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Benefits of Using the International Movers and Packers in Dubai

Until you come face to face with the task of moving abroad, you most likely have not had much experience with international relocation or international movers and packers in Dubai. People move internationally for a variety of reasons, whether it is work, family, or a fresh start. While they will face many challenges, such as culture shock, learning new languages, and understanding different cultures. And the obstacles begin before you leave the country. Organizing the efficient transportation of all your furniture, belongings, and other valuables is a logistical nightmare and can take more time and money if not carefully planned. Hiring international movers and packers in Dubai with a global network has many advantages over choosing to go with local movers. So, if you are confused about either international relocation is worth it or not? Here’s the detailed blog guide for you! so, let’s get started!

International Movers and Packers in Dubai, furniture moving
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Moving Made Simple by International Movers and Packers in Dubai

While WEMOVE international movers and packers are multilingual experts around the UAE – people with local experience and knowledge who understand your destination and the challenges you may face as you move. WEMOVE gives you access to GlobalCom, our cutting-edge online tracking system. With GlobalCom, you can know the status of your move 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be able to review important dates, including survey, pick up, departure and arrival port, customs clearance, and delivery.

Choose the Best International Movers Who Understand the Transition Process

Unlike local or long-distance moves, moving abroad entails more legal standards, paperwork, and important considerations. This is where choosing reliable international movers and packers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or else in the UAE, such as WEMOVE familiar with worldwide customs and the paperwork required, makes your move smooth and hassle-free.

Furthermore, WEMOVE moves more than 1,000 families per day, 365 days a year. So, you can rest assured that our moving professionals use the safest and most effective packing techniques and materials.

International Movers and Packers in Dubai has the Necessary Experience

Connecting to the last point, your international movers will not only be aware of the regulations but will also know how to properly pack your belongings for your long-distance trip. Experience is critical to any overseas move and you can ensure that reputable international carriers get it. Professional and international carriers are comprehensively and extensively trained to pack the items that need to be shipped by air or courier. They are familiar with the differences between domestic move packs and international moves.

You can have peace of mind that your valuables will be in good hands and survive this step. Smaller items will be packaged accordingly and larger items will be properly secured in order to mitigate loss during transportation. This helps ensure that you avoid any additional costs or damages during your international relocation experience.

Your Move Abroad will be Efficient and Take Less Time

Your professional international movers and packers in Dubai will know how to maximize space in each load. They will also know how to properly secure your valuables and prevent any damage or loss during the process. International movers will move your items in the most efficient way possible while you pay due attention to the most important tasks. Their experience will allow you to focus on your job and all the other personal transportation factors you need to consider. While you handle all the paperwork for your new business, international movers can pack your life and prepare everything for that big move.

International Movers Can Provide You With Any Heavy Lifting

Handling heavy moving crates and loading and unloading a moving truck are not simple tasks. This is especially true when it comes to moving internationally. Hiring professional international operators will save you the trouble of lifting heavy boxes on your own.

You will likely have a busy work schedule in the weeks leading up to your move, and balancing the two can be nearly impossible. However, your international carrier can take care of the back end while the business goes on and avoid having to take any days off. Leave it all to the experts and they can literally and figuratively take the burden off your back. WEMOVE experts will make sure to ensure safe and secure transportation of your belongings.

Call us now to book your next international movers and packers in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all across the UAE with WEMOVE.

6 Benefits of hiring Villa movers and packers in Dubai

When it’s time to move, you’ll want to hire someone with a loyal and trusted reputation in UAE. But if you look for someone who is not in the town or may not have a local presence in the city where it is located and this may translate to a higher cost. It can also lead to a delay. You will find that hiring local Villa movers and packers in Dubai may be a much better option. Here is why and how with our 6 Benefits of hiring professional movers and packers in a simple guide.

In this blog, we will guide how you can take benefit by hiring a best Villa movers and packers in Dubai at affordable prices.

So, let’s get started!

1. Quick response

Are you looking to hire the local Villa movers and packers in Dubai or UAE for your next move? One thing you should consider is that WeMove by IFSG provides the best and fastest response. A quick response is important so, your move won’t be delayed and you will get a quotation within minutes. Just one phone call and our professional Villa movers and packers in Dubai send through a representative to assess all of your belongings especially luxury furniture and appliances as well as antiques. You may or may not get a quote right away. A second visit may be necessary, in which case you can also expect the representative to attend quickly.

