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The experience of getting things exactly as planned is a wonderful feeling. Sadly, we live in the real world, not in a fairytale so there is always some amount of mismanagement or mishaps that impact on our plans. But with little attention and proper planning, we can reduce the chances of experiencing discomfort in plan executions. The same thing happens when we talk about moving and hiring Packing and Moving Services in Dubai. So here are some scenarios to calculate how successful your move was and what you can expect from the moving company on your moving day.


One of the keys of successful executions is to estimate properly without ignoring a small detail in the process of evaluation. Usually, the providers of best packing and moving services in Dubai, train their supervisors (or anyone in charge of estimations) with a vision to estimate the whole moving job properly. Because they’re the first person to visit you, discuss your moving needs and give you a near estimation of costs. If they miss to evaluate things and misquote, you’ll have to suffer later when clearing the invoice upon completion of your moving job. Or worst, you can have difficulties in smooth execution of the moving job so it is essential that the estimation is done correctly.


Usually, there are two practices when it comes to moving and the selection of packing and moving services in Dubai. One can opt for just transiting of the packing boxes to reduce cost or the company would cover the packing material and other tools required for safe moving executions. No matter how expert you are in managing things, there’s always a slight chance of using wrong packing material or tool to box things up. Ideally, customer-centric moving companies include packing facilities in their packages to accommodate the moving needs of every customer. This helps you in reducing the moving stress and focusing on another aspect of your move with the coverage of packing material.


One of the concerns of people changing their apartments is to control the costs incurred on the whole moving process. There are companies that lure customers with low moving costs and charge more than initial estimations giving random reasons. Such scenarios make people rethink about hiring the packing and moving services in Dubai next time when their move is due. The example of an ideal moving company is that remains transparent and honest in its operations from start to end without increasing the charges on the final invoice. If you want to make your move stress free and smooth, you should seek a moving company that is honest in its pricing matters.


You don’t necessarily try every other moving company to evaluate its professionalism and dedication. We’re humans and our habits tell so many things about our personality and the same applies to the selection of packing and moving services in Dubai. Just take a tour of the warehouse where the moving crew waits for new orders or notice the representative’s behavior to conclude the professional standard of the company. If you get good vibes from these interactions, you can trust the company and give them a go ahead knowing that you’ll be working with people that value professionalism and dedication.

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Whether you’re moving for the first time or a frequent mover, finding the reliable Packing and Moving Services in Dubai is one of the riddles that are hard to crack. But with little patience, observation and negotiation skills, you can hire the best people to manage your move and stay away from moving stress. As a moving company, we deal with different people to meet their moving requirements and this enables us to guide you in the right direction. Here are some essential qualities that your moving company must have in order to fulfill your selection criterion.


Not every move requires the same tools and boxes and the quantity (and time) varies from person to person and job to job. Those companies that have been in business from over a decade understand this and try to offer a customized pricing option to the customers. Because if they go about charging a standard price for every move (whether big or small), they’d start losing customers. Ask yourself, would you pay the same amount for a studio apartment’s moving as you do for a big villa’s moving job? This is the important question to ask when it comes to pricing for the moving services and this would help you in picking the best packing and moving services in Dubai.


The time has changed so the needs of customers and those service providers that claim to offer the best packing and moving services in Dubai understand this fact very well. They know that a customer can ask for any service that would help him in executing the moving plan so they remain ready for that. Try selecting a moving company that offers multiple solutions in a single service package like packing, loading/unloading and arranging for handyman services etc. If they can reduce your frustration (that you’d face during the search of other services), they are surely the best service providers to work with. Primarily, because they know your needs and secondarily due to readiness that can be seen in their passion to serve.


It’s not the tools or machinery that makes a company reliable but the people that represent the organization. While searching for the best packing and moving services in Dubai, your focus should be on hiring a company that employs passionate people. Because ultimately it is the workforce that you’re dealing with rather than the higher management that is concerned with major operations of the business. Having dedicated movers by your side would help you in receiving multiple suggestions that work if there is a situation that demands another approach to executing your moving plan.


The best packing and moving services in Dubai would be transparent in every aspect and would never let you rethink about your hiring decision. I mean, a good company never plays its customers at any cost and that’s what you should be looking for when searching reliable packing and moving services in Dubai. Work with only those service providers that remain true to their commitments from start to end and never overcharge, or mislead you with respect to their services.

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Offering something “free” or on “lowest rates” doesn’t mean that the service provider has the right to exploit the customers. UAE’s moving industry is one of the complex part of the economic infrastructure that gives the customers a hard time in making a selection from thousands of Moving Companies in Dubai. So thought, why not discuss the disadvantages of hiring a cheap moving company that does offer you less price but poses more risks to your ‘peaceful’ move. Read on and discover the downsides of hiring the moving companies in Dubai that come with ‘cheap’ service label.


