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5 Mistakes You Wouldn’t Want to Make When Packing Furniture

You’ve displayed the furniture beautifully in your showroom but what about the packing and delivering the contents safely at the given address? As one of the most active Packing and Moving Companies here in Dubai, we’ve witnessed different accidents happening due to poorly packed furniture that collapses during the transition phase. From our experience of moving and storage Dubai, we’ve underlined some common mistakes that you wouldn’t want to make when packing your furniture prior to delivery. So here are top 5 mistakes that are decreasing your sales and increasing dissatisfied customers for your business.

Packing Glass Furniture Carelessly:

We all love glass tables due to their transparent characteristics but they need little extra care when packing and moving them. When packing up glass fixtures and furniture, try to treat them differently than other items of the set. As a matter of fact, the glass can shatter down in few jerks so be sure to cover it carefully with carpets or specialized furniture pads. You may also use cardboard boxes to cover the glass from back and front by using the masking tape all over it. This way you may reduce the breakage risk and ensure it is safe to be loaded on the vehicle.

Not Removing Drawers When Packing:

As one of the professional packing and moving companies of UAE, we always remove drawers from cupboards or any fixture having drawers. This is imperative as you wouldn’t want to hear that dropping sound as the movers lift that item up. You also need to make sure that all the drawers are empty before you give a green signal to your crew. Be very careful when packing up cupboards as if you forget to remove drawers, they may cause an injury or create mess for your staff.

Putting Screws Together of Different Items:

Imagine that everything went well with your furniture moving phase and as the crew started to unpack and assemble furniture items, they have no idea about which screw to use for the respective item. This will simply increase your task as when you have to go through each furniture and screw so it will take more time of yours. From our experience of Moving and Storage Dubai, we secure screws safely in a bag and pack with respective furniture to avoid such situation as described earlier.

Not Removing Furniture Legs When Packing:

It is a known fact that furniture and fixtures with additional legs create a mess when passing through a narrow entrance. You’re more likely to scratch the wall or end up in breaking up the furniture if pushed little hard. As one of the professional packing and moving companies here in Dubai, we try to disassemble the legs to keep the items in good condition from showroom to customer’s address.

Not Using Furniture Pads for Preventing Scratches:

One very common issue that almost everyone has witnessed during the move is getting scratches on the furniture. As we all know that the items has to go through different places like entrance gate, stairs (that might be narrow) and doors so there is a strong chance of getting marks and scratch during the move. When packing your furniture, always make sure to use furniture pads to secure the surface and you can easily prevent scratch and keep up with customer’s expectation.


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