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Moving apartments is not an unusual event in the life of UAE’s residents but it does come with an element of stress. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we work with different people to ease up their moving journey but they themselves have to cover the large part of this activity. We know how stressful a moving can become things are not in order and what damages it can bring into your life in terms of mental peace and disorganized life. In fact, experts have listed the moving of an apartment as the 3rd most stressful event in anyone’s life. But we’ve some useful tips for you to deal with your next move like a pro and complete this journey without getting overwhelmed during the process.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items


packers and movers in dubai


While moving apartments, the most difficult task is to decide what to keep and what to give away? As a moving company in Dubai, we often hear this repetitive question from our valued customers that are either moving for the first time or didn’t learn to deal with this tricky part of a move. So we give them a simple rule and that is to keep what you frequently use and purge what you never use at all. Think about it and you’ll come up with different set of items that you purchased in the past but never get to use them in past 6-12 months. Since you’re moving to a new place and it will be hard for you to find a place for these unnecessary items so it’s wise to dump them instead of increasing your moving cost.

Notify Timely


Whether it’s your first time to replace your residential address or you’ve done it before, you should not delay the notification phase of your move. As you already have hands on experience of moving apartments in Dubai, you should increase the name of individuals that you should update about the move. By this, I’m referring to different service providers apart from your landlord who is liable to return your security upon departure. There are different bodies that you should update about the leaving date that include DEWA, landline company and other services that bill you on current address. As a moving company in Dubai, we’d suggest you to be very specific about your plans and let them know if you want to change your address or disconnect the connection altogether to avoid any discomfort later.

Hire Right People


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As a matter of fact, you’ll find tons of moving companies in Dubai while searching for the right one. This might prove overwhelming by contrasting the kind of service quality they are offering and the prices they charge. We know that money is always a priority when you move apartments in Dubai so here’s a little advice. Never go with a moving company in Dubai that has complex procedures of estimations and charge separately for every other activity. For instance, we have devised a simple CBM procedure to measure the total area of your fixtures that could be loaded on the truck and the prices are pretty much easily understandable by anyone. Go with the company that makes things easy for you during the move instead of throwing more complex forms to be filled and confuse you with their charges.

Schedule Wisely


Suppose, you’ve been through from above mentioned stages and it is time to manage your moving segments which deals with different parts. Here, you should use your organizational skills instead of putting everything on last minute. As a moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our customers to divide their move in different segments to stay organized and never face an overwhelming situation later on. Decide the time of packing everything and decide what will be packed last. In similar manner, make a schedule to deal with other parts of the move especially the packing part. You may start with the items that you rarely use and later pack the items that you frequently use right before the move day.

Pack Smartly



Here comes the most difficult part of the whole moving journey that anyone would experience while replacing apartments, the packing activity. As a moving company in Dubai, we always suggest our clients to use smart packing approaches instead of using traditional ones. As a matter of fact, the large carton box is not the solution to put everything up. There are other options like large carpets to cover sofas, small boxes to secure tiny items and special boxes to contain fragile items. Explore more packing options and stay one step ahead from the people that find discontentment upon receiving broken items just because using one conventional packing approach.

For more moving tips and free price estimations, you may speak with our dedicated key account managers on 800 880000 and get your move done.

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