As you’re trying to reduce the moving cost, the moving companies are doing the same if you opt for a cheap service provider. Your concern would be the moving expenses that take a considerable amount of money and their focus is shifted towards employing less people so they’ll have to pay less in account of salaries. But this reduction in manpower may impact on the safety of your items that you want to shift safely from one place to another. Now think and answer this to yourself that paying less is more important or seeing your items in a single piece?


The UAE government takes transparency and legality of businesses very seriously and this is why they’ve set the rule to obtain a license before operating in the market. Those moving companies in Dubai that offer cheap moving services don’t just stop on reducing manpower to save money. Some of them even skip the license obtaining part before commencing their business activities. Yes, that’s one of the reasons that they offer their service on such low rates but that’s half picture of the whole truth. If you’re working with a company that is not licensed, you’re putting yourself one step closer to legal difficulties if anything goes wrong. The company can change their business focus, move away and remain hidden in the government’s radar.


For those that are new in moving business, the moving job is limited to putting something up and placing it in another place but that’s not it. A moving job requires care, manpower (and sometimes) machinery to ensure the safety of every item that a customer asks to move. If you happen to hire one of the cheap service moving companies in Dubai, you’ll notice that they have moving tools that demand repair before use. The inventory that they use for packing, carrying or loading itself needs a little sympathy and support then how can you expect your move to be executed with perfection?


This is the era of technological advancement where we are connected with our peers, dears and family friends on the go. But some of these cheap-service moving companies in Dubai would be relying on old communication mediums. A smart moving company would usually have an app where the customers can track moving progress without even calling the customer care department. But when you opt for a moving company that is reluctant about providing cheap moving services, you’ll be given an assumed estimate for job completion that is usually hours late than initially anticipated.

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From apartment selection to packing stuff up and contacting different moving companies in Dubai, this whole process demands your attention, isn’t it? The fact is, you’ll find so many service providers during your company hunt and this makes the decision making process very tough. So to make sure you get to hire the best among the plethora of different Moving Companies in Dubai, we have highlighted some key aspects of a good moving company. Read on and discover what you should see in a service provider during your company search for a secure and successful move.


The first and foremost element to search in a moving company is the experience staff. See, your furniture and other stuff hold value and you wouldn’t want hand them over to some inexperienced individuals that have no experience how to handle a move. So it is very important to hire a moving company that has experienced staff with apt knowledge of handling variable furniture items. If, by any means, you get to hire a moving company that is trying to save money by hiring inexperienced or third party workforce, you’re making a wrong decision. There are moving companies in Dubai that are working from last decades and hold enough experience to complete your moving job with efficiency. Go for them and ensure safety, satisfaction and a pleasant moving experience!


One very essential quality of professional moving companies in Dubai is the element of punctuality in their dealings. They understand the value of time and how they should benefit from it while serving you. An ideal moving company reaches at your premise on time, works in a timesaving manner and ensure to deliver your stuff to new place without wasting much of your time. Punctuality is one of the key metrics to evaluate a company’s overall professionalism because no single customer would want to work with an organization that doesn’t value time and tends to reach late. Make the right decision and shortlist only those moving companies in Dubai that are punctual.


A good moving company would prioritize its customers over any other factor while providing the service. Similarly, those moving companies in Dubai that work with a sense responsibility tend to win the confidence of their customers. By being responsible, I mean they should understand what kind of tools would be required to complete the moving job and how much time it require. They would update you from the job’s progress and guide you through the process at every stage. So find this quality of ‘responsibility’ in the moving companies in Dubai that you’ve shortlisted.


The moving companies that tend to provide quality services are those that measure the risks involved in a moving activity. There’s always a risk of damage or delay but the professionals always calculate the risk element and try to minimize the risk ratio to ensure total safety of your items. An ideal mover would usually offer moving insurance that is included in your moving package to provide you some safe side and ensure you wouldn’t have to bear the loses alone in case anything goes wrong during the move.


Think critically, people get professional services because they know how to get things professionally and in time. If a moving company isn’t concerned about its work ethics and presentation then there’s no meaning in hiring one. You could ask your friends or anyone from family to help you in moving your stuff but that would bring an element of risk. Make sure the moving company is professional enough in its presentation and public dealing.

