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Are you moving to a new address or just got your packed furniture by that professional moving company in Dubai and found few broken items? Or it might be you mixed the boxes and blaming the Packers and Movers that you hired? It’s no use to blame the company when you are repeatedly making the same packing mistake that costs you in terms of some financial (or emotional) loss every time you shift the residence (or the shop). So we thought to put together some common mistakes people make during the packing process and experience problems later on.


Can you guess when your moving journey becomes a nightmare and how you may fix it instead of blaming the moving company in Dubai that you hired (or thinking to hire)? The whole process becomes a torture when you keep on postponing the packing phase of your furniture and always find excuses for not allocating sufficient time. This results in discomfort when the moving date arrives and you have no idea what to do first and what to pack last. The rule of thumb is that you should start packing process at least 3 weeks before the moving date. You may go slow initially and pick the pace with each passing day and keep your blood pressure normal that goes high when you don’t pack and blame the moving company in Dubai for making the process complex.


Unlike you, there are some people that have mastered the art of packing and keeping the moving a relaxed journey. Can you guess that what do they do to keep the whole process as simple as waking up and going to their new place without encountering any difficulty? They prioritize each set of item when it comes to packing and this is what keeps them away from the confusion of last minute packing and accusing the packers and movers after they move into their new place. For instance, if you’re thinking to start packing then start with the items that you require the least on routine basis and pack the rest in that manner.


You might have heard that old saying about the eggs and basket and that beautifully applies here when you roll up your sleeves to pack your stuff. Always start with segregating fragile items from other items that can bear shakes and weight during the transition process. Because if you put everything in big boxes just to save boxes or due to time shortage, you’re bound to find some broken items after shifting into your new place. If you can’t find more packing boxes, ask the moving company in Dubai to arrange them for you and make best use of them to keep the valuables secure during the moving phase.


A common mistake that people, with no previous packing experience, make is not labeling each packing box. If you rely on your memory for recognizing the packing boxes and the kind of items they contain, you’re just increasing your problems and nothing else. Label each packing box and keep a list with you to keep the process easy and less hassle free instead of doubting the work standards of the moving company in Dubai.

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