s the next selection metric that you should be looking into a prospective moving company that offers ample storage facility options.


Whether you’re planning to secure household stuff or maybe cutting down some items from your office, the temperature does impact on certain things. There are items such as art pieces or other climate-sensitive items that may lose their original shape in a damp place. So the next thing that you should be looking into that self-storage company is if they offer climate control units or not. Having this feature in your next self-storage services in Dubai can give you the assurance of the safety of your items that you wish to store into a storage unit.

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What Security Metrics Make Self-Storage Services in Dubai Ideal?

The need to store excessive amount of furniture and upholstery rises once in a year and from there your journey starts to locate the best Self-Storage Services in Dubai, isn’t it? Whether it’s the self-storage services in Dubai, your apartment or even the office, you’d want everything (from your life to the valuables) to be secure and safe within the premise. A question triggered our mind that what kind of security facilities you’d want to see in your self-storage services in Dubai? So we thought why not we give you some good points to start with. Find below the right security metrics to look into the self-storage services in Dubai that is on your list.


We don’t live in the Stone Age so using technology to our benefit is logical. Practicing this idea for increasing security of the storage unit, all providers of professional self-storage services in Dubai give due importance to technology in shape of CCTV surveillance. They can keep track of every moment happening inside and around the facility. This gives you a reason to trust their self-storage services in Dubai as your items would be protected under the eyes of camera. If anything goes wrong, you can request to check their video records to evaluate the problem yourself.


The security is the first concern of any provider of self-storage services in Dubai and for that reason, they invest in a sustainable and durable entrance gate system. Being the first entry point, due attention is given to entrance area at any reliable self-storage unit facility. While visiting the facility for the first time, you can evaluate if the management has given due importance to the entry point by adding a gated access point for the entrance and exist? If you find such arrangements meeting your standards, you can continue with your decision to hire those self-storage services in Dubai otherwise it is better to continue your search.


No doubt that technological advancement has made our work easier than old days when we speak about the security measurements. But still there are some safety practices deemed as effective even today such as the use of wall fences. The fences can eliminate the risk of intrusion and burglars that eye on such places filled with precious (or saleable) items. During your visit to the self-storage facility, look how secured their walls are and if you find fences placed then it is a good sign.


The smart and customer-centric service providers put their customer’s satisfaction first. In conjunction with CCTV surveillance and other digital facilities, they also employ human wisdom for keeping the items secure 24/7. This means an ideal provider of self-storage services in Dubai would use manned guarding to ensure total safety if the digital security layer fails to protect your items. If the service provider (that you’ve selected) has added security guards for managing the security of units then your items are in safe hands.


As an additional layer of security, many providers of self-storage services in Dubai offer computerized unit locking system. This means you can access your unit with a digital password that only you (and a trust representative from the company) know. Do look for this feature in your selected self-storage services in Dubai and be in charge of your item’s security instead of relying solely on the management.

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There could be different reasons to store the items in self-storage units and for using Storage Company in Dubai. It might be the remodeling of your apartment that has been forcing you to cut down on your furniture or you might be going on a long vacation. Some people opt for Storage Company in Dubai due to the confusion of apartment selection and they need to keep their valuables safe till they shift to the new residence. Then there are those individuals that require stocking up the goods in a highly secured self-storage facility near their business. But what helps them in selecting an ideal storage company in Dubai that offers complete storage facilities customized according to their needs? We’ve some suggestions to make so you can select the best storage company in Dubai and find peace with respect to your selection.


The primary reason for anyone to consider a storage company in Dubai is the element of security. People invest in self-storage units because they guarantee to keep their furniture, electronics and other valuables safe in their absence. As a rule of thumb, you should select only that storage company in Dubai that keeps the promise of security. There should be proper CCTV surveillance to monitor the activity around the premise. And this feature shouldn’t be restricted to monitor outside activity as each unit should have monitoring facility for total security. Secondly, the ideal storage company would have a gated entrance to keep proper record of individuals coming in and out of the facility.


Businesses are adding innovative features in their service structure to maximize the customer satisfaction. An ideal storage company would not hold back in adding comfort and ease in their customer’s usage of their services. Ensure that the storage facility you select, offers 24/7 easy access so you can make deposits and withdraw items without waiting for the opening time. Usually, you’ll be given an access code or some sort of identification card to make your entry swift and traceable by the company’s management. You can use that option and keep the entrance/exits uninterrupted while accessing your items.


Like our body temperature, the lifeless things have some limits with respect to the climate change. So it is very important to store each item as per the ideal temperature to ensure their safety in the storage unit. You should ask the representative of that storage company in Dubai that what kind of arrangements they have to keep your items secure. Ideally, there should be climate control feature in every unit so you can adjust the temperature of the unit according to your needs and keep your items safe.