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The new economical challenges are making it hard for every tenant in Dubai to stay in the budget line. As the days pass, it becomes difficult for tenants to keep the expenses in control in which the apartment rent is on top of the list. As a Moving company in Dubai, we always try our best to update our valued readers about the latest property trends to make the right decision when it comes to moving to another apartment. In our earlier post, we discussed the possibilities to move in December with few recommendations of cheap apartment in Dubai. This new post by Gulf News suggests the exact locations that could be considered when you plan to switch apartments. So, are you ready to discover the cheapest apartments in Dubai? Read on!

Cheap Apartments in Dubai

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Despite of fall in rents in Dubai’s apartments, there is restlessness in tenants that want to cut down their expenses to save money and reduce the living costs. And this update brings just the kind of news that all those tenants were waiting to hear. According to this update, some apartments offer tenants Dh60/- to Dh64/- per square feet yearly rent. This means if you switch apartment in below mentioned locations, you would be paying around Dh 50,000/- to Dh 54,000/- in total for a 1BHK apartment.

The residential communities that offer cheaper yearly rents are:

  • Discovery Gardens
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Investment Park
  • Dubai Land
  • International City
  • Motor City
  • Al Furjan

The update also reveals most expensive residential locations of Dubai that costs the residents a hefty amount in account of yearly rents. Property specialists have predicted that Dubai’s most expensive apartments are open to tenants for DH 100,000/- or more yearly rent. In comparison to above mentioned rent, these locations have about Dh117/- per square feet yearly rent. The locations that are marked as one of the most expensive ones include Palm Jumeirah, Greens, Old Town, DIFC, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina and The Views according to different property analysts.

Good! But I don’t know what to do now?


storage services in dubai

I know that discovering the cheapest apartment is not the only motivation to act upon this idea of moving all of the sudden. But there are plenty of other things to consider your move in coming weeks.

  • You’ll get to reside in a new location and make new friends if you move to another apartment.
  • The work could be nearer from your residence if you plan to reside in above mentioned locations. (Check if that applies to you)
  • If you make a move now, you’ll be saving more money on your monthly contract for the coming year.
  • Recall your living costs in the current apartment and you’ll find out that this move will save you half of the money.
  • Start the New Year in a new apartment and decorate the place as per your ease with the help of a moving company in Dubai.

Okay, but how much moving will cost?


Good question! And luckily we have just the right answer for your query so don’t you worry about the moving costs. As a moving company in Dubai, we have already done the calculation work for you to understand the real challenge of your move. Please keep in mind that these calculations are based on a rough idea and the prices mentioned below may vary according to your furniture items.

  • If you want to shift from current studio apartment to another location, it’d cost you around Dh1000/- to move your items securely.
  • In case you want to replace your 1BHK with a new one, it would be around Dh1500/- or more.
  • The costs for moving 2BHK is about Dh2000/- in case you make your mind to shift to a cheaper place from the current one.
  • You’ll be paying around Dh3000/- or more for removing your furniture from 3BHK apartment.
  • Similarly, the costs for moving your items from a 4BHK apartment in Dubai would be about Dh3500/- or more.

If you are living in a bigger place than above mentioned apartments, you may speak with our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get the exact pricing on call.

So, what did you decide regarding your move? Do let us know about it in the comment section below!


Regardless of economy’s condition, the one thing that keeps tenant’s mind occupied all year long is to save some money and make the most out of the residency. Some do the extra shifts to make more money and the others downsize their accommodation preferences. We’ve got a question for you being a Moving Company in Dubai that how far you can go for cutting down your rental expenses? I mean can you change your 3BHK apartment with a loft or apartment to reduce your rental expenses? Well, if you are giving it a thought then you need to read the pro tips by Felice Cohen who spent around 6 years in a 90 sq ft studio.

Cool! But…Who is Felice Cohen?

I’m sure you’d be wondering that who is Felice Cohen so before going any further, here’s a little intro about this incredible and adventurous lady. Felice is basically an author and organizer who wrote ‘90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)’ a book describing about her experience and tips she discovered while living in a tiniest place for almost 6 years. In her recent interview with Business Insider she opens up about her book and shares some pro tips for all the tenants that are willing to live into a studio apartment but don’t know how to deal with the challenges that are waiting for them into their new accommodation.

9 Pro Tips for Studio Residents

packers and movers

Here are the 9 tips that you’d find very useful when moving to a studio apartment and go about arranging every corner of your place. Being a moving company in Dubai, we have tried our best to keep them concise and easy to understand so you can get benefit from her tips to the fullest. So…read along!

  • Try Vertical Arrangements
  • Use Maximum Space
  • Start with small items to de-clutter
  • Segregate each place
  • Get rid of unused clothes
  • Keep only important items
  • Labeling helps!
  • Buy with a theme
  • Use fewer appliances

Try Vertical Arrangements

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Small spaces usually allow fewer possibilities to keep your favorite items due to limited area. Where others suggest cutting down your furniture when settling into studio apartment, Cohen suggests using the length instead of width of the place. You may use furniture items that allow you to store things vertically and make most out of that studio apartment.