Once the quote is confirmed, the local Villa movers and packers in Dubai by
WeMove can be swinging into action in just a couple of hours and his pickup or truck will be at your doorstep with the crew.

Best Villa movers and packers in Dubai / UAE

2. Lower costs with Affordable Villa movers and packers in Dubai

When you consider domestic movers, the professional Villa movers and packers in Dubai by WeMove is one of the best and most affordable. The truck is usually located in the same city so you don’t have to travel a long distance to get to your place. It costs less for them and you get the benefit. Manpower costs are also reduced with our cheap Villa movers and packers in Dubai services.

3. Better care and security

Cost becomes of secondary importance when transporting high-value luxury items. You don’t want your furniture and luxury belongings to be damaged or scratched while loading, transporting, and unloading. Our professional Villa mover & packer services in Dubai by WeMove are more attentive and show care. Our experts also care about their reputation, so you can expect them and their staff to be very careful handling luxury items.

4. Peace of mind

Hire our highly trained Villa movers and packers in Dubai and you’ll have peace of mind. Our expert movers have the right packing material for packing electronic gadgets and expensive household goods. Most importantly, they have experienced and experienced staff to handle the process. Local companies know the area and will ensure fast and safe transportation. You know their location and address in case anything goes wrong and a dispute arises. They may come recommended through a friend or colleague. You can get testimonials from local people who have used our services or you can check our google 5+ ratings and reviews.

5. Save time and effort

You value your things so much that you might try to move them all in the back of your pickup truck. Do not do it. You will get bored with the round trips. Loading and uploading also become a real chore and you might damage your belongings in this process to save money.  So, Hire local Villa movers and packers in Dubai. As we have trained experienced professionals to do this quickly without scratching or denting your luxury belongings.

6. Comfortable and well-organized

You value your things so much that you might try to move them all in the back of your pickup truck. Do not do it. You will get bored with the round trips. Loading and uploading also become a real chore and you might damage your belongings in this process to save money.  So, Hire local Villa movers and packers in Dubai. As we have trained experienced professionals to do this quickly without scratching or denting your luxury belongings.

Let them do the packing and unpacking at the destination as well. They are better organized, professional and methodical in their approach. So, what are you waiting for? Dial our number 800-25326464 to book your next local or international move with the best Villa movers and packers in Dubai by


UAE hosts a large number of expats that usually rent apartments or villas due to their limited stay in the country. During their stay, they have to change accommodations quite often for several reasons. Where some use Moving Services in Dubai to complete their moving journey, there is a group of individuals that like DIY-ing their move. So, we thought why not discuss some of the occasions when you must hire the moving services in Dubai and ditch your DIY routine when changing apartments in Dubai.


We all live a very busy schedule that sometimes forces us to slash our routine commitments for spending ample time on work at hand. Sometimes, this strict work schedule makes things very difficult for us and we have to reach out to others for help. But we’re not the only one boarded on the ‘busyness’ rollercoaster as every other individual is occupied in something at work or maybe at home. Time to call professionals that earn their livelihood doing the exact thing that we need right now – packing and moving stuff. If you’re really short on time and feeling unsure if you could spare enough time to pack things up properly, you can always hire moving services in Dubai and manage your move in a decent manner without getting yourself into time constraints and other issues.


According to Einstein, we all are genius in something but this theory can’t be put into almost everything. Being genius has its limitations especially when it comes to things that demand hand and brain coordination. Packing is an essential aspect of a move and not everyone is good at packing things perfectly to ensure that no breakage or crack instances would occur during the move. But you don’t need to feel low if you’re not good at secure every item that you wish to move into your new apartment. Simply hire the moving services in Dubai, ask them to add packing services into your package and utilize the services of packing experts.


In every household, there are some items that can’t move with all your might and wisdom and you need extra power to change their place. Now, when you’re moving from your current residence to another one you would need extra help to pack, transit and move them safely, right? This is the exact situation when you can utilize the services of a moving expert (or experts, maybe). Because you can’t trust your friends to show up on the moving day and help you move your apartment, right? So simply hire the moving services in Dubai, schedule a day, give out your moving requirements and benefit from a team of expert movers.


