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Ultimate Guide for Best Villa Movers and packers in Dubai

Looking for the best movers and packers in UAE? Is it your first time moving with your family and children and finding the best villa movers and packers in Dubai? If yes then consider yourself lucky as today we will highlight why wemove movers and packers in dubai. Are the best moving services among the other companies.

Furthermore, If you are moving next week and getting flustered about it and haven’t even decided about it yet. Then follow this blog guide for Urgent Villa movers and packers in Dubai by wemove services benefits.

Are the best moving services among the other companies. If you are moving next week and getting flustered about it and haven’t even decided about it yet. Then follow this blog guide for Urgent Villa movers and packers in Dubai by wemove services benefits.

Why you should consider wemove?

If you have decided to move or relocate to the new location and moving next. Worrying over how everything will work out for you? Don’t worry about it! As wemove powered by IFSG services is one of the best and urgent movers and packers dubai.

Furthermore, Our team is super expert in relocating all you have to do is just book our service and our team will connect with you and book a time to visit and suggest the best time to pack your things. Also, we have an expert team so, you have to worry about delays or damage.

How much time do Movers and packers in UAE take to relocate?

Once you have booked us for your move. Our team will recommend you the best time and visit your home and give you an estimated time and date regarding the packing. According to your bedroom hall and kitchen. Furthermore, if you want bubble wraps to packaging then our team will coordinate and book 1 day before your moving. Additionally, our team of expert mover will easily, pack your furniture and fragile items, etc.

furniture moving
movers and packer dubai

Do I have to worry about damage or any breakage?

Absolutely no you don’t have to worry a bit. As our team of professional movers and packers will make sure to handle it with care. While, we handle your belongings very carefully, as we load in trucks etc. You can even get 100% guaranteed satisfaction after we have relocated you from your moving place.

Villa Movers and Packers in Dubai will save your time and money

At wemove powered by IFSG is one of the professional movers and packers dubai. We have a reputation. We offer the best and realistic rates according to your BHK.  As we have an expert team of professionals who have more than 10+ years. Who will do work much faster than the companies who have new employees. Also, our experts will undo and fix your furniture as it will save you money and time. You don’t have to call the handyman for that as we have a team of experts and cleaners etc.

We hope that this guide helped you to decide the movers and packers in UAE. Plus, you can see what our clients say about us on our official pages. If you are moving soon, book now and save yourself from all the extra hassle. Call us now as we are just a call away! 800-25326464


Are you moving out to a new building and already feeling confused about selecting a reliable commercial moving company in Dubai? Well, you’re not alone to feel that way as finding a perfect moving company often appears a daunting task when we don’t follow the rules. Yes, there are certain rules to segregate best from the average service providers. And if you follow them, you can smartly identify the Best Commercial Moving Company in Dubai. Come, let’s discuss the key features that you must seek while screening different moving companies in town for a smooth transition of your office items.


When you opt for utilizing a third-party service, you’re bound to deal with pricing related matters as they decide if you’d go with the company or not. So, the first thing that you should be looking into a prospective moving company in Dubai is the price against their services. With this metric, you can easily conclude if it is the right company for your office moving or not. So, look for a company that offers ideal pricing that is within your range and justifies the service standards.


As there are different business industries, the needs also vary according to their different working patterns when it comes to moving. Ideally, the moving company should be able to understand their core needs while crafting the moving packages for them all. Because only then they’d be able to add value in the service and address the pain point of the company. So, when selecting a commercial moving company in Dubai, make sure to seek personalization features in their services. Because only then you’ll be able to execute your move an adequate manner and complete the journey without experiencing any difficulties.


During the move, the main concern of the person in charge is that everything goes as planned. If one thing is delayed, it may derail the whole moving plan and cause distress. When you seek the best commercial moving company in Dubai, make sure you get transparency in the tracking of your move. It could be through an app, access to a dedicated supervisor or a key account manager that is available via a call to update you about the moving progress.


Ideally, a commercial moving company in Dubai should be able to assign you an experienced and hard-working moving crew. A crew that emerges itself in the moving process by reducing the chances of neglection in the job. If you could identify such features in the service structure, you’ve cracked the art of finding the best service providers in town.