Now this is the most important factor above all! Yes, the price matters because ultimately, the longer you keep the items in that storage units, the more you’ll have to pay for the service. We suggest that you should not make any hasty decision that ends up with a pricey service charges. Get different quotations from different service providers and select only that storage company in Dubai that is light on your pocket.


It is very important that you select only that storage company in Dubai that has a positive reputation in market. A professional storage company in Dubai understands the value of positive ratings and they’d go an extra mile to maintain it. This means their services would be more in favor of their customers instead of their personal interests (it comes second). So when searching for an ideal storage company in Dubai, make sure you can rely on their words and service quality.

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Whether you’re planning a trip abroad, in process of changing apartments or want to secure your stock, the need of finding quality self-storage services in Dubai rises head from time to time. When majority opts for selling out the access number of furniture, the smart ones go for Self-Storage Services in Dubai to keep the precious items with them. So we thought why not discuss some important occasions when you can make use of a storage service and make most out of this facility. We hope you’ll find them highly valuable when deciding to use the self-storage services in Dubai.


Often times, when a couple decides to shift from a larger apartment to a smaller one the need to reduce furniture is badly felt. You might be one of those couples that want to control their spending by shifting to a smaller space and this goal would have occupied your brain, isn’t it? But at the same moment, the other part of your brain would be concerned about abandoning those beautiful furniture items and electronics that have a memory, right? The purpose of self-storage service is to allow you keep these kind of things safe and in your access whenever you need them. So instead of going for frugal lifestyle, you can put them into a storage unit by locating the responsible self-storage services in Dubai.


As a matter of fact, more than 50% of Dubai’s population rents an apartment rather than owning one. Now when someone decides to sneak away from the hectic work life through a 3month long vacation, she has to bear the expenses. A smart way to organize your vacation and remain at the safe side of your expense sheet is to vacate the apartment. But again, you can’t through away your bed, sofas, refrigerator and other items of your furniture. You can use self-storage services in Dubai and enjoy your trip abroad while the company takes care of your items for the decided duration.


The world is full of uncertainties and we can’t predict if everything would go as per plan. There might be some unpleasant instances when you have to wait for weeks before shifting to the new apartment. The tenants might have delayed the process, the contract has some issues or maybe it is your that want to rethink about shifting. You can vacate the current apartment and stay at a hotel but your furniture cannot go with you in that single hotel room. In such situations, finding the self-storage services in Dubai becomes essential to support your uncertain plans as you can have more time thinking about your move.


The benefits of self-storage services in Dubai are not just limited to tenants as the business individuals can also benefit from this facility. The storage units are also very effective and a smart option for securing your stock. The self-storage services allow you to reduce the space of your business and smartly secure your stock for any duration. This means you can purchase items in bulk and keep them in safe condition to sell on a higher price when the market is in your favor.

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Finding a reliable storage company in Dubai but have no experience to pick one? Keeping your items safe, secure and in one piece is essential when you want to reduce the fixture and this is only possible when you select the right storage company in Dubai. We understand your pain so we decided to reduce your challenges with respect to selecting the right storage company in Dubai. Here are some key traits to look into a Storage Company in Dubai and make the best decision with respect to your storage requirements. Read on and discover the right storage company in Dubai to secure your items.


A reliable storage company in Dubai takes every measure in account to provide the right and most effective solutions to meet your storage needs. You must ask the storage company’s representative about the kind of storage solutions it offers to the customers. If it offers multiple storage options with respect to duration then you may consider this company to keep your items within its units. You may select to store your items for any amount of time that expands from short term to medium or long term storage. This way you can easily cut down on unnecessary items and ensure that your items would be safe within the unit.


The next element to look into that storage company in Dubai is to evaluate the prices. You’re going to deposit your items into that storage unit so you should be well aware of the cost that would occur on the storage service. A better way of evaluating the costs is to give your requirement to the company’s representative and get price estimates. And if you want to do the math yourself then consider the base of price measurement is about AED 5/- per CBM for the day. Now calculate for how many days you want your items to remain in the storage unit and then further divide the total cost in hours to figure out the exact price for your storage. A good storage company in Dubai would usually keep the costs low but it is always better to calculate the costs beforehand.


A good storage company in Dubai works for adding comfort into customer’s experience at every step. So if you want to select the right storage company that offer the perfect service structure then try to look this feature into its services. See if that storage company offers easy access to your unit or you have to go through a complex procedure every time you want to withdraw or deposit into that same unit. This is one of the key metrics to evaluate if a company is working for your comfort or just trying to trick you into paying more or creating any discomfort.


If you’re looking for a perfect storage company in Dubai to keep your items securely into their facility, you should select a company that offers multiple layers of security. In today’s fast paced era, one security option is not effective to ensure the total safety of your items so you should select only that storage company in Dubai that offers various security layers like computerized unit lock system, CCTV surveillance and State-Of-The-Art storage units and more.

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