Perfection demands time and energy to be invested into that activity that you’ve undertaken. Now, when you want everything perfect with your apartment, you must be ready to spend your time visiting different apartments, shopping the best furniture and re-arranging the settings of your residence. This might give you satisfaction and contentment but you should be ready to hear “NO” or a polite excuse from your friends or family members that find this habit a little intimidating. But you can always trust the Residential Moving Company In Dubai whenever you move to another apartment. And the best part is that being a frequent customer, you can expect a discount the next time you move with them.


UAE is expanding its demographics and it has become a little difficult for those to travel that travel from one corner to another corner of the city. Any practical approach to reducing your daily commute? Simply move near to the work, right? Since you’re moving near to your work, you’ll have to travel all the way from the long distance with your furniture, right? Don’t worry about the furniture and other items that you’re carrying if you’ve hired the moving services in Dubai because your items would be transited safely no matter how long the distance is. That’s one of the benefits of hiring a moving company is.

Dial 800 88 0000 now, speak with our key account managers today and find the best solutions for your quest to find the professional moving services in Dubai.


Dubai is flooded with so many businesses and sometimes this abundance proves a hurdle in the selection of a reliable service provider. The same applies to the moving industry that sees a massive incoming of newly setup moving companies claiming the ‘Best’ for the customers’ moving needs. So we thought why not examine the moving industry and conclude what makes a provider reliable from the perspective of a customer. Read on and discover the qualities that can help you in selecting the reliable Moving Services in Dubai.


The first step of any moving job is to evaluate the moving requirements of the customer. For that, each company sends out the surveyor to visit the premise in person and evaluate the moving requirement before giving out a price estimation. There are those companies that tend to exaggerate things to manipulate the customer in paying more. But the ones that really deserve to be called reliable moving services in Dubai are those that remain honest in their evaluations. They never misquote or exaggerate things just go add more numbers on your invoice.


Our next metric to label a company as “reliable” comes from the first one. If a company is keeping its honesty in customer dealings, you cannot expect any false pricing that is way too much from your budget. They’d evaluate the whole job carefully and quote prices only for the labor, material and time that your job is going to consume. If you happen to come across such company that charges honestly, you don’t need to find anymore moving services in Dubai and if you do, you’re wasting your time in needless company hunt.


A good company is made by the passionate and responsible people associated with that organization. Because it is not the CEO or MD of that company that is going to ring your doorbell but the supervisor or the moving crew that would be your first contact point. Once you pack things up, it is their duty to transit all the boxes from one place to another in a safe, non-breaking manner. And that’s how those moving services in Dubai win their customer’s heart that value customer satisfaction over anything else.


When you move and change apartments, it is not just the moving service that you’re going to need along the way. Once moved, you’d require the services of an electrician, a plumber or maybe a carpenter to decorate the apartment according to your liking. Usually, the landlord performs all these activities and hands over you the keys after all the maintenance work but there’s always something left that you’d want to do yourself. So those moving services in Dubai that win the ‘reliable’ label from their customers often arrange (or include) other services in their package to make things easy for you.


Taking constant feedback is the key to improve the service quality for any business. If a business doesn’t know where it is making the mistake, it would never be able to offer better services to the end customer. So those moving companies in Dubai that value customer satisfaction always takes feedback from their customers at different stages. This helps them in understanding your difficulties during the service and they work hard to resolve the issue so you can utilize better services in the future.

Looking for the Moving Services In Dubai that can be trusted for your next move? Dial 800 88 00 00 now and speak with our key account managers today.


Moving during the Christmas or planning to replace the residence in first week of New Year? Budgeting must be on your mind as the two most important events are just around the corner so we thought why not share with you some “money-saving” tips that can reduce your final invoice on your move. Ready to save few bucks off your next move anywhere in Dubai? Let’s discuss the pro tips that would help you in negotiating during the selection process of Moving Services In Dubai.