Moving office is quite different than moving an apartment as it involves the management of sensitive documents. While you seek the best Commercial Moving Company In Dubai, make sure you hire a trustable service provider. A company that verifies its staff before hiring them and guarantees you of full confidentiality of your important documents. Only then you can show your full confidence in their services and make your mind to use their expertise in the future when needed.


Finding a reliable moving company in Dubai is a tough thing to do but identifying the ideal apartment is way trickier than that. The moving companies, shifting stress and negotiations come second as you’ve got a bigger challenge and that is to locate the right apartment. Nope! You don’t need to do any interior designing courses or obtain a degree in real estate. You’ll be living in that place so better start with questions….the logical ones. For your ease, we’ve put together a short list of right questions either to ask the landlord or the property agent before you make any final decisions. Read on and note down the questions that would help you in cracking the best deal before you begin your search for a reliable Moving Company In Dubai.


As a common practice, you’d have contacted different property agents and received 4-5 apartment recommendations, right? Once you have a primary data it is time to start comparing each option with some basic facilities it offers against that hefty amount of rent. The offerings different with each apartment so do ask what are you getting along with the roof above your head? Some would offer basic facilities like electricity, gas and a working water connection whereas the others would kind enough to offer extra amenities like an internet connection or cable connection.


Negotiating the prices with a moving company in Dubai would be on your mind but before you do that, you need to decide rent collection method. Some landlords prefer receiving the rents by check and they demand it at a certain date each month. Some would be okay to accept the electronic payments and there’s a class of landlords that don’t want the hassle of collecting the rent each month and expect an upfront instead. So it’s important for you to decide the collection method with your new landlord to avoid any disagreement and discomfort later when you move into the apartment.


If you own a car, you’d not be finding an apartment for yourself only. Nope! The car wouldn’t stay within the premise but you’d need to arrange a parking area when finding a new apartment, right? Go speak with the management, ask your landlord or the property agent about the parking facility into a prospective apartment. See…some apartment buildings have parking options for the residents within the building and some don’t. Since you’re responsible for your property’s safety, it is ideally the logical thing to arrange for your car’s parking instead of finding it difficult to park your car at a safe place once you move in.


Here comes the most trickier part of apartment hunt which is even trickier than finding the right packing by that moving company in Dubai that you’ve selected for your move. Ask the agent or the landlord about the lease renewal policy to avoid last minute decision making confusion. If you don’t ask, you’re likely increasing your risk for renewing your lease without your knowledge or any written permission from you either by the landlord or the management. This would leave you with two options i.e. either break the lease and vacate the apartment or pay more than your budget if you stay.

If you’re in search of a reliable Moving Company In Dubai to handle your movie, you can speak with our property agents at 800 88 00 00 and get a personalized moving package that meets your budget.


Planning to relocate soon? Have you made your mind to start your life all over again into another city and explore more chances to progress in your field? Great but have you run a background check on the place that is going to be your new home? What about the safety standards of that city? Relocation is not an easy job and you should stay prepared for everything beforehand to tackle the situation in best way possible. As the providers of Professional Relocation Services, we always ask our customers to consider certain elements when making a relocation plan to ensure that their decision is right and they’d have more chances to prosper into that new place. So here are some essentials of a successful relocation for you to consider.


In any place what matters the most is the people who you’d meet on a routine basis. You might not befriend with them but frequent interactions with them influence your mood, your lifestyle and your habits so it is very important to get to know the neighborhood of your next apartment. This means if the people living next door are friendly or totally inverse to your nature. As the provider of professional relocation services, we have seen that people with a good neighborhood tend to stay away from problems. So make a wise decision when planning an international relocation.


No one would want to reside in a place that has higher crime rate and the same goes with you, isn’t it? When planning relocation never neglect this aspect of your relocation and check if the city is safe to live in? You may do so by different mediums as today’s technological era allows us to get any information with few clicks. Or you may get in touch with the relatives or friends that are already residing into that city to enquire about the crime rate before making the last call. If the city is safe with respect to crime rate, we – as a provider of professional relocation services – would suggest you to go for the relocation plan.


