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When moving apartments, the major concern is to spend lesser and execute the moving successfully but this doesn’t go with the plan generally. The main reason for this scenario is the unfamiliarity with the actual moving procedure that you fail to calculate the exact moving cost. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we strive to keep our customers informed about the actual procedure that takes place during the moving of a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. So we thought to discuss few essential factors that are going to decide to moving expense when you plan to vacate the place and reside in a new apartment in Dubai. Keep on reading!

Calculation of Items

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This is obvious that every business has its own terminology to operate its business and communicate internal matters. We, as a moving company in Dubai, charge you for moving costs on per CBM basis. This helps us calculating a bit faster than going into details of the nature of each item. The first thing that you need to understand is how a moving company in Dubai would calculate the total items that you intend to move and its cost. Generally, a 1 BHK apartment would have around 15 CBM of items. And the moving costs are between AED 800/- to 1200/- only for CBM calculation because there are other factors that may increase or decrease this round figure. So check with the surveyor how much exactly it would cost you to move from one place to another with a certain CBM calculation.

Transportation Cost

After taking CBM calculations, the next factor that impacts on your moving expenses is the transportation charges. Generally the companies provide your quotes that include transportation charges but it is always wise to know the exact portion of transportation expense. Regardless of its length, a moving truck generally carries about 15 CBM at a time if the moving company in Dubai avoids stuffing the vehicle. And the total calculation of your items is about 20 CBM then the movers in Dubai would have to make two journeys to adequately transit your valuables from current place to the new one. You may assume the transportation cost’s percentage as 30-40 percent of total moving expense quotation. Now if you want to reduce the costs, you may either get rid of unused items or ask them to carry as much items in the truck as they can. Decision is all yours so be wise!

Required Manpower

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It’s understood that one man cannot be referred as a moving team so there should essentially be 3-6 people to execute your moving job. This makes manpower an important factor when calculating your moving expenses a moving company in Dubai would usually charge you. But the question might tempt you that how the manpower cost is justified in total moving invoice, right? A moving company would usually charge you around AED 50-60 per person which makes the total expense around AED 300/-. Now when you’re negotiating the moving costs with your moving company, do ask how many persons they would send to your place. If you want to avoid paying more, ask them to send in less manpower possible and if you think that you need more men to handle your items then you know what to say.

Endurance of Items

Flipping back to transportation topic, don’t assume that CBM calculation is all that you need to worry about for finalizing your moving costs, there’s more to know. Every customer has a different set of items that require special care regardless of their mass and vulnerability elements. And the idea of dumping everything in the truck is a totally wrong approach if you care about your items than money. Don’t be so lenient on the moving company in Dubai and forget about the safety of your items as if you ignore this factor then you are responsible for the damages that may occur. Consult with your moving company in Dubai what precautions they are using to handle sensitive items in your furniture.

Completion Time

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When discussing your move, don’t forget the actual time that your moving job will take to complete its cycle. There are different set of operations that a moving company (or you yourself) perform. Most people tend to pack their items with their bare hands instead of asking a moving company in Dubai to do the packing for them. Now if you’re not expert at packing, it would take more time than an expert would pack your items. Similarly, the transition of your items also takes a considerable amount of time. Ask the moving company in Dubai if they are also charging you some additional amount for extra hours if the given moving timeframe exceeds?

For further discussion about your next move, you may speak with our key account managers on 800 88 0000 now and get free moving quotes with ease.

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