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In the sea of people and flood of hundreds of moving companies in Dubai, one finds himself tangled in different confusion when it comes to decision making part. We believe that finding a trusted Moving Company in Dubai should be easy and transparent for everyone. So we thought to simplify the whole cycle for finding a moving company using 5 simple and easy to apply methods when you want to move anywhere within Dubai or other Emirates of UAE. Feel free to read, apply and benefit from the tips mentioned below and always select the right moving company in Dubai when you have a moving plan.


One of the benefits of technology is that everything is on your fingertips as you can discover anything you want. The only concern this process has is to conclude the authenticity of that product or service. As usual, do some initial research and start finding best moving company in Dubai but do not limit the process to this first step of your quest. Simply note down some names that will work as your initial data to go further into this quest. For your ease, the first 5 results of moving companies in Dubai would be enough to put on the list.


When finding a moving company in Dubai, it’s always a wise idea to speak with friends and family members who have recently moved to a new place. They can share their experiences and help you select the right moving company in Dubai for your own move. Ask them about the rates, their experience with the service provider and if everything went along the plan or they have to face broken item problems? These things would help you in making a wise decision with respect to the selection of a moving company in Dubai.


When you have 5-10 names on the list, the next step is to contact them and discuss your move. Share the details and moving date with that moving company in Dubai and ask them to provide a quick estimate of the whole move. A trusted and reliable moving company doesn’t rely on a telephonic conversation but also goes beyond in paying a visit to evaluate the move and quote the right amount for the service. Schedule a meeting with as many moving companies in Dubai as you could and receive different price quotes for comparison purposes later on. This would give you a clear picture of what each moving company in Dubai is offering.


When negotiating your move with a moving company in Dubai, never hold back for confirming about their licensing and insurance number which is mandatory to have. A moving company usually has a license number that you can always ask and check with the DED (Department of Economic Development) in UAE. You can also go for the public reviews on the websites likes Yelp where you will be able to see how good or bad the company is in the eyes of its customers.


A good moving company in Dubai would never let you stranded once the job in finalized and tries to keep you updated with the status of your job. A trusted moving company in Dubai would usually have dedicated key account managers for your assistance that will guide you through every step of the move. This way you can be sure that your move is on the track and being executed according to plan. If you feel any confusion during the process, you should have the ability to contact the key account manager to resolve any rising confusion with respect to price, insurance or safety of your items.

To book a moving service, you may speak with our key account managers on 800 880000 and receive instant price quotes now.  

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