Use Maximum Space

She’s an unpredictable lady who sees things with different angles. This proves with her approach of keeping dresses in an unusual way. She suggests hanging dresses in double quantity by adding another bar into your closet to remove the scarcity problem in your studio apartment. Try that and never face this problem with your cupboard again.

Start with small items to de-clutter

moving services

Its hard letting go off the favorite items that you adore using or seeing everyday at your place. But if you’ve not used it in past year then there’s no meaning of holding it for some other days. As Cohen suggests, try de-cluttering process with small items to practice this art and purge the unnecessary items from your studio apartment.

Segregate each place

Like I said, she’s an unpredictable lady with an eye to recognize unique factors of places (and even lifeless items). According to her, each accommodation has a ‘most used’ and ‘never-gonna-use-till-next-6-months’ kind of place. So the next thing that you need to do is identify such places of your studio apartment and arrange things according to your usage preference.

Get rid of unused clothes

Can you guess what the biggest challenge for studio dwellers is? Nope! It’s not extinction of dinosaurs but keeping the pile of unused dresses away from their sight. A rule of thumb, when de-cluttering items, is that you should dump those items that are not being used in last 6 months. This would help you in differentiating between used items and items that you rarely use.

Keep only important items

When getting rid of items in your apartment, there are certain rules that help you accomplish your objectives. Firstly, there are items that you never ever used in last couple of years then comes those that you rarely used. And lastly, there are items that you use on certain occasions but adore them more than anything else. It could be that shirt you received from a special one or anything that is connected with a special moment in your life. The good news is you don’t need to dump them but recognize them as the most favorite items.

Labeling helps!

movers and packers

In small spaces, the problem most people have is to keeping small items organized especially when it comes to chargers and jars maybe. Cohen suggests labeling each item with its function to save time and stay away from an awkward situation when you find yourself tangled in between these items.

Buy with a theme

If you want to master the art of living in a studio apartment, you need to adopt certain buying habits as Cohen suggests. When you go out doing grocery shopping, never forget the color of your walls as it would help you maintain similarity factor in your studio’s appearance.

Use fewer appliances

If we consider Cohen’s approach of managing kitchen area, we discover that you she only uses two types of appliances – toaster and Magic Bullet. For a studio dweller, it’s really a smart way of keeping the kitchen items short and handy and we recommend you to follow the same.

We hope you find Felice Cohen’s pro tips useful to make your studio apartment experience super cool. For discussing your move details, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get relevant quotes for moving to a studio apartment.


So…are you ready to enjoy the multiple festive in the month of December that is just a day ahead? Where everybody is planning their holidays, we thought to give you an insight of what’s happening in moving industry. No doubt that your excitements are already touching the sky thinking about the holidays coming this month and you’ve already postponed your moving plans, right? What if I tell you that instead of postponing the moving date till January 2018, this is the best time to pack your stuff up and change your residence? As a Moving Company in Dubai, we have some really good news for you to plan your move during the month of December. Don’t worry I’m just going to explain how!


Every company tries to score as much sales as it could by the end of this month and guess what…moving companies are also running in this marathon. As December heads up, you’ll be seeing different discounts and cheap price deals on different stores, shopping malls and almost everywhere due to a certain event/festival. We believe that this is the best time to call your moving company in Dubai and check if they are offering any discount on their moving prices and believe me you won’t be disappointed. To put it in simple words…where you’ll be spending Dh1000/- for a studio’s move, it would cost you Dh750/- to Dh800/- to move your single room apartment. Now you can apply the same rule to calculate the costs for moving an apartment with multiple rooms.


December is not only the month of lucrative discounts and sales but it also marks the end of your tenancy contract, isn’t it? So that means you’ll either be negotiating the renewal of tenancy contract with your landlord or looking for a new apartment by the start of January 2018. We should embrace the change as soon as we could and I think this is the best time to do so (That’s a bit poetic, wasn’t it?). Given the present condition of real estate market of UAE, if you go with negotiation option then you could miss some of the best deals a new apartment owner can offer you. The real estate owners are fully motivated to meet their monthly targets before the year closes so why don’t you approach them and check if they have a nice apartment for you.


With packing and moving of your stuff, there comes a burden of rearranging everything at your place. So here’s the picture of what you’ll be doing during the holidays and later when moving the apartment. First, you’ll be busy in arranging everything for the holidays like Christmas Eve, Epiphany or New Year Night that would consume much of your energy. After when the celebrations are over, a new task would keep you busy and that is the packing and shifting your stuff to new apartment, right?