This one is special! What is your motivation behind planning a relocation that you want to leave behind your hometown, your family and the social circle? Definitely you are anticipating chances to grow into that land but be very specific that what kind of opportunities are waiting you into that new land which you’ve chosen to make your second home. If you’re being promoted on a senior level by your company, then do consider how far you can go in next few years. And if you’re relocating on your own then check business trends that can leverage your business plans.


Are you good at calculations? You should be as you’ll require this precious skill into the new land very often. Before making a final call and utilize professional relocation services, you should consider the living costs into that foreign country as compared to your expected monthly income. If you’ll not make much to pay the bills and just accepting this offer for fulfilling your dream to live in your dream land then you’re simply increasing financial problems for yourself. Be realistic and make practical decisions when planning relocation.

Dial 800 880000 to get quick estimates of your international relocation and get to know the exact cost of this big move that you’re about to make.


In the sea of people and flood of hundreds of moving companies in Dubai, one finds himself tangled in different confusion when it comes to decision making part. We believe that finding a trusted Moving Company in Dubai should be easy and transparent for everyone. So we thought to simplify the whole cycle for finding a moving company using 5 simple and easy to apply methods when you want to move anywhere within Dubai or other Emirates of UAE. Feel free to read, apply and benefit from the tips mentioned below and always select the right moving company in Dubai when you have a moving plan.


One of the benefits of technology is that everything is on your fingertips as you can discover anything you want. The only concern this process has is to conclude the authenticity of that product or service. As usual, do some initial research and start finding best moving company in Dubai but do not limit the process to this first step of your quest. Simply note down some names that will work as your initial data to go further into this quest. For your ease, the first 5 results of moving companies in Dubai would be enough to put on the list.


When finding a moving company in Dubai, it’s always a wise idea to speak with friends and family members who have recently moved to a new place. They can share their experiences and help you select the right moving company in Dubai for your own move. Ask them about the rates, their experience with the service provider and if everything went along the plan or they have to face broken item problems? These things would help you in making a wise decision with respect to the selection of a moving company in Dubai.


When you have 5-10 names on the list, the next step is to contact them and discuss your move. Share the details and moving date with that moving company in Dubai and ask them to provide a quick estimate of the whole move. A trusted and reliable moving company doesn’t rely on a telephonic conversation but also goes beyond in paying a visit to evaluate the move and quote the right amount for the service. Schedule a meeting with as many moving companies in Dubai as you could and receive different price quotes for comparison purposes later on. This would give you a clear picture of what each moving company in Dubai is offering.


When negotiating your move with a moving company in Dubai, never hold back for confirming about their licensing and insurance number which is mandatory to have. A moving company usually has a license number that you can always ask and check with the DED (Department of Economic Development) in UAE. You can also go for the public reviews on the websites likes Yelp where you will be able to see how good or bad the company is in the eyes of its customers.


A good moving company in Dubai would never let you stranded once the job in finalized and tries to keep you updated with the status of your job. A trusted moving company in Dubai would usually have dedicated key account managers for your assistance that will guide you through every step of the move. This way you can be sure that your move is on the track and being executed according to plan. If you feel any confusion during the process, you should have the ability to contact the key account manager to resolve any rising confusion with respect to price, insurance or safety of your items.

To book a moving service, you may speak with our key account managers on 800 880000 and receive instant price quotes now.  


With the turn of 2018, many people are up for replacing their apartment and moving in Dubai’s mainstream areas for better career opportunities or for any other reason. Some move apartments for easy access to work and the others want to experience the elite lifestyle that some of the major residential communities offer to their occupants. We, being a Moving Company in Dubai, help our customers in executing the moving securely but receive few breakage complaints that lead them to disappointment. So this post is for helping our readers for identifying fragile items that usually break during the transition phase due to poor packing.

Cups & Glasses

As a moving company in Dubai, we usually hear people complaining about broken cups and glasses when they unpack everything from the carton boxes. We suggest them not to pack the fragile items of such nature with items of sturdy nature as they are most likely collide with each other during the transition. A better way is to pack such items separately and cover each of them with a cloth or maybe towels to create a layer of protection for each of them.

Kitchen Utensils

Second on our list of most breakable items during the move is the kitchen utensil like plates and plastic based items that cannot bear the pressure. We – as a moving company in Dubai – always advice our customers not to put burden on the carton boxes that are carrying these items as it is most likely to lead towards the breakage. A rule of thumb is that you place them upon those carton boxes that are carrying heavy items or items that do not get affected by the pressure.


