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Thinking to participate in a big art competition across the seas and displaying your amazing artwork on international level? Great! But have you arranged for the packing of your beautiful creation to keep it safe from breakage and wear and tear during the transition? If you haven’t planned that part of your journey then you’re going to lose even before the commencement of the event. Being one of the leading Moving Companies in Dubai, we always advice aspiring as well as professional artists to pay due care on packing of the artwork. For your help, here are few useful tips that would help you pack the artwork safely.


If you’re thinking to wrap up your artwork in a big carton box then you’re taking risk of destroying your art before it reaches the destination. Being one of the leading moving companies in Dubai, we always advice our customers to arrange for proper packing material for paintings that they want to ship. For packing the art pieces securely, you need special packing material like bubble wraps, padded paper, glassine paper and rigid carton boxes of accurate size. Next, you need to arrange for tools like tape gun, box corners, stickers and rulers for measurement purposes. Before we move further, also arrange for foam to keep the artwork away from damages during the packing process.


After completing all the required tools for packing your masterpiece, you need to take correct measurements of your artwork. The reason for taking measurements is to avoid any shaking or breakage even after you pack and ship the painting to the desired address. During the transition phase, your artwork would be facing a lot of jerks that could break the frame or impact on the canvas. So you need to be sure that your artwork is packed without leaving a room empty and it would be delivered securely for the exhibition. Later when done packing the artwork using bubble wraps and padded paper, you may fill the gaps of half inches with additional bubble wraps. Just make sure the artwork stays in its place when you move the packing box back and forth.


As a matter of fact, most accidents happen due to insufficient knowledge about how to handle an artwork but you can avoid such situation from taking place. Being one of the top moving companies in Dubai, we always ask our valued customers to label each packing box correctly so the moving crew can treat the packing box in accurate manner. You need to place a sticker mentioning the sensitivity level of your artwork and avoid any unfavorable incidents during the transition phase. The sticker helps the handler of your packing boxes to take of the artwork in right manner and deliver it securely at the destination.


Now before you call in the professional moving companies in Dubai to dispatch your packed masterpieces and start dreaming about your success, you need to do one more thing. Check the packing box thoroughly to ensure that there is no chance of breakage and you may dispatch the artworks with a confidence. Look at the corners and see if they are in good conditions and also check for the tapes to make sure that they are placed firmly on the box.

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