Before you go about call up companies and considering moving services in Dubai, it is important that you pay attention on apartment selection. See, once the apartment is selected and security is paid, you can’t do anything about reducing your moving bill because the distance is what decides a large amount of your moving cost. So it is always wise to select an apartment that is nearer than your current apartment. Upon selecting a nearer apartment in Dubai, you would be in a better position to bargain for a decent price for the whole move. And if you’re moving from one floor to another, you’d be just paying for the labor instead of including transportation charges that increase your bill. Think about it!


Ever thought what could be reduced from your moving list so that you can take a sigh from the burden of a heavy moving invoice? If you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t go for including packing services that are usually not included into a move. It’s an optional service that moving companies offer to all their customers. If you’re paying for packing services as well then you should consider not including them during the negotiation phase. Ideally, you should pack yourself if you’re well versed with different packing methods and know what goes where when you’re about to pack your whole apartment. You, however, ask for assistance and purchase packing material to ensure that your items are safe within the packages when hiring moving services in Dubai only.


If you’re moving on a budget, here’s another useful tip that would surely help you in reducing the moving cost. When hiring the moving services in Dubai, try not to include unpacking of your items when the truck reaches the other apartment building. Simply ask them to unload the packages from the truck and help you in taking the boxes up in your apartment. If you’re moving for the second (third or fourth) time, you’ll have enough knowledge (and time) to know how to unpack the boxes. So save money as long as you know how to deal with the packed boxes and enjoy your year end with extra savings.


One of the reasons that people find moving costly and nearly a nightmare when they’re on a budget is because they have to hire a handyman for quick fixes. Very few tenants read their contract in full and know their basic rights that they can exercise during the time of moving in. In these rights, lawfully the landlord is responsible for the primary maintenance before the tenant moves into the apartment. So if you’re hiring a handyman along with those moving services in Dubai, you’re simply increasing your moving expenses when you can save your money by having your landlord fixing the minor maintenance issues in the apartment.

Looking for Moving Services In Dubai You may speak with our key account managers directly on 800 88 00 00 and get quick price quotes before scheduling a move with us now.


Our lives are not just about us, they impact on other things attached directly or indirectly with our doings. The same can be applied when we talk about the relation between realtors and the movers. One might think how a real estate agency and providers of Moving Services In Dubai are related to each other, right? So we thought why not dust off the layer of doubts and propose some practical ways by which you – the real estate agent – can flourish your property business. Read on and discover how connecting with the providers of moving services in Dubai can help you in increasing your business.


Let’s start from the point when you close the deal and hand over the keys to your clients. What’s the first thing they’ll do upon getting possession? Move in, right? Technically, your job is done when they pay the amount in full and the accounts are settled but what if you can accommodate you further from that point on? I mean, having a reliable source – that offers moving services in Dubai – can increase your credibility and you can leave a positive impression on your newly acquired customer. In future if they need to rent out, purchase or sale their property, they’ll prioritize you upon other realtors just because you had more to offer.


Partnering with a moving company doesn’t just end here with adding comfort to your customer’s experience. When two businesses agree on exchanging qualified sales, they are basically working by a referral system. Think practically…you’ll connect with a service provider only if there’s an element of trust. Either you refer them a customer or they share the details of a potential buyer/seller/tenant, there’s a win-win situation for both the parties involved. And in the end, everyone bags a handsome amount of profits just by partnering with a reliable realtor or the providers of moving services in Dubai.


As a realtor, you’d be working in a specific territory that ranges from Bur Dubai to Business Bay or maybe Deira to Jumeirah. But if you have reliable moving services in Dubai by your side, you can expect international sales and focus your efforts on acquiring international clients. Just pitch them the idea, show them the property and leave the whole relocation process on the moving company. The moving company has preplanned the whole process for international relocations and they can guide your customers about each step when they decide to move in Dubai from their home country.


You must be offering more than one service that includes buying, renting, mortgage or selling the property, right? Each steps involves the process of moving the items from one place to another and the owners would require the expertise of a moving company. What if you arrange the Moving Services In Dubai for them and reduce their challenges to find a reliable company? Put yourself in your customer’s shoe and try to imagine how’d you feel about a business that cares about all your big and small needs of such nature? And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to remain in good books of your clients, right?

