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Being a professional moving company in Dubai, we know how the moving and relocation cycle continues over the year. Thousands of people either make their way out of UAE or initiate their lives in Dubai’s amazing lifestyle. Some rely on Professional Relocation Services for making their move secure where others get robbed by scammers. As one of the international moving companies with numerous happy customers, we gathered some common moving mistakes to save you from such scenarios. So read them and plan your move wisely!

  1. Hiring local truck drivers:

Like many people, you’d want to reduce moving costs and a common perception is to hire a local truck driver who’d transfer your fixtures to the new address. You might cut down some moving expenses but to be honest, it’s not a wise approach at all. This is one of the common moving mistakes that people make when moving into Dubai or elsewhere. Without proper tools and training, you’re just letting a quack handle your stuff that usually ends up in disappointments. If you don’t want to see any broken item when you unpack stuff, always go for professional moving companies that are registered with legal authorities.

  1. Not approaching different moving companies:

We can understand how troubled you feel while moving to a new place and many things go out of your hands if left unplanned. One of the common moving mistakes that people often make is not approaching different moving companies during research phase. It is always a good practice to get 3 to 4 quotations from local or International moving companies. It’d help you to compare prices and services in a better way and you’ll be able to make best judgement while picking up a moving company in Dubai.

  1. Putting too much items on moving list:

When we move to a new place, it is undeniable truth that we have to spend some extra money on some new stuff according to the place. During the moving process, many people plan to carry each and everything with them that not only increases the difficulty for them but also costs as well. A better approach is to segregate those items that you rarely use and get rid of them. And to be honest, you’d love to adorn your residence with some new stuff won’t you?

  1. Waiting till last minute for packing:

Whether you’re relocating to a new country or moving a few blocks from your current residence, do not wait for the exact moving date when you’ll finally start packing stuff. Name it procrastination or weak will power but many people put off the packing when they are planning a move. If you want to save yourself from slow moving process, you need to start packing earlier. Don’t wrap up all your stuff a month before but make a plan for handling this phase of your move.

  1. Booking moving service on last minute:

One of the most common moving mistakes that many people do is booking a moving service before 2 to 3 days of their move. Like other tasks, moving is also very important thing that you shouldn’t take lightly. Get in touch with a moving company at least 3 weeks earlier than your moving date. Get quotations, finalize pricing and services and schedule a moving date to save yourself from such issues and make right decisions without any pressure.

Are you in search of a moving company in dubai or just moved to your new residency? Do let us know what common moving mistakes you’ve been making so far.

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