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Regardless of economy’s condition, the one thing that keeps tenant’s mind occupied all year long is to save some money and make the most out of the residency. Some do the extra shifts to make more money and the others downsize their accommodation preferences. We’ve got a question for you being a Moving Company in Dubai that how far you can go for cutting down your rental expenses? I mean can you change your 3BHK apartment with a loft or apartment to reduce your rental expenses? Well, if you are giving it a thought then you need to read the pro tips by Felice Cohen who spent around 6 years in a 90 sq ft studio.

Cool! But…Who is Felice Cohen?

I’m sure you’d be wondering that who is Felice Cohen so before going any further, here’s a little intro about this incredible and adventurous lady. Felice is basically an author and organizer who wrote ‘90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (…or more)’ a book describing about her experience and tips she discovered while living in a tiniest place for almost 6 years. In her recent interview with Business Insider she opens up about her book and shares some pro tips for all the tenants that are willing to live into a studio apartment but don’t know how to deal with the challenges that are waiting for them into their new accommodation.

9 Pro Tips for Studio Residents

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Here are the 9 tips that you’d find very useful when moving to a studio apartment and go about arranging every corner of your place. Being a moving company in Dubai, we have tried our best to keep them concise and easy to understand so you can get benefit from her tips to the fullest. So…read along!

  • Try Vertical Arrangements
  • Use Maximum Space
  • Start with small items to de-clutter
  • Segregate each place
  • Get rid of unused clothes
  • Keep only important items
  • Labeling helps!
  • Buy with a theme
  • Use fewer appliances

Try Vertical Arrangements

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Small spaces usually allow fewer possibilities to keep your favorite items due to limited area. Where others suggest cutting down your furniture when settling into studio apartment, Cohen suggests using the length instead of width of the place. You may use furniture items that allow you to store things vertically and make most out of that studio apartment.

Use Maximum Space

She’s an unpredictable lady who sees things with different angles. This proves with her approach of keeping dresses in an unusual way. She suggests hanging dresses in double quantity by adding another bar into your closet to remove the scarcity problem in your studio apartment. Try that and never face this problem with your cupboard again.

Start with small items to de-clutter

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Its hard letting go off the favorite items that you adore using or seeing everyday at your place. But if you’ve not used it in past year then there’s no meaning of holding it for some other days. As Cohen suggests, try de-cluttering process with small items to practice this art and purge the unnecessary items from your studio apartment.

Segregate each place

Like I said, she’s an unpredictable lady with an eye to recognize unique factors of places (and even lifeless items). According to her, each accommodation has a ‘most used’ and ‘never-gonna-use-till-next-6-months’ kind of place. So the next thing that you need to do is identify such places of your studio apartment and arrange things according to your usage preference.

Get rid of unused clothes

Can you guess what the biggest challenge for studio dwellers is? Nope! It’s not extinction of dinosaurs but keeping the pile of unused dresses away from their sight. A rule of thumb, when de-cluttering items, is that you should dump those items that are not being used in last 6 months. This would help you in differentiating between used items and items that you rarely use.

Keep only important items

When getting rid of items in your apartment, there are certain rules that help you accomplish your objectives. Firstly, there are items that you never ever used in last couple of years then comes those that you rarely used. And lastly, there are items that you use on certain occasions but adore them more than anything else. It could be that shirt you received from a special one or anything that is connected with a special moment in your life. The good news is you don’t need to dump them but recognize them as the most favorite items.

Labeling helps!

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In small spaces, the problem most people have is to keeping small items organized especially when it comes to chargers and jars maybe. Cohen suggests labeling each item with its function to save time and stay away from an awkward situation when you find yourself tangled in between these items.

Buy with a theme

If you want to master the art of living in a studio apartment, you need to adopt certain buying habits as Cohen suggests. When you go out doing grocery shopping, never forget the color of your walls as it would help you maintain similarity factor in your studio’s appearance.

Use fewer appliances

If we consider Cohen’s approach of managing kitchen area, we discover that you she only uses two types of appliances – toaster and Magic Bullet. For a studio dweller, it’s really a smart way of keeping the kitchen items short and handy and we recommend you to follow the same.

We hope you find Felice Cohen’s pro tips useful to make your studio apartment experience super cool. For discussing your move details, you may speak with one of our key account managers on 0800 880000 and get relevant quotes for moving to a studio apartment.

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