Excited to take your business to new heights of success? Why don’t you dial 800 88 00 00 and speak with one of our key account managers to explore the opportunities of future collaborations?


Moving again? Have you decided if you’re going to handle all the process yourself or hire the Packing And Moving Services to speed up the process? Well if you’re going to go with the former option of managing all the moving procedures yourself then be ready to lose the peace of mind, miss important meetings and repent on different stages of your move for skipping something every now and then. Moving all by yourself is a very risky idea when you have a day job, a family to take care of and other commitments that consume your routine like the wood is eaten by termite (that’s a little dramatic). Before you take a final decision with respect to your move, we recommend you to give it a second thought and see what benefits you get with packing and moving services in Dubai.


When handling things alone, your biggest challenge would be managing time and doing things on time but that doesn’t happen when you’re all by yourself to manage the move. A move usually involves different stages that you have to face one by one like arranging for the new apartment, locating time for packing and finally moving things from old address to the new one. Tell yourself how many days you’ve got to do these things after giving notice to your current landlord a week, 2 weeks or a month? Time flies very swiftly and you forget to manage all these things when doing everything all by yourself. The reason for hiring packing and moving services is that you get help in managing majority of these things.


So you’re packing things after a year or more than that time and everything looks like an unsolved puzzle right? You might be thinking that a single packing approach would do for everything that you own and it won’t take much time to pack everything up. The packing needs special care (and time not to mention) to secure every single item that you intend to take with you. By hiring the packing and moving services you also get expert’s suggestions (and sometimes help if you wish to) for packing the items in right manner that they won’t break during the transition phase.


If you’re thinking that hiring a local truck for shifting the items from one address to another is enough then you need to consider certain aspects of this phase of your move. A local truck might help you in transferring the items from one location to another but there’s no guarantee that your items would be safe during the journey. There could be bumps ahead the road that could shake up the packing boxes and end up in breaking some items that are being carried. But when you hire packing and moving services, you get the services of experts that know how to handle your items with care and put each packing box in a way that it stays secure during the journey.

Rethink about your move, make a wise decision and keep your items secure during the whole moving journey by hiring the Packers And Movers In Dubai instead of managing things yourself.


Fixing mechanical problems is not a tough job for you but when you have to use that force to pack up everything for a move, things get tough don’t they? We know how tough it is to pack everything up in your garage and get ready to shift your workspace to another location and leave the old one behind. But are you ready to face the moving day issue or is your plan has some glitches that would make things difficult for you? Being the providers of Packing and Moving Services in Dubai , we help businesses like yours to reduce the conflicts and issues on moving day so here are some important tips that would help you too.


While packing up everything in the garage, majority of people repeat this very serious mistake that costs them the valuable fixture during the transition. Packing boxes are a good choice to pack everything up but not so good for heavy items that would tear them apart during the transition phase. Suppose you’ve packed everything up in the packing boxes, called in the packing and moving services and when the crew starts to lift boxes up, the heavy items fall down from the packed boxes. A wise approach is to use moving blankets for these heavy items instead of relying on carton boxes that can hold together a limited number of items.


Can you name the most frustrating moment from your past moving experience so far? It’s when you move to the new place, unpack everything from packing boxes and forget where you put nuts, bolts and screws to put together big items, isn’t it? A smart way to use small sealable pouches that could contain these nuts, bolts and other items that help you reassemble the fixture after moving into your new garage. Put all of them in and tape them within the packing arrangement (be it boxes or blankets) so you never have to waste time in finding them later on.


You’re moving to another location all of your garage items and that doesn’t mean that everything should be packed and loaded into the moving truck. According to our experience of providing packing and moving services in Dubai, there are always some items that you don’t need at the new location. When packing everything up, you first need to separate important things from unimportant items in your garage before completing the packing process. You may dump them in the bin or resell them to a rag shop near your garage.


Here’s one very important thing to do that will help you in keeping your whole moving journey organized and stress free. What most people do during the packing process is they pack everything up and label big boxes instead of focusing on details. See, you have small boxes within those spacious packed boxes and once you arrive at the new address you already would have forgotten about the small boxes and the items they are holding. So being the providers of packing and moving services in Dubai, we always ask our customers to label in detailed manner so they can be sure what each box contains.


