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Storage Company Dubai


If you’re living in Dubai from a long time then you would have experienced that pain of moving your stuff from one location to another quite often. But instead of carrying that huge boxes of packed items, you could’ve secured them in storage facility near your location and enjoy any space you get at the best sight of the city. Not familiar with the storage service types yet? Don’t worry as we may help you in understanding the concepts of each storage facility’s type from our experience being a top rated storage and Moving Company in Dubai. Read on and increase your knowledge about the types of storage services in Dubai.Storage Company in DubaiStorage Company in Dubai

Short & Long Term Storage

The term short or long term storage explains itself quite easily as you can understand its nature and application. Suppose, you’re staying away from your residence to spend some quality time with family and don’t want to pay the rent during those weeks then short term storage is ideal for you. It can also be very useful if you have excessive amount of furniture that can’t be fit into your apartment then you can utilize this service on very affordable rates and secure those precious furniture items.

Long term storage option is ideal when you’re in search of an ideal opportunity but you have to vacate the apartment. There are endless scenarios in which you’ll find these services very useful but the basic difference in between these two is that the former can be used for few weeks and the later could be considered for a longer amount of time like 6 months or a year.

Open Storage Facility

Coming to the second most common type that you’ll find in Dubai is the open storage facility that allows you to secure your valuables on a very nominal monthly subscription. Basically, it is a big hall in which you can put your packed cartons and leave any negative thoughts of theft, breakage or any other issue. As you’re sharing the space with other customers of the storage and moving company in Dubai, you may also benefit from the low prices on this service and always identify your boxes with the special code company gives or any mark of your own.

Self-Storage Facility

Do you remember the locker system from the school? Well I’m sure you do and this type of storage service is exactly crafted on that format but with little change in basic rules. You are assigned a particular locker, you have the key and you’re in charge of your storage needs. The only difference here is that you won’t be placing just books but anything that you want to secure. The reason for going with self-storage facility is that they have air conditioners, ability to secure your items that are weather sensitive and 24/7 security.

Wooden Ports

Suppose, you’re about to commence your moving procedure after packing everything up and there’s still so much to do like calling a moving company in Dubai, loading the boxes and making other operations. But you’re worried about all the procedures because you lack the packing skills. In such scenario, the service of wooden ports proves a blessing as when you call storage and moving company in Dubai then they’ll provide full support in solving your matters. They’ll back all the cartons in one big box made of wood and deliver it to your new address.

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