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It takes a lot of efforts for making a move safe, secure and smooth if done rightly but very few people master the art of a stress-free and secure move. Most of the time, people end up complaining about missing something at old apartment, broken items during the transition phase or unexpected moving costs that wasn’t there before on the invoice and that’s surely a cringe-worthy moment. As Packers And Movers in Dubai, we always try to help our clients with relevant and useful tips to make their move successful without encountering any such unpleasant event. So here are few little known secrets of a successful move for you to plan and execute your next move in a smart and strategic way.


Moving is a big decision as you’ll be living in a whole new place, interacting with new neighbors and witnessing a new turn in your life. No doubt when you first decide to move, you behave differently than the ‘normal’ and there’s a slight chance that you book the wrong moving company that is costing you way too much. Before the packers and movers in Dubai arrive at your place to start the moving process, it is recommended that you go through the quotations and compare them. Because you wouldn’t want to repent on paying more than the job costs later when the excitements vanish away and you start taking things critically.


We understand that the packing is no easy job to be handled by a single person and requires patience along with time. You may simply ask for the packing services to the packers and movers in Dubai that you’ve selected for the move but if you want to do things by yourself, we recommend following a strict packing schedule. As we always recommend, segregate your items according to their size, fragility, usability and daily needs.  Then go about packing each set of items to stay away from fatigue that you might feel if you take packing as a non-serious task.


One very frustrating instance is when you are being charged for the services that you are no longer utilizing. So we recommend you either to change your address with the service providers or disconnect the services altogether before the arrival of packers and movers in Dubai. Make list of services for which you’re paying monthly or yearly subscriptions and wouldn’t be able to use them at the new apartment. This way you can easily segregate each service and take a better decision in time. So take the action right now before the packers and movers in Dubai arrive at your place and the real rumble starts with the loading and shifting of your items.


Stress has many shapes and names and some people nourish it by adding up unnecessary items to their moving list. As packers and movers in Dubai, we always advice our customers to evaluate the items that they would want to carry with them to the new apartment and segregate those that are just a burden in their upholstery. Now when you know what specific set of items are no longer needed, simply remove them from your apartment either by donating them or through selling them off. It’d surely help you in reducing moving costs and you can also find more room to place most relevant items to be arranged when decorating your new apartment.

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