Most people pack the paintings and other artworks all the way wrong and expect to see them in one piece when they unpack their items. See…paintings and artworks are very delicate and require special care so treating them like every other item is not a good idea. As a moving company in Dubai we’d advise you to take professionals’ help when packing artworks or use the approved packing methods for paintings.

Glass Based Items

So tell me…how many items are you going to pack that include glass? Do these items include mirrors, glass table or anything else that requires special care? And what is your packing approach for keeping them safe or is it you have no plans how to pack them securely? If the latter is the case, you’re most likely to see them in many pieces when unloading and opening the packing. As a moving company in Dubai we’d advise you to place foam to cover both sides of the glass when packing it for loading in the truck.


Here’s another item that is at the risk of getting damaged and that is the electronics items. Try to keep the original packing box for each electronic item that you intend to pack as they are designed just perfectly to keep them secure during the transition phase. And if you’ve thrown the original packing box away, you may ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange for their suitable packing material to keep them in safe condition when loaded on the truck.


As you pack up everything and load the items into moving truck, you set off to another amazing journey by leaving behind the old memories. But the story doesn’t end here because the real fun (or challenge for some) is just about to start when you unlock the door to your new apartment. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we try our best to keep our customers on safe side so we thought why not share the pro tips to handle things when they have changed the apartment and how things may go out of plan. So here are the life saving tips – from a moving company in Dubai – to keep yourself intact with your moving plan and never feel drained during the later stage of moving.


Whether you arrive at the new apartment during the noon, evening or at any time of the day, you first need to rest. And after you take nap and get back in form (partially), never ever go about putting things randomly because there’s a fair chance of exhaustion in the process. First get yourself familiar with each section of your new apartment. Don’t worry about the manpower as you can always revert back to the moving company in Dubai that helped you get your furniture moved. Just go about analyzing the place and discover the hidden corners of the place that can come handy later in the decoration phase.


It’s true that you’ve left behind old relationships that you cultivated over your stay in previous apartment but it’s time that you move on. As a moving company in Dubai, we have observed that those customers that initiate talks with the neighbors are likely to have more helping hands than those who remain isolated until the apartment is ready to welcome everybody at home. So get outside of your apartment, gently knock the door and put a big smile on your face when the other person opens the door. Introduce yourself and let them know that you’re going to stay in their neighborhood from that day on (until you find another good deal). It’s an easy way to make yourself comfortable at the new place and refresh your mind (and body) from the exhaustion of your recent move.


Great! You’ve made some friends in the neighborhood and now it’s time that you sneak back to your den (your apartment). You’re probably in good mood and have the energy to tackle the decoration part of your move so let the magic begin. I know you’ve seen every section of your place during the apartment hunt but it doesn’t hurt to recall the plan. Keep a pen and paper (if you’re not good at remembering things later) and go room by room (or wall by wall) to decide what item would look perfect at a certain corner.


You’ve taken nap, made friends and evaluated the apartment to be decorated so now it’s time to roll the sleeves up and do the real thing. If you feel short on manpower, you may either call a friend or speak with the same moving company in Dubai that helped you move your stuff. Be sure to use the same list that you made when packing up everything because by the time you reached the new apartment, everything would have skipped from your mind. And this is why we recommend labeling each box and keeping the list handy when you step into your new apartment and start unpacking the stuff.

For further discussion on how you may keep your move stress free, you may speak with one of our reps on 134 and book your future move date on affordable rates now.


When moving apartments, the major concern is to spend lesser and execute the moving successfully but this doesn’t go with the plan generally. The main reason for this scenario is the unfamiliarity with the actual moving procedure that you fail to calculate the exact moving cost. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we strive to keep our customers informed about the actual procedure that takes place during the moving of a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. So we thought to discuss few essential factors that are going to decide to moving expense when you plan to vacate the place and reside in a new apartment in Dubai. Keep on reading!