Once you complete moving procedures, you’ll be occupied setting your place according to your taste. If you move during the month of December, you won’t have to decorate and rearrange stuff on three different stages. Find a new apartment, contact a moving company in Dubai, change your residence and enjoy the celebrations of December holidays in a new place. Simple as that!

So what’s your holiday plan this December? Do let us know in the comment section below or speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 to plan your move now.


The happiness is indescribable when you’re all done with initial procedures of a move and gracefully completed the paperwork and all the legal steps for securing your deposit when moving away. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we work with different people and know how they handle their move and what irritates them the most. So we thought to give you an easy way to handle everything strategically on actual moving day. Read along and discover what you can actually do on your moving day when changing apartment and make the whole process easy, achievable and stress-free for your peace of mind.

Moving Day Checklist:

  • Regardless of the fact that you’re done with most of the tasks earlier but you still need time to manage everything in an adequate manner. As a moving company in Dubai, we always recommend our customers to get up early and recheck all the lists and plans that they have decided to execute on the moving day. This would help you in different ways to manage different moving tasks and organize the day from an early stage.
  • Remember what we always mention in our past blogs? Always pack the most essential items last and this is the time when you need to pack them. Yes! You need to pack those toothbrushes, pastes and toiletries along with kitchen items and the bed sheets whatsoever. Pack everything up before the movers arrive with loading trucks and start their duties.
  • It is essential that you get familiar with the staff and the tools that they’ve carried to complete your move adequately. Walk them through each section of your apartment and show the packed boxes (if you’ve done that yourself). This is the best time for mentioning your plans for the move to get their suggestions to make your move more secure and ‘crack-free’. Help them evaluate the exit points for big articles that you intend to move and reduce the chances of destruction during your move.
  • Before you go ahead and start vacating the house, there’s something left which requires your attention – remember cleaning the house? As a moving company in Dubai, we suggest our customers to make the apartment clean and also provide move out cleaning services in Dubai to make things easy for them. It’d help you in securing the deposit amount that is likely to be deducted in account of cleaning expenses.
  • Done with your move? Congratulations for completing your move in desired manner! But wait…before you start thinking that your move is complete you need to go and check for each packing box and the items each one contains. Now start to unpack the boxes that contain fragile items and make sure they are not broken during the transition phase from your previous address to the new one. If you find anything broken, you may claim compensation against the loss right away and if things are good then don’t forget to give that moving company in Dubai a positive rating.

You may contact us on 0800 880000 for evaluation of your next move and one of our customer reps will help you plan the moving journey.


Moving residencies is not easy especially when you live in one of the busiest cities in the world – Dubai. As a Moving Company in Dubai we have worked with different people in making their moves successful and less frustrating and we gathered astonishing behaviors that makes their move a tough challenge. So we jotted down few helpful tips that you may use as a checklist for your next move anywhere in Dubai. Read on and discover how you may align your whole move ahead of the moving date.


By working with different people as a moving company in Dubai, we discovered that those people who complete their moving process without any problem always carry a list of things to do along the way. And that’s what we suggest every new customer before taking on their moving job so they never have to face any problem due to so many tasks that a moving involves. Carry a list of things to do and save yourself from any irritating situation later on.


When you know it’s time to move and the process would begin in a month or two then it is the right time to research about your new hometown. Use the internet, find friends (or friends of friends) that already live there and take as many suggestions about the place as you can with respect to its culture, markets and utility services etc.


If you’re like many people that fail to plan the move then you’re probably putting off the packing phase of the move, right? Don’t do that! As a moving company in Dubai we always ask our customers to start packing things early if they’re managing this phase on their own so they never have to feel exhausted when the move is only a day ahead.


When your packing activity starts, you’ll find that there are different kinds of items that you have to pack.  By that I mean the vulnerability of certain items in term of bearing pressure within the packing box. So ensure that you’ve packed fragile items adequately and the sturdy items are secured in correct manner.


If you’re moved before, you probably have experienced this situation when you fail to find the screws, nuts and bolts of a bigger article that you dismantled during the packing phase. You’re not alone but you don’t need to repeat this mistake and being a moving company in Dubai we’d suggest you to pack and tape these small items somewhere inside the packing box for that big item.


This one’s a life saver! During your packing phase at the old apartment, try labeling each packing box with a color and name it by the items it contains instead of writing initials. This would help you in remembering what goes into which box later when you unpack everything at the new address.

For more useful tips, try consulting with your supervisor that the moving company in Dubai would assign to handle your move.