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As you pack up everything and load the items into moving truck, you set off to another amazing journey by leaving behind the old memories. But the story doesn’t end here because the real fun (or challenge for some) is just about to start when you unlock the door to your new apartment. As a Moving Company in Dubai, we try our best to keep our customers on safe side so we thought why not share the pro tips to handle things when they have changed the apartment and how things may go out of plan. So here are the life saving tips – from a moving company in Dubai – to keep yourself intact with your moving plan and never feel drained during the later stage of moving.


Whether you arrive at the new apartment during the noon, evening or at any time of the day, you first need to rest. And after you take nap and get back in form (partially), never ever go about putting things randomly because there’s a fair chance of exhaustion in the process. First get yourself familiar with each section of your new apartment. Don’t worry about the manpower as you can always revert back to the moving company in Dubai that helped you get your furniture moved. Just go about analyzing the place and discover the hidden corners of the place that can come handy later in the decoration phase.


It’s true that you’ve left behind old relationships that you cultivated over your stay in previous apartment but it’s time that you move on. As a moving company in Dubai, we have observed that those customers that initiate talks with the neighbors are likely to have more helping hands than those who remain isolated until the apartment is ready to welcome everybody at home. So get outside of your apartment, gently knock the door and put a big smile on your face when the other person opens the door. Introduce yourself and let them know that you’re going to stay in their neighborhood from that day on (until you find another good deal). It’s an easy way to make yourself comfortable at the new place and refresh your mind (and body) from the exhaustion of your recent move.


Great! You’ve made some friends in the neighborhood and now it’s time that you sneak back to your den (your apartment). You’re probably in good mood and have the energy to tackle the decoration part of your move so let the magic begin. I know you’ve seen every section of your place during the apartment hunt but it doesn’t hurt to recall the plan. Keep a pen and paper (if you’re not good at remembering things later) and go room by room (or wall by wall) to decide what item would look perfect at a certain corner.


You’ve taken nap, made friends and evaluated the apartment to be decorated so now it’s time to roll the sleeves up and do the real thing. If you feel short on manpower, you may either call a friend or speak with the same moving company in Dubai that helped you move your stuff. Be sure to use the same list that you made when packing up everything because by the time you reached the new apartment, everything would have skipped from your mind. And this is why we recommend labeling each box and keeping the list handy when you step into your new apartment and start unpacking the stuff.

For further discussion on how you may keep your move stress free, you may speak with one of our reps on 134 and book your future move date on affordable rates now.

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