Calculation of Items

packers and movers in dubai

This is obvious that every business has its own terminology to operate its business and communicate internal matters. We, as a moving company in Dubai, charge you for moving costs on per CBM basis. This helps us calculating a bit faster than going into details of the nature of each item. The first thing that you need to understand is how a moving company in Dubai would calculate the total items that you intend to move and its cost. Generally, a 1 BHK apartment would have around 15 CBM of items. And the moving costs are between AED 800/- to 1200/- only for CBM calculation because there are other factors that may increase or decrease this round figure. So check with the surveyor how much exactly it would cost you to move from one place to another with a certain CBM calculation.

Transportation Cost

After taking CBM calculations, the next factor that impacts on your moving expenses is the transportation charges. Generally the companies provide your quotes that include transportation charges but it is always wise to know the exact portion of transportation expense. Regardless of its length, a moving truck generally carries about 15 CBM at a time if the moving company in Dubai avoids stuffing the vehicle. And the total calculation of your items is about 20 CBM then the movers in Dubai would have to make two journeys to adequately transit your valuables from current place to the new one. You may assume the transportation cost’s percentage as 30-40 percent of total moving expense quotation. Now if you want to reduce the costs, you may either get rid of unused items or ask them to carry as much items in the truck as they can. Decision is all yours so be wise!

Required Manpower

storage company in dubai

It’s understood that one man cannot be referred as a moving team so there should essentially be 3-6 people to execute your moving job. This makes manpower an important factor when calculating your moving expenses a moving company in Dubai would usually charge you. But the question might tempt you that how the manpower cost is justified in total moving invoice, right? A moving company would usually charge you around AED 50-60 per person which makes the total expense around AED 300/-. Now when you’re negotiating the moving costs with your moving company, do ask how many persons they would send to your place. If you want to avoid paying more, ask them to send in less manpower possible and if you think that you need more men to handle your items then you know what to say.

Endurance of Items

Flipping back to transportation topic, don’t assume that CBM calculation is all that you need to worry about for finalizing your moving costs, there’s more to know. Every customer has a different set of items that require special care regardless of their mass and vulnerability elements. And the idea of dumping everything in the truck is a totally wrong approach if you care about your items than money. Don’t be so lenient on the moving company in Dubai and forget about the safety of your items as if you ignore this factor then you are responsible for the damages that may occur. Consult with your moving company in Dubai what precautions they are using to handle sensitive items in your furniture.

Completion Time

packing and moving company

When discussing your move, don’t forget the actual time that your moving job will take to complete its cycle. There are different set of operations that a moving company (or you yourself) perform. Most people tend to pack their items with their bare hands instead of asking a moving company in Dubai to do the packing for them. Now if you’re not expert at packing, it would take more time than an expert would pack your items. Similarly, the transition of your items also takes a considerable amount of time. Ask the moving company in Dubai if they are also charging you some additional amount for extra hours if the given moving timeframe exceeds?

For further discussion about your next move, you may speak with our key account managers on 800 88 0000 now and get free moving quotes with ease.


Moving apartments is not an unusual event in the life of UAE’s residents but it does come with an element of stress. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we work with different people to ease up their moving journey but they themselves have to cover the large part of this activity. We know how stressful a moving can become things are not in order and what damages it can bring into your life in terms of mental peace and disorganized life. In fact, experts have listed the moving of an apartment as the 3rd most stressful event in anyone’s life. But we’ve some useful tips for you to deal with your next move like a pro and complete this journey without getting overwhelmed during the process.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items


packers and movers in dubai


While moving apartments, the most difficult task is to decide what to keep and what to give away? As a moving company in Dubai, we often hear this repetitive question from our valued customers that are either moving for the first time or didn’t learn to deal with this tricky part of a move. So we give them a simple rule and that is to keep what you frequently use and purge what you never use at all. Think about it and you’ll come up with different set of items that you purchased in the past but never get to use them in past 6-12 months. Since you’re moving to a new place and it will be hard for you to find a place for these unnecessary items so it’s wise to dump them instead of increasing your moving cost.

Notify Timely


Whether it’s your first time to replace your residential address or you’ve done it before, you should not delay the notification phase of your move. As you already have hands on experience of moving apartments in Dubai, you should increase the name of individuals that you should update about the move. By this, I’m referring to different service providers apart from your landlord who is liable to return your security upon departure. There are different bodies that you should update about the leaving date that include DEWA, landline company and other services that bill you on current address. As a moving company in Dubai, we’d suggest you to be very specific about your plans and let them know if you want to change your address or disconnect the connection altogether to avoid any discomfort later.

Hire Right People


storage services in dubai


As a matter of fact, you’ll find tons of moving companies in Dubai while searching for the right one. This might prove overwhelming by contrasting the kind of service quality they are offering and the prices they charge. We know that money is always a priority when you move apartments in Dubai so here’s a little advice. Never go with a moving company in Dubai that has complex procedures of estimations and charge separately for every other activity. For instance, we have devised a simple CBM procedure to measure the total area of your fixtures that could be loaded on the truck and the prices are pretty much easily understandable by anyone. Go with the company that makes things easy for you during the move instead of throwing more complex forms to be filled and confuse you with their charges.

Schedule Wisely


Suppose, you’ve been through from above mentioned stages and it is time to manage your moving segments which deals with different parts. Here, you should use your organizational skills instead of putting everything on last minute. As a moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to divide their move in different segments to stay organized and never face an overwhelming situation later on. Decide the time of packing everything and decide what will be packed last. In similar manner, make a schedule to deal with other parts of the move especially the packing part. You may start with the items that you rarely use and later pack the items that you frequently use right before the move day.

Pack Smartly



Here comes the most difficult part of the whole moving journey that anyone would experience while replacing apartments, the packing activity. As a moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our clients to use smart packing approaches instead of using traditional ones. As a matter of fact, the large carton box is not the solution to put everything up. There are other options like large carpets to cover sofas, small boxes to secure tiny items and special boxes to contain fragile items. Explore more packing options and stay one step ahead from the people that find discontentment upon receiving broken items just because using one conventional packing approach.

For more moving tips and free price estimations, you may speak with our dedicated key account managers on 800 880000 and get your move done.


As the year is about to end, there is a good news that would really make your day if you’re facing rental difficulties with your current apartment. Dubai Land Development has issued an update regarding the rental index for running quarter that says tenants in some of residential communities would be receiving up to 25% discount in their rents. Sounds good? I’m sure it does as no one would refuse paying less for an amazing apartment, isn’t it? So what exactly you can expect with this new prediction that Dubai Land Development has just made public? Read on and discover the exact residential communities that should be on your list for replacing your residence and move your apartment.

News In-Focus!

As Arabian Business states, all the areas are segregated according to the rental effect they would have in coming quarter of running year.

Firstly, there are residential areas that would see a considerable increase in their rents and tenants residing in these areas would have to pay more according to their contract. This group includes Riggat Al Buteen, Port Saeed and Ayal Nasir, as the report states.

Secondly, there are those residential communities that would have no effect in running quarter of the year. This group includes freehold residential communities and tenants would not have to worry about rent increase within this category.

Haider Tuaima – Head of Research at ValuStrat – has predicted a rental decline of up to 25% in some of residential communities based on the data Dubai Land Department has just made public. According to Tuaima, this tendency of rental decrease would see a massive trend of moving among the tenants that seek apartments with lesser rents.

Expected Effects:

Areas including Deira, Bur Dubai and Downtown are on a verge of rental increase from the past few years so this new update provides a relief to tenants seeking cheaper residential communities. Paying less for your apartment’s rent automatically enables you to save a considerable amount of money. Secondly, it would also benefit you to explore new residential units that the landlords are willing to fill with a tenant.

What Should You Do Now?

Given the fact that majority of freehold residential communities would see a considerable decrease in their rents, this is the perfect time that you plan your year. Being a Moving Company in Dubai, we would suggest you to consider changing your accommodation and start looking for a new apartment that would cost you less if you intend to reduce your expenses.

Making an early decision would benefit you in many ways as the Christmas and New Year Eve are just around the corner and offices would not be operational during this time. So we believe – being a moving company in Dubai – that this is the perfect timing for you to get in touch with a real estate agency, find an accommodation that suits your budget and get settled in your new apartment within early weeks of January 2018.

Another reason that you should consider moving your apartment within December is that packing of your furniture would take a great amount of time if you manage things on your own instead of calling in a professional moving company to seek their packing services.

For further moving consultancy or suggestions, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get complete assistance with your moving day schedule and costs.