No doubt moving becomes a biggest challenge when you are to pack up everything at your pharmacy and change the selling point. And things go out of your hands when you have no packing and moving experience or lack time to sort things out. This is where you need expert’s advice to make your move stress free and organized by using their experience and useful tips. Being a professional Moving Company in Dubai, we help small business owners, shopkeepers and entrepreneurs to make safe moves and keep everything organized when they change the locations. So read on and find how you could pack, transit and complete your moving journey without getting stuck at any point.

Handle Delicate Items Carefully:

While interacting with customers, you deal with different items that are of delicate nature and could break down with a slight jerk. So when you roll up your sleeves to pack such items, be very careful with respect to their fragile condition and use packing boxes that are specifically built to handle such items like tubes and boxes containing liquid based medicines. You may use bubble wrap or foams to secure the corners and keep them safe once the moving company in Dubai arrives, loads your items and sets off to the new location. This way you can be sure of their safety regardless of poor road conditions and bumps on the way. Just make sure that the items are packed securely and would not be broken with the jerks and jumps the truck usually faces during the transition phase.

Be Gentle with Glass-based Items:

While you pack up everything be very gentle with packing of glass based items as they are more likely to increase your packing problems if you pack them in wrong manner. In the first place, you should call the professional to handle tables, showcase and other items that are made of glass as they require different packing approaches than medicines, wooden boxes and electronics that you use in your pharmacy. Being a professional moving company in Dubai, we suggest you to dismantle different sections that made up the item in order to keep the glass based items secure during the transition phase if possible.

Never Leave Gap:

One very prominent mistake that most shop owners make while packing their stuff is to leave gap in the packing boxes and a clear sound could be heard while moving the boxes. This is a clear indication that your times are not packed properly and would eventually collapse by frequent jerks during the transition phase. Being a professional moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to intact every item in the packing box that it would not move within the carton box when our crew picks them up and load into the truck. If you’re not sure how to pack things in secure way, you may always ask the moving company in Dubai to help you out in packing the stuff and reduce the risk of breakage during transition phase.


Moving often and changing addresses often is not easy when you’re living in one of the busiest places in the world – Dubai. But…you have to vacate the apartment on due date and before that, there’s a huge list of undone things in front of you. The move date is only a week away and you haven’t started to pack your stuff so we thought to help you sort things out with our experience as one of the leading Moving and Packing Companies in Dubai. Use this post as your moving checklist when your move date is due next week and make the packing easy and strategic.


You don’t need to take this moving venture on your nerves and act smartly to handle the whole packing and moving process like a pro. But before you do anything else, take time and list things to prioritize each set of items that you intend to pack. Separate fragile items from those that are sturdy in terms of physical appearance as if you mix both, something would break in half way. Similarly make list of those items that need to be packed first and also write down what needs to be packed last. Lists are great way to keep yourself updated about the process as you go about packing ever single item.


I know it’s only a week’s time and you have no idea where to start packing your stuff and be ready for the moving date. From our experience by working as one of the leading moving and packing companies in Dubai, we gathered that people pack those items too that they would need on routine basis. If you don’t want to face any discomforting situation then do not follow this tendency of packing routine based items with other ones. Separate them from the packing plethora that you’re seeing in front of you as you’re not going to move right away and there is plenty of time left in your departure. So be wise when it comes to packing and pack these items separately if you don’t want to feel agitated later when they’re required.


Have you thought why you had to go through moving problems in middle of transition? Was it due to hiring an unprofessional moving company in Dubai or the problem was somewhere else? You’re bound to face issues like breakage during item transition from old to new address due to inappropriate packing methods. The key mistake that most people make is the usage of old carton boxes that can’t hold up things together and collapse in halfway. Get new boxes to pack everything and add a layer of satisfaction with respect to your packing arrangements before the moving day arrives.


As there are few days left in your moving day, you have to arrange a specific section for all the packed boxes. If you don’t keep them at a specific location, your premise would look more like a storeroom or a garage. Now imagine a guest shows up and finds this condition that you don’t want him to see. Being one of the leading moving and packing companies in Dubai, we recommend everyone to keep the packing boxes separately from other items and keep everything organized.