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Are you in process of moving to a new location? You need to be very careful while choosing a Moving Company in Dubai if you don’t want to waste your money on an unprofessional mover. As you type in the query ‘moving companies in Dubai’, you’ll be amazed by the uncountable number of results the page shows but how to find the right one with real moving experience and skilled labor? To simplify the process and help you pick the right moving company in Dubai, we listed some essential questions that are enough to verify the authenticity of the company.

Question # 1: Since when are you in business?

Truth be told, there are too many Moving Companies that would claim of being a professional and you need to keep your eyes open. If they are professionals, they’d be having a work history and would proudly answer this question. But if they’re newly organized moving company in Dubai with an outsourced moving staff and no experience, you better continue your search for the professional movers in Dubai

Question # 2: Is your staff trained enough to handle my furniture?

Usually when we speak with our customers, they’re more inclined to hire trained staff that can handle both delicate as well as heavy furniture items. The reason is, you’re investing a considerable amount on your move and you wouldn’t want any novice to handle your precious furniture with such carelessness that you end up seeing a broken item. So make sure who will be handling your fixtures and upholsteries on the moving day.

Question # 3: Where are you guys located?

Due to the ease of setting up moving companies in Dubai, you’d find many businesses claiming to be the professionals. We’d suggest, from our moving experience, to stay away from such companies as they’re not reliable. Suppose, if you have an issue with moving procedure, where would you find them? As a professional moving company, it should have a real address where customers can reach them and fix their issues in person rather than over a phone call.

Question # 4: How will you move my stuff?

Now this is one essential question that you should must ask the surveyor before giving them charge to shift your valuables. Ask what process your stuff will go through during the moving procedure and how they guarantee the safety of your furniture? As a professional moving company in Dubai, we always explain our customers how we will be proceeding with their furniture and where we want their cooperation during the moving process.

Question # 5: What transportation options do you have?

No matter it’s your first time or you have a moving experience before during your stay at Dubai, this question is a must to ask. A good practice, on behalf of moving companies, is to secure each moving item with proper transportation medium. The movers should be having certified trucks (or any other transportation medium) to keep your furniture safe during the transition from your current location to the new address. If the company is using an open truck, that mostly happens in outsourced cases, you need to step back and continue your hunt for a professional moving company